The Ten Steps Needed For Putting Ferrari Mondial 8 Specifications Into Action | ferrari mondial 8 specifications

For the amount of a arid new car, why not buy a best Ferrari?

Ferrari Mondial - Classic Car Review | Honest John - ferrari mondial 8 specifications

Ferrari Mondial – Classic Car Review | Honest John – ferrari mondial 8 specifications | ferrari mondial 8 specifications

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Did you apperceive the boilerplate transaction amount of a cast new car in the US is $33,652? Call it $35,000 with applicative taxes. Thatll get you a nicely-equipped Hyundai Genesis, Chevy Malibu or Nissan Maxima four-door auto or alike a stripper 3-Series BMW. But everybodys got one of those, and they wont about-face active or account a activity aback you cycle up to the valet.

So anticipate out of the box. Why not buy a acclimated Ferrari for that aforementioned $35 grand?

Now were talking.

OK, you deceit get a archetypal Ferrari V-12 berlinetta for alike abutting to $35K, but there are best Ferrari two-seaters and 2 2s, with V-8s and V-12s, that you can snatch up for about as abundant as youd pay for a new car that starts depreciating the minute you agitate the salesmans hand.

And its a Ferrari, so one of these bargains could alike acknowledge over time.

We combed the alien car sites, and with the advice of amount guides from Hagertys and Cavallino magazines, we can advice you acquisition a abundant added agitative ride for your money.

The Ferraris we recommend, for the best part, are 2 2s, so theres absolutely allowance for a brace of cartage and/or abundant baggage for a adult weekend getaway.

Ferraris 1960-to-1963 250GTE 2 2 was the marques aboriginal absolute aggregate commuter model, but you deceit get one of those today for buppkes, because they allotment about the aforementioned driveline as a multi-million dollar 250GTO. But in 1973, Ferrari replaced the racy, mid-engine 246GT Dino with a aciculate little 2 2 that previewed the GTB-to-comes brawny 3-liter, 4-cam V-8. Afresh the magicians in Maranello, alive that some audience capital a front-engine GT car for accustomed driving, alien the 365GT 2 2.

And it gets alike better. There absolutely are affordable Ferraris appropriate up to the 1990s. So chase forth while we booty a quick cruise through the byzantine apple of acclimated Ferraris, complete with some of the challenges of owning a arrangement Italian stallion.

Dino 308 GT4: 1974-1980

The Dino 308 GT4 angled at the 1973 Paris Salon. Replacing the curvaceous Dino 246GT, this angular little auto was advised by Carrozzeria Bertone, not Pininfarina. The aboriginal 246 Dinos 2.4-liter V-6 had been replaced with a 3-liter, 4-cam V-8 packing four Weber carburetors. It developed 205-bhp at a agreeable 7700-rpm. It was absolutely a 2 2 (with tiny rear seats), but that was never allotment of its official name, nor was there a Ferrari brand anywhere, at first. But by 1976, Ferrari endemic up and all 308 GT4s sported prancing horse badges. The 308 GT4 is fun to drive; its 5-speed accouterment crisply and aback you attach it, you get all those admirable Ferrari sounds. Those tiny aback seats are best acclimated for luggage, as theres no rear legroom. 308 GT4s are still beneath the alarm pricewise. If you can acquisition a USA-legal Euro-spec version, (and absolutely a few were imported) youll get 240-to-255-bhp.

208 GT4: 1975-1980

Heres a tip to get an alike cheaper GT4. Ferrari fabricated 840 208 GT4s with a abate bore 2-liter, 153-bhp adaptation of the 308s 3-liter V-8. This tamer, but visually about identical 2.0 adaptation came about because Italian tax laws heavily burdened 3-liter cars. Since you couldnt use the 308s 155-mph top acceleration anyway, alike on the autostrada let abandoned on Highway 101, Ferrari S.p.A. offered a milder 208 for the home market, and they are bean bargains abnormally because you can bore out the 4-cam V-8 to 3-liter specs and accept all the goodies. 208 GT4s arent common, so analysis the Ferrari Bazaar Letterclassifieds for one of these. And dont acquaint the Italian IRS!

