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Osayi and Nosa are two of the accouchement of the avant-garde Director-General of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Advocate Hayford Alile. They allocution about their ancestor with GBENGA ADENIJI

TRACY CHAPMAN "Stand By Me" - YouTube - tracy chapman what is she doing now

TRACY CHAPMAN “Stand By Me” – YouTube – tracy chapman what is she doing now | tracy chapman what is she doing now

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Briefly acquaint us about yourself.

Osayi: I am the third of eight children. I am a amusing area able and currently the CEO of Aspire Coronation Trust Foundation, a grant-making non-profit organisation.

Nosa: I am Nosa Adetiba. I am the eighth adolescent of the eight accouchement (seven girls and a boy) of Advocate Hayford Alile. I advised at Hunter College, New York, US. I currently assignment as a business professional. I argue and accession money for non-profit organisations and professionals.

Did any of your ancestors alternation as an economist? 

Osayi: Interestingly, none of us toed the aisle of our dad. We grew up with the alternative to accept career paths that resonated with us.

Nosa: None of us accomplished as an economist but he consistently encouraged us to hunt our passions and talents, that it would accomplish us acknowledged if we do what we are amorous about.

Did he accurately animate any of his accouchement to hunt in his career path?

Osayi: My dad encouraged us to hunt our dreams and alive our own lives because he believes we all accept altered purposes in life.

Nosa: No, he didn’t advance any of us to do what he has done. He alone encouraged us to hunt our passions and do what we are acceptable at to the best of our abilities.

What memories can you anamnesis growing up with your father?

Osayi: My ancestor is a adoring and caring parent. A man consistently absorbed in the abundance of people. I affectionately bethink abundant weekends spent with my ancestors giving aback – administration aliment and authoritative altered donations. It was our Sunday routine.

I still bethink aback I acquired acceptance into the Federal Government Girls College, Warri, actuality afar abroad from home, my ancestor ensured he wrote me a letter every ages and you can brainstorm my joy aback on visiting day, I sighted his car afar away.

Nosa: I accept abounding memories growing up with my dad but my fondest anamnesis with him is that we acclimated to watch World Wrestling Federation together. It is now alleged World Wresting Entertainment. We watched it a lot calm and wrestled anniversary added and he consistently let me win him. Aback I was about six years old, I would go to his allowance and we would action playfully and wrestled. Every time we were travelling, we would all accumulate in the allowance and he would sing Tracy Chapman’s She’s got her ticket/ I anticipate she gonna use it/ I anticipate she activity to fly away….

How adequate was his ancestors aback he confused up the ladder of his career?

Osayi: My ancestor has consistently been a family-oriented person. I grew up not alone with my nuclear ancestors but with cousins, uncles and aunties who he acquainted he could admonition or abutment in one way or the other.

As his career kept growing, he ensured he spent time confined God and his family. He fabricated abiding we still said our ancestors black prayers together, went on ancestors vacations and did things as a family. My ancestor was calmly able to administer his career and his family.

Nosa: I came absolutely backward and by the time I came, he was already accustomed in his career. This is a catechism for my beforehand ancestors but I consistently acquaint anybody that as active as he and my mother were, they consistently fabricated time for us. We consistently knew our abode in the family. I consistently acquainted like an alone adolescent alike admitting I accept seven beforehand siblings. I consistently feel appropriate and not aloof a cardinal in the family.

Economists are believed to be frugal about money matters. How did your ancestor admonish his accouchement on issues accompanying to finances?

Osayi: I currently administer my affairs absolutely calmly because of the ethics my ancestor has impacted on me. As children, we were aloft aboriginal on to save and prioritise our expenses. My ancestor is additionally actual bourgeois and not careless because he believed that with bags of bodies suffering, managing assets is key. Till date, he charcoal my greatest banking adviser.

Nosa: One, he advises us to absorb aural our means. Two, he consistently says that it is acceptable to be generous. He consistently says that if you don’t give, you don’t get annihilation back. Alike as he advises us to alive aural our agency and not go into debt, he urges us to accord others not alone our money but additionally our time etc. He wants us to save, be astute but to additionally give. Empty your pocket, so added money can appear in, he consistently tells us that.

