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OSLO, Norway — In the centermost of Oslo, a counterfeit cave rests below a ample bean castle. A ambagious adit leads underground to a ample opening, eerily aphotic and cool, breadth metal confined block the aisle to a medieval prison. Inside, you’ll acquisition article out of abode for the 17th century: 86 electric cars and charging stations. Already an underground aggressive bunker, the cave is now a parking garage.

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City admiral repurposed the fortress, which acclimated to assure the burghal adjoin war-hungry Swedes and Danes, to bouncer adjoin a new threat: air pollution.

On a ablaze Sunday in August, Anna Bistrup, 35, a alive Norwegian mother of two, bound finds a atom in the garage, breadth she can allegation her Volkswagen E-up for as continued as she wants, for free. It’s summer, but Bistrup knows colder acclimate is coming, bringing with it a improvement of bad air days. Aback winter inversions set in and billow clouds the arresting bank basin that cradles Oslo, it’s added than a accessory aggravation for Bistrup and her family. It’s a health-threatening bearings for her children, both of whom accept asthma.

“I anticipate the botheration with bad air is that not everybody feels it. And if you don’t feel it it’s absolutely adamantine for bodies to accede it,” says Bistrup. “This is an airy enemy.”

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Like Oslo, Utah has an air affection botheration which has created a bloom crisis for its residents. This year, the American Lung Affiliation ranked the Salt Lake-Provo-Orem breadth as the eighth best attenuated abode in the nation in agreement of concise chapped amount and 18th in agreement of ozone, two pollutants which accept been affiliated to a countless of diseases.

I capital to acquisition out if there were any cities adverse challenges agnate to Salt Lake’s and acceptable the activity adjoin bedraggled air. I advised Mexico City, breadth absorbed the cardinal of bodies who can drive on assertive canicule of the anniversary based on authorization bowl numbers has fabricated little difference. I advised Montreal, Lisbon and Seoul, which accept all apparent improvements in air quality, but do not accept cartography like ours which causes winter inversions. Finally, I looked at Oslo. Salt Lake and Oslo are agnate in size, both are currently experiencing a citizenry bang and are anchored in valleys with algid winters. Of course, there are differences too. Bodies in Oslo pay aerial taxes and the burghal is about three times as abutting in agreement of population. One of the best alluring differences, however, is the way Oslo is charwoman its air.

In contempo years, Oslo’s burghal leaders accept answer electric car acceptance by putting up 1,300 accessible charging stations about the burghal (with affairs to added than bifold that cardinal in the abutting two years) and alms chargeless access through artery tolls. Admiral accept additionally blocked off six aloft burghal streets to actualize “car-free zones,” replaced hundreds of parking spots with bike lanes and artery appliance and purchased dozens of new electric buses in an accomplishment to barrier emissions. There are about 500,000 below cars entering Oslo anniversary ages than there were a year ago. That’s about 20 percent of all the cars in Utah. And for the aboriginal time, added bodies are demography accessible alteration than are driving. In contempo years, anniversary beggarly ethics of nitrogen dioxide accept bigger 10 to 15 percent forth aloft roadways breadth cartage has been bargain due to burghal policies, according to burghal representatives.

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With a admission from the Solutions Journalism Network, I went to Norway to see if Oslo ability authority the key to analytic Utah’s air affection problem. As our state’s citizenry is accepted to about bifold by 2050, Dr. Brian Moench of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Ambiance estimates that amid 30,000 and 60,000 bodies could die anon amid now and again if annihilation changes — based on civic studies that admeasurement the affiliation amid air abuse and bloodshed rates.

State admiral say alike if we do nothing, the air will abide to get bigger due to stricter federal standards for cartage and fuel. But apple-pie air advocates say that’s not enough. While abounding on the appropriate are adjoin to fixes they feel absolute freedom, like acute automakers to accommodated a allocation of electric car sales (as is the case in California), on the larboard there’s a annoyance that the appropriate isn’t accommodating to accommodation on any changes that will absolutely accomplish a difference.

Recognizing that air abuse solutions for Utah allegation be ill-fitted to different political, altitude and infrastructural altitude here, I capital to see if there was annihilation we could apprentice from a abode like Oslo.

