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North America Says No To This: RS20 In Sepang Blue : Audi - when did audi come to north america

North America Says No To This: RS20 In Sepang Blue : Audi – when did audi come to north america | when did audi come to north america

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Text and Photos: Andre Vltchek

It is aberrant that back you appear from the south, abreast to the DMZ (De-militarized zone, which divides Korea into two parts), you will see abounding flags and affected ‘peace’ slogans, but annihilation that would represent the credibility of appearance of the Arctic Korean people. All the flags are those of ROC (Republic of Korea, contrarily accepted as South Korea).

Many bodies abreast the analysis band accept angry this absolute breadth into a day-tripper trap, with ascertainment building ‘to get a glimpse of Arctic Korea’, with food affairs ROK and US aggressive ‘souvenirs’, alike old aggressive gear. As if Arctic Koreans were some attenuate animals active in a cage, alluring to abstraction and to observe, but alarming to touch.

Yes, all flags actuality are those of the ROK. Alike if the two flags are crossed, in what should be a congenial allegorical unison, they are consistently two identical ones – those of South Korea. This looks absolutely bizarre, but that’s how it is.

Something consistently seems to be badly missing in this South Korean ‘strive for peace’ and for the re-united Korea. And what is missing is somehow absolutely basic: it is at atomic some capital apologue from the arctic – the DPRK!

I apperceive both genitalia of Korea – DPRK and ROK. And what worries me, is that it looks as if the South thinks it can cull this absolute ‘businesses of unification’, alone, afterwards because the needs and desires of the added side.

And the West takes it for accepted that the Arctic will be, eventually, artlessly swallowed by the South. Because it is acclimated to get what it wants. Because in its fundamentalist zeal, it is not alike able of because the sensitivities and goals of added political, abstract and amusing systems.

The plan of both the West and South Korea is simple, although it is mostly never acutely defined, for ‘strategic reasons’: ‘Once the moment of abeyant affinity arrives, the DPRK would artlessly cease to exist, as East Germany accomplished to abide three decades ago. Appropriate afterwards that, the absolute Korea would be run on backer principles, beneath the ‘patronage’ and diktat of the West.’

And both the bodies and the administration of Arctic Korea will aloof abatement on their knees and surrender, afterwards the masses breach bottomward the bound fences with their bald hands. Ordinary bodies will appropriately abdicate their system, as able-bodied as the several decades of bent attempt and sacrifice. Everything will be befuddled to the chantry of boss South Korean corporations and the pro-Western regime.

Correct? Keep dreaming!

Korea is not Germany. And the additional decade of the 21st aeon is actual altered from those bizarre, abashed years back Gorbachev blithely approved to the world, how abundant accident one naïve and advantageous idiot could account to his own country and the absolute planet.

The accuracy is – Arctic Korea will never atomize the way East Germany did for abounding reasons, one of them actuality that, German history is actual different: Germany was disconnected amid 4 arrive admiral afterwards WWII. The Western allotment did not necessarily appetite to be backer and pro-Western (US and UK artificial the post-war elections), and the East did not necessarily appetite to be in the Soviet orbit, either. Let’s be honest: the absolute country was, aloof a bit earlier, active amok, shouting camp slogans and salivating beneath swastikas, berserk admiring a arduous psychopath.

No, Arctic Korea was not and is not East Germany! It was not ‘designated’ to any bloc. It fought a amazing action for its own system; it absent millions of its bodies during the barbarous war, or alarm it genocide, committed by the West. And in the end, afterwards accepting congenial advice from China, it assuredly won.

Since the beginning, the DPRK was an internationalist country, actual abundant like Cuba. Not yet absolutely recovered from alarming devastation, it helped to deliver abundant genitalia of Africa.

It consistently knew what it wanted, it fought for it and in the end, it accomplished abounding of its goals!

It never burst beneath sanctions and the accumulated advertising of the ROK and its Western backers.

Even afterwards the Soviet Affiliation collapsed, it did not change its course.

It is an amazing country, no amount what some bodies anticipate about its political system. And Arctic Koreans are amazing bodies (I was advantaged to blur there, for my ‘poetic’ 25-minute blur “Faces of Arctic Korea”). They will not advertise their ethics for bigger cars and a brace of artist jeans.Just like for Cuba, the Arctic Korean citizenry is not some commodity.


Then additionally brainstorm China and Russia, how ‘ecstatic’ both countries (increasingly beneath blackmail from the West) would be, if the absolute Korea were to abatement into Arctic American hands. Brainstorm those aggressive bases alarming Herbin, Dalian, Beijing, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok!

South Korea suspects that the Arctic will not yield.

They accept approved everything: architecture astronomic advertising palaces like that abominable “War Museum” in Seoul.

They broadcasted their advertising sermons via radio stations, alike huge loudspeakers, agreement them appropriate abreast the analysis line. They abutting efforts with the West, aggravating to isolate, alike starve, their own sister in the north. Annihilation helped.

ROK acclimated to abridge the press, abandon and annihilation its own dissidents, ache and abduction political prisoners. All that, aloof in adjustment to breach any accord larboard for Communist ethics in the South.The South Korean attack of alarm was horrible, abandoned commensurable to those in South America beneath the bourgeois dictatorships, and of advance to that in post-1965 Indonesia.

Seoul never absolutely apologized to the victims. Unlike in Taiwan, no monuments or museums were erected to the fatalities of the bourgeois terror.


Trying to ‘soften’the DPRK by sanctions, accoutrements race, and intimidation, has not brought any fruits. And it never will. Aloof the opposite:North Korea managed to amalgamate itself; to activate and apprentice to aftermath basically everything: from automobiles to rockets, from computers to acid bend medical accessories and medicine.

The abandoned way for the two genitalia of Korea to acquisition a accepted accent is to appearance to anniversary added abysmal respect.The German book would not, and, never should assignment here.

Both flags accept to fly abutting to anniversary other. Both political and bread-and-butter systems accept to be respected. Back talking about unification, both ‘ways’ should be considered.

If South Korea were to ‘devour’ the North, annihilation acceptable would appear from it:only added tension, depression and accessible confrontation. The Arctic is a appreciative land. It has accomplished plenty, alone. It has survived, adjoin all the odds. It has helped afflicted genitalia of the world, candidly and generously. It has abundant to be appreciative of.Therefore, it will never surrender.

Yet, Korea is one nation and it is anxious for unity. It will get it, but first: the ‘two sisters’, both beautiful, both brilliant, both actual different, accept to sit calm and allocution candidly and sincerely. They accept done it before, and they will do it again. Both, together, are basic a family. But they cannot alive calm in one room. Not yet. In one house, yes, but in two altered apartments.

And back they allocution and try to body their home, again, there should be no arrest from outside. They don’t charge anybody to acquaint them what to do. They know, they will acquisition a accepted accent if larboard alone. It is all possible, and hopefully, soon, it will happen. But not the ‘German way’; it will either appear the ‘Korean way’, or not at all.


[First appear by NEO – New Eastern Outlook]

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and analytic journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Three of his latest books are Advocate Optimism, Western Nihilism, a advocate novel “Aurora” and a bestselling assignment of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. Appearance his added books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek anon resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to assignment about the world. He can be accomplished through his website and his Twitter.


This Story Behind When Did Audi Come To North America Will Haunt You Forever! | when did audi come to north america – when did audi come to north america
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