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In the aftermost few years, I’ve mainly acclimated Samsung’s Galaxy phones. I additionally accept an iPhone X on duke for a appetizing iOS vs Android comparison. The new Mate 20 is my aboriginal hands-on acquaintance with a Huawei accessory alfresco a barter show.

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Honestly, I absolutely like this phone. It’s a animation of beginning air in a awash smartphone bazaar and a abundant admission point if you’re new to the Android platform. But it doesn’t appear cheap, with a starting amount of 700 pounds ($876). We dig into Huawei’s Mate 20 to see if it’s account the big bucks.

Huawei provided us with a analysis assemblage for testing, model HMA-L29. It included 6GB of arrangement memory, 128GB of storage, dual-SIM connectivity and EMUI 9.0 (build C432E10R1P16) active with Android’s October 2018 aegis patch. I acclimated the accessory mostly on my home arrangement forth with AT&T alfresco the house.

Based on our antecedent analysis of the Mate 20 Pro, there’s annihilation new to see actuality apropos amalgamation contents. The Mate 20 ships in a basic box that doesn’t abstract from the admirable abruptness within. It contains a USB Type-C cable, a charger, earbuds, and an banish apparatus for the nanoSIM agenda tray. You alike get a bright careful case — a affable abruptness — admitting it eventually becomes a blemish magnet. At atomic it keeps your anointed fingerprints off the phone’s admirable backside.

The earbuds are agnate to those arranged with Apple’s iPhone, but canal the newer USB Type-C adapter in favor of an old-school 3.5mm jack. I’ve never had an activity with earbuds provided by Apple or Samsung, and the bend aircraft with Huawei’s Mate 20 is no different. They don’t asphyxiate aggregate out, about — at max aggregate I still apprehend myself blazon on a automated keyboard. The earbuds could additionally use elastic slip-on covers like Samsung’s earbuds for a added defended fit aural your ears.

The Mate 20 seems to booty cues from the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge screen. The screen’s ancillary bezels are aloof over a sixteenth of an inch blubbery at best, while the top and basal bezels are about an eighth of an inch. Sure, affairs out the barometer band is extreme, but these bezels are crazy thin, so all you mostly see is the phone’s admirable screen. The arced aluminum frame’s smoothed edges accomplish the accessory feel abundant to hold.

On the larboard you’ll acquisition the amid breach for two SIM cards, while the aggregate and ability buttons are on the right. The ability button mostly has a cogitating midnight dejected apparent save for a red cogitating band active forth the button’s top edge. The USB Type-C port, apostle and microphone sit forth the bottom, with a 3.5mm audio jack, a microphone, and an IR blaster at the top.

A attractive midnight dejected washes beyond the aback accent by a adumbration of a lined askew arrangement if you bend the buzz aloof right. The blush is agnate to the apricot dejected Samsung Galaxy S9, admitting conceivably a bit lighter. Mounted on the aback is a fingerprint scanner amid beneath the aboveboard Leica three-lens module.

The ear apostle is cleverly placed above the camera and aural the top bezel, authoritative it acutely adamantine to see. This adjustment frees up added amplitude on the absolute screen. By comparison, the Mate 20 Pro and Apple’s iPhone X ancestors accumulate the ear apostle aural the awning space. Huawei’s out-of-screen apostle adjustment enables a abate cleft than those you’ll see on the Mate 20 Pro and the iPhone X family.

The Mate 20 provides a 6.53-inch IPS awning advised for affluent colors and advanced examination angles, acknowledging 16.7 actor colors. By comparison, the Mate 20 Pro has a abate 6.39-inch OLED awning but packs added pixels per inch.

The buzz defaults to a “smart” resolution out of the box that lowers the awning resolution to conserve ability aback its array runs low. The buzz about runs at 2,244 x 1,080 and again switches to 1,496 x 720. You can accumulate the affectation at either resolution by toggling off the “smart” affection and selecting one of the two resolutions.

The buzz additionally runs on the “vivid” blush ambience out of the box, which filters out the low-level yellows in white backgrounds and amplifies the blush spectrum, apprehension app icons, backgrounds and added with added dejection and greens, and hotter reds, oranges, and yellows. The added “normal” approach isn’t absolutely as brilliant, abacus chicken aback to white backgrounds and flattening the colors. Both modes acquiesce you to manually acclimatize blush temperatures or use the “warm” or “cool” filters.

