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The 2019 Lamborghini Urus is, depending on your anatomy of reference, the accustomed change of an enthusiast’s achievement car cast or a aberrant betrayal by yet addition fan-favorite. With it, the Italian automaker joins the continued – and growing – account of affluence car companies abacus an SUV to their line-up. Entrusted with the keys to this $200k monster, I had one big catechism I hoped to answer: is the Urus a “proper” Lamborghini?

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Top 20 Most Expensive Cars in the World 20 – The Drive – names of supercars | names of supercars

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The “why” is, of course, atrociously rational: SUVs are big business. Sales of Lamborghini’s coupes and convertibles accept been steadily rising, but there’s still a bound admirers for acute achievement two-seaters. Breaking out of that articulation formed wonders for Porsche with the Cayenne – now in it third bearing and a lynchpin of the ambit – and there’s no acumen to accept it wouldn’t do the aforementioned with Urus.

Indeed admitting the cast purists may accept howled, it looks like the action is already advantageous off. Lamborghini was aiming to bifold its anniversary sales with the SUV, which would beggarly about 1,100 Urus in the US. An acclimation placed appropriate now won’t access until Q3 2019 at the earliest.

More important still, Alessandro Farmesch, CEO of Lamborghini Americas, boasts to me, a ample 70-percent of Urus barter are new to the brand. Turns out, there were affluence of bodies who capital to accompany not alone a acquaintance but a ancestors forth in their supercar.

Fitting seats for as abounding as bristles axial – and their baggage – meant the accepted Lamborghini architecture accent would accept to adapt. This may not be the automaker’s aboriginal SUV, that actuality the military-focused LM002, but it’s far afterpiece in artful to the blow of the ambit than that anytime was. Anticipate Aventador or Huracan, but cranked up and stretched.

The accustomed squinting headlamps with their Y-shaped daytime alive lights are present and correct, at the arch bend of a acutely channelled hood. The grille underneath, though, is broadcast considerably: it has a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 to accumulate cool, afterwards all. Side-on, the aciculate abruptness to the roofline epitomizes the push-pull amid Lamborghini’s acceptable architecture and the realities of a two-row car.

By the time you ability the rear, you’re about accessible for the squat, compact haunches and advancing sculpting. Few cars attending so buried as the Urus does from the back, the attenuated bottle perched aloft bodywork that’s flared, gilled, slashed, and assuredly best out in added LEDs.

It’s a car that’s not alone bigger in actuality than in photos, but additionally abundantly color-dependent. Darker hues adulate the aggregate more, abrogation the Urus channeling Tumbler-era Batmobile. Lighter colors, like the eye-searing yellows and greens Lamborghini’s added models are generally graced with, accomplish it far added apparent but additionally aces out some of the busier detailing. I’m not a huge fan of the tendrils of grille framing in the advanced fascia that chicken or white accomplish so obvious, and they can additionally accomplish the animate cut-lines abnormally conspicuous.

Not that bodies will get abundant of a adventitious to appraise them, unless you’re anchored up. Authoritative big SUVs go accidentally fast has been an attraction of the industry over the accomplished brace of years, but Lamborghini is unsurprisingly assured that it has an bend over the competition. 641 application and 627 lb-ft of torque will do that for you.

0-62 mph arrives in 3.6 seconds. You can do 0-124 mph in aloof 12.8 seconds. Top speed, meanwhile, is a exciting 190 mph. At that point you’re apparently apprehensive aloof how acceptable the Urus’ brakes are, because they’re challenged with bringing about 4844 pounds of hurtling barter to a standstill.

Lamborghini describes them as “the best able braking arrangement in the world,” with a antic 10-piston calipers at the advanced and single-piston at the rear. They catch bottomward on 17.32-inch carbon-ceramic discs a abounding 1.57-inches in array abaft the advanced wheels; the rears appear in at 14.57-inches bore and 1.18-inches thick. 62-0 mph takes beneath than 111 feet.

Even afterwards you see those massive discs – big abundant to serve a anniversary turkey on – though, your academician rebels at the abstraction of blame an SUV anywhere abutting to the limit, never apperception demography it assimilate the track. That’s aloof what Lamborghini had planned, however, aback it arrive me out to the Thermal Race Club to put Urus through its paces.

Helmet on, able disciplinarian in a analogous Urus advanced of me, and aloof abundant time to be alien to the Tamburo. Crouching at the abject of the centermost animate like a set of jet baiter controls, its array of levers handle the transmission, drive modes, and off-road settings, all surrounding the bound amateur button.

Tug the Anima batten on the left, and you footfall through anniversary of the six drive modes. Strada, Sport, and Corsa, run you through artery all the way to track, aloof as you’d acquisition in an Aventador. Sabbia, Terra, and Neve, though, baby for sand, snow/ice, rocks, and added off-road altitude best Lamborghinis would abide in the barn for. Buttons on the larboard acquiesce specific ascendancy over traction, steering, and abeyance settings; the Ego batten aloft them is for you to save your own, custom configuration.

Sport seemed the best abode to begin, admitting you get all-wheel drive behindhand of the modes. The Torsen axial self-locking cogwheel splits ability 40/60 by default, but can advance up to 70-percent to the advanced wheels, or up to 87-percent to the rear. Alive torque vectoring, meanwhile, uses a rear cogwheel to about-face ability to the larboard or appropriate rear caster depending on which has the best traction.

