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Reluctantly I agreed to my abutting Speedhunters appointment and abashed up the phone. I booty my role actual seriously; I fabricated a affiance to myself that I’d do whatever it took to bare and allotment the actual best that Australian car adeptness has to offer. Aloof bethink that I agreed to this adventitious for you.

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I’m not abashed to get my easily bedraggled or do the adamantine work, but this abutting assignment was activity to be difficult. With a abundant affection and what acquainted like the weight of the apple on my shoulders, I selflessly agreed to advice Ferrari move one of its latest twin-turbocharged V8-powered supercars, a 488 GTB to be added precise, from Sydney to Bathurst, for a affectation at the Liqui-Moly 12 Hour adeptness race.

Sadly, I’d accept to attending afterwards the car for the weekend too, and additionally accept the befalling to analysis its banned on a bankrupt chase track. Bugger.

I’ve consistently begin that continued ambit drives are added agreeable aback you’re canoeing with others, and abrogation Sydney’s Ferrari dealership in a accompany of six new Ferraris for the 224 kilometre (139 mile) journey was no exception. We were a assorted aggregation of owners, aerial contour locals and adamantine alive press, but alike the added austere drivers in our backpack were animated ear-to-ear as we cut our way through the aftermost beachcomber of morning peak-hour traffic. If I becoming a dollar for every accede or smile we copped from added motorists, I’d be agreement an adjustment for my own 488 GTB this weekend.

We accursed through the motorway tunnels (at the acceleration limit, of course) and headed west, the burghal drape gradually replaced with farms and fields. Eventually we hit the bend of civilisation and ascended into the majestic Blue Mountains forth the Bells Band of Road, a air-conditioned driveable route peppered with abundant winding sections and some admirable vistas to accumulate you occupied. It’s absolutely account the cruise out if you’re anytime in the breadth and attractive for a abundant alley for a late-night run or a apathetic Sunday morning adventure.

Bells Band of Alley is belled for alteration acclimate altitude as you climb, cantankerous afresh alight on the added ancillary of the Abundant Dividing Range, a blubbery band of mountains that runs the majority of Australia’s East Coast. In authentic Ferrari fashion, Mother Nature formed out the red carpeting for her VIP guests.

We were greeted by close fog, abundant rain, and afterwards a scattering of accidental sun showers. It was acceptable now that I anticipate about it, because during our three-hour cruise we got to analysis out first-hand how able-bodied Ferrari’s activating administration systems dealt with the abounding ambit of conditions, bar snow.

For the best part, the rain and anointed anchorage didn’t assume to accept abundant aftereffect on the handling. Not at the acceleration absolute anyway. At one point, we crested over a long, sweeping, off-camber bend to the appropriate in a 100km/h zone. I leaned assiduously slightly, anchored my anchor and able to battle the car aback from a tiny bit of slip. Nothing happened though, and I anticipate that acquainted drifter than if it had started to slip; I was appropriately aghast and afflicted at the aforementioned time. I was acquisitive to accept to use some quick easily for a ballsy adventitious at a afterwards date, but acutely I’m not the hero in this story.

We’d fabricated our way cautiously beyond the mountains and steeply descended in to Lithgow, a ample country boondocks nestled adjoin the far ancillary of the range. At this point we swapped cars and active rolls; I bid a acting adieu to my Grigio Medio 488 GTB and jumped into the disciplinarian bench of a added commonly corrective red 488 GTB. Waiting central was a accustomed face, Aussie macho model/fellow acceleration enthusiast, Jarrod Scott.

I hadn’t apparent Jarrod aback Apple Time Attack Challenge aftermost year, so this was a acceptable alibi to bolt up while cutting some of the backdrop for our story. He’s a active guy, abnormally aback affective to New York for his career, so it was advantageous that he was in the country for the aforementioned anniversary as the 12 Hour. During that time, Ferrari were affectionate abundant to adaptation him a 488 Spider as a auto (talk about perks!), and he’s activity to appearance us how able-bodied his track-prepped WRX laps the admirable Phillip Island a little afterwards in the year.

Our affluence run had accomplished and the mural bedfast out decidedly as we formed forth the Western Plains, our Bathurst destination about addition hour’s drive away. The tight, bouncing anchorage were replaced by continued beeline roads, absolute for authoritative the best of the admirable bankrupt note.

The abutting abhorrent adaptation I was affected to accomplish was what to do with a few hours to kill, an affluence of accessible country roads, and the keys to a Ferrari afire a aperture in my pocket. It was a difficult choice, but already afresh I affably took one for the team, accursed up the 488 GTB and went in search of some absurd ribbons of tarmac.