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To accept how Oslo became the 2019 European Blooming Capital accolade champ and a archetypal for cities about the world, we accept to go aback 30 years to the backward 1980s aback Norway started befitting clue of alarming substances like chapped amount — diminutive pieces of carbon or dust, generally with baneful chemicals and abundant metals attached, that can access your lungs, your bloodstream, alike your academician tissue — and nitrogen dioxide, addition adverse pollutant that comes from afire deposit fuels. Citizens started growing added anxious about the gray brume that acclimatized in the mountains every winter. To the boilerplate person, it looked like fog. But it wasn’t. The accurate appellation is an antagonism — a abnormality which generally occurs in valleys in the algidity aback a band of air-conditioned air abounding with abuse gets trapped beneath a band of warmer air.

Over the abutting three decades, air affection in Oslo gradually bigger with behavior that disincentivized agent car sales and the use of brindled snow tires, which breach up the anchorage and actualize dust. But by 2013, blooming abode gas emissions were still the aforementioned as they were in 1990, and added canicule exceeded chapped amount banned in Oslo than any added year in the accomplished decade. Politicians had promised aback the ’70s to apparatus a complete bike alleyway arrangement throughout the city, but little had been done, and environmentally absent citizens were accepting frustrated.

That’s aback the Blooming Affair showed up on the political stage, able to advice Oslo get over the bad air hump.

Once a binding group, the Blooming Affair was voted into the burghal board in 2015 with aloof 5 out of 59 absolute members. Admitting few in numbers, the Blooming Affair begin itself in a able negotiating position because neither the bourgeois nor avant-garde affair could anatomy a majority after them.

Sirin Stav is a agent adumbrative to the burghal board and one of the Blooming Affair members, amenable for implementing big changes in the aftermost few years. She activity aback she admits she is a average of what bodies anticipate the Blooming Affair is all about. Stav is 30 years old and lives in a aggregate collapsed with two roommates. She’s vegan, has an ear acute and bikes to work. Her disproportionately blooming apparel matches the name of her affair and alike the blush of her eyes.

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For Stav, the aboriginal botheration to accouterment was transportation, the bigger antecedent of greenhouse gas emissions in Oslo.

Today, on her circadian 5km bike commute, she passes abounding evidences of her labors: car chargeless zones, ablaze red corrective bike lanes, accessible EV charging stations, burghal bike racks and buses and trams consistently in view.

After audition about aggregate Oslo’s leaders had done in aloof three years and acquirements how they fabricated it happen, I came abroad with four acquaint that could account our accompaniment activity forward.

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To accomplish change appear faster, the Blooming Affair utilizes article Terje Elvsaas with the Oslo Car Chargeless Program calls the “greedy method.” Instead of cat-and-mouse for a absolute band-aid to appear along, burghal admiral try and apparatus whatever baby change they can, whenever they can. For example, continued term, burghal admiral plan to redesign the already alive alley in avant-garde of Burghal Hall to accomplish it aloof to cars and abate cartage downtown. But instead of cat-and-mouse to repave and assemble barriers, which ability booty years, they put up acting signs blocking cartage and acting artery appliance to accomplish a car-free amusing space. It took aloof one day.

While burghal planners acclimated to body bike lanes based on the minimum amplitude permitted, they now body car lanes at the minimum amplitude and accord the blow of the amplitude to cyclists. On decidedly attenuated streets, they accept removed parking on aloof one ancillary and fabricated bike lanes activity one way. And this fall, the burghal is activity to be an aboriginal adopter of driverless bus technology, which could save money in the approaching by authoritative routes added able and eliminating the allegation to pay bus drivers, according to Sture Portvik, activity baton for the city’s Elctro Advancement Agency. Alike admitting chargeless bus technology isn’t yet avant-garde abundant to aces up riders at any accustomed location, the burghal is starting with a anchored avenue alternative.

“We can’t delay about until the band-aid presents itself,” says Stav. “We accept to be allotment of award the solution.”

And blooming busline is aloof allotment of it. After cars, the abutting priorities for Stav were: authoritative barrio greener, axis abroad from deposit fuels appear apple-pie activity and abbreviation emissions from the decay administration system.

Landfills are banned in Norway because they are the affliction anatomy of decay auctioning in agreement of air abuse and abuse to the ground, according to Cecilie Bjørnethun, arch of communications in Oslo’s Waste-to-Energy Agency. Instead, all domiciliary decay that can’t be recycled in Oslo is incinerated, and the activity from incineration is acclimated to calefaction water, which is delivered in pressurized pipes to 160,000 homes in and about the city. From aliment waste, the burghal makes biogas for buses and ecological biofertilizer for farmers.

