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History paints an aspersing account of the 2001 Pontiac Aztek, but accept it or not, there was a time aback hopes were aerial for the bunched crossover. Pontiac alien the abstraction adaptation two years beforehand in 1999 to absolute reviews and it seemed like Pontiac had a abeyant hit on its hands.

Staff Picks: Best and Worst 20 SEMA Show Cars - Motor Trend - worst concept cars 2013

Staff Picks: Best and Worst 20 SEMA Show Cars – Motor Trend – worst concept cars 2013 | worst concept cars 2013

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Then the assembly archetypal accustomed and all the amicableness the abstraction adaptation acceptable went bottomward the toilet faster than my aftermost bowel movement.

The assembly Aztek was abominable all the way around. It served as the go-to archetype of designers aggravating to do too abundant with what they had aback they didn’t accept to. It afterwards emerged that the architecture of the assembly Aztek was tinkered with and agitated over to the admeasurement that the absolute artful amalgamation was compromised until it became a absolute atrocity to anyone who laid eyes on it. About two decades later, the Aztek is still admired as a adversity of ballsy proportions. Worse, the crossover’s fate could’ve been averted if the bodies amenable for its architecture didn’t try to outsmart themselves.

The Toyota 86 is arguably the affiche adolescent of cars that should’ve been bigger than what they angry into.

The 86 has been about for over six years, and if you remember, there was a agitated advertising surrounding this car with some alike calling it the modern-day Celica.

The 86 — and the Subaru BRZ and the Scion FR-S — accustomed anon afterwards and, for a while, it managed to alive up to expectations alike if best bodies anticipation that, with abandoned 201 application and 151 pound-feet of torque at its disposal, it was underpowered from the get-go. Unfortunately, Toyota never addressed that affair added than giving the 86 a badge five-horsepower bang a few years ago. Since then, the 86 has soldiered on about banausic from what it was six years ago, arch a lot of people, including us, to accept that Toyota could’ve awkward added out of the 86 if it absolutely capital to.

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Jaguar’s advancing these days, but there was already a time aback it was in a rot, badly aggravating to attack adjoin the brand of Mercedes and BMW with about annihilation to actualization for it.

The 2001 Jaguar X-Type is a archetypal archetype of a car that could’ve helped Jag arise to the levels of Merc and Bimmer.

It had the architecture and the birth of the British marquee, but Ford — Jag’s buyer at that time — stumbled and fumbled in the car’s development by cerebration that it could adjustment its way to success. It acclimated the Mondeo belvedere on the X-Type, which fabricated faculty from a cost-cutting angle because there was money to be adored there. Unfortunately, that access came at the big-ticket of handicapping the X-Type’s platforming engineering, which ultimately became the atramentous eye that attenuated the sedan’s potential. The X-Type still angry out to be a appropriate car, but it was boilerplate abreast the akin of both the C-Class and the 3 Series. Ultimately, we bethink the X-Type as the car that could’ve angry out a lot bigger it Ford didn’t penny compression in its development.

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Has there anytime been a agent that looked appealing, but came out at the affliction accessible time than the Hummer H2? I asked myself that catechism a few nights ago and I still couldn’t anticipate of an answer. The Hummer H2 was, for all intents and purposes, the ultimate testosterone ride. It was massive above acumen and had an airs to it that no car at that time had.

The H2 didn’t affliction that it chugged ammunition like a dehydrated amateur — 10 afar per gallon, folks! — because all it capital to was aristocrat over the accessible road.

Unfortunately for the H2, it was alien anon afterwards 9/11. The H2 became a victim of abundant bigger diplomacy affecting the country at that time that it beatific out al the amiss signals to American consumers. At a time aback the country’s aggregate anima was fragile, the H2’s aloof actualization rubbed a lot of bodies the amiss way, and it absolutely didn’t advice that it was aboveboard aloof of the environment. The H2 was appear at the affliction accessible time, and it suffered a anticipated fate: the aerial SUV had its moments, but ultimately, the Hummer H2 became a accident for General Motors in added means than one.

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It’s funny how one misstep — aloof one — can abate an automaker’s ability in the industry. Aback Saturn accustomed in 1985, it accustomed the “different affectionate of car company” tagline. It operated afar from ancestor aggregation General Motors, but still had the banking abetment of the mothership. Everything was set up for Saturn to succeed, and aback the aggregation activate its aperture to accomplish a burst in the industry, it took its attack and launched the Ion bunched sedan, assertive that it could analyze adjoin two of the bigger titans of the business: the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Accord. Saturn pored over a lot of assets into the Ion afore assuredly ablution it in 2002 to a lot of fanfare.

Unfortunately, alike Saturn’s best efforts couldn’t get the Ion over the hump, let abandoned ability the akin of the Corolla and Accord.

It abandoned lasted four years because American buyers were angry off by a abominable body that was added comprised by poor assurance ratings. The Ion lasted until 2007 afore it was discontinued, proving that aloof because you accept an abstraction that you anticipate can bang gold, it doesn’t beggarly that you accept the accoutrement to accomplish it happen. The Ion’s abortion ultimately led to Saturn’s atrophy in 2010.

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Just because you accept an iconic nameplate that’s sitting on the shelves and accession the dust, it doesn’t beggarly you can dust it off and anticipate that you’re activity to bang gold with it the additional time around. The Dodge Dart is a acceptable archetype of this. The “Dart” nameplate was acclimated by the automaker in the backward 1950s on a auto that was one of the best accepted rides of the time. Assembly of that archetypal lasted about 20 years, spanning four altered generations. The aboriginal Dart was, actually, a berserk acknowledged car.

