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Long afore fiberglass and carbon-reinforced plastic, copse was the coarse actual of best for architecture ablaze cars. According to Jalopnik readers, these are the ten coolest automobiles fabricated out of wood.

The 20 Worst Cars: A List of All-Time Lemons | Time - best cheap sports cars of all time

The 20 Worst Cars: A List of All-Time Lemons | Time – best cheap sports cars of all time | best cheap sports cars of all time

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If you accept the claymation specials, Santa’s branch turns out admirable toys fabricated of…

Welcome aback to Answers of the Day — our circadian Jalopnik affection area we booty the best ten responses from the antecedent day’s Question of the Day and flash it up to appearance off. It’s by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Joe Harmon Design

10.) Chrysler Town & Country woodies

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of

Why it gives us wood: It’s a archetypal woodie, what added do you want? Of all the woodies, we bethink best the big, aboriginal base wagons congenital application copse as it was a cheaper, simpler way of architecture a abounding wagon anatomy than application all steel.

Those woodie wagons concluded up accepting acclaimed for confined as the academic surfer busline of best afore the canicule of VW Buses, Dodge vans, and whatever else. Air-conditioned as it was to adhere out with Jan and Dean, if we had to aces aloof one woodie to represent them all, we’d go for a beauteous old Chrysler Town & Country, from the canicule aback Chrysler was a top affluence brand. We are decidedly fatigued to the prewar fastback sedans, which themselves played a allotment in replacing copse with metal. They were the aboriginal woodie longroofs to accept an all-steel roof.

Photo Credit: Joe Ross

9.) The Splinter

Suggested By: rotundapig

Why it gives us wood: Congenital over two years as a alum academy project, the Splinter is about the abutting the apple has appear to an all-wood supercar. It never ran, but it had a twin-supercharged 4.6 liter V8 army in the average of an all-wood car.

The absolute point of the activity (other than to assuredly architecture a car, said Joe Harmon, the guy who congenital this thing) was to appearance off the abeyant of copse as a architecture material. The accomplished affair is congenital out of flat, layered sections of copse sandwiched calm for strength. It may not be a alive vehicle, but it’s an amazing anticipation exercise on authoritative a actually groundbreaking automobile.

Photo Credit: Joe Harmon Design

8.) The Fuldamobil

Suggested By: Jonee

Why it gives us wood: Germany’s Fuldamobil was one of the longest-built microcars, but that little factoid does not abundantly absorption us. No, we adulation that the aboriginal Fuldamobil balloon cars had a blubbery board body, alone covered with an aluminum skin. Later cars switched from aluminum to fiberglass and again from copse to steel, but it’s these aboriginal three-wheelers that aloof abduction the imagination. They attending like a automatic trailer, or how you ability draw a car if you’d never apparent a car before.

We could go on about the Fuldamobil all day, but we’ll bind ourselves to aloof one aftermost bit of trivia, one we abstruse aback Jalopnik went and visited clairvoyant Jonee and his quartet of microcars: if you appetite to appoint about-face in one of these little Fuldamobls, you aloof accompany the car to a stop, about-face the agitation key the added way, and the agent aloof runs in reverse! How air-conditioned is that?

I was alien to Jonee Eisen by a alternate acquaintance at a flea bazaar in Echo Park. “He’s…

Photo Credit: uk_senator

7.) Livio De Marchi’s woodenFerrari F50

Suggested By: E34IsAnUnderratedE30..ExceptBetter

Why it gives us wood: The all-wood Ferrari F50 congenital by aberrant Venetian woodworker/artist Livio De Marchi isn’t actually a car. It’s aloof as able of active on acreage as de Marchi’s Pumpkin-shaped carriage, so it’s actually aloof a car-shaped boat.

Still, it’s a adept allotment of craftsmanship, and it looks like it was aloof congenital to be a appealing rad active sculpture, which is air-conditioned in our book.

6.) Marcos Xylon

Suggested By: PanchoVilleneuve

Why it gives us wood: Up until 1969, the aberrant little British sports car architect Marcos congenital about all of its cars off of a basal plywood anatomy that actually angry out to be actually able for architecture acknowledged alley antagonism cars.

One such car was the Marcos Xylon, accepted to abounding as “the Ugly Duckling,” for conceivably accessible reasons. The administration actually came from Frank Costin, who advised abounding of the best admirable Lotus racers and alike F1-winning Vanwalls.

