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Sierra, one of the fastest supercomputers in the world, will serve the Civic Nuclear Aegis Administration’s three nuclear aegis laboratories, accouterment high-fidelity simulations in abutment of NNSA’s amount mission of ensuring the safety, aegis and capability of the nation’s nuclear stockpile. Photo by Randy Wong at LLNL.

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Today LLNL apparent Sierra, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, at a adherence commemoration to bless the system’s completion.

Today we mark our latest anniversary against accretion on a absolutely exascale level,” Department of Activity Secretary Rick Perry said in a video bulletin able for the dedication. “With its affecting actualization of Sierra, Lawrence Livermore Civic Laboratory has taken a cardinal footfall avant-garde on account of America’s civic security.”

Sierra will serve the NNSA’s three nuclear aegis laboratories, LLNL, Sandia Civic Laboratories and Los Alamos Civic Laboratory, accouterment high-fidelity simulations in abutment of NNSA’s amount mission of ensuring the safety, aegis and capability of the nation’s nuclear stockpile. Its accession represents years of procurement, design, cipher development and installation, acute the efforts of hundreds of computer scientists, developers and operations cadre alive in abutting affiliation with IBM, NVIDIA and Mellanox.

With the appearance of Sierra, Livermore has delivered a able new apparatus for NNSA and accrue stewardship. This apparatus represents a new access to aerial achievement accretion that will accredit us to abode and acknowledgment accurate questions ahead above our reach,” said LLNL Administrator Bill Goldstein. “I acknowledge anybody circuitous in accepting us to this point: our sponsors at NNSA, our industry and civic lab ally and our own committed staff. This is a arresting moment in Livermore’s history, and a new anniversary in our administration in aerial achievement accretion and simulation.”

Sierra, ranked as the third-fastest supercomputer in the apple on the latest TOP500 list, is NNSA’s aboriginal all-embracing assembly amalgamate system, acceptation anniversary bulge incorporates both IBM axial processing units (CPUs) and NVIDIA cartoon processing units (GPUs). It is accurately advised for clay and simulations capital for NNSA’s Accrue Administration Program, advancing activity addendum programs, weapons science and nuclear deterrence. It is accepted to go into use for classified assembly in aboriginal 2019.

NNSA and its predecessors accept been at the beginning of accurate accretion back Apple War II,” said Mark Anderson, administrator for the Office of Avant-garde Simulation and Accretion and Institutional Analysis & Development at NNSA. “The supercomputers provided by NNSA are an capital aspect of accrue administration after nuclear testing. Sierra is the best able computer we accept anytime fielded. It additionally is a augury of approaching accretion technology and a analytical footfall forth the aisle to exascale.”

Sierra boasts a aiguille achievement of 125 petaFLOPS — 125 quadrillion floating-point operations per second. Aboriginal break appliance complete codes and criterion tests are promising, demonstrating as predicted that Sierra can accomplish best appropriate calculations far added calmly in agreement of amount and ability burning than systems consisting of CPUs alone. Depending on the application, Sierra is accepted to be six to 10 times added able than LLNL’s 20- petaFLOP Sequoia, currently the world’s eighth-fastest supercomputer.

The connected crumbling of the accrue requires abundant added able accretion systems,” said Mike Dunning, acting arch accessory administrator for LLNL’s weapons program. “Sierra represents a assiduity of NNSA’s administration in aerial achievement computing. It’s alike added important today as we face added all-around complexities, so it is capital that our accoutrement are able to accomplish at the arch edge.”

With a brand of 7,000 aboveboard feet, Sierra is comprised of 240 accretion racks and 4,320 nodes, with anniversary bulge consisting of two IBM POWER 9 CPUs, four NVIDIA V100 GPUs and a Mellanox EDR InfiniBand interconnect. To adapt for this architecture, LLNL has partnered with IBM and NVIDIA to rapidly advance codes and adapt applications to finer optimize the CPU/GPU nodes.

IBM and NVIDIA cadre formed carefully with LLNL, both on-site and remotely, on cipher development and restructuring to accomplish best performance, while LLNL cadre provided acknowledgment on arrangement architectonics and the software assemblage to the vendor. This “center of excellence” co-design action is all-important to assure that codes and platforms are well-matched, and applications are optimized for GPU-accelerated architecture. LLNL’s affiliation with Oak Ridge Civic Laboratory, which is siting the Summit arrangement from IBM, additionally has been acutely accessible throughout the project, from accretion to operation.

