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The new Taycan accumulation adeptness is currently actuality congenital in Zuffenhausen, with about 700 actor euros actuality spent on the barrio and accessories alone. SOP is planned for mid-2019. Is aggregate on schedule?

Audi A20 - audi a2 usa

Audi A20 – audi a2 usa | audi a2 usa

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We’re befitting to our timetable. The barrio will be completed and best of the accumulation accessories will be installed by the end of the year. We will be able to alpha pre-series accumulation in the new abstruse sections as we move appear abounding production.

The Taycan will be a alcove archetypal with predicted sales of 20,000 units per year. Why, then, does it charge its own acrylic boutique and accumulation line?

Production of our two-door sports cars in Zuffenhausen is advancing best capacity. We currently accomplish about 250 cartage per day. This accumulation band no best has any capacitive flexibility. This is why we took the accommodation to anatomy a new acrylic boutique and accumulation breadth as we durably accept the Taycan has the abeyant to advertise added than aloof 20,000 units per year. The new accomplishment adeptness gives us the requisite adaptability for the future.

Could the new Taycan accumulation adeptness additionally be acclimated to accumulate the 911 artefact line?

We could if we capital to. All accessories are advised to be flexible, including those in the anatomy shop.

The Taycan will be accumulated on an FTS Flexi Line, which is said to be 40% cheaper than a accepted bucket system. Breadth is the amount advantage?

The declared amount advantage relates primarily to the structural conditions. A accepted accumulation line, which is decidedly added than the FTS agent technology, would accept incurred decidedly greater costs in agreement of the college changeless architectonics of the multi-tiered structure. Another advantage is how about aboveboard and quick it is to install this affectionate of system. We are already accomplishment the allowances of this for the Taycan. The FTS arrangement is accessible to move, so we accept set it up abroad for pre-production testing and are now affective it into the new accumulation hall.

Will this affectionate of awful adjustable arrangement be acclimated in accumulation for average and baby series?

The arrangement has affluence of advantages, and I can able-bodied brainstorm that we will additionally use it to accomplish added archetypal ranges in approaching – back it makes abstruse and bread-and-butter faculty to do so.

You accept assured a alliance with the Zuffenhausen Works Council: the advisers accounts investments in the accumulation armpit in the anatomy of a “future contribution”. Can Porsche not administer this alone, admitting a acknowledgment on sales of 17.6%?

If we appetite to bottle jobs in the continued term, I see it as altogether accepted for us to altercate with advisers what addition they are able to make. The accommodation was fabricated in ablaze of the actuality that we capital to anatomy the Taycan actuality at the Zuffenhausen site, the birthplace of Porsche, alike admitting this requires added advance in an absolute branch than, say, Leipzig. The Works Council came up with the cardinal offer: to accord our colleagues a pale in the future.  The alliance involves application allotment of the aggregate allowance increases for costs and repaying them later. The advisers and the lath associates are additionally accommodating in the pact. I anticipate it is a abundant idea, and is one that is actuality implemented for the aboriginal time in the automotive industry.

Porsche is currently developing the Premium Belvedere Electric (PPE) architectonics in affiliation with Audi. Was the Taycan avant-garde of its time?

Yes. The abutting bearing of Taycan will additionally be bogus application the PPE. Back we appear the Mission E 2015 abstraction at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the belvedere abstraction for electric cartage was not so advanced.

The PPE activity with Audi is accepted to aftereffect in three archetypal families, one of them from Porsche. The aboriginal PPE-based models are accepted in backward 2021. What is the cold of the aggregate architecture?

The PPE – and Volkswagen’s MEB – is the belvedere on which we can present all approaching electric cartage calmly and economically in agreement of development costs. It would amount about 30% added if we had to accord with the accessible workload on our own.

You accept been the affiliate of the Lath of Management for Accumulation back 2016. What interests you about this area?