365GT4 2 2: 1972-1976

Think you deceit get a V-12 Ferrari for $35 grand? Anticipate again. The 365 GT4 2 2 shares the adventurous 1971-1972 365 GTC/4s six-carb 4.4-liter V-12 with six side-draft Webers, but a archetypal C/4 starts at $250K, and you can bifold that for a abundant one. So accede the 365 GT4 2 2 instead. Alien in Paris in 1972, its 7.5-inches beneath than the 365 GT 2 2 Queen Mother, it replaced, but with a 2-inch best wheelbase and added abreast Pininfarina styling. This admirable auto was the aboriginal of a alternation that includes the after 400GT and 400i, through 1984. With 320-bhp, knock-off alloys and absolutely absolute suspension, theyre fast, affected Admirable Tourers. Borrani wire auto were still an option. One caveat: theyre abundant quieter than their sportier brethren, but you can fix that fast with a Borla or Tubi stainless bankrupt update.

400GT/400 Automatic/412: 1976-1989

When Ferrari adapted the 365 GT4 to the 400 GT at the Paris Salon in 1976, buyers could opt for a 5-speed or (gasp!) a GM-supplied THM400 4-speed Hydra-Matic. It was a assurance of the times. Well-heeled clienti capital a Ferrari, but they didnt appetite to about-face for themselves. Not surprisingly, automatics anon outsold the 5-speed sticks, so be able to pay a $5 admirable exceptional if you appetite a attenuate manual. Displacement rose to 4.8-liters and achievement was an absorbing 340-bhp. Bolt-on 5-star admixture auto replaced the aboriginal models knock-offs. Borrani affairs were no best offered. Sadly, to accommodated US discharge regs, the Bosch K-Jetronic, ammunition injected 400i abandoned to 306-311-bhp, afresh 315-bhp by the end of 1982. The 412s became brawny 5-liter cars with 340-bhp already again. They are alike nicer-looking, acknowledgment to body-colored bumpers, and a college rear accouter with a detached spoiler. Forget the Ferrari dealers big-ticket account department: your bounded AAMCO can apparently fix that GM-sourced tranny.

208 GTB/GTS: 1980-1982

Its about absurd to acquisition an affordable 308 GTB, let abandoned a 308 GTS on our $35K budget, unless you appointment a decayed rat or a wreck. But the Italian market, Euro-spec 208 GTB, if you can acquisition one that was accurately imported, is account considering. Like the 208 GT4s, 208s are attenuate in GTB/GTS guise. Ferrari congenital abandoned 160 GTBs and 140 GTSs from 1980-to-1982, but a few came over, so coursing around. Like the 208GT4 2 2s their 121-cid V-8s developed aloof 153-bhp, so they attending fast, but alas, theyre not!

208 Turbo (GTB and GTS): 1982-1985

But heres the solution: Aback the tax-relief appropriate normally-aspirated 208s for Italy were accounted too slow, Ferrari offered a turbocharged adaptation of the auto and the spider, from 1982 (GTB) and 1983 (GTS) until 1985. The turbos achievement is 217-bhp @ 7000 rpm; thats a advantageous 64-bhp added than the 2-liter, normally-aspirated model.

Again, these are attenuate on the arena over here, but you may be able to acquisition one.

Mondial 8, QV, 3.2, t: 1980-1993

Ferrari congenital 3,571 Mondial 8s in several variations, because there were audience who capital a added spacious, hardly beneath adventurous 2 2 auto or convertible with a Ferrari prancing horse badge. The wheelbase was 4-inches best than the 308 GT4s, so theres absolutely allowance for two passengers. Among enthusiasts, the Mondial is affectionate of the Rodney Dangerfield of Ferraris, but best civilians havent a clue. They artlessly see a handsome red auto or convertible with a Ferrari brand and theyre impressed. Aloof remember, it costs aloof as abundant to adjustment the transversely-mounted, 4-cam V-8 in a Mondial 8 as it does in a 328 Berlinetta. Mondial 8s, congenital from 81-to-82, and the QV (Quatrovalvole) coupes and accurate convertibles, offered from 83-to-85 , are able-bodied aural our budget. Mondial 3.2s (with 260-bhp) and after Mondial ts in boilerplate appearance accomplish the $35K cut, but the bigger examples can go for as abundant as $10-to-$15K more. You accept to do your do-diligence, and be abiding to audit all absolute account records. A belt backup on one of these puppies will actively draft the budget.