What is his abstraction of discipline?

Osayi: My ancestor believes in the scripture; additional the rod and blemish the child. As such, he was advised about acclimation us with adulation and reprimanding us aback we erred. His approach of conduct is through astute counsels and conversations.

Nosa: I anticipate I can calculation the cardinal of times my ancestor spanked me. As a annoying teenager, he never absolutely spanked me. He consistently acclimated words added than the pikestaff and aback he did use it, I knew that I adapted it. Aback one sees the disappointment in his face, it carries added weight than spanking.

How does he like to relax?

Osayi: My ancestor relaxes by spending time with his family. He additionally loves account and arena scrabble. Aback he was younger, he additionally played badminton and table tennis.

Nosa: Aback I was younger, I anticipate he admired alert to actuality music. He sings too alike admitting he does accept a abundant articulation (laughs). He enjoys acclaim and worship. Like I said earlier, he admired Tracy Chapman. My sisters told me aback I came about that he additionally admired Diana Ross.

Does he exercise?

Nosa: He and my mother booty a continued airing about the neighbourhood. They are now associates of a gym and they go there alert account and additionally go swimming.

When you were across studying, how generally did he appointment you?

Nosa: He did visit. I saw my parents two or three times a year either I came home or they visited.

What is his favourite food?

Osayi: My dad loves formed yam with okro soup and stew.

Nosa: I cannot bethink but I apperceive he acclimated to booty a canteen or two of bendable alcohol daily. He has chock-full now that he is old and added bloom conscious. But that acclimated to be his favourite drink. He additionally brand Bini food. He brand owo a lot. It is a soup that some bodies booty with yam.

What affectionate of ancestor is he?

Osayi: My ancestor is an all-round admirable leader. He is a loving, affectionate and committed ancestor to me, my ancestors and his grandchildren. My ancestor is one that consistently puts his ancestors aboriginal and would accord his activity for us. My ancestor is a role model.

Nosa: He is actual patient, affectionate and admiring with me. Like I said earlier, I was not the best teenager. He has eight children, a wife and lots of airy accouchement and he consistently makes out time for everybody. He knows what we all like and he would buy what we would love. He knows I like to sing and he bought me CDs. He bought us books and encouraged us to read.

I bethink aback I was adolescent and my accompany would appear about to play. He would ask us to stop whatever we were doing, booty a paper, pen and address about what we would like to be aback we grew up. Alike if we were accomplishing annihilation and he asked us what we were accomplishing and we said nothing, he would ask us to address him an article about nothing.  Then, I aloof capital to comedy with my accompany but now, I accept why he did that; there should be a time to comedy and a time to work.

Where did he booty his ancestors to for relaxation?

Osayi: Growing up my dad took us to the bank for picnics and to watch plays.

Nosa: Aback he was younger, we acclimated to go to the bank and Lacapine Tropicana.  We acclimated to go out for dinner. There was article he consistently did. If he was around, we acclimated to accept banquet together. We would accept conversations about our lives and day. If his wife is out, he wouldn’t eat until she is back. He absolutely didn’t allege to us as children, not that he aggregate acute admonition with us, but admitting he is our father, there is accord and admonition in the conversations he had with us.

What ethics did you apprentice from him?

Osayi: I learnt compassion, honesty, peacemaking, adulation and resilience.

Nosa: I imbibed integrity, honestly, generosity and adulation from him. He consistently says alike if you are charwoman the floor, do it as if you are accomplishing it for God. He speaks with anybody with account no amount who they are. I consistently say that my parents did a abundant job accepting eight accouchement and we are all level-headed. We are acutely abutting too and it stems from watching our parents actuality close.

How does his name accessible doors for you aback bodies apperceive you are his child?

Osayi: My ancestor aloft us to be absolute of him. He never encouraged us to ride on his success for claimed growth. He ensured we fabricated a name for ourselves and carved a alcove for ourselves.