Unlike the Snapdragon-powered competition, Huawei uses its centralized Kirin 980 SoC to ability the Mate 20. It’s based on 7nm processing technology, abstraction 6.9 abundance transistors into a baby chip. This translates into bigger ability ability and bigger achievement than SoCs based on 10nm and 14nm technology.

This dent is cogent in several ways. It contains four Cortex-A55 cores with speeds up to 1.8GHz, two Cortex-A76 cores up to 1.92GHz, and two Cortex-A76 cores clocked up to 2.6GHz. The dent additionally includes an chip Mali-G76 cartoon basic and two neural processing units that accurately handle bogus intelligence.

As advanced stated, the analysis assemblage had 6GB of arrangement anamnesis and 128GB of storage. Huawei additionally sells accession adaptation with 4GB of arrangement anamnesis and 128GB of storage. Both abutment up to 256GB of added accumulator via a Nano Anamnesis card the admeasurement of a nanoSIM card. Let’s be honest, we ambition Huawei would accept ashore with microSD but at atomic there’s some anatomy of abundant memory. Aloof accumulate in apperception that Huawei controls the accepted and makes the cards, so it’s activity to be added big-ticket due to abridgement of appeal compared to microSD.

You can install two nanoSIM cards or one nanoSIM and one Nano Anamnesis card. Currently you can alone get these Nano Anamnesis cards through Huawei, admitting the aggregation wants to accomplish this architecture an industry standard. Still, relying on proprietary accumulator agency you can’t hit Walmart or Amazon for cheap, accordant cards, authoritative accumulator amplification inconvenient.

Unlike the Mate 20 Pro, which relies on a double-sided amalgam tray, this adaptation places the two cards side-by-side.

You can barometer the phone’s achievement in two ways: With and afterwards Achievement Approach enabled. This approach is toggled off by default, but you can about-face it on by branch into Arrangement > Battery. According to a pop-up message, this approach optimizes the phone’s settings to “deliver best performance.” The amends is faster array burning and possibly a hotter phone.

I ran several benchmarks to analyze the two modes. Geekbench didn’t appearance a desperate change amid the settings, assuming the Kirin 980 scoring 3,371 in accustomed approach and 3,411 in achievement approach in the single-core test. Both array abode it advanced of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi’s Atramentous Shark gaming phone.

On the multi-core front, the Kirin 980 denticulate 9,891 in accustomed approach and 10,143 in achievement mode. These numbers are great, blame the Mate 20 accomplished the OnePlus 6, Samsung’s Galaxy S9, the LG G7 ThinQ and Xiaomi’s Atramentous Shark gaming phone.

In AnTutu the Mate 20 denticulate 276,401 with achievement approach off, agreement it amid the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Mi Mix 2S. With achievement approach toggled on, the buzz denticulate a college 305,894, agreement this buzz amid the Mate 20 Pro and the Asus ROG Phone, which is committed to gaming.

In accession to those two benchmarks, I additionally ran PCMark, GFXBench, and 3DMark. In a framerate comparison, achievement approach doesn’t accord you a cogent addition — maybe a two or three anatomy admission at best — so it’s apparently not account abrogation on for gaming. If anything, achievement approach will aloof cesspool your array faster.

You absolutely don’t allegation the achievement mode, generally. Amid the Kirin 980 and Huawei’s optimized EMUI platform, this buzz is already freakishly zippy. Aggregate you do on this buzz is aloof fast, from award and installing apps, to browsing with Chrome, or alive content. In Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s login arrangement is the longest wait. Alike uploading all my pictures and videos to the billow took no time at all.

The Mate 20 provides two biometric appearance for anchored access. Advanced and centermost is facial recognition. It maps your face appliance bittersweet dots and food that abstracts afterwards the bureaucracy action for approaching comparison. Annihilation added to your face that doesn’t accord in the aboriginal 3D map disrupts the process.

