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Revealed online today, December 8, 2018 and accessible to adjustment with actual effect, the new 720S Spider delivers the exhilaration of amphitheater alive and levels of circadian account concealed in the convertible supercar class.


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“The new McLaren 720S Spider offers an unparalleled admixture of acute performance, crafted luxury, disciplinarian captivation and circadian account – all with the added exhilaration of amphitheater alive whenever required,” said Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Automotive. He added, “As the best able convertible supercar ever, the new Spider delivers beyond a arresting spectrum of abilities to conspicuously aerial levels, and as lightest in chic with an admission of aloof 49kg over the 720S Coupé, moves us alike added advanced of our antagonism in the weight race.”

The architecture foundations of the new McLaren Spider are the seamless and amoebic forms alien in 2017 with the 720S Coupé. Accumulation to aerate downforce, abbreviate drag, enhance powertrain cooling and optimize aerodynamic performance, these shapes aftermath an all-embracing actualization affiliated to a affected sculpture, formed by the air that flows over, under, about and through it. A new, electrically actuated Retractable Adamantine Top (RHT) is seamlessly chip into the design, as are new buttresses.

Carbon cilia amount for backbone and ablaze weight

McLaren’s engineering ingenuity, underpinned by the inherent backbone and acerbity of carbon fibre, agency that admitting the abatement of the anchored roof there is no allegation for added strengthening; alike the almighty abbreviate but abundantly able windscreen A-pillars aboriginal apparent on the 720S Coupé remain. To board added rollover aegis for occupants, anchored carbon cilia structural supports are chip into the rear of the Monocage II-S, additionally accouterment the capital ballast credibility for the roof arrangement and the seatbelts. In the first-generation Super Series, animate supports featured and the about-face to carbon fibre has contributed to the Rollover Aegis Anatomy (ROPS) in the 720S Spider actuality 6.8kg lighter than in the 650S.

Overall, the new 720S Spider is aloof 49kg – or beneath than 4% – added than the 720S Coupé. The added weight is primarily associated with the RHT and tonneau system. With a lightest dry weight of 1,332kg the 720S Spider is calmly the lightest car in its aggressive set, at 88kg beneath than the 1,420kg dry weight of its abutting rival. The low weight is the foundation for the dynamic, achievement and adeptness allowances that McLaren is so accomplished at base for the greater amusement of its customers.

Unique anesthetized aerial buttresses aid rear visibility, enhance beheld dramaThe canopy-like architecture of the 720S Coupé is accustomed for the faculty of 360-degree eyes it provides, acceptance ablaze to flood into the berth and ambience a new criterion for visibility. This aesthetics of incomparable eyes is axial to the second-generation Super Series and the new Spider moves the bold on again, with unique, anesthetized aerial buttresses added acceptable disciplinarian afterimage as able-bodied as abacus beheld ball to the car.

The arch bend of the abutment appearance an aerodynamic carrier to adviser airflow, afore badly cone-shaped off to betrayal blurred glazing; the architecture and the use of bottle delivers a 12% advance in over-the-shoulder afterimage compared to the antecedent McLaren Super Series Spider.

To board the Retractable Adamantine Top, the Monocage II-S appearance a new carbon fibre high anatomy engineered to sit as abutting as accessible to the air allegation coolers and assimilation plenum. This maximizes baggage space; there is 58 liters of stowage accessible beneath the tonneau awning with the roof raised. The tonneau awning additionally sits lower than that of a 650S Spider – afresh by 25mm – extending afterimage by 7.5m in length.

Ferocious dispatch on par with 720S Coupé; 202mph with the roof down…The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 agent that admiral the 720S Spider is banausic from the Coupé. Mid-mounted for aberrant administration and abstention of response, it produces 720PS and 770Nm and –given the lightest-in-class weight of the 720S Spider and consistent power-to-weight arrangement of 540PS-per-tonne at lightest dry weight – it is no abruptness that achievement is extreme.

Acceleration is annihilation abbreviate of phenomenal, with 0-100km/h (0-62mph) covered in 2.9 abnormal and 0-200km/h (0-124mph) accomplished in aloof 7.9 abnormal – aloof 0.1 abnormal off the clip of the Coupé. The continuing division mile dart is accomplished in 10.4 abnormal – again, alone 0.1 abnormal slower than the Coupé – and area altitude allow, the 720S Spider will abide accelerating to a Coupé-matching top acceleration of 341km/h (212mph) with the roof raised. Alike with the roof lowered, best acceleration charcoal amazing at 325km/h (202mph). The accessory variations in achievement appear from differing aerodynamics and the added 49kg the Spider carries.

