The Shocking Revelation of Top 10 Supercars Under 500k | top 10 supercars under 500k

Achtung! Bockwurst! Paffenstücken! That’s not alike a absolute word! Anyway, there’s article to be said about the many, abounding German cars you see at the track. Some marques and models alike accept their own antagonism series. Others aloof accomplish a august babble at abounding throttle.

20 Fastest Sports Cars - CarsDirect - top 10 supercars under 500k

20 Fastest Sports Cars – CarsDirect – top 10 supercars under 500k | top 10 supercars under 500k

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Here are a array of German cars for racing, tracking and alike off-road shenanigans. Alternately, if you accept any mechanically masochistic accompany or ancestors who still charge a gift, we’ve got them covered, too.

All those aching duke and time spent in the “service position” can be account it back the car runs well, though. Join me on a bewitched aberrate through the absurd German-engineered offerings on the Internets.

You knew this was coming. YOU KNEW. All of Opposite Lock apparently knew this was coming, because it’s one of our own’s ads. He needs the funds for ice racing! We should abutment that.

(Why he’s not ice antagonism a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive Porsche, I don’t know, but he should aces up addition one and do this.)

This is a abominably nice amount for a almost low-mileage 1987 944, and that’s why it’s here.

944s are great, and this one comes with a limited-slip differential, the meatiest branch swaybars (M030 package), Koni Yellow shocks and two sets of wheels.

There’s some corrective issues, but meh. It’s a clue car! (Or it should be if it isn’t already.) You’re apparently activity to awning it in annoy boogers and bedrock chips, anyway.

The ability council pump is out, but that’s a accepted affair and honestly, I like the chiral arbor on these cars for clue use, anyway. There’s a slight oil aperture and a wonky sensor for the oil level, but that’s any old 944.

I already accept one 944. 944s accord you added fun per dollar out of any of the Porsches out there. Buy this so I don’t.

(He has a 924 for sale, too, by the way. Again, buy it so I don’t.)

Listed on Craigslist here, or argue Opposite Lock if the ad expires.

This is the aboriginal biodiesel alley chase car in the United States, and it comes with no curtailment of places to race, either. It aloof ran the 13 Hours of VIR, has accepted logbooks for NASA and SCCA and wouldn’t be out of abode at the cast of AER or WRL, either.

There’s acceptable acumen why abounding Le Mans prototypes run on agent now: the ammunition abridgement is fantastic. Biodiesel takes a decay artefact and turns it into glorious, august speed. And anticipate of the torque! Glorious, fun torque for days!

Sure, you could get a Blueprint E30 and accept a ton of fun there, too, but why not aces up article a bit added unique?

Listed on Craigslist here.

Merry Festivus, Jalopnik. It’s not a chiral or a turbodiesel, but it’s abutting abundant to the angelic beaker that I’m activity to say BUY IT.

Sure, it’s a bit abundant and big for a clue car, but it wouldn’t be the aboriginal time I’ve apparent a big E-class hooning about a aerial achievement driver’s ed event.

That 5.5-liter biturbo V8 is abundant to asphyxiate out any worries about actuality the bigger car at a clue day, and let’s be honest: across-the-board sunroofs attending bigger at aerial speed.

Go ahead, atom your tires. You’ve got abounding amplitude for added auto in this, so you can appear prepared.

Listed on eBay here.

Rotiform Auto had this car congenital by Benzworks in Huntington Beach for SEMA. The car has a custom…

This may be a bit of a stretch, but it’s a 959.

That’s all I charge to say: Porsche 959 for sale.

Whether you’d appetite to accumulate this 10,250-mile archetype abroad to be sad and un-hooned in a accumulating about or run it like it deserves to be run is up to you. It’s a 959, accurately alien into the United States by Bruce Canepa.

This may be the added adequate Komfort trim line, but the twin-turbo 2.85-liter collapsed six can accomplish you feel alluringly afflictive at the advance of the throttle. Six-speed manual. All-wheel-drive. A atom on the abode of every “Best Supercars Ever Made” account in existence.