While convenient, the Mate 20 struggled to admit my face afterwards annihilation abolition the map. The buzz could alleviate instantly, or assignment afterwards a delay. Added times I had to use a altered method, like a PIN.

Still, aback it works, facial acceptance is an acutely accelerated way to alleviate the phone. Aloof appropriation the buzz will admission near-instant access.

The buzz additionally includes a concrete fingerprint clairvoyant on the back. This is a acute move accustomed the phone’s facial acceptance isn’t consistently reliable. I can absence to a feel aback I run into problems cutting hats and sunglasses. By comparison, the Mate 20 Pro provides an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

The Mate 20 has a 4,000mAh battery. It’s hardly abate than the 4,200mAh array of the Mate 20 Pro, but beyond than the LG V40 ThinQ (3300mAh), iPhone XS Max (3,174mAh) and the Pixel 3 XL (2,915mAh).

The array calmly lasted me two days. We took a cruise to Charlotte, NC to see the bounded Christmas architect and acquaintance WinterFest at Carowinds. Alfresco accepted buzz use, this was a prime time to use the phone’s camera and hit the park’s PokeStops and gyms in Pokemon Go. I kept the buzz on its absence auto-brightness setting, accustomed the clouded sky didn’t crave the best brightness.

Light buzz users will apparently alone allegation to allegation the Mate 20 every few days. Heavy users may see a low array admonishing by the day’s end.

Most of the array burning was through the screen, Pokemon Go, and the camera.  I accessible it from the charger Saturday morning at 10 a.m. aback we headed to Charlotte and didn’t bung it aback in until Monday morning afterwards we had already accustomed home backward Sunday night. The buzz gave up the apparition ancient amid accepting home and alive up the abutting morning.

During the trip, I didn’t accomplish abounding calls or accelerate texts, aback I was with the bodies I usually alarm and argument during the absolute ancestors trip. I didn’t heavily analysis emails or cream the internet either. The alone absolute array cesspool I accomplished with this buzz was through the benchmarking software acclimated during the analysis action above-mentioned to the trip.

To actuate the array allegation rate, I drained it until the buzz shut off, acquainted in the ability adapter, acclaimed the time, active into the device, and bankrupt all accessible apps. I started charging at 12:02 p.m. and the array hit 52 percent accommodation one hour and 20 account later. Overall, the Mate 20 array took two hours and 47 account to abounding allegation while the accessory remained on.

Had the Mate 20 relied on a power-saving OLED awning like the Pro archetypal instead of an IPS display, we’d see alike best array life. Still, if you’re a ablaze buzz user like myself, you’ll apparently alone allegation to allegation the Mate 20 every few days. Heavy users may see a low array admonishing by the end of the day.

The buzz includes two speakers: A capital apostle at the basal abutting to the USB Type-C port, and one cleverly hidden aloft the front-facing camera. Both assignment in a stereo agreement aback arena movies and music.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no agency for acclimation these speakers. Aback alert to music in mural mode, audio leans adjoin the beyond speaker. The earphone apostle absolutely produces sound, but if can’t compete. If you authority the buzz vertically, the antithesis isn’t absolutely so offset.

Overall the complete isn’t bad. Afterwards an blaster to acclimatize the settings, you’re ashore with aerial acute and not-so-deep bass levels. The audio is loud abundant to answer but doesn’t bout my wife’s iPhone X. The audio from Apple’s buzz is not alone centered correctly, but provides bigger aggregate afterwards distortion.

Your best bet is to use the earbuds. Their best aggregate absolutely won’t bake out your eardrums, and you get a bigger antithesis amid acute and bass than with the phone’s congenital speakers.

The FM radio app additionally doesn’t assignment afterwards the earbuds, as they serve as the radio antenna. The over-the-air audio was decidedly clear, however.

The rear camera bore appearance three lenses: one 12MP advanced bend lens (f/1.8 aperture), one 16MP ultra-wide bend lens (f/2.2 aperture), and one 8MP telephoto (f/2.4 aperture).

Open the Huawei’s banal camera app and you’ll acquisition six modes listed forth the bottom: Aperture, Night, Portrait, Photo, Video, and Pro. A “more” alternative additionally brings up 11 added modes, like Slo-mo, Panorama, Monochrome, Time-lapse and more. You can download a “good food” approach as well.

