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At some point during my lap in the 2019 Lamborghini Urus at the Thermal Club in Southern California, I hit 131 mph. That abandoned wasn’t awfully noteworthy—I was on a chase track, afterwards all. It was the actuality that it had happened so quickly, so calmly and so accidentally that I briefly forgot that I was at the caster of a 4,800-pound crossover. And the agent still pulled like it had way added to give. This was somehow legal?

United Petroleum Paul Morris V20 Supercar | SPEED SPORT - v8 supercars speed

United Petroleum Paul Morris V20 Supercar | SPEED SPORT – v8 supercars speed | v8 supercars speed

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(Full Disclosure: Lamborghini capital me to drive the 2019 Urus so abominably that it flew me out to Palm Springs, California, paid for my hotel, fed me and let me drive its crossover about a chase track.)

I apperceive you don’t get it appropriate away.

I was in the aforementioned baiter as you. I, too, was afflicted with skepticism aback I aboriginal saw the Urus. What does anyone charge with yet addition fast SUV or crossover, abnormally one that markets itself as a “Super SUV”? It articulate like aloof added backbreaking PR jargon. And why from Lamborghini, of all places? How cursing is that?

But what the Urus acquainted like to drive was article abroad altogether. The affair is fast. The affair is powerful. The affair is an absolute superlative, aloof as a supercar should be.

I accept afore I get further, I should ascertain what a supercar agency to me.

A supercar is meant to be over-the-top in every faculty of the phrase. Sky-reaching achievement figures. Affecting styling. Mind-boggling hardware. Doesn’t amount area the agent is. A certain, actual amount of ruggedness, bite and animal fervor.

This aftermost account usually translates into acceptable babble and some affectionate of agitated blow of the driver. Modern supercars are accepted for their acumen and comfort. The canicule of ailing congenital supercars that skimp on luxury, like the Countach, are connected over.

Though the Urus technically isn’t the aboriginal SUV that Lamborghini has made, it is the aboriginal banal one, as the aggregation says that it alone congenital 300 of the “Rambo Lambo” LM002s. And in the ambience of today’s car-buying habits, it makes absolute sense. (Also, weirdly, that architecture has been about aback 2012 now aback it debuted as a concept, admitting it assuredly aloof went on the bazaar this year.)

Lamborghini says that the Urus, with its circadian driver-capabilities, will bifold the aggregate of the company. Already, it’s apparent a huge access of new-to-Lamborghini buyers because of the Urus, abounding of whom are women. So it’s obvious: The Urus is actuality to book some corruption money.

And admitting actuality a crossover, it still somehow gives off a supercar aura. Visually, aggregate about it feels big and over-exaggerated. The massive, broad advanced grille that looks like it could absorb a baby adolescent whole. The huge caster arches to abode the astronomic auto (23-inch auto optional!). The hexagonal architecture accent that gives it a actual advanced and connected look. The anatomy plates that accomplish it attending like it’s cutting armor.

The Urus does not use Lamborghini’s artlessly aspirated V10 or V12 offerings. Instead, it has the 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 begin in the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Panamera Turbo that’s been punched up to accomplish 650 application and 627 lb-ft of torque. Aught to 100 km/h (about 62 mph) happens in aloof 3.6 abnormal and top dispatch is a claimed 305 km/h (189.5 mph).

There six altered drive modes: Strada (street), Sport, Corsa (race), Sabbia (sand), Terra (land) and Neve (snow). Between all six modes, the car will alter its ride acme accordingly. You alpha out at seven inches in Artery mode, crouch bottomward to 6.2 for the Sport and Corsa modes and accession to 8.4 inches for Snow.

And alike admitting the wheelbase is connected (118 inches), it doesn’t feel long. Thanks to rear-wheel steering, which varies up to three degrees, the Urus’s turn-in is aciculate and abundant tighter than you’d expect.

The Urus’s capabilities on clue are a actual affable surprise. Obviously, it will never feel as buried or accustomed at the assignment as a committed sports car, but Lamborghini gave it an alive anti-roll stabilization affection that kept it benumbed actual collapsed through the corners.

Stuff your appropriate bottom abysmal into the footwell and a rumbling, automated V8 babble roars from the rear of the car. There’s a exhausted of apparent lag and again the addition bliss in. Aback that happens, it feels like you’re actuality flung beyond the border by a behemothic elastic bandage that was anguish actual deeply up until that point. And while you’re beating bottomward the straights, the all-wheel drive arrangement works to apple-pie up abate messes in the corners.

In Corsa mode, the accouterment are harsh. Fabulously so. I apperceive that dual-clutch transmissions are accepted because they are fast and bland at shifting, but they booty the abomination out of accelerated dispatch runs. They accomplish the car feel like it has one, connected gear. There’s no action and absolutely no drama.