Tips on affairs and application a acclimated Ferrari:

OK, so youre accessible to acquisition the affordable Ferrari of your dreams. Ferraris arent about listed in bounded bi-weekly classifieds or pennysavers, but you will acquisition lots of Ferrari ads in Hemmings Motor News, theFerrari Bazaar Letter, and the top British car mags like Octane, Archetypal & SportscarandClassic Cars, and at the ample address auctions like Auctions America, Mecum, and Russo & Steele.

No amount how appetizing the price, (unless youre a accomplished mechanic, with a backing of metric tools), if the owner/dealer doesnt accept the cars account history, (or at atomic the aftermost few years worth), artlessly move on. Assuming the account annal analysis out, be abiding to see what abutting above account is bare and accomplish that amount allotment of your negotiations. Ferraris were accountable to rust, so a accurate analysis of all the anatomy panels, the chassis, etc., is mandatory. Audit for any affirmation of blow repairs. Ensure everythingworks, appropriate bottomward to the windshield wipers and back lights. Analysis the bankrupt arrangement for leaks. Nothing on a Ferrari, no amount how trivial, is bargain to do.

Heres the bedraggled little secret: Ferrari was actual condescending about service. They ample if owners could allow the car, they could allow to accept it maintained. On abounding models, you accept to abolish the agent for belt and timing alternation service. Spare genitalia arent cheap. Neither are tires. Michelin TRXs on after cars may not be fabricated abundant longer. Abounding Ferraris were anxiously garaged and maintained, but some of the beneath big-ticket examples may accept been abused or suffered flood or blow damage. If theres a CarFax address available, by all agency get it. All the accepted acclimated car affairs rules administer here. Drive the car for at atomic 20 minutes. Watch the baptize temperature, Analysis for abnormal noises or vibrations. Try not to abatement in adulation until youre abiding its a aces example. If youre importing a car, be abiding you apperceive the requisite DOT/EPA rules (there are too abounding to detail here).

So why are we auspicious you?

Ferraris are fun, exciting, exhilarating. Chicks dig em, at atomic until theyre aggravating to adjudge if youre a amenable person. Owning a Ferrari curtains into 70 years of admirable prancing horse history, on the clue and on the road. Unless your Ferraris in the shop, youll smile every time you see it. So go for itbut be accurate and acquirement wisely. Life is not a dress rehearsal. We dont get to do this twice.

Buona fortuna!


Bargain Ferraris by the numbers.

Years fabricated Archetypal name Number Produced Amount Range

1972-1976 365 GT4 2 2 521 $30K-$90K

1974-1980 308 GT4 2 2 2826 $30K-$35K

1975-1980 208 GT4 2 2 840 $30K-$33K

1976-1979 400 GT Automatic 502 $30K-$60K

1979-1984 400i Automatic 1308 $35K-$60K

1980-1982 Mondial 8 703 $25K-$30K

1980-1982 208 GTB 160 $25K-$30K

1980-1982 208 GTS 140 $30K-$35K

1982-1985 208 (GTB) Turbo 437 $23K-$35K

1983-1985 208 (GTS) Turbo 250 $25K-$35K

1982-1985 Mondial Auto QV 1145 $25K-$40K

1983-1985 Mondial Cabriolet QV 629 $27K-$45K

1985-1989 Mondial 3.2 Auto 987 $30K-$40K

1985-1989 Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet 810 $35K-$42K

1985-1989 412 576 $45K-$90K

1989-1993 Modial t Auto 858 $35K-$55K

1989-1993 Modial t Cabriolet 1017 $38K-$55K

(Source: Cavallino Magazine, October 2016 [Keith Bluemel/Cavallino])

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