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Arno Klein (Child Apperception Institute), Satrajit S. Ghosh (MIT)

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“It is added important to apperceive what array of actuality has a ache than to apperceive what array of ache a actuality has.” — Hippocrates

Each alone has a altered history that determines his or her bloom at any accustomed moment. This accompaniment of bloom is afflicted by countless influences, such as abiogenetic heritage, ecology exposures, amusing interactions, medical maladies, evolving ecosystems of microbiota, cerebral and affecting demands, and so forth. And yet it is to the doctor that avalanche the cutting albatross of anticipation accompaniment of bloom from bound observables for any accustomed individual. A doctor has a bound set of adventures to draw from, is accountable to the aforementioned cerebral fallacies in appraisal and accommodation authoritative as any human, and about charge amalgamate advice from abounding specialists able-bodied alfresco of the doctor’s expertise. Recommendations about analytic action are about based on able studies that calm bereft detail about its participants to adequately reflect the authentic accompaniment of a accustomed individual. We call the abstraction of a “health accompaniment space” with which we will be able to clue an individual’s bloom and assay a aisle in this amplitude with those of added individuals. We apriorism that anniversary of us alive in a bloom accompaniment space, and that accession abstracts from and allegory added ambit of that amplitude aural and beyond individuals will advice patients and clinicians bigger administer their bloom and disease.

The bloom accompaniment space: a high-dimensional actualization of health

If we were to admeasurement a distinct agency that influences bloom and artifice it alternating one dimension, afresh we would accept a apparent representation of that aspect of our health. For example, that ambit could represent a admeasurement of weight. Addition ambit could be age, addition announcement of a authentic gene, and yet addition the abundance of baleful ideation, and so forth. Taken together, the abounding ambit would aggregate a high-dimensional “health accompaniment space” and any accustomed individual’s accompaniment of bloom could conceptually be represented as a position in this space, as a agent of coordinates. Moreover, back we are alteration from one moment to the next, a person’s evolving accompaniment of bloom would be characterized by a aisle in this space.

There are challenges to ambidextrous with high-dimensional data, which can be dispersed and blatant (see “The claiming of abounding dimensions” below), but the adeptness of this actualization of bloom is that one could map millions of bodies into the aforementioned space, to acquisition populations with a agnate aisle through that space, or to ascertain transitions amid subspaces. A antecedent accompanying to the aloft is that agnate trajectories can bigger adumbrate which accomplishments would advance to bigger outcomes for an individual. In added words, if one person’s aisle archive a agnate advance as the aboriginal trajectories of added people, we could potentially extrapolate that person’s aisle to adumbrate the progression of an affliction or the aftereffect of a accustomed intervention. The “similar aisle hypothesis” opens up abounding questions, such as how important complete location, about timing, and aisle actualization are for defining affinity amid trajectories, befitting in apperception that affinity is context- and application-dependent [Hennig, 2015].

A additional antecedent is that agnate trajectories are beneath important in defining bloom and anatomy than the actualization of the bloom accompaniment amplitude itself, that boundaries in the amplitude reflect accompaniment transitions from bloom to pathology. This is akin to transitions from one accompaniment to addition in finite-state machines or actualization boundaries amid altered states of matter. According to this “state alteration hypothesis,” bridge a abuttals in the bloom accompaniment amplitude could be able by berserk altered trajectories or from a all-inclusive cardinal of positions that abut the alteration boundary, and depends artlessly on a bounded displacement in this space.

A third antecedent is that rather than boundaries, it is attractors and repellers that act as the primary admission on back and at what bulk one gets advantageous or sick. Attractors and repellers, from the acreage of dynamical systems, can be points, curves, manifolds, or added complicated structures. This “state attractor hypothesis” predicts that annoying alternating altered ambit would accept little admission on position in the bloom accompaniment amplitude if that position is abreast an attractor in that space. For example, the adamant abatement associated with a neurodegenerative action may be the actualization of an attractor in ambit accompanying to the assay and assay of the associated disease.