Fast advanced to 2013, and aback Dodge was attractive to body a bunched auto that could attack adjoin the Ford Focus, the automaker absitively to accompany the Dart nameplate aback to life.

That appear was accustomed absolutely by the public, in allotment because a lot of us anticipation that Dodge had article appropriate in apperception for the model. Instead, the automaker appear a archetypal that had so abounding problems, it about lasted four years in the market. The rechristened Dart was bedeviled with a lot of issues, not the atomic of which included anemic acceleration, afflictive seating, and subpar tech features. Affliction of all, the new Dart didn’t abduction our imaginations the way the OG archetypal did. For a car accustomed an iconic nameplate, it’s absurd to alive up to expectations aback the car whose birth you’re cartoon from is still advised as the bigger model. It didn’t booty Dodge continued to cut its losses on the Dart, alternate it in 2017 afterwards about four years of asperous performance.

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Does anyone alike bethink this tiny crossover? If you were old abundant to drive in the aboriginal 1990’s, you ability accept apparent this ride on the alley on added than one occasion. The Geo Tracker was developed by CAMI, a collective adventure amid General Motors and Suzuki. It was advertised as an abridgement car, and while there was some address to that in a time aback crossovers and SUVs weren’t as accepted as they are today, the absolute attributes of its “economic” body meant that there absolutely wasn’t abundant to the Tracker.

It was developed alongside the Suzuki Sidekick, and like the Sidekick, the Tracker was besmirched for its adumbral assurance ratings and abominable achievement capabilities.

The Tracker austere in the U.S. market, but to GM’s credit, it activate a new activity for its tiny crossover in added markets about the world, best conspicuously in Ecuador area the archetypal had an absurd 20-year run from 1996 to 2016. Maybe our accompany in that country had a appropriate affection for the Tracker, but the archetypal about registered a bleep in the U.S. market. About the abandoned affair the Geo Tracker can lay affirmation on is that it lasted best than the Sidekick, which was discontinued to accomplish allowance for its added accepted successor, the Suzuki Vitara.

The Bricklin SV-1 was declared to be a assembly sports car of ballsy proportions. It was the DeLorean afore the DeLorean. Developed and advised by Malcolm Bricklin, the SV-1 featured aciculate sports car looks and gullwing doors. It was powered by a 5.9-liter AMC V-8 agent that produced 220 application 315 pound-feet of torque.

Everything was abstraction up for the SV-1 to be the ultimate affiche car on the walls of endless American households.

Not surprisingly, it was a huge hit aback it fabricated its admission in 1974. But aloof aback it seemed like Bricklin was on its way to acceptable a domiciliary name, assembly of the SV-1 took a about-face for the worse aback the cars’ fiberglass bodies kept arise while still in their molds. That abstruse affair concluded up actuality too abundant for the apprentice aggregation to handle. Delays in assembly meant that the aggregation couldn’t body cars fast abundant to accommodated the appeal for it. Soon thereafter, Bricklin went broke in 1976, architecture abandoned about 3,000 units of the SV-1. In the case of automotive what-could-have-beens, the adventure of Bricklin and the SV-1 ranks appropriate up there on top of that list.

Like all the cars on this list, the Plymouth Prowler seemed like a abundant abstraction on paper. But the affair with these “great ideas” is that they don’t beggarly annihilation until we see article absolute appear out of them. The awakening apparatus was Plymouth’s attack to body a air-conditioned hot rod beeline out of the factory. It was a abundant abstraction all the way up to its absolute execution. That’s aback things fell afar for the Prowler.

To activate with, the archetypal courted altercation because the absurd architecture of the Prowler was allegedly acquired from the architecture of Chip Foose.

That got the car off on the amiss foot. It didn’t get any better, too, aback Plymouth — for affidavit that are still cryptic to this day — absitively to bang a 250-horsepower V-6 agent beneath the car’s hood. For a car that was declared to be a hot rod, it wasn’t up to snuff on the strip. If that awry accommodation wasn’t enough, Plymouth additionally anticipation it would be a abundant abstraction to action the Prowler with an automated transmission, crushing the dreams of those bodies who capital a chiral transmission, alike as an option. The Plymouth Prowler concluded up demography the Chrysler Prowler name and over 11,000 units still awash in its single-generation run, but with such a acceptable abstraction on its hands, it still feels like somebody alone the brawl on this one.

I can’t complete this account after advertence Faraday Approaching and the FF91. If there was a aggregation that represents the “all-hype-no-show” abnormality in the auto industry today, it’s Faraday Future. The electric automaker fabricated after-effects aftermost year aback it alien the FF91 SUV at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. The FF91 had the affectionate of showstopping admission that was adamantine to forget. Everything seemed to be falling into abode for the startup. It alike accustomed its aggressive plan of architecture a huge assembly ability in Nevada.

Since then, though, every time Faraday Approaching makes the news, it’s about the company’s amaranthine run of struggles.

Name a problem, and it’s apparently had it. The black accompaniment of diplomacy has gotten so bad that a lot of the company’s admiral accept jumped ship, including one of its co-founders, Nick Sampson, who claimed beforehand this ages that the aggregation is finer bankrupt and that it will “limp forth for the accountable future.” Faraday has no approaching in the auto industry anymore, and whatever hopes and dreams we had of one day seeing the FF91 are now gone.

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