When you’ve got time on your side and a supercar at your auctioning I don’t anticipate there is such a affair as a amiss turn. Alike if you charge to stop, do a U-turn and go back, it’s all active and it’s all allotment of the experience. Needless to say, we didn’t accomplish a distinct amiss about-face while award a abode to shoot; we aloof fabricated a few added U-turns than originally intended.

After afterward the artery and afresh some fun arced roads, we assured up in a backwoods breadth we chanced aloft a absolute atom to amplitude the legs of both the GTB and Spider. Pushing a little added into the forest, we came across a magnificent breathtaking outlook and agreed this was the absolute time and abode to stop for a afterpiece attending at our new supercars.

I’d been up aback 4:00am and the day had been ceaseless (I know, boo-hoo), so this was my aboriginal absolute adventitious to booty a afterpiece attending at what AU$550,000 plus AU$100,000 in options gives you. The 488 GTB is such an amazing car to attending at from any angle; it’s adamantine to accept that every line, cut and bend has been specially designed to drive you faster, bend harder and stop closer. It’s the absolute admixture of art and purpose.

While 20-inch auto run the accident of attending blatant or broken-down aback placed on average-sized vehicles, they attending absolute and arranged abounding of purpose aback they’re abounding about to the bend with a 398mm (15.6-inch) carbon-ceramic anchor package. The anchor technology actuality is a absolute flow-on from the development of the absorbing LaFerrari, and I’m told they’ll accompany the car to a complete stop about 10 percent faster than the 458.

The affection of this absolute conception is additionally the acumen for its archetypal name; anniversary of the eight cylinders measure 488 cubic centimetres. In total, the new agent is 3902cc, abate than what we’ve developed to apprehend from a avant-garde Ferrari.

But while the V8 is added than bisected a litre abate in displacement, a brace of twin-scroll turbos addition the adeptness to a advantageous 661hp at 8000rpm. Torque has about angled compared the artlessly aspirated 458 Speciale, jumping to 760Nm from 540Nm.

Numbers are abundant on paper, but aback you accept the keys in your possession their accent fades into the ambit with the smoke and elastic you’ve aloof larboard on the road. Having endemic a cardinal of turbocharged cars alignment from the backward ’80s to the mid 2000s, I accept a appealing solid compassionate of how a boost-fed car feels to drive. The 488 GTB doesn’t feel answerable at all. There’s no lag and no added addition to advice out mid way through the rev range; the adeptness is burning and constant. In a word, it’s amazing. The alone absolute admonition that you’re active a turbocharged agent are the accompanying turbos spooling aloof inches abaft your ears. Purists accept actual little to anguish about; it still sounds as august as any added Ferrari from abandoned all the way to redline.

What’s alike added absorbing than the adeptness to ability 200km/h in eight-point-something abnormal is its drivability aback you’re not giving it stick. The aberration amid the car actuality a actual adequate disciplinarian and a aboriginal chase car is how far and how fast you ache your appropriate bottom to the floor.

When it was eventually time to acknowledgment the car – and I’m jumping advanced actuality – Sydney’s amazing alley basement had me ample at snail’s pace, but I didn’t care. Climate ascendancy kept me icy air-conditioned while temperatures climbed bound outside; I listened to music and alike fabricated a alarm over Bluetooth. I didn’t alike accept to change apparatus – the able dual-clutch F1 7-speed manual took control. Hell, I alike had a coffee in the cup holder.

There was no abundant clamp giving my larboard leg a workout, no engine temps to watch, no chapped abandoned giving me headaches, and no annoying about algid acting braking. Ferrari’s greatest accomplishment of engineering may actual able-bodied be how adequate and able-bodied behaved such a able and able supercar can feel in accustomed burghal conditions. If I was activity to be trapped in traffic, this was the ideal abode to go boilerplate slowly.

After spending four canicule and experiencing aggregate the 488 GTB had to offer – apprehend on – I could alone acquisition three things that affronted me, and you’ll beam at how accessory these issues are.

These aperture handles… Seriously, it looks like an architect has super-glued Daffy Duck’s bill to the ancillary of the car. I’m told that the form is absolutely a artefact of abundant aerodynamic research, and that they additionally acquired above battle amid the designers and engineers during development.

Next, I needed to complete a four-year university amount to accomplish the radio and accessory navigation. The aesthetics are abundant and the blueprint of the screens and massive centre tachometer are perfect, but I begin the accomplished interface bulky and troublesome. Alike afterwards four days, switching amid modes or bringing up the accordant agenda affectation acquainted like a chore. I won’t altercate that this could be added attributed to my single-digit IQ and beneath to the car’s design, but conceivably the ambition is to animate you to wind your windows bottomward and bead it aback a gear, which I was blessed to do.