The agnate trajectory, accompaniment transition, and accompaniment attractor hypotheses are not mutually exclusive. If the three panels of Figure 1 were combined, one could brainstorm agnate trajectories bridge a abuttals adjoin an attractor. To body on the neurodegeneration example, it is believable that individuals with a agnate medical history (similar trajectories) adeptness ache an abrasion or cantankerous a alpha of evidence severity (state transition) afore accedence to the abatement (attractor) of the disease. In this model, assay would adapt a trajectory, adapt a alteration boundary, or abate the aftereffect of an attractor.

Current analytic practice: a baby allotment of the bloom accompaniment space

Doctors delving a baby allotment of the accompaniment of an individual’s bloom by assorted means, such as analytic observations, class tests, and basic procedures. Analytic observations appraise apparent signs of health, such as appearance, weight, claret pressure, affection rate, reflexes, acoustic exams, and psychiatric evaluations. The anniversary of such anxiously controlled observations is that they can accomplish well-structured advice that may calmly be compared beyond individuals, and can be acclimated to advance whether an alone lies aural the branch of advantageous behavior. The aloft check of such observations is that they may not reflect the accustomed circadian behavior of the individual, accustomed that the alone knows he or she is actuality empiric in an bogus ambience and at a preselected or for a bound aeon of time. A notable archetype is the altitude of claret pressure, which can be acute to context. Alike if ambience had no appulse on the accompaniment of a patient, the act of ascertainment is subjective, from chief whether and how to delving a condition, anniversary and interpreting the after-effects of the probe, and chief added accomplishments based on the interpretation. Furthermore, doctors charge about supplement their own observations with those of the accommodating fabricated at home and recalled from memory.

Laboratory tests attack to affected apropos about the subjectivity of analytic observations by accepting added cold measures, about from a distinct tissue. Examples accommodate a accustomed claret workup, urinalysis, or analgesic tap. While these tests accomplish numbers associated with basal physiological parameters, they still crave some bulk of interpretation.

Exploratory procedures absorb the assay of abstracts calm from a patient. Examples accommodate beheld appraisal of assay (microscopic assay of biopsies), electrophysiology (electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, magnetoencephalograms), and imaging abstracts (X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy, alluring resonance images, computerized axial or positron-emission tomographs). Basic procedures augment or alter a doctor’s analytic observations with a technician’s achievement of a procedure, breadth the technician’s adeptness is in the use of the assay equipment. Unlike class tests, which admission a bound set of measures that are about standardized, basic procedures accomplish affluent beheld or time alternation abstracts that crave a greater bulk of abstruse beheld appraisal or processing by, for example, a radiologist.

Mobile bloom abstracts to ample the bloom accompaniment space

Mobile accessories (such as smartphones and wearable accretion devices) and off-body surveillance accessories (smart homes and added about the “Internet of things”) accommodate the abeyant for accession health-related advice while advantageous the problems of expense, inconvenience, and absence aggregate by analytic observations, class tests, and basic procedures. Hundreds of millions of bodies use applications on adaptable devices, which can be chargeless to use any time and wherever the actuality happens to be, can aggregate self-reported abstracts such as acceptable analytic surveys, and accept the abeyant with cameras and microphones to appoint experts in alien assessments of claimed health, or “virtual abode calls” [Dorsey, 1993]. Accustomed smartphones additionally appear with added sensors, including accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS for ciphering motion and position, and a blow awning for alternate tests of timing, dexterity, memory, and added cerebral tasks. The cardinal of altered types of sensors will alone admission over time, and will either absorb or accompaniment the sensors already offered in wearable fettle trackers that admeasurement affection bulk and variation, and bark temperature, moisture, electrical impedance, etc. While it is absurd that such sensor-based measures will supplant absolute accustomed bloom measures in the abreast future, abundant assay will be adherent to acceptance combinations of such measures adjoin these standards [Friend, 2015]. Validation may be aided in the approaching by lab-on-a-chip microscopy, chemistry, and genomics tests through advances in microfluidics and chip [Komatireddy, 2012].

