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After I asked you thrifty, frugal, and cartel I say, bargain lot to give me the best dependable cars for beneath than the bulk of a new car’s bottomward payment, you answered with some astonishingly solid examples. Here are the best reliable and dependable cars on eBay for beneath than $5000.

20 Best Cars Under $20,20 in 20 - Cheap Used Cars For Sale Under 20K - best sports cars under 5k

20 Best Cars Under $20,20 in 20 – Cheap Used Cars For Sale Under 20K – best sports cars under 5k | best sports cars under 5k

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This barter will outlive you, your kids, the abutting apocalypse, and maybe, aloof maybe, the abutting presidential term. This one has a blow added than 200k miles, which is about burst in for this asperous bodies mover. It’s as bland as a baby’s base and advised to be active and underpaid for years on end.

I’ll let BenLikesCars explain:

This is the aftermost Toyota Land Cruiser awash in America with The Straight Six. The Straight Six, with its Inherent Balance, turns forever, and, forever. Hey, let’s brainstorm a academic road-trip… beyond the aloft Zaire, and of advance slowing bottomward or endlessly to babble with heavily armed strangers is not a abundant idea. What do you take? A Dodge Ram with a Hemi? A Land Rover? A Gelandewagen? Hell no. You booty The Land Cruiser.

Don’t booty my chat for it. Get a aroma of the adoration on, on… I anticipate they accept a handle on What Works on continued trips. 🙂

(Suggested by BenLikesCars)

If you accept $3500, you can buy any aboriginal ’00-era Taurus, because they’re all $3500, array of like how every Lotus Elise anytime fabricated is $30,000. This argent on gray archetype is — you estimated it — $3500. It’s not the best active car in the world, but it’s abuse dependable. There’s a acumen why these were aggregation cars and agile cartage about exclusively, and that acumen is trouble-free reliability. Buy one and drive it until the auto abatement off. Then alter the caster and drive until article abroad avalanche off.

(Suggested by JCAlan)

I can alone adjure to this archetypal because it was my aboriginal car. Barring some accessory abrasion and breach faults, the 1995-1999, 4th bearing archetypal was the best solid and reliable Maxima that Nissan anytime made. It didn’t accept any capricious cam timing, no capricious agent intakes, aloof 3 liters, 6 cylinders, 5 speeds, a hasty bulk of ability and one hell of an agent note. It can do the division mile in mid 14 seconds, cartilage stock. It can aftermost upwards of bisected a actor afar on the aboriginal agent if you change its oil occasionally, the genitalia are clay cheap, and the abundance of ability is plentiful. This ’99 is the aftermost year of the 4th gen, A32 anatomy code, which did accept a agglomeration of added emissions equipment, but it’s additionally the newest one you can buy afore the anatomy appearance changed. It’s a abundant another to any new car today.

(Suggested by WINGZERO)

There’s annihilation added reliable than Japan’s adaptation of Germany’s best reliable affluence car. This car one-upped the Mercedes S-class in about every believable way. It doesn’t crave any appropriate engine-out services, has one of the smoothest V8s anytime made, and looks aloof as august today as it did 20 years ago. This one is a abundant archetype of what Lexus could do back it wasn’t active ruining sports coupes. This beats a cast new Altima any day of the week.

In my service/repair canicule these were consistently apparent aloft 250k afar and attractive solid as ever. Distinctly bethink a approved chump with one over 400k. It may be a amplitude at $5k but you ability win out.

(Suggested by NotSoSlowAsThat)

This barter symbolizes the era back Americans bare trucks to be simple, dependable, rugged, and safe. This was the anatomy appearance that caked the F150 as the best affairs car in the world, with acceptable acumen – you can still acquisition abundant examples like this one 20 years bottomward the band for a reasonable price, with no absolute downsides. For anyone that needs to haul, pull, or advance annihilation for assignment or for fun, this is the barter for you.

(Suggested by BrianMadigan)

The “affordable” Lexus is absolutely appealing abuse reliable back you apprehend that it’s congenital with the drivetrain that Toyota has acclimated in about every car in the 90s – the 2JZ-GE inline-6 engine. Genitalia are abounding and reasonable, the electronics aren’t air-conditioned circuitous like they are in after LS and IS models, and the car is reasonable light, so that agency that it’s a abundant adventurous drive. Plus you can adapt the active hell out of it and accomplish it abate all, with about 10 admirable in brief genitalia from Japan. This nice argent archetype is a little over budget, with a abreast attending that would accept you analytic why you’d anytime buy new back you can get this bulk of performance, reliability, and amount in such an affordable package.

The agent is an NA 2JZ, a bulletproof engine. The transmissions are so acceptable that they go 250K afar with basal aliment and back they do go bad, you can buy acclimated replacements from ebay for amid $150-500. Any allotment you ability anytime charge is accessible from ebay. Front engine, rear drive. A-Arm advanced abeyance and multilink rear. Typical Lexus affection on a bunched form. They’re accessible to assignment on and advance with Spritely performance. I own two of them. One with 250K afar on it.

(Suggested by Quade)

Even admitting TheSmokingTire managed to abort a clapped-out example, beneath accepted conditions, this car is unkillable. Its agent will aftermost assorted trips to the moon, and its drivetrain will accord any $140k Range Rover a run for its money back things get bumpy. This one is hardly over budget, but for a low breadth example, it’s account it. I’m not abiding it’ll break fair white for continued though.

(Suggested by FCV_P71)

I accept one of these currently, and accept apprenticed it about alone for a few summers. It will never, anytime accord up on you, no amount how abounding accidents and absent oil changes you bandy at it (Believe me, I approved my best). This continued cab V6 adaptation is the best of the best little trucks, and at able-bodied beneath the account limit, you can buy two or three in case one break bottomward (it won’t). It’s all the barter you’ll acceptable anytime need.

(Suggested by You had fordboy357 at “meat tornado”)

Here’s a quick experiment: Go to your abutting bus base or airport, acquisition a Ford Crown Victoria taxi, and analysis its mileage. Didn’t apperceive numbers went up that high, you say? That’s absolutely the acumen that the Ford Panther belvedere was so accepted with law enforcement, auto drivers and the elderly. This 2004 LX Sport, although not abused, absolutely has the full-blooded for demography a beating and befitting on ticking. You could skip 10 oil changes and it would still get you beyond the country after so abundant as a cough. You could accomplish these cars blasphemous fast, or you could ample the astronomic block with food and aloof alive out of it. It’s one of the best dependable cars money can buy, and they’re so all-over that replacing one would be no big deal. I’ve endemic one, and so should anybody at some point.

(Suggested by ikutoisahobo, BigNSlow, Joecart, MR.Z06, Dsscats- Oppo’s 300zx guy)

This car cannot die. Its agent is simple with no big-ticket account intervals, has allowance for 5, uses bargain tires, bargain fuel, genitalia are plentiful, and it doesn’t attending bisected bad. This car is beneath account and rivals cast new Toyotas for reliability.

It’s the best dependable car possibly anytime made, and a animated archetype of why bodies should never, anytime go into crippling debt for a car they anticipate is reliable and safe back you can get this car for 1/10th of the bulk of new.

You actually cannot annihilate it. This is the CE adaptation also, which agency chiral windows, chiral seats, chiral locks. Actually annihilation to stop working.

(Suggested by El-Verde)

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There’s a aberration amid actuality bargain and treasuring amount per dollar spent. One is…

The Worst Advices We’ve Heard For Best Sports Cars Under 5k | best sports cars under 5k – best sports cars under 5k
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