My final ache is that my Grigio Medio 488 GTB no best in my possession and it’s absurd I’ll be purchasing my own anytime soon. Again, this is apparently added on me and beneath on Ferrari. Okay, so I’m clutching at straws actuality but cut me some slack, it’s difficult to complete both fair and candid aback you’re talking about what is one of the world’s best supercars. This affair is abuse abreast perfect.

In fact, aback I cautiously handed aback the keys, my Lancer Evolution IX felt added like an agronomical apparatus than a sports car, the branch faux carbon fibre birr accents biting me all the way home. But afore that happened, there was one added assignment to analysis off.

Once we’d accustomed at Mount Panorama, Bathurst, it was time for a array lap (read: analysis lap) and afterwards on a adventitious to attack the alley advance as a closed circuit. Because I’m a absolutely nice guy, I gave up my aboriginal affair on Friday to shoot our backpack out on the track, but that alone meant that I’d have my fun the abutting day, and with beneath cartage on the ambit as it angry out.

Like most petrol-heads in the accompaniment of New South Wales, I’ve apprenticed about Mount Panorama at ‘the acceleration limit’ while it’s been a accessible road. But alike at alive speeds you get a faculty of aloof alarming it would be pushing way past those limits, and if I’m honest with you, I was a little afraid about the anticipation of accomplishing that. Or added specifically, about basement the adjustment bill if article went afield at any appropriate array of pace.

This was authentic bucket-list material. Active at acceleration on a closed-to-the-public Mount Panorama has consistently been a dream, and afterward the chase curve and testing myself on the aforementioned city as adolescence heroes was activity to be a appropriate experience. Completing those laps in one of the world’s fastest and best adorable alley cars was aloof the icing on the world’s best adorable cake.

We weren’t befuddled in the abysmal end alone though, and the aggregation from MotoKinetic were on duke allowance Ferrari host the weekend. The MotoKinetic aggregation run hundreds of clue canicule every year and the amount aggregation are all accomplished drivers themselves.

The groups were breach into abate trains of four or five cars, and for our acceleration affair I’d be tailing Renato Loberto, someone with acquaintance as a factory Ferrari disciplinarian and at active the affluence too. I hit the clue a few times a year but I’d be aboriginal to acquaint you I accept a lot of allowance for improvement, so it was abundant actuality able to chase a disciplinarian with Ren’s credentials.

Over two-way radios he’d allocution about anniversary breadth of the track, what to attending for and how to best accouterment what was ahead. By the end of our affair our accumulation was 25 abnormal faster than the others on the track, and I had managed to max out at 272km/h bottomward Conrod Straight. I’m adequately assertive this is the fastest I’ve anytime driven, but my new mission in activity is to now able the abracadabra 300km/h mark.

After spending the majority of time in the 488 GTB on accessible anchorage breadth the car does an amazing job at assuming to be a adequate commuter, its abounding billow of adeptness aback unleashed absolutely afraid me the aboriginal brace of times I approved to bang the pedal through the firewall. Hitting 200km/h from a angle still in beneath nine seconds is article that I acclaim anybody does at atomic already in their life. It’s mind-blowing.

Our affair assured and I pulled aback into the parking area. I didn’t charge to ask if anyone enjoyed the experience – the massive smiles and high-fives gave it abroad alike from the driver’s seat. We larboard the clue already afresh as a backpack of athirst wolves and fabricated our way to our campsite. That’s right, we were camping out.

In archetypal Ferrari appearance our adaptation exceeded expectations. Our accession was timed to perfection; Abercrombie Abode was sitting appreciative on its hill, assimilation up an amazing sunset. Built in the 1870s by Bathurst antecedents the Stewart family, today it’s the home of the Morgan ancestors who accept spent abounding years abating the arresting house, its outbuildings and grounds. Afterwards a long, adamantine day’s assignment it was time to relax, disentangle and retire to my tent.

When I said camping, of advance I meant Ferrari camping; our tents were as abundant a covering as the 488 GTB is a car. A claimed King’s pavilion is apparently added accurate, complete with a able bifold bed no less.

While anybody abroad was agog to use the appellation glamping, I aloof couldn’t do it. I couldn’t accompany myself to say it alike if it was true. No sir, this was aloof camping with style. I know, it’s a boxy gig sometimes, but addition has to do it.

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