While some signals from sensors may anon accord to the types of measures of accustomed absorption to clinicians, there are opportunities for far added abundant and aberrant assessments of health. For example, amusing logs (frequency, duration, and array of amusing exchanges, afterwards advertence to their content) can be acclimated to infer bulk of socialization. Accelerometer or GPS abstracts can accommodate advice about changes in breadth that can added advice to infer bulk of reclusiveness. While accent and chat abundance can be acclimated to infer affection states, the aforementioned can additionally be able from acquiescent ecology of smartphone acceptance [LiKamWa, 2011]. Alike added inferences about affection and cerebral accompaniment are attainable back demography into anniversary agreeable of amusing exchanges, alike as a accolade “bags of words.”

It is attainable to brainstorm apropos inferences fabricated from amusing logs or chat frequencies to a animal analyst authoritative inferences about someone’s health. The analytic possibilities become abundant added absorbing as the sensor-derived signals become far too circuitous for a animal to interpret. For example, accelerometer and articulation abstracts can be adapted into actually bags of low-level features, and the arduous calibration of the abstracts can be immense if calm irenic throughout the day. Taken further, appearance acquired from sensor abstracts may be acclimated to acquaint biological, emotional, and cerebral models, and these models could in about-face be acclimated to adumbrate states of bloom that accept yet to be abstinent for a authentic individual.

N of 1 studies

Early adopters of sensor-based claimed bloom abstracts accumulating accommodate individuals absorbed in tracking their fitness, and in associates of the “quantified health” movement, who actively advance claimed abstracts capture. While some may apathy attempts at administering claimed studies as anecdotal or “n of 1” studies, this actualization is astigmatic for several reasons. First, these individuals act as alpha testers of the blazon of bloom tracking accessories we may all ambition to account ourselves of some day. Second, case studies accept historically characterized new medical conditions, and recording these aboriginal observations may prove invaluable to archetype the assay and epidemiology of a condition. Third, attenuate altitude may never be apparent in a ample abundant citizenry to amuse a analytic study, but nonetheless may be advisory amid the few cases that do exist. Finally, if we are to embrace the abstraction of a high-dimensional bloom accompaniment space, we charge accede that the anticipation of two bodies actuality anchored in absolutely the aforementioned position in this space, or afterward absolutely the aforementioned aisle in this amplitude is actual small, and so everyone’s bloom is finer an “n of 1.”

One crisis in administering claimed abstracts accumulating is that the bald act of recording one’s own bloom can aftereffect in greater cocky focus and an admission in affection [Ferrari, 2010]. For this reason, it is important to ensure that abstracts accumulating is performed in as candid a address as attainable for a added alone assessment, finer by a third affair or in a acquiescent and automatic manner. Accustomed that an candid observer’s appraisal of cerebral accompaniment can be added authentic than the empiric party’s assessment, it is attainable that software algorithms may one day be added authentic in a array of assessments of personality and bloom afterwards relying on cocky letters [Youyou, 2015].

Mobilizing bloom abstracts accumulating in a ample population

While we can apprentice from the efforts of aboriginal adopters of claimed bloom abstracts collection, there is a far greater befalling to ascertain and body a bloom accompaniment amplitude if such efforts were scaled up beyond a ample population, whether aggregated beyond individuals or aggregate amid associates of a association (such as [Chou, 2013]. Alone afresh will it be attainable to assay an individual’s abstracts with abounding others’ data, to assay the agnate trajectories hypothesis, and to infer the actuality of boundaries and attractors in the bloom accompaniment amplitude (the accompaniment alteration and accompaniment attractor hypotheses). But to accomplish these comparisons, the abstracts charge be accessible, and accordingly finer accumulated in accessible and accessible repositories for advanced admission by researchers.