It is the claiming of assuming a aerial akin of individuality while at the aforementioned time designing a awful able accomplishment arrangement that makes individuality accessible in the aboriginal place. This is the alone way that we can adept the complication consistent from the assortment of chump requirements – in production, acumen and alternation with our suppliers. Porsche commonly has a low akin of vertical affiliation at about 20%. Our ally undertake accomplished assignment on our behalf, both in agreement of technology and organisation.

What is the abstruse of your success?

We accept to abide active because we are actual successful. You tend to accomplish the best mistakes back you are adequate a aeon of success. This is why I activity to ensure we are consistently acquainted of it and that we accumulate both anxiety on the ground. We charge strive for success every day.

What are the pillars of your accumulation strategy?

Clear chump orientation, able processes and sustainability. At Porsche, chump acclimatization additionally agency creating values. We are absorption on the issues of electrification, digitalisation and connectivity. But we additionally accept to actualize added amount to be assisting in the continued term. This is breadth the adeptness of our processes comes into play. In our “Strategy 2025”, we authentic areas of activity for the aggregation that will accept a absolute appulse on our future.

How do you actualize able processes?

By minimising resources, eliminating interfaces and agilely blame ourselves forward. In agreement of operation, for example, this includes minimising administration levels, starting with the cancellation of purchased genitalia at the branch until they are delivered to the accumulation point. What applies in the branch applies appropriately to our centralized cooperation aloft all departments. We charge to attending aloft our own administration added and at an beforehand stage. At present, we do so through interdisciplinary action teams in which questions and solutions are discussed and actively promoted. To put it bluntly, a aggregation has to accumulate active over efficiently. 

Where do you see the abstruse and, aloft all, bread-and-butter advantages of digitalisation in production, i.e. the abstraction of the acute factory?

People generally accredit to Industry 4.0 as a revolution. I see it differently. Today, we are continuing to anatomy on what we accept created in the accomplished in agreement of automation, simulation and basic artefact and accomplishment planning. With a greater akin of digitalisation and networking in the branch in future, we are about advancing four objectives: Aboriginal is optimisation of planning and agenda simulation; additional is ensuring complete real-time ascendancy of the architect action from adjustment accepting at the dealership to agent delivery; third involves the connected recording and assay of deviations that action in the accomplishment action in affiliation to genitalia and to the action itself. The fourth and final point is the accouterment of greater abutment for bodies in their circadian work.

Can you accommodate specific examples in affiliation to your aftermost point?

On the one hand, digitalisation helps us to accomplish the alive ambiance added ergonomic. Human-machine cooperation is a acceptable archetype of this. It additionally helps advisers to analyse circuitous processes and procedures that we would not be able to adviser and ascendancy afterwards avant-garde abstracts technology. For example, it creates accuracy as to breadth and why a agenda breeze may not chase the best ideal path. We can see abeyant that we adeptness not contrarily detect.

You consistently advance the abstraction of sustainability and accept already implemented a abundant deal, including certified another activity at all sites and climate-neutral abuse transport. Does sustainability additionally accomplish bread-and-butter sense?

Our antecedent acquaintance indicates that, overall, sustainability is cheaper. However, it may sometimes amount a little added because it is the appropriate affair to do for the aggregation and for association in general. Promoting sustainability is consistently bigger than not accomplishing it. Afterwards all, the aberrant account is additionally important – accomplishing a acceptable accomplishment for our ambiance and the world. Ultimately, sustainability is a addle fabricated up of abounding small, alone accomplishments that will one day amalgamate to accomplish a major, actual success.

Which pieces of the addle will be accumulated in Porsche accumulation in approaching in adjustment to added advance sustainability?

We intend to use a ambit of alone measures to actualize a Zero Appulse Factory, which is not alone carbon-neutral, for instance, but which articles articles that are 100% recyclable. This will ensure we are not demography abroad any added adored assets from Mother Earth. We additionally accept to argue our suppliers to accompany us on this journey.

Where is Porsche on this journey?

With the Taycan project, we accept advisedly amorphous to focus on sustainability in agreement of both actual alternative and action design. Of course, the complete alteration cannot be accomplished overnight. But we are alive on it. We are already about to accomplish a anniversary on this path: alpha of accumulation of the Taycan in Zuffenhausen is accepted to be carbon neutral.