The 720S Spider has the aforementioned affecting ‘eye sockets’ cut abysmal into the advanced fenders and double-skinned dihedral doors anon accessible on the Coupé – aloof two of the anatomy architecture elements that comedy an basic role in carrying the amazing aerodynamic adeptness and antithesis the 720S possesses. Beyond this, the advanced splitter and contoured bonnet, for example, behest and ascendancy the airflow through, over, about and beneath the blow of the vehicle, while abaft the advanced splitter, the underfloor aerodynamics accept been revised to assignment in accord with the new rear bodywork and full-width alive rear addle-brain of the 720S Spider.

The rollover aegis technology brings an advantage in account of admeasurement as able-bodied as weight, the bunched arrangement accepting accustomed McLaren’s architecture and engineering aggregation to actualize abundantly abbreviate tonneau buttress. This improves over-the-shoulder afterimage for the disciplinarian and contributes to a awareness of aberrant amplitude overall, while additionally accretion aerodynamic downforce.

Patented, jumpsuit Retractable Adamantine Top is fastest-operating supercar convertible roofRetractable Adamantine Top (RHT) of the 720S Spider is a absolutely new design, with a one-piece, carbon cilia roof console as standard. The auto maintains the characteristic contour and aerodynamic abstention of the 720S Coupé and provides a abounding carbon fibre high anatomy back the roof is closed. The folding apparatus for McLaren’s new RHT is electrically rather than hydraulically apprenticed and the arrangement is the fastest-operating convertible roof in the supercar class, with the retractable adamantine top bargain or aloft in aloof 11 abnormal – six abnormal quicker than the 650S Spider. The aggregate of e-motors and the backbone and ablaze weight of the carbon cilia RHT enables a best agent acceleration during operation of 50km/h (31mph) – a cogent admission from the 30km/h (18.5mph) of the 650S. With these achievement statistics, it is no abruptness that McLaren has registered three common patents for the roof system.

The new RHT is alert as quiet in operation as the first-generation Super Series convertible, with occupants experiencing added complete on par with accomplishments babble in a quiet library back the roof is operating. This calmness is apocalyptic of aberrant clarification overall, with babble levels central the berth of the Spider with the roof aloft measurably beneath than those accomplished in a 650S Coupé – accurate attestation to the engineering attention pursued throughout the development of the second-generation Super Series.

A rear window lowers automatically back the RHT is opened, affective to the optimum position to abbreviate airflow advance into the cabin. The window is additionally apart controllable, acceptance occupants to lower it back the roof is bankrupt and allure the complete of the powertrain into the cabin. The actuality that the buttresses at their accomplished point are 25mm lower than those of a 650S Spider allows air to breeze over the cabin, abbreviation turbulence to a bald minimum.

Glazed retractable roof panel, with electrochromic bottle able to be cellophane or tintedOwners absent to acquaintance the amphitheater attributes of the 720S Spider alike with the roof bankrupt can specify a carbon fiber-framed, anesthetized RHT advantage to acquiesce alike added ablaze into the berth if they so choose: the bottle is electrochromic and can about-face rapidly amid a cellophane or brave accompaniment at the blow of a button. Back the agitation is off, the bottle reverts to its brave setting, allowance accumulate the berth of the 720S Spider air-conditioned during hot days. The electrochromic technology has a anamnesis action that recalls the antecedent ambience called back the agent is abutting started.

A centrally-mounted 8.0-inch high-resolution Axial Infotainment Awning charcoal the primary hub for the vehicle’s functions. The interface displays audio, media, navigation, altitude ascendancy and added accessibility features, with all the key applications apparent on a vertical carousel as able-bodied as actuality accessible via quick-access ‘hard’ keys beneath the screen.

The dual-zone altitude ascendancy and air conditioning arrangement has been recalibrated for the 720S Spider and is able to ascertain if the RHT position changes from aloft to bargain or carnality versa. The temperature and airflow is automatically adjusted, abating or cooling occupants according to the ambient settings already called by accretion airflow into the berth and affective added air to the footwell or high berth areas.

Full-width alive rear addle-brain deploys according to position of Retractable Adamantine TopThe alive rear spoiler, which automatically activates to either abatement annoyance or admission downforce and additionally acts as an airbrake to enhance agent antithesis beneath abundant braking, can acceleration at lower speeds and to a college position all-embracing in the Spider application, optimising downforce and antithesis to ensure that achievement and disciplinarian assurance is on par with the 720S Coupé. And while the rear addle-brain is identical on both Coupé and Spider, the deployment mapping is bespoke to anniversary bodystyle, the aero settings differing depending on whether the Retractable Adamantine Top is aloft or bargain and the agent electronics actuality automatically acquainted of which action it is in.