The best angel resolution is 3,968 x 2,976 at a 4:3 aspect ratio. You can additionally baddest 2,976 x 2,976 (1:1) and 3,968 x 1,984 (18:9). By comparison, the iPhone X takes pictures at 4,032 × 3,024, which is hardly beyond but has the aforementioned aspect ratio. The images I attempt with the Mate 20 were bluff than the iPhone X, admitting its colors weren’t as deep.

I mostly cycled through Photo, Night, and Pro modes during the review. In Photo mode, the camera takes admirable pictures on a clear, brilliant day. My photos attempt alfresco Walmart produced brittle blues, greens and yellows. Aback I absolved central the access to shoot the racks of poinsettias, reds and greens became awe-inspiring due to altered lighting. In added calm scenarios appliance Photo Approach I affected the awning in assorted places to acquisition a appropriate acknowledgment to no avail, and switched to accession mode.

Here are added pictures taken central appliance Photo Mode:

Here are pictures taken during an clouded day appliance Photo Mode. These animals confused fast as they darted their accomplished active (and freakishly continued tongues in some cases) in and out my car window. The camera was aloof as fast, communicable endless of detail:

An actual fix is to use Night Mode, alike during the day. It balances the darks and whites aback Camera Approach charcoal too murky.

Surprisingly I wasn’t a big fan of it during my caliginosity shoots. I capital the anniversary lights to angle out adjoin a aphotic environment, but Night Approach would brighten the night sky and shadows. This approach is acceptable if you appetite a accepted photo of your arena but aren’t anxious with adumbration abyss and blush brilliance.

However, Night Approach was advantageous aback I capital to bound lighten an clouded arena afterwards appliance Pro Mode. Here’s a comparison:

Both Photo Approach and Night Approach crave a few abnormal to complete. For Photo Mode, the buzz can abeyance for added than a added while it stabilizes the attempt for an acutely aciculate picture. Night Approach takes a few abnormal longer, testing exposures for the appropriate balance.

All the same, Photo Approach took abundant night shots on its own afterwards accepting to amount Night Approach or Pro Mode:

If you accept the time, Pro Approach is your best advantage for edit-free photos. I could acclimatize the ISO and blast acceleration for the best abyss and exposure, admitting I accidentally zoomed some pictures cerebration settings were sliders instead of numbers you tap. Added settings you can adapt accommodate acknowledgment compensation, focus, white balance, and metering.

Here’s a allegory amid Photo Approach and Pro Mode:

I additionally activated Portrait Approach to get nice up-close-and claimed arch shots of my capacity and alike myself, appliance a scattering of lighting filters. Pop replaces the accomplishments with a air-conditioned blue/purple/red palate. Stage Lighting shines a spotlight on your subject, blacking aggregate abroad out. Folding Blinds cede angled lined caliginosity beyond the scene.

If you appetite added selfie fun, Huawei’s Mirror app adds account frames and furnishings like alarming on the camera to actualize ice. You can zoom in to see every fiber of beard in your eyebrows and change the brightness. The Mate 20 provides a 24MP front-facing camera with a f/1.8 aperture, bearing abundant selfies.

You can see a acceptable block of unedited photographs (and two videos) I took with this buzz appropriate here.

This is my aboriginal appointment with EMUI, so I absolutely can’t analyze it to antecedent builds. Huawei says it brings 25.8 percent faster arrangement acknowledgment speed, on boilerplate faster appliance startups, and a lower blow ascribe adjournment than the antecedent version. Powering Huawei’s bark is Android 9.0 Pie.

Initially aback you deathwatch the device, annexation up activates bristles quick-launch shortcuts: Recorder, Flashlight, Calculator, Stopwatch and QR scanner. Aloft these icons you’ll acquisition bristles added quick tools: Lock bottomward the accepted angel so it’s displayed anniversary time you deathwatch the phone, annul the accepted angel from the lock awning rotation, save the accepted angel to your gallery, share/print the accepted image, and adapt the Magazine alleviate settings.

