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5 Songs We Can’t Stop Alert To is a accumulating of our newest admired songs. Every anniversary we ask an artisan that we adulation to acquaint us about the music they love.

Listen to the accomplished articulation and all the songs below.

Our bedfellow today is Lucy Dacus. Lucy Dacus put out one of my admired albums of the year this year with “Historian.” So I aloof had to allocution to her afore the year is out. We accept been arena her song “Addictions” on 88Nine, my bedfellow today, I’m thrilled, is Lucy Dacus.      

Justin Barney: Lucy, what is the aftermost song that you couldn’t stop alert to?

Lucy Dacus: Well, aftermost night I saw one of Yo La Tengo’s Hanukkah shows and they’re like maybe my admired bandage and I got to accommodated them.

Justin Barney: Do you accept a admired Yo La Tengo song?

Lucy Dacus: Oh that’s so hard. My admired one that they played aftermost night was “Black Flowers,” which is aloof like, such a simple song. You know, it’s like one of those songs that aloof feels absolutely astute because aggregate is affectionate of distilled into these absolutely simple nuggets of wisdom. Yeah, I adulation that song.

Justin Barney: What do you like about Yo La Tengo?

Lucy Dacus: I like that they assume to not be because the accession of anything. I don’t apperceive if that is true, but they achieve such altered music every anthology they put out. It absolutely feels like they’re exploring their interest, authoritative article that they like and it aloof so happens that they accept an audience. I don’t feel like they’re anytime aggravating to, you know, achieve a ambition added than to achieve article that they like. I feel like everything’s on-limits, not off-limits. Is that a phrase? On-limits? Everything’s fair game.

Justin Barney: (laughing) Everything’s “on-limits “with Yo La Tengo, I like that.

Lucy Dacus: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Justin Barney: Perfect, let’s apprehend it.

My guests today is Louis the Child. Louis the Child is absolutely two people. It’s fabricated up of Freddy Kennett and Robby Hauldren. They’ve been authoritative cyberbanking music for a brace of years now and they accept been headlining festivals about the country, best afresh Jawbreaker Festival actuality in Milwaukee. We are arena their new song “Dear Sense,” my guests today is Freddy Kennett and Robby Hauldren, who are Louis the Child.   

Justin Barney: What is one song that you can’t stop alert to?

Robbie Hauldren: It’s a song for me, that was in abundant circling and afresh I array of forgot about it. Afresh I heard it afresh and was like, “Oh Sh**” I forgot how acceptable this song is. It’s the song, “Westworld” by Evan Giia.

Justin Barney: Alright!

Robbie Hauldren: It’s like a changeable accompanist that, I don’t apperceive is aloof a actual fun, bubbly, blessed pop song.  

Justin Barney: Area did you apprehend this song the aboriginal time and how did it appear aback to you?

Robbie Hauldren: The aboriginal time I  heard it one of our bigger admirers had asked me if I anytime heard of Evan Giia, and you should analysis this babe out you guys could achieve a air-conditioned song calm or article and I was like sweet. Afresh I listened to the song and was like, abuse this is awesome.

Justin Barney: I adulation that!

Robbie Hauldren: Afresh we were in New York for the weekend and I was blind out with a acquaintance and we were in an Uber and my acquaintance was application her buzz to comedy music and was like you should aces a song so I was scrolling through her Soundcloud brand and stumbled aloft it and was like, oh candied I’ll comedy this one.   

Justin Barney: That is amazing, what is the name of the song?

Robbie Hauldren: Westworld. The artisan is Evan Giia, and “Giaa” is like “G-i-i-a” !

Justin Barney: That’s so alarming that you heard that from a fan and afresh listened to it. I adulation that.   

Freddy Kennett: We acquisition a acceptable bulk of music from admirers sending us stuff.    

Justin Barney: Do you really? That’s so cool.

Freddy Kennett: Yeah we absolutely like accelerate a acceptable bulk of letters aback and alternating of bodies who bulletin us on Instagram or whatever amusing media. It’s fun to allocution to them and get their aftertaste appropriate now, or whatever it is that their alert to for the moment.

My bedfellow today is Mitski. Mitski is one of my admired artists appropriate now. I am aloof so affiliated and in adulation with her music. She appear her aboriginal album, “Bury Me At Achieve out Creek” a brace years ago and afresh followed it up with Puberty Two. On August 17, she’s activity to absolution her third album, “Be the Cowboy.” And she aloof appear the aboriginal distinct “Nobody.” I am so excited, my bedfellow today is Mitski.

Justin Barney: Mitski, what is one song appropriate now that you can’t stop alert to?

Mitski: Um.. Oh my God I can’t accept I’m- I’m gonna affliction adage this but, this is aloof the aboriginal song that came to mind. The Cars- “Just What I Needed.”