The car didn’t accept abundant power, but it was acutely light, actual aerodynamically efficient, and with the brand of Jackie Stewart and added abundant racers abaft the wheel, the Xylon actually racked up an absorbing antagonism record.

Read added on the Xylon and added archetypal board Marcos cars at this abundant fan website.

Photo Credit: Marcos

5.) The Tryane II by Acquaintance Wood

Suggested By: evoCS

Why it gives us wood: Congenital by German carpenter Acquaintance Wood, this little three-wheeler is congenital off a Citroën 2CV, administration its chassis, engine, and three of its wheels. The body, though, is all rich, cold-moulded African mahogany. It took the architect over 2,000 hours to assemble this board masterpiece.

That ablaze architecture gives this little trike, congenital aboriginal in 1989, a appreciably low weight of aloof 900 lbs, so its aerodynamic anatomy can aloof fizz up to 100 afar an hour and get article amid 50 and 70 afar per gallon on the way there.

Photo Credit: Jalopnik

4.) 1967 Costin Nathan Protos

Suggested By: MeDuh

Why it gives us wood: Frank Costin, a man who was carefully affiliated to the Marcos cars we saw earlier, had his own sports car aggregation for a few years with adolescent antagonism car architect Roger Nathan to accomplish wood-chassis sports prototypes and open-wheel racers of their own.

They congenital six closed-bodied cars and six open-wheelers in 1966 and ‘67, which were acutely aerodynamically efficient. Still faster than annihilation abroad of their power, their little 1.6 liter engines didn’t get abundant over 200 horsepower. In 1968, Costin pulled out of the adventure and his strange, fast cars were no more.

Photo Credit: uniquecarsandparts

3.) 1939 Lagonda Rapide Tulipwood Tourer

Suggested By: USERNAME

Why it gives us wood: This big British cruiser came powered with a 4.5 liter V12 churning out 225 horsepower. We brainstorm that’s abundant to get the brass-riveted tulipwood anatomy up to acceleration with alarming alertness for such a abundant automobile.

The copse fabricated for a acceptable architecture actual as it was light, could be fabricated into aerodynamic shapes like this abate body, and was abundant stronger than the added failing car anatomy actual of the cay, canvas. If you’re apprehensive how abundant it costs to get article as beauteous as this in your massive garage, you’ll accept to accept article about $450,000. That’s how abundant this Lagonda went for aback it was put up for bargain aback in 2007.

Photo Credit: Brandon Brubaker

2.) Morgans

Suggested By: SennaMP4

Why it gives us wood: Morgan got its alpha architecture three-wheelers aback in 1911, and it did a appreciably acceptable job at it. The trikes were acutely affordable and are generally accepted for their accomplished handling. The Morgan we are added accustomed with began in 1936 with the 4/4, Morgan’s aboriginal four-wheeled car.

They had little engines, but didn’t weight abundant on annual of their copse frame. Low costs and an amaranthine accumulation of aberrant British barter meant that Morgan could accumulate on architecture its basal four-wheeled cars and never accept to stop. You can still buy one of these things new today, and they are approved advanced runners in best contest all over the world.

Morgan alike keeps its copse affair activity with their new heavily aluminum Aero 8, with its Ash anatomy accepting affluence of abuse anatomy a nice, big BMW V8.

Photo Credit: Otis Blank

1.) 1924 Hispano-Suiza Tulipwood Torpedo

Suggested By: Honda_Hooning_Daily_Driver

Why it gives us wood: Best of the allegorical Spanish Hispano-Suizas from afore Apple War II were vast, comfortable cruisers, but one stands out as a arresting exception. This 1924 H6C, with a 200 horsepower, eight-liter straight-six captivated up in a tulipwood anatomy was congenital to booty on southern Italy’s abundant alley race, the Sicilian Targa Florio.

The coachwork of ¾ inch strips of copse was congenital by a French aerodynamics company, Nieuport and it advised a bald 160 pounds. Like the Lagonda, the copse was absorbed calm with brass, and it looks actually amazing.

Photo Credit: CarStyling.ru

Ten Facts About Best Cheap Sports Cars Of All Time That Will Blow Your Mind | best cheap sports cars of all time – best cheap sports cars of all time
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