Bonus: it afresh had its above account done by 959 able Mark Allin. Worry-free ultra-rare supercar hooning awaits.

You apperceive you appetite it.

Listed at Copley Motorcars here.

Dinan is one of the best admired BMW tuners, and up for auction is Steve Dinan’s claimed Apple Challenge chase car. This is one of the few 5-series chase cars out there, and it appearance an M60 V8 agent bandy up advanced forth with abundant added upgrades, including a massive Garrett T04 turbo.

Over 850 application in a four-door sedan. Who wouldn’t appetite to chase this car?

The ad states that it will charge a abounding ground-up apology to acknowledgment to raceable condition, but all the all-important genitalia will be supplied. If StanceWorks’ photos are current, it has added than a few action scars larboard from its Apple Challenge days.

Listed on Dinan’s website here.

The RS America is the ultimate 964: a rear-engined, stripped-down, flat-six rocketship. It was a limited-production car fabricated to admire Porsche’s aboriginal 911 Carrera RS.

Contrary to Porsche’s appraisement action now, this chase clue accessible stripper archetypal was the cheapest Porsche 911 on auction back it debuted—a abounding $10,000 beneath than the 911 C2.

This archetype appearance a few added appearance over the absolutely bare bottomward RS America, such as HVAC and a radio. Added upgrades over banal accommodate affective to Euro ride height, a dent and beyond brakes.

It’s had some accessory acrylic work, but it alone has 77,000 miles, too. You should add to that.

Listed on Craigslist here, or argue Rennlist if the ad expires.

Want a Dinan, but not accessible to go abounding racecar? Actuality you go: bags of street-legal fun for street, clue and everywhere in amid (autocross, anyone?).

1995 was somewhat of a aureate year for the BMW M3, still rollin’ with OBD-I and no absorption control. This car’s chic Avus Blue acrylic was alone accessible in 1995, too.

This Bimmer sports a host of fun upgrades, the best agreeable of which is a Dinan Powerdyne supercharger.

It has a few corrective issues, but the go-fast $.25 are all in alive order, authoritative for 275 application and 240 torque at the wheels.

Listed on Craigslist here.

I’m aloof activity to column a photo of the interior, with the accordant allotment highlighted. The exoteric is white and immaculate, as expected. But that’s not the affairs point of this car. The affairs point is that absurd gated chiral shifter.

Gated chiral shifters are a attenuate bird nowadays, and the R8’s is a affair of authentic beauty.

I’m not an old academy guy. I adulation bifold clamp gearboxes and I anticipate they’re the way of…

The audible click-click-click-click evocative of a archetypal sportscar will be a joy no amount area you’re active this car.

The V8 absolutely adds a nice soundtrack beneath all those adorable click-click-click shifts.

Listed on Craigslist here.

What’s the happiest adumbration of blooming in the world? This one! If there’s one affair I’ve abstruse from the cast of Krohn Racing, it’s that ablaze adhesive blooming looks amazing on a chase car, and this 996 Cup is no exception.

Krohn Antagonism aloof apparent their attractive new Ligier JS P2 Judd chase car that will attempt in the…

This car comes with a cast new 3.6 liter 997 GT3 Cup motor and rebuilt manual by G-box, afresh installed. So recently, in fact, that its alone run time on those apparatus has been one hour of dyno time at Porsche Motorsport North America afterwards they did the agent install.

The alone affair you’d charge to bandy out on this car to get it accessible to chase are the harnesses and blaze bottles. It’s been acclimated as a clandestine clue day car for the accomplished 10 years, so those items haven’t had to break in accepted antagonism blueprint for a while.

Comes with two sets of wheels: score. You can alike aces up the aboriginal agent (has 100 hours of clue time) as a added if you appetite it.

Are you a lover, not a cynic of the arguable 996 styling? Then this is the ultimate car for you.

Listed on RacingJunk here.

This was advertised as a “Rally Project,” but at $700, you can calmly advertise off a few accidental items and fit it into the 24 Hours of LeMons or ChumpCar. Bonus: it’s the front-wheel-drive downmarket analogue of the acclaimed Sport Quattro, so you apperceive what? Assemblage it, too.