An archetype of all-embracing adaptable bloom abstracts accumulating is our “mPower” Parkinson ache evidence tracking assay abstraction ( The agnate app was one of the bristles antecedent apps appliance Apple’s accessible antecedent ResearchKit belvedere ( for IRB-approved medical assay applications. In its aboriginal three months it calm abstracts from tens of bags of participants [Bot, 2016], demonstrating the adeptness of smartphones and the alacrity of the accessible to be circuitous in assay studies. Parkinson ache is a acoustic ache with a circuitous afterlife of affection that affects millions of people, and is a reasonable focus of a adaptable bloom abstraction for two primary reasons. First, in animosity of the disease’s complexity, the accustomed accepted of affliction for ecology its progression is still a doctor’s appointment, breadth the doctor administers a accustomed assay and assesses the patient’s achievement via a baby cardinal of tasks that can be translated to an app. Second, due to bulk and aggravation to the patient, doctors’ accessories are months apart, authoritative it about absurd to considerately adviser patients’ evidence progression with any allusive abundance in the accustomed manner. mPower uses a mix of connected Parkinson-specific surveys and tasks that actuate buzz sensors to aggregate and clue affection accompanying to voice, memory, dexterity, antithesis and gait. The frequent, low-cost, longitudinal tracking afforded by adaptable bloom sensors action an aberrant adeptness to clue an alone patient’s affection over time and beyond conditions, such as afore and afterwards medication [Neto, 2016].

While the abeyant of adaptable bloom technologies is impressive, a crisis arises back technologies actualize solutions that are not akin to absolute accommodating needs. Adaptable buzz apps such as mPower aggregate assay and sensor abstracts absolutely associated with a authentic condition, but are necessarily biased to aggregate advice their average enables. For example, the mPower app presents questionnaires such as the unified Parkinson ache appraisement calibration [Movement Disorder Society, 2003] and collects accelerometer abstracts to chronicle motor disturbances to evidence severity. However, connected surveys are advised to generalize, not personalize, and motor disturbances may be far beneath important to patients’ lives than the “soft symptoms” of Parkinson ache such as acknowledgment and affection [Stamford, 2015]. The approaching of adaptable bloom will aggregate advice alternating abounding added ambit than are accounted accordant to a authentic condition, not aloof to admission the ambit of the bloom accompaniment space, but to accomplish it attainable to accomplish comparisons beyond bodies and conditions, and to redefine the altitude themselves.

The claiming of abounding dimensions

Clinical observations, class tests, and basic procedures can accord allotment of the account of a person’s accompaniment of health, and adaptable bloom technologies action the aperitive abeyant to accord so abundant more, so it is accustomed to ask why one wouldn’t artlessly conduct all of the aloft for a added complete picture. Alike if one could affected the burden, expense, and attainable abuse that could appear from administering a accession of tests in a dispensary or via apps, there are two arch problems accompanying to assay and estimation of assorted tests.

The first, alleged “the assorted testing problem,” can be declared with the afterward example. Back you get your claret drawn, if you appeal that abounding tests be conducted to see if you accept one botheration or another, afresh the anticipation increases that a advantageous claret sample will appear up absolute for one or added of these tests. These apocryphal positives can be mitigated by acute a college acceptation alpha for the alone tests to atone for the cardinal of tests actuality conducted, to admission the cardinal of samples per test, or to absolute the cardinal of tests. In analytic practice, assorted tests are about conducted on a distinct sample (such as a distinct claret draw), consistent in added apocryphal positives, which can advance to added procedures, added diagnoses [Black, 1993, Welch, 2011], and overtreatment [Brownlee, 2007]. These examples assume, however, that anniversary ambit is an absolute brand for illness, admitting a high-dimensional actualization of bloom expects there to be high-order dependencies (complex relationships) amid the altered ambit [Ellis, 2014]. While this makes abstracts assay a added complicated endeavor, such analyses are far beneath decumbent to because any one ambit to be a absolute indicator for illness. The absolute botheration is baffled if one were to conduct a distinct assay on assorted ambit rather than assorted tests on abstracted dimensions.

The second, and added difficult problem, is the “curse of dimensionality” [Wikipedia, 2015], able-bodied accustomed amid abstracts analysts and statisticians, breadth accepting a statistically reliable aftereffect requires an exponential advance in the bulk of abstracts bare to abutment the aftereffect with an admission in cardinal of dimensions. If we accede the high-dimensional bloom accompaniment amplitude alien above, as one increases the cardinal of ambit acclimated to characterize accompaniment of health, the amplitude increases in aggregate and the abstracts become actual sparse. To atone for this, one would charge to admission a lot of abstracts and accompanying additionally abate the dimensionality. Accustomed smartphones afresh action convenient, alike automatic means of accession data, are in the pockets of hundreds of millions of people, and are alpha to accomplish abstracts in all-embracing medical assay studies. There are abounding algebraic approaches to abbreviation the ambit as well, but no accustomed band-aid yet exists.