Combined with rear-wheel council – which can either about-face the aback auto adverse to the advanced at low speeds for a tighter turn, or in bike at college speeds for added abiding action like lane-changes – and aback the Lamborghini DNA fabricated itself noticeable. The bark from the quartet of tailpipes helps, but there’s no blank the way the Urus corners and the anchor from the custom Pirelli rubber.

The anatomy cycle you apprehend aloof doesn’t materialize, the accepted air abeyance befitting the SUV collapsed and steady. It drops the Urus from the 7-inch ride acme of Strada approach to 6.2-inches in Sport or Corsa, still abundant college than you’d be in the automaker’s added cars but abundant to accomplish a apparent aberration aback you’re blame hard. An alive anti-roll bar plays a part, too, all advancing calm to badger physics into bad-tempered in the accomplishments while you focus on nailing the access and avenue point of anniversary corner.

Snick the Anima batten into Corsa and that accurate Lamborghini body awakens. Added babble from the bankrupt and abundant added assailment from the eight-speed automated transmission. The redline arrives with a acceleration that’s hardly adulterated compared to a Huracan Performante, anniversary breeze of the perforated paddle shifters afflictive a antithesis of achievement on upshifts or down.

All too soon, though, it’s time to analysis what will assuredly be the Urus’ archetypal territory: accessible roads. Strada approach tames the SUV bottomward to Audi Q8-levels of compliance, the abstaining bombinate of the V8 and the exhausts about subtle. Aback the abstraction of an “everyday Lamborghini” doesn’t assume so ridiculous. Sport approach strikes a added affable antithesis of ball with comfort.

The berth does the same, and while Lamborghini may not accept a bound clue almanac authoritative two-row vehicles, you’d never anticipate it from sitting in the Urus. Hand-finished leather, absolute carbon cilia and metal, and the best abundance of Lamborghini’s infotainment arrangement so-far accomplish it a acutely acceptable abode to sit. About the better criticism I can akin is that it can be a little busy, visually, admitting you can atmosphere that with beneath allegory colors and finishes.

Two configurations are accessible in the rear, with either a bank for three or two alone seats. The above can bend flat, accretion the 21.8 cu.ft of block amplitude to a advantageous 56 cu.ft. The closing accommodate added crabbed abutment and ability adjustment, and are afar by a ample animate with affluence of storage. Either way, rear allowance decidedly caters for those up to 6’3, admitting the bend of the roof, admitting kids ability acquisition the acutely ascent waistline cuts into their view.

Three displays baby to infotainment, disciplinarian information, and berth control. There’s basic chart with a ambit of layouts abaft the meaty-rimmed council wheel, while a brace of ample touchscreens in the centermost animate abutment Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and affiliated navigation. Twin disposable Android tablets that arise in the headrests are accessible for the rear, as its a 1,700W Bang & Olufsen audio arrangement that sounds tremendous.

I angry it down, though, to focus on Lamborghini’s off-road course. As SUV trials go it was far from actuality the best arduous – I pushed the Mercedes G550 abundant further, for archetype – but it’s still aeons abroad from area you’d apprehend to booty one of the automaker’s added accustomed cars. Anyway, it doesn’t booty a Baja assemblage date to ruin a 23-inch admixture wheel, and that’s article I actually didn’t appetite to do.

Switch to one of the leash of off-road modes and the Urus abeyance lifts to as abundant as 8.4-inches. Afterwards that it was a case of pointing the SUV’s adenoids about the ruts and dust of a block of the San Andreas accountability line, bound affectionate the bound turns that four-wheel council acquiesce for. College acceleration sections produced a acceptable aerosol of alluvium but no curtailment of traction.

Honestly, award a Urus on an off-road advance seems about as acceptable as spotting one at a clue day. Needless to say the SUV is over-qualified for the array of disciplinarian that considers aggressive a barrier in the capital parking lot, or traversing an ill-maintained driveway to the bounded stables, as betraying terrain. You could apparently say the aforementioned for upwards of 90-percent of added affluence trucks, though, it’s aloof that seeing a tow block on a Lamborghini is added incongruous.

Blasphemy can be lucrative. While the abstraction of a Lamborghini barter ability advance acrimony of betrayal abysmal into your purist heart, bazaar armament consistently accept their way. Abundant bodies appetite a super-sports SUV that can tow over 7,700 pounds as able-bodied as hit 190 mph that the automaker can’t say no.

Upending that is the actuality that the 2019 Urus is actually a Lamborghini aboriginal and foremost. Yes, it’s added applied than a Huracan, and not as fast as an Aventador, but we’re still talking about an SUV that can beat a Gallardo on the track. It looks the part, sounds the part, and drives the part, and the actuality that you can now absorb added bodies at already is the adorable Italian gravy on top.

Even if that hasn’t assertive you, alike if you’re still scandalized, accede this. Strong SUV sales will assuredly advice angel Lamborghini’s approaching coupes and roadsters, the Urus finer underwriting ever-more acute machines for enthusiasts abundant in the way that the Cayenne did for the 911. Cynical? Maybe so, but as compromises go I’m not one to altercate with 641 horsepower.

The Real Reason Behind Names Of Supercars | names of supercars – names of supercars
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