McLaren’s Proactive Chassis Ascendancy II hydraulic abeyance – already acclaimed for arduous assemblage by carrying the usually adverse aggregate of absolute anatomy ascendancy and a adjustable ride – is complemented by an electro-hydraulic council arrangement broadly accustomed for accouterment awfully authentic attention and feedback. As with the Coupé, a Spider disciplinarian can accept amid three Administration modes – Comfort, Sport, or Track – anniversary focused on a altered alive acquaintance according to claimed alternative and conditions. These accurate attributes amalgamate to ensure that the 720S Spider possesses the aforementioned abyss of activating abilities and across of adequacy as Coupé ably demonstrates.

A new 10-spoke, Lightweight artificial admixture caster architecture has been developed for the new Spider. Tyres are Pirelli P ZERO™, advised in affiliation with McLaren Technology Partner, Pirelli, to board the optimum antithesis of performance, grip, administration and abundance over a advanced ambit of alley conditions. A added track-focused Pirelli P ZERO™ CORSA tyre can be defined instead, at no added cost, while Pirelli SOTTOZERO™ winter tyres and Pirelli TROFEO R ultra-high achievement tyres are accessible from McLaren retailers.

Three specifications, two new exoteric colors, acknowledgment of one ancestry colorThe new 720S Spider is accessible in the aforementioned three blueprint as the Coupé, with Achievement and Affluence trims extending aloft the accepted model. Two new exoteric colours – Belize Blue and Aztec Gold – accept been alien for the new Spider amid a palette of 23, one of which is Supernova Silver, a Ancestry colour that was aboriginal accessible on the McLaren 12C.

The McLaren 720S has accustomed a acceptability in Coupé guise for its ground-breaking design, cutting-edge technologies and barbaric pace, complemented by a across of adeptness and composure that delivers accustomed account belying its acute achievement status. The new 720S Spider, which is accessible to adjustment now from £237,000, is the according of the Coupé in every respect.

McLaren 720S Spider abstruse blueprint and achievement data

Engine configuration

M840T engine, 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, 3,994cc

Drivetrain layout

Longitudinal mid-engined, RWD

Power PS (bhp/kW) @ rpm

720 (710/537) @ 7,500rpm

Torque Nm (lb ft) @ rpm

770 (568) @ 5,500-6,500rpm


7 Acceleration SSG. Comfort, Sport and Track modes


Electro-hydraulic; power-assisted


Carbon fibre MonoCage II-S monocoque, with aluminium advanced and rear blast structures


Independent adaptive dampers, bifold aluminium wishbones, Proactive Chassis Ascendancy II (PCC II). Comfort, Sport and Track modes


Carbon Ceramic discs (Front: 390mm Rear: 380mm); aluminium calipers (6-piston front; 4-piston rear)

Wheels (inches)

Front: 9J x 19; Rear: 11J x 20


Front: 245/35/R19 93Y; Rear: 305/30/R20 103Y

Length, mm (inches)

4,543 (179)

Wheelbase, mm (inches)

2,670 (105)

Height, mm (inches)

1,196 (47)

Width, with mirrors, mm (inches)

2,161 (85)

Width, mirrors folded, mm (inches)

2,059 (81)

Width, after mirrors, mm (inches)

1,930 (76)

Track (to acquaintance application centre), mm (inches)

Front: 1,674 (65.9); Rear: 1,629 (64.2)

Lightest dry weight, kg (lbs)

1,332 (2,937)

DIN weight, kg (lbs) [fluids 90% fuel]

1,468 (3,236)

Luggage accommodation (DIN)

Front: 150l; Rear: 58l


0 -97km/h (0-60mph)

2.8 seconds

0-100km/h (0-62mph)

2.9 seconds

0-200km/h (0-124mph)

7.9 seconds

0-300km/h (0-186mph)

22.4 seconds

0-400m / ¼ mile

10.4 seconds

Maximum acceleration (RHT raised/RHT lowered)

341m/h (212mph)/325km/h (202mph)

200 – 0km/h (124mph – 0) braking

4.6 seconds/118 m

100 – 0km/h (62mph – 0) braking

2.8 seconds/30.3 m


CO2 emissions [WLTP]

276 g/km

Fuel burning – (l/100km/UK MPG)



Extra urban

11.6/100km (24.4mpg**)

16.8/100km (16.8mpg**)

8.6/100km (32.8mpg**)

*All abstracts accountable to confirmation. **MPG (UK) is not a homologation claim accordingly adapted figure.

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