By default, the lock awning displays images from the phone’s Magazine feature. You can toggle this off and use whatever angel you want. Magazine pulls images from eight “subscriptions” you can toggle on and off: Huawei featured, Leica photography, Travel, Transportation, Celebrities, Style, Life, and Sports.

The Settings allocation of EMUI 9.0 is acutely apple-pie and well-organized, so you won’t absorb all afternoon hunting bottomward a specific setting. For instance, the Acute Assistance area provides settings for motion control. Actuality you can set address gestures to booty screenshots or accessible apps, and draw a band beyond the awning to access split-screen mode.

Meanwhile, the Affectation area lets you adapt the notch. By default, it surrounds the front-facing camera but you can aggrandize this cleft to amplitude from end to end, creating a atramentous notification and array bar as apparent above.

In Arrangement you can toggle amid three types of navigation: the accepted three-button method, gestures, or the dock, which creates a basic deride pad you can position anywhere on the screen. It supports three commands: Back, Home awning and Recent tasks.

Huawei provides centralized apps too. HiCare offers troubleshooting guides for arrangement connections, problems with calls and texting, accouterments issues and added problems. Buzz Manager is an all-in-one app to optimize your phone’s achievement while Acute Remote uses the congenital IR blaster to ascendancy accordant TVs.

The Capacity app provides a air-conditioned library of capacity to aroma up your Home screen. There are 12 in all, admitting I ashore with the activating Milky Way activity featuring a amethyst and dejected wallpaper that sparkles as you bash through pages. The Aphotic activity provided on Mate 20 Pro isn’t accessible on this model.

But that’s not all, Huawei endless the Mate 20 with alike added centralized apps accoutrement music, videos, health, email, photos, tips, note-taking, and more. You’ll additionally acquisition the company’s AppGallery storefront.

Overall, EMUI is abundant added aggrandized than banal Android, and alike abounding added banknote like you’ll acquisition from Samsung and LG. EMUI continues to be one of the bigger abscessed credibility for western users, as it aloof feels a bit too abundant like iOS. Of advance if you’re advancing from iOS or don’t apperception that style, you ability absolutely acknowledge the skin.

Huawei will acceptable never advertise this buzz appliance bounded carriers, but you can still get the Mate 20 apart online. A quick chase on Amazon shows the 4GB/128GB model for $625 and the 6GB/128GB archetypal for $776 through third-party sellers. There’s no assurance for barter in North America, as it’s an acceptation alone affair.

You can additionally get the Mate 20 through Huawei’s absolute benefactor John Lewis & Partners. It’s a bit added expensive, costing $876 for the 4GB/128GB model, but includes a two-year guarantee. The armpit currently doesn’t account the 6GB/128GB model.

Front:24MP (f/2.0)

Secondary SIM card:4G LTE TDD: B34 / B38 / B39 / B40 / B414G LTE FDD: B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B6 / B7 / B8 / B9 / B12 / B17 / B18 / B19 / B20 / B26 / B283G WCDMA: B1 / B2 / B4 / B5 / B6 / B8 / B192G GSM: B2 / B3 / B5 / B8 (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)

HMA-L09:4G LTE TDD: B34 / B38 / B39 / B40 / B414G LTE FDD: B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B6 / B7 / B8 / B9 / B12 / B17 / B18 / B19 / B20 / B26 / B283G WCDMA: B1 / B2 / B4 / B5 / B6 (Japan) / B8 / B19 (Japan);3G TD-SCDMA: B34 / B392G GSM: B2 / B3 / B5 / B8 (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)

There’s so abundant to adulation with the Mate 20, from the cameras, to the performance, to the all-embracing presentation. The Mate 20 didn’t accord me abundant to accuse about. Its user acquaintance is clean, apps and casework accessible abreast instantly, and you accept affluence of options for demography abundant photographs and videos. The alone absolute big beef with the Mate 20 was audio playback through both speakers in mural mode, and the accidental achievement of the phone’s facial recognition.

Overall, you get a lot of blast for your blade but this buzz doesn’t alive in a bubble. There are a lot of added abundant phones out there for agnate appraisement but with abundant bigger cast recognition, including accessories like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9. That’s not to say this isn’t account acrimonious up, but afore you accomplish the attempt it’s never a bad abstraction to accede blockage out the antagonism as well.

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