Justin Barney: Yes, and why that song?

Mitski: I anticipate it’s aloof a absolute pop song, its checks all the—as a, as a songwriter myself, I accept to it generally cerebration oh my gosh this aloof checks all the little analysis boxes, you know? And my admired f*ckin’ lyric- oh my God I’m apologetic you can adapt that out right?

Justin Barney: Yes

Mitski: Oh my god acknowledge god. So my admired lyric in that song and in accepted is “I don’t affliction about area you’ve been as continued as it was deep.” And that was aloof like such a acceptable lyric. And I’m abiding what’s-his-face the biographer wasn’t cerebration too acutely about it. He was aloof like “what ends with –eep? Oh…deep.” But, I anticipate that’s aloof such a acceptable line.

Justin Barney: That is.  Alright, so what is the name of the songs and the name of the artist?

Mitski: The name of the song is – I accept it’s alleged “Just What I Needed,” and that’s by The Cars.

Our bedfellow for song three is Jerry Paper. Jerry Paper is the date name of Lucas Nathan who makes music out of Los Angeles. His songs are appropriate rock/pop. Sometimes there’s elements of amusement and whimsy in them. There cool interesting, we’re arena the song “Your Cocoon” off of his new album, “Like a Baby.” My bedfellow today is Jerry Paper.

Justin Barney: Jerry, What is the aftermost song that you couldn’t stop alert to?

Jerry Paper: Okay, so this is not article I would commonly say, but it is actually the acknowledgment to your question.

Justin: Yessss, That’s what I want.

Jerry: The aftermost song I couldn’t stop alert to is this Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb’s song alleged “Guilty.”

Justin: yessss, This is the acknowledgment that I want.

Jerry: Yeah if I’m actuality honest actuality afresh that is it.

Justin: What draws you to it?

Jerry: Umm, the lyrics are absolutely weird. Like there’s one band that makes me beam every time. I feel like that absolutely the way to get me to accept to a song. Like back I aboriginal accomplished that “Kid Charlemagne” by Steely Dan was such a acceptable song is back I heard, is there gas in the car, yes there’s gas in the car line. Like the way he sings it, “is there gas in the car, is there gas in the car”, it’s aloof good. I like to accept to that.

Justin: What’s the band in this song?

Jerry: The band in this song that makes me beam is, “Make a abomination to be abandoned or sad,” and afresh Barry Gibbs goes, “It got to be illegal.” I don’t apperceive it’s aloof absolutely good.

Justin: If actuality abandoned and sad was a crime, what would be a fair punishment?

Jerry: I don’t know, it’s aloof so weird. Afresh it goes, “Make it abomination to be out in the cold” like i don’t understand, I don’t accept this.

Justin: What is the draw to law and adjustment here?

Jerry: I don’t apperceive account afresh it’s like, “We got annihilation to be accusable of, our adulation is one in a million,” afresh it’s like okay, Why you cogent me that?

Justin: Who’s accusing them?

Jerry: That’s what i’m saying. I like adulation songs, they’re great, but it’s a appealing over raw and arid brand ultimately. Like there’s aloof a lot. So whenever you acquisition like a awe-inspiring circuit on a adulation song, it’s aloof good. It aloof ends with article absolute like Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibbs actuality in love, like what’s the abomination there?

My bedfellow today is Michelle Wolf. Michelle Wolfe is a comedian, she has accounting for ‘The Daily Show,” she’s done the White House Correspondents Dinner, she is host of the the Netflix appearance “The Break with Michelle Wolf,” she’s hilarious. My bedfellow today is Michelle Wolf.

Justin Barney: What is the aftermost song you couldn’t stop alert to?

Michelle Wolf: Oh umm, let’s see…You apperceive what, it’s activity to be such a changeable answer, it’s gonna be Florence and the Machine’s “End of Love.”

Justin Barney: What do you like about Florence The Machine?

Michelle Wolf: Well aboriginal of all I adulation her voice, she’s great. It doesn’t complete like any added accompanist really, it’s actual unique. But additionally I’ve aloof been alert to her for a continued time, I run to her music all the time… and she’s a redhead so I try to break true. I try to accept an allegiance.

Justin Barney: Florence doesn’t bang me as active music.

Michelle Wolf: You know, if you saw my active playlist you’d be like, “None of this strikes me as active music.” I mean, some does, but it’s all over the place. It looks like ten altered bodies fabricated a active playlist.

Justin Barney: Why that song?

Michelle Wolf: It’s good, I beggarly it’s one of those songs area she appear a new album, and I do this affair area I will accept to a song that I absolutely like until I abhorrence it, and afresh I’ll never accept to it again.

Which is how, I’m abiding anybody wants their music to be consumed.

Seven Things You Need To Know About Cars Song Today | cars song – cars song
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