LLNL alleged the IBM/NVIDIA arrangement due to its activity and amount efficiency, as able-bodied as its abeyant to finer run NNSA applications. Sierra’s IBM POWER9 processors affection CPU-to-GPU affiliation via NVIDIA NVLink interconnect, enabling greater anamnesis bandwidth amid anniversary bulge so Sierra can move abstracts throughout the arrangement for best achievement and efficiency. Backing Sierra is 154 petabytes of IBM Spectrum Scale, a software-defined alongside book system, deployed beyond 24 racks of Elastic Storage Servers (ESS). To accommodated the ascent demands of the amalgamate systems, the band-aid delivers 1.54 terabytes per additional in both apprehend and address bandwidth and can administer 100 billion files per book system.

The abutting borderland of supercomputing lies in bogus intelligence,” said John Kelly, chief carnality president, Cognitive Solutions and IBM Research. “IBM’s decades-long affiliation with LLNL has accustomed us to body Sierra from the amphitheatre up with the different architectonics and architectonics bare for applying AI to massive abstracts sets. The amazing insights advisers are seeing will alone advance aerial achievement accretion for analysis and business.”

As the aboriginal NNSA assembly supercomputer backed by GPU-accelerated architecture, Sierra’s accretion appropriate a axiological about-face in how scientists at the three NNSA laboratories affairs their codes to booty advantage of the GPUs. The system’s NVIDIA GPUs additionally present scientists with an befalling to investigate the use of apparatus acquirements and abysmal acquirements to advance time-to-solution of physics codes. It is accepted that simulation, leveraged by dispatch advancing from the use of bogus intelligence technology, will be added active over the advancing decade.

Sierra is a world-class, pre-exascale supercomputer that allows advisers to run ample circuitous accurate simulations at scale, at speeds never afore anticipation possible,” said Ian Buck, carnality admiral and accepted administrator of Accelerated Accretion at NVIDIA. “Equipped with added than 17,000 of our Tesla Tensor Amount V100 GPUs, Sierra is a powerful, accepted belvedere for compute-intensive accurate simulations, apparatus learning, abysmal acquirements and decision applications all in one — paving the aisle avant-garde for the approaching of aerial achievement computing.”

Sierra additionally leverages Mellanox EDR 100 Gigabit InfiniBand In-Network Accretion dispatch engines to accomplish college applications achievement and scalability.

We are actual appreciative to accommodate capital technology for one of the fastest supercomputers in the apple at Lawrence Livermore Civic Laboratory,” said Gilad Shainer, carnality admiral of business at Mellanox Technologies. “Our InfiniBand acute interconnect delivers the all-important performance, ability and scalability to abutment the needs of the Laboratory’s next-generation aerial achievement and bogus intelligence applications, and the aisle to exascale computing.”

In accession to analytical civic aegis applications, a accompaniment characterless system, alleged Lassen, additionally has been installed in the Livermore Accretion Center. This institutionally focused arrangement will comedy a role in projects aimed at dispatch blight biologic discovery, attention medicine, analysis on alarming academician injury, seismology, climate, astrophysics, abstracts science and added basal science benefiting society.

Sierra continues the continued birth of world-class LLNL supercomputers and represents the penultimate footfall on NNSA’s alley to exascale computing, which is accepted to be accomplished by 2023 with an LLNL arrangement alleged “El Capitan.” Funded by the NNSA’s Avant-garde Simulation and Accretion (ASC) program, El Capitan will be NNSA’s aboriginal exascale supercomputer, able of added than a quintillion calculations per second, about 10 times greater achievement than Sierra. Such accretion ability will be calmly captivated by NNSA for its mission, accepting appropriate the best avant-garde accretion capabilities and abysmal partnerships with American industry.

In aloof a few abbreviate years, we apprehend to see exascale systems deployed at Lawrence Livermore, Argonne and Oak Ridge (national laboratories), ensuring our all-around ahead in this amphitheatre for years and decades to come,” Perry said. “Starting with Sierra, this new bearing of supercomputers will be an complete game-changer for the world.”

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