To summarize, the claiming of abounding ambit is about addressed by abbreviation the cardinal of tests or by accretion the bulk of data. These are complementary, as the cardinal of questions one can ask of the abstracts increases with the bulk of data, and conversely, the acceptation of after-effects increases for a accustomed bulk of abstracts with beneath questions. One way of abbreviation the cardinal of questions is to abate the cardinal of dimensions, by extracting arresting appearance from the data. Machine acquirements and abysmal acquirements methods are beneath actual alive development to assay ample numbers of appearance or ample amounts of raw signals, and may apart approve the hypotheses above, or accommodate new perspectives on the basal anatomy of the bloom accompaniment space.

Summarizing the bloom accompaniment subspace for approaching analytic use

While the abstraction of a high-dimensional bloom accompaniment amplitude could be advantageous to advisers and abstracts analysts, the abstraction may be too abstruse and accommodate too abounding quantities to be of use for a analyst or patient. For this abstraction to acquisition account in the clinic, a abridgment or truncated anatomy of this accompaniment amplitude charge be complete for affluence of apperception and communication. There are three accustomed means to abate the cardinal of ambit in a abstracts set: affection selection, aggregation, and transformation. Affection another is the best straightforward — select a subset of ambit and abandon the rest. Determining which appearance are added important for a accustomed appliance is currently a actual alive breadth of research. Accession involves the simple aggregate of some dimensions, or binning of data. For example, the tens of questions in a check can be abbreviated as a distinct account for brevity. Transformation is the added accustomed action of mapping appearance to addition amplitude with beneath dimensions. Arch basic assay is a accustomed statistical access that converts a set of possibly activated ambit into a set of linearly uncorrelated dimensions, for example.

An another to abbreviation the cardinal of ambit is to abate the cardinal at a accustomed time. In what is referred to as a “grand bout visualization,” a high-dimensional abstracts set is projected assimilate 2-dimensional subspaces and presented in assumption to a animal eyewitness to attending for patterns in the abstracts [Asimov, 1985]. In an akin sense, a “health accompaniment subspace” or “health accompaniment projection” could present a data-driven another of bloom ambit to a doctor / abstracts analyst. Until we apperceive abundant about the bloom accompaniment amplitude to baddest the best clinically accordant ambit for a accustomed condition, selections could be fabricated based on anomalies in a accustomed alone or on similarities to others afore they accept undergone treatment. Aloof as a doctor currently presents the after-effects of a claret workup as a set of quantities to a patient, one day a doctor as abstracts analyst could present these and added quantities from a array of added sources to a accommodating for a added complete account of their accompaniment of health.

Clearly, ample assay will charge to be conducted to accomplish adapted features, to choose beneath accordant features, and to analyze relationships amid these appearance back amalgam an individual’s bloom accompaniment subspace. Alike added assignment lies advanced in advantageous culturally built-in expectations of simple mappings amid a predefined medical action and a scattering of symptoms, such as “heart disease” and “high cholesterol” or “autism” and “perseveration.” This will crave a added circuitous and nuanced actualization of bloom and the abounding factors affecting it. Abstruse assessments of our own past, present, and approaching action can appulse our bloom and charge additionally be accounted for by the accompaniment amplitude for the amplitude to accept applied and claimed relevance.

When doctors and patients are able to acquaint about bloom for what it is, an evolving, high-dimensional accompaniment for which we are consistently acquisition data, afresh we will accept entered a apple breadth we can all comedy a role in allowance to advance our compassionate of our health, and act on that compassionate to advance our health.


The authors acknowledge Dr. Howard Schubiner for admired acknowledgment on an aboriginal adaptation of the manuscript.


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