When could a Zero Appulse Branch become a reality?

It is our eyes for 2025. We still accept a abundant accord to do. But we can’t accomplish advance afterwards a vision.

Up to now, it has consistently been said that a Porsche accumulation armpit in the USA or China would not affectation a problem. Is it all-important to amend this in ablaze of geopolitical changes and advancing bazaar influences?

Solely for affidavit of capacity, there is currently no acute acumen to accomplish ourselves to added accumulation facilities. We are, of course, additionally ambidextrous with accepted changes, whether it is the castigating tariffs actuality alien by the USA or the localisation ante that adopted automotive manufacturers accept to accede with in China. We are befitting an eye on new framework altitude and acknowledged requirements so that we can acknowledge bound if necessary. Nevertheless, we are not authoritative any specific affairs at present. From our point of view, there is currently no coercion to acknowledge in the abbreviate term. 

Several hundred actor euros are actuality invested in accretion the Leipzig plant. The abutting bearing of Macan is accepted to cycle off the accumulation band there afterwards 2020.  What are the highlights?

Since the foundation bean was laid in February 2002, we accept invested added than €1.3 billion in the development of the Leipzig plant, transforming a authentic accumulation bulb into a absolutely fledged factory. We accomplish the Macan and Panamera in abounding there and accept additionally become a Accumulation supplier – currently of agent bodies for Bentley’s Flying Spur, Continental GT and its convertible variant. The renewed amplification in Leipzig will future-proof the factory, additionally because the breadth offers the best favourable altitude in agreement of advance requirements and operating costs. This is the aftereffect of an centralized allurement to breakable that was won by Leipzig.

What will be the abstruse highlights of the approaching Macan accumulation in Leipzig?

The better distinct advance planned is a new and awful adjustable anatomy shop, with a appearance to accomplishing an access in archetypal variance. The requirements of failing architecture are continuing to increase. This agency an alike greater actual mix, which we additionally accept to adept in accumulation with the associated avant-garde abutting technologies. For the new Macan, we will use aluminium alloyed with high-strength steels, a aggregate not ahead acclimated in this vehicle.   

How do you absorb suppliers in amount optimisation measures?

A branch works in a awful able address if the appropriate actual is accessible in the appropriate abode at the appropriate time – at the best accessible cost. We assignment actual carefully with our suppliers to accomplish the optimum aftereffect in this area. In accomplishing so, we analyse the processes amid the supplier and ourselves actual precisely, for archetype application analysis items. The catechism on our minds is: can we annihilate cher alike work?

The VW Accumulation has three sports car accomplishment sites – in Zuffenhausen, Neckarsulm and Sant’Agata Bolognese. Do you accept cooperation amid them will accent in the anew accustomed Sports Car Accumulation run by CEO Oliver Blume?

Yes, that is a acutely declared objective. We will seek synergies alike added carefully aural the Sports/Luxury cast group, and accompany armament and alike projects added carefully than in the past. The cooperation amid Bentley and Bugatti shows how acknowledged a abutting barter can be. They leveraged synergies totalling about €100 million aural a year. In added words, it is accessible to accomplish above advance afterwards our cast or any added Accumulation cast adversity as a result.

Albrecht Reimold

Albrecht Reimold, 57, started as a abecedarian at Audi in Neckarsulm in 1987 afterward his apprenticeship as a toolmaker and amount in accumulation engineering from Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences. He went on to administer Audi’s A8 anatomy boutique and the A2 accumulation facility. In 2002 he helped with the start-up of the Lamborghini Gallardo in Sant’Agata Bolognese. He alternate to Neckarsulm a year afterwards breadth he was amenable for accumulation planning for the A6, A8 and R8. He was appointed branch administrator in 2009. Reimold was the CEO of VW Slovakia in Bratislava from 2010 to 2016. In February 2016 he was appointed Affiliate of the Lath of Management for Accumulation and Acumen at Porsche AG.


Text aboriginal appear in the account “Automobil Industrie”, copy 9/18

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