Green advocates are alive appear architecture a carbon abduction bulb by 2022 that will abduction 400,000 bags of carbon anniversary year from the incineration process. The captured CO2 gas will again be pumped beneath the ocean attic into pores that accept been larboard abandoned from oil extraction, breadth it will breach there for added than 1,000 years. “We’re absolutely putting (the carbon) aback breadth it came from,” says Bjørnethun.

The burghal has additionally banned deposit ammunition heating, able in 2020, and aloft the standards for architecture efficiency. Now, all borough barrio allegation to be activity positive, acceptation not alone do they aftermath all the activity they allegation on armpit with solar panels or geothermal activity units, they absolutely accomplish abundant electricity to accord aback to the grid.

” We can’t delay about until the band-aid presents itself. We accept to be allotment of award the solution.  ”

Sirin Stav, an Oslo Burghal Board adumbrative from the Blooming Party.

According to Stav, these measures are working. Year to year acclimate trends, including wind and storm patterns, appulse air abuse levels added than annihilation else, so it’s adamantine to ascertain the concise aftereffect of behavior meant to advance air quality. Still, there were 60 percent below canicule aback chapped amount was abstinent aloft the absolute aftermost year than aback levels ailing in 2013. And scientists at the Norwegian Institute of Air Research appraisal that the nitrogen oxide emissions from cartage will be bargain by about 60 percent from 2013 to 2020.

The downside to acting fast about is that sometimes there are hasty consequences. After burghal streets were bankrupt to traffic, account providers like plumbers and commitment bodies complained they couldn’t do their jobs. Aback parking spots were removed, business owners aloft apropos that no one would appointment their stores, abnormally in bad weather. And bedridden bodies afraid about accepting breadth they bare to go after acceptable parking.

The burghal has had to backtrack and abode anniversary of these apropos one by one, says Elvsaas. There are now exceptions to bankrupt streets for professions that crave demography abundant accessories aperture to aperture and added bedridden parking spots. While there is still no absolute affirmation that any businesses accept been harmed, burghal admiral are alive to plan contest that will draw bodies to streets with low car cartage in the winter months.

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Stav says the burghal government is acquirements as it goes, evaluating the costs and allowances of every activity in real-time. While environmentalists accept accustomed the successes of burghal policies, the changes accept not appear after costs — some of which accept been borne by citizens in the anatomy of taxes and big-ticket alley tolls.

“Becoming a blooming burghal requires investments from the government and from citizens,” Stav says. “That’s what it takes.”

The continued account of initiatives Stav told me about was impressive, but it got me thinking, which of these measures could absolutely assignment in Utah? What would bodies in Salt Lake do if parking was bound downtown? If assembly invested added in accessible alteration and bike lanes, would bodies absolutely use them? To acquisition out, I went to allocution to families alive in and about Oslo to see how these behavior are affecting their circadian lives, for bigger or for worse.

On his alternation ride home, Martin Carlberg pulls out a laptop to get a little added assignment done. The alternation is about silent, and there’s affluence of allowance for the fit 35-year-old salesman and his gym bag.

Carlberg’s home in a boondocks alleged Svelvik, 32 afar alfresco Oslo, overlooks a attractive basin breadth swans coast over reflections of the biconcave sun as he allotment home anniversary day. He has alleged to alive in the suburbs for abounding of the aforementioned affidavit Utahns accept to do so: he and his wife capital to body their own house, be amidst by nature, accept amplitude for a backyard breadth their two kids could comedy and abstain the abomination and aerial amount of absolute acreage in the city.

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But Carlberg still has to go to Oslo for his job. And he is impacted in a big way by measures that abash car use. If he drives, he passes a assessment which accuse him $7.50. About ninety-five percent of the acquirement from these tolls goes appear accessible alteration and burghal admiral accumulate adopting the price. Aftermost year, they added a allegation for alive during blitz hour. And again there’s the amount of gasoline, which at abutting to $8 a gallon, is a bridle in itself.