Nosa: Well, anywhere I go and bodies ask for my beginning name and I say, “Alile”, they will say, “Your ancestor is a acceptable man.” It fills me with pride. He never encouraged us on bribery but a acceptable name will booty one to abounding places.

What affectionate of music does he accept to?

Osayi: He brand actuality music.

How is he adjusting to activity as a cleric?

Nosa: My ancestor became an advocate about 30 years ago; so, he is not adjusting. It is his affairs for as continued as I accept accepted him.

What does he do in retirement?

Nosa: Definitely his church. I apperceive he still holds some positions on some boards. He is additionally adequate actuality a grandfathering and spending time with his admirable wife.

Does actuality the adolescent of Hayford Alile put any accountability on you in agreement of civic expectations?

Nosa: Not burden so to allege but I do apperceive that the sky is my starting point. You cannot appear from a ancestors of acknowledged bodies and anticipate it is aloof accept to do annihilation with life. I do apperceive that there are places I can still go in my career and added aspects of my life.

How do you feel actuality his daughter?

Nosa: I am actual appreciative to be his daughter. I don’t alive in the country; so, his name necessarily doesn’t accessible doors for me in New York. But I say his name with pride. He is a abundant dad, a abundant man of God and a abundant man in Nigeria.

Your ancestor continues to alive for accessible acceptable alike at abutting to 80.  What are you best appreciative of about him?

Nosa: It is his adulation for God. It is actual evident. He is not the blazon that says one affair and leads addition life. Aloof actuality his adolescent is a affidavit that God loves me. He chooses such an admirable ancestor for me because He loves me. I am actual appreciative of the way he has admired his wife and carries her like an egg and appreciative of the way he has aloft his children. I am additionally appreciative of the way he has formed for the acceptable of Nigeria. I can say with no abashment and no abhorrence that my ancestor has formed for Nigeria’s greatness.

Would you accept admired your ancestor is annihilation abroad but an economist?

Nosa: I apperceive he is a acute man and I wouldn’t accept admired he is annihilation different. But he could accept been an amazing teacher. I anticipate so. He is a accommodating teacher.

Who are your father’s friends?

Nosa: His wife is his best friend. Also, Uncle Remi Olowude (burst into tears) who anesthetized on a few years ago and the backward Chief Bayo Kuku.

What books address to him?

Nosa: He brand the Bible and any book that would affix him to God and award one’s purpose in life. Also, he brand books about claimed advance and finances.

How would you alarm his agenda as the avant-garde Director-General of the Nigerian Stock Exchange?

Nosa: Again, he was already a director-general of the NSE by the time I was born. I bethink activity to his appointment a lot as a kid on canicule I had no school. He would let me appear to his appointment and admonition them with papers. I acclimated to atom lots of affidavit for them in the office. It was fun. Because he was busy, it was his way of authoritative time for me. He has accomplished us candor and bluntness alone watching him and what bodies say about him. He additionally accomplished us accord of apperception alive that you can go to bed as you accept not done any abuse to anybody; at atomic advised harm, as you can aching addition unintentionally. He worries a lot because he has lots of bodies that depend on him.

How abutting are you to him?

Nosa: Aback I was a teenager, I didn’t acknowledge our relationship. We are appealing abutting but if I had any issue, I would alarm my mother first. If I capital to canyon any admonition to him, I went through his wife.

Your ancestor will be 80 in two days. How does his ancestors plan to bless him?

Nosa: We are activity to accept a baby affair for him. His children, grandchildren, in-laws, ancestors and accompany will be about to bless him. We appetite to let him apperceive that he is accepted and admired for his cede and love. We are beholden for what he and his wife accept done for us.

What admonition did he accord about activity and relationship?

Nosa: Living with integrity, afterward one’s affection and to consistently do one’s best no amount what one is doing.

What is the Hayford Alile Foundation all about?

My ancestor believes in giving aback to society. The foundation offers grants to bodies who appetite to added their education.

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