The clue Lamborghini acclimated for this drive had two nice straights area I could absolutely lay into the throttle. At the actual top of additional gear, there’d be an slight abeyance in the bent dispatch as the manual sorted out what to do abutting afore a wham! into third connected the mad alee rush. And afterwards third came addition wham! into fourth afore I started to run out of beeline and bare to brake.

It reminded me of the old SMG manual in the V10 BMW M5 or the E-gear in the Gallardo, the ones that were awkward about town, but a accurate joy for backroad abuse. The Urus’s eight-speed automated is boilerplate abreast as asperous during accidental driving, but aback you put it in the appropriate approach and barge on it, it delivers article bent and bearded to bout all that power. Article that that feels old-fashioned, almost.

And again there are the brakes. The Urus comes accepted with a amazing set of carbon bowl brakes: 10-piston calipers (10!) and 17.3-inch discs up advanced and six-piston calipers and 14.6-inch discs in the rear. Anchor discs that are bigger than the auto I accept on my car.

I bethink actuality absolute abroad over the C6 Corvette ZR1’s 15.5-inch advanced discs. Now we’re at an age area you can acquisition a car with anchor discs the admeasurement of a ample pizza.

How does that construe to stopping? For those of you who like numbers, Lamborghini quotes the Urus’s braking ambit from 62 mph to aught in aloof 33.7 meters (110 feet). The Aventador SVJ will do it in 30 meters (98.4 feet).

In practice? Afterwards connected beatings at the track, there was no apparent achromatize by the end of my aftermost lap. The Urus weighs 4,844 pounds, but those brakes acquainted like they could accept chock-full a corruption house.

And already you’re done thrashing it on the track, it’ll achieve aback into noncombatant activity on accessible anchorage calmly and after complaint.

Even admitting it is big on the outside, the central of the Urus acquainted bound and agilely claustrophobic. Perhaps it was because the angle on the rear window fabricated it adamantine to see out of. Perhaps it was because the seats acclimated the aforementioned hexagonal architecture accent that’s beggarly to accomplish things attending added and added all-embracing than they are. In aiming to attending about like a fighter jet cockpit, it feels too abundant like one for comfort.

I wasn’t awfully afflicted by the autogenous materials. The cup holders were small. My analysis car came with a actual buttery amber covering package, but the plastics acclimated on the dashboard acquainted artlessly alert on and my active accomplice noticed that the chantry acclimated on the apparatus array was aerial beeline from an Audi. The Urus comes with a additional tire, a aberration today, but it had an Audi logo formed on it.

The sci-fi-looking Tamburo active approach selector on the Urus’s centermost animate is a air-conditioned abstraction and arresting to attending at, but is hardly annoying to use. The toggle that lets you baddest one of the six active modes doesn’t let you annal upward, alone downward.

To ability a approach that you anesthetized by, like aggravating to get from Terra to Sport, you accept to either accumulate scrolling bottomward until the selector allotment to Sport, or you can authority bottomward the toggle, which will acknowledgment the selector aback up to Strada, the actual aboriginal mode.

You can additionally change the drive modes through the infotainment system, but where’s the fun in that?

The blow of the centermost animate is bedeviled by a big blow awning with haptic feedback. But already the car is off, you’re larboard with smudgy fingerprints.

The Urus is a Lamborghini—undeniably, aboveboard and self-indulgently so. It is dramatic, brash, loud and somehow a bequest at the aforementioned time. The gas breadth isn’t activity to win it any awards (Lamborghini quotes the accumulated aeon burning as 12.7 liters per 100 km, which is about 18.5 afar to the gallon for artery and city). The autogenous isn’t fantastic. The manual in Corsa approach is a astonishing nod to a time aback fast alive didn’t consistently beggarly bland and imperceptible.

But corruption if it isn’t a no-holds-barred monster of a crossover.

The amount of the Urus goes after saying. It’s expensive. It’s Lamborghini expensive. People who buy it will buy it because they appetite a Lamborghini, not because they are aloof arcade for any crossover. I doubtable that they won’t get afraid up about things like the baby cup holders or the Audi parts.

If Lamborghini started out this accomplished affair to Lamborghini-ify a crossover, again it’s succeeded.

Comfortable, utilitarian, fast as hell for merging

Surprisingly able on a track

4.0-L Twin-turbo V8 • 8-Speed Auto • AWD

650 HP • 627 LB-FT

Ten Unexpected Ways V8 Supercars Speed Can Make Your Life Better | v8 supercars speed – v8 supercars speed
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