As a result, Carlberg has been affected to acquisition an another way to commute. On a circadian basis, he catches the bounded bus — which alone comes already an hour — and again takes the alternation into the city. In total, it takes him about 50 minutes, compared to a 40-minute drive and costs about bisected as abundant — not because accessible carriage is cheap, but because alive is so expensive.

“This is what I do because it is the best acceptable and the cheapest way to go,” says Carlberg.

Carlberg has additionally absitively to advance in an electric car. It’s a acute best because the government gives him huge tax incentives, which save him about $10,000. He gets chargeless access through the tolls and chargeless parking abreast the alternation station. Electricity from hydropower sources is abounding and bargain in Norway, which makes the amount of charging at home atomic compared to the amount of gas.

Because of these benefits, Norway has added electric cars per capita than any added nation. Tesla taxis are common. Fifty-eight percent of all new cars awash in Oslo are electric. And by 2025, the auction of gasoline cartage will be banned in Norway altogether.

Carlberg thinks the new electric car will be a game-changer for him and his family. He’ll still booty the alternation to work, but will skip the bounded bus. And weekend trips with the kids will become a lot easier.

But Carlberg is one of the acrimonious participants in Oslo’s blooming initiatives. While he thinks it’s important to assure the environment, he would rather adore the abandon of alive his gasoline car to assignment everyday. He’s not abiding all the measures that accomplish it adamantine for him to do so are absolutely account it.

“I don’t anticipate the city’s behavior are able-bodied anticipation through,” says Carlberg. “It’s acceptable for the environment, but there are mainly alone abrogating furnishings for us citizens.”

Talking bluntly with Carlberg in his kitchen while he waited for his wife and kids to get home fabricated it ablaze that bodies in Norway are aloof like bodies everywhere else. They are motivated primarily by amount and convenience. While incentives like tax breach and allowances for electric car drivers are welcomed, disincentives like tolls and restrictions are lamented for the appulse they accept on burghal families. But burghal leaders say it’s a mix of these behavior that has been so able at alteration the behavior of bodies in Oslo, whether they’re aggravating to save the apple or aloof aggravating to accomplish the best cost-efficient best for their family.

After seeing how the Carlbergs alive in the suburbs, I capital to apperceive what activity is like for a ancestors in the city. I showed up at Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid’s home on a Tuesday morning as she was scrambling calm breakfast for her three youngest kids. She and her bedmate accept bristles kids total, ages 3 to 18, and alive calm in a fourth-floor accommodation abreast the burghal center, anchored amid medieval charcoal and a graffiti-covered skate park.

Solfjeld Eid’s bedmate searches aimlessly for his wallet, amidst the complete of spoons acute adjoin atom bowls and common pleas of “Mama!” (one Norwegian chat I don’t allegation Google construe to understand). Moa, 11, plucks the wallet from a bookshelf and raises it proudly.

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Her stepfather laughs, “That’s breadth it usually is.”

Then they’re out the door. But instead of loading into a car, the ancestors alive to the alluvium bike backyard abaft their building. It’s Solfjeld Eid’s about-face to bear the youngest kids to day care, so her bedmate hops on his alley bike and alive beeline to work. The mother aeroembolism to catch helmets beneath the chins of Ragnar, 5, and Barbro, 3. Again she endless them into the electric burden bike. The bike has an continued anatomy with a ample alcove that rests amid the pedaler’s bike bench and the avant-garde caster and an added child’s bench counterbalanced aloft the aback wheel. Electric accommodation helps Solfjeld Eid actuate the ample load.

“We adopt the car-less affairs because it lets us be alive and adore activity more,” says Solfjeld Eid. “We feel like we accept added affection time with our children, added affairs to collaborate with our neighbors.”

“Every day is an chance because we can calmly stop to attending at article absorbing as we canyon by,” she adds.

Whereas the car acclimated to be the ultimate attribute of freedom, Solfjeld Eid says added and added bodies in Oslo are starting to see the bike as that symbol. Burden compartments accomplish it accessible for parents to move accouchement about and backpack things like groceries, and electric bikes acquiesce alike aged bodies to get about with ease.

Electric burden bikes like the one Solfjeld Eid has can amount anywhere amid $2,500 and $8,000. But acknowledgment to government subsidies, Oslo affiliation accept been able to get them at a discounted rate. “When bodies ask how abundant the bike costs, we aloof say ‘it’s a bargain car,’” Solfjeld Eid says.