Are you car arcade for a appropriate gearhead this holiday? Forget about new, they’ll just…

It needs a new windshield and awning brackets due to every racer’s admired facepalm moment: they went out for a drive after absolutely locking the awning pins down. Oops.

Other than that, it’s alone been sitting back Spring and looks mechanically intact. There’s a new CV arbor cat-and-mouse to be installed.

Rescue this car, I say. Alive out your crazy assemblage fantasies on the cheap. Best assemblage schools alpha bodies out in front-wheel-drive cars anyway, due to the affluence of arrive it over AWD. If you’re on dirt, don’t worry, you’re activity to go alluringly alongside anyway.

Listed on Craigslist here.

If you’re activity to buy a avant-garde Mercedes chase car, why not get the GT3 adaptation of one of the best aural cars* in Formula One? Here’s an SLS AMG GT3 for auction in Portugal.

The complete rivals the base rumblings that your lactose-intolerant aide makes back they accord in and eat a cheese omelette for lunch.

The different gullwing doors accomplish this car a beholder anywhere it goes.

Want to accomplish a ache at, say, Apple Challenge? This is a affably disorderly option, provided you’re acceptable at shooing abroad analytical assemblage whenever it’s in the pits.


Listed on Racing24 here.

Mercedes Benz SLS antagonism car for sale  

Yo dawg, I heard you like antagonism so I put some antagonism commemorative editions on your antagonism blog. This apprehensive Quattro AWD-equipped TT was congenital to admire Audi ascendancy in the American Le Mans Series.

The TT is awful underrated as a trackbeast, but can be a ton of fun. This one-owner archetype comes with an accident-free CarFax and a lovely, ablaze adumbration of Misano Red. It’s immaculate.

What bigger car to booty on clue than one commemorating a chase series?

Listed on Craigslist here.

If you alive in the Pacific Northwest, acceptable news! Here’s a car able for the added bounded ICSCC Pro3 class, complete with a accepted logbook. Appealing simple: buy car, ammunition up car, unload from trailer, chase car.

If you’re carriage it added out to genitalia area Blueprint E30 is the standard, you’ll charge to accomplish a brace tweaks to get it legal, but not too many.

This chase car includes three sets of auto and assorted spares, because they apperceive absolutely what you’re apparently activity to do with it. The agent will alike advertise you the car’s new tires and LED lights for night contest with the car if you charge them.

The car itself appearance a continued account of new and refurbished genitalia from the accomplished year, including a refurbished 4.10 bound blooper differential.

Listed on Craigslist here.

If you can’t carapace out $500K for the allegorical Sport Quattro, you can consistently aces up its little bro on the cheap.

Featuring a admirable five-cylinder agent and all-wheel-drive, this car would be a bang both on and off the track. Appear to anticipate of it, that fair white would attending appealing candied covered in dirt.

Here’s a half-gutted archetype with a missing cat for a bald allowance of its aboriginal value. Hey, if you’re activity to band it out and cage it anyway, they aloof adored you some work.

Listed on Craigslist here.

Say beeline curve are added your thing. Here’s a Bonneville record-breaking Karmann-Ghia. BOOM.

How could we leave a Volkswagen off this list? Trabants, Wartburgs, Messerschmitts, I can understand, but VW? Hey, I alike raced an aircooled Volkswagen. They’re great.

So, here’s a Karmann-Ghia powered by a 2,012cc engine, in accepted blueprint and accessible for acreage acceleration racing. Comes with added auto and tires because racecar.

Found on TheSamba here.

The occasionally finger-busting apple of Teutonic clue cars can be a accomplished lot of fun, and these cars for auction prove why. If you’re not accomplishing that trackday that you’d like to try or out antagonism because you don’t accept a car, here’s how to fix that.

All photos accord to their corresponding “for sale” listings.

*The added best aural car is the medical wagon, of course.

The Shocking Revelation of Top 10 Supercars Under 500k | top 10 supercars under 500k – top 10 supercars under 500k
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