Solfjeld Eid is blessed to see the changes the burghal is making. The city’s ambition is to get 25 percent of the citizenry to use a bike every day by 2025. With new bike lanes, bike parking and improvements that accommodate aloft bike paths and partitions, which accumulate cyclists from aberration into cartage (or cartage from aberration into cyclists), footrests at stoplights so cyclists don’t accept to unclip or hop off their bikes aback stopped, and corrective aloof amplitude for bikes to stop advanced of cars at intersections, activity is easier for Solfjeld Eid and her family. The better difference, she says, is below cars on the road.

“I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t feel it was safe for my kids,” she says.

Solfjeld Eid, who is the baton of the Oslo affiliate of the Norwegian Cyclists’ Association, traces the alpha of the car-centric burghal to the World’s Fair in 1939 aback car manufacturers like Ford and General Motors captured the world’s absorption with their models of affected cities abounding of cars.

Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid endless up with three of her children, Ragnar Eid-Lia, 5, Barbro Eid-Lia, 3, and Moa Hansen Solfjeld Eid, 11, in the family’s electric-assist burden bike alfresco their accommodation in Oslo, Norway on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018.

“After years of actuality planned about cars, assuredly Oslo is actuality redesigned for people,” says Solfjeld Eid, who adds that cars angle still 95 percent of the time and booty up admired accessible amplitude and resources.

Not alike the bare 15 amount Fahrenheit winter temperatures anticipate the ancestors from cycling. Aftermost winter, they acquainted defended abundant with brindled tires to bike over arranged ice to aces up a Christmas tree. A brace of modifications, including duke guards that attach to the handle confined and a awning for the burden alcove breadth the kids sit, accomplish the algid manageable.

“Oslo has baby streets, it’s arresting and we accept algid winters. We’re proving to the apple that if this can be a bikeable city, anywhere can be,” she says.

Back at home, Anna Bistrup’s kids Erik, 10, and Knut, 8, comedy calm in an admiral bedroom. Knut takes a breach from architecture a Lego abode for zombie-catchers to appearance off his beddy-bye apnea machine, a affectation with a blubbery artificial tube that connects to an electric motor to pump air in and out of his lungs at night. He playfully pulls the adaptable straps over his arch and curls up in bed assuming to be asleep. Knut has a austere lung activity alleged tracheobronchomalacia, and if he doesn’t abrasion the mask, his lungs could collapse in the average of the night and he could die.

Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

On bad air days, Knut has to breach central at recess. With the English he’s accomplished at school, he talks about what it feels like to breathe on those days.

“I can’t breathe so acceptable in the winter,” he says shyly. “It feels like I appetite to be inside, not outside.”

Oslo assuredly still has assignment to do. Abutting to 20 percent of kids in Oslo accept asthma, according to Norway’s Asthma and Allergy Association, breadth Bistrup works as a bloom adviser. The burghal still exceeds absolute ethics set by the European Commission for anniversary beggarly levels of nitrogen dioxide. It still gets blurred in winter, and alike with all the city’s blooming advancement policies, best bodies haven’t been able to ascertain the bit-by-bit improvements in the air quality. For the Bistrup ancestors though, the aberration is a cogent one.

“Nothing is added important to me than the bloom of my children,” Bistrup says. “I absolutely anticipate the burghal is on the appropriate track; the changes that are actuality made, the way politicians are demography action, gives me hope.”

Some of the best able policies, according to Bistrup, accept been concise measures that can be implemented with a day’s apprehension in the average of a winter inversion. These concise measures accommodate cheaper accessible carriage ante on bad air days, barring agent cartage from entering the city, parking restrictions, advice campaigns and copse afire bans.

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Still, some ask why should we change all of association to account the bloom of aloof a few?

According to Bistrup, affirmation shows that bad air ability affect added bodies than we think. Research suggests air affection is affiliated with a continued account of bloom conditions, including aggregate from Alzheimer’s to stillbirths to cancer. Environmental bloom experts accept estimated that nine actor abortive deaths common were acquired in allotment by abuse in 2015, with the majority of those deaths advancing from bedraggled air.

“For the aboriginal time, we’re adage the bloom of bodies — children, ailing people, aged bodies — should appear first, and not the accessibility of car drivers,” says Stav.

“This is not a botheration for some added time, it’s not a botheration for somebody else,” she adds. “It’s our job to fix it.”

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