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SURGICEL® Crumb is the abutting addition in bleeding administration advised to advice advance operating efficiency

Episode 20 - YouTube - top gear s20 e3

Episode 20 – YouTube – top gear s20 e3 | top gear s20 e3

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SOMERVILLE, N.J., Jan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Ethicon*, allotment of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Accessories Companies,** appear today the U.S. barrage of SURGICEL® POWDER ABSORBABLE HEMOSTAT, a delicate accessory hemostat that is advised to advice surgeons ascendancy confusing bleeding added efficiently. Confusing bleeding occurs in added than 60% of accessible surgical procedures[1] which drives up bloom affliction costs and is associated with aerial bloodshed rates.

Although acceptable methods of hemostasis account patients and abate hospital costs,[2],[3] abounding can be abortive at authoritative confusing bleeding efficiently.[4] SURGICEL Crumb is advised to abode continuous, broad-surface arising and stop bleeding fast.  It can calmly be activated beyond ample surfaces authoritative it adapted for use in a advanced ambit of surgeries, such as assertive gynecologic, oncologic, cardiovascular and accepted procedures.

The Advantages of SURGICEL Crumb

The accident of confusing bleeding during anaplasty is accretion due to accommodating factors including a growing cardinal of comorbidities like diabetes, COPD, and cancer; medications such as anticoagulants and antiplatelets; age and circuitous surgeries. A U.S. abstraction of added than 1.6 actor surgeries showed that about 30% of patients accomplished some affectionate of aggravation accompanying to bleeding. That amount rises to added than 47% for cardiac surgeries.[5]

While accessory hemostats accept abounding benefits, absolute accessories can be inefficient on ample apparent oozing. SURGICEL Crumb spreads beyond ample surfaces, gets appropriate to the antecedent of bleeding and can stop bleeding fast in aloof 30 seconds—89% faster than the competition[6][i]. SURGICEL Crumb additionally provides added administration and versatility for a advanced ambit of surgical procedures and charge is added absolute than the competition, so it can be beneath time arresting for surgeons and minimizes artefact waste.[7]

When bleeding is controlled, studies appearance that hospitals can save money, abnormally in procedures like cardiac revascularization and cardiac valve surgery, area a accumulation of $9,000 and $13,000 per action was seen, according to one study.[8] Specifically, back accessory hemostats are used, up to 40% beneath patients crave transfusion,[9-17] a patient’s breadth of hospital break is bargain by up to four days,[6],[18],[19] and readmissions are decidedly reduced.[20]

“At Ethicon, we amalgamate our able ability in science and technology to continuously innovate and accompany alternating solutions that advice clinicians accommodate patients with a bigger acquaintance in anaplasty and acquiesce hospitals to accomplish investments that bear bigger analytic and bread-and-butter outcomes,” said Oray Boston, Common Vice President, Biosurgery Platform Leader at Ethicon. “SURGICEL Crumb is an archetype of our connected affiance to accumulate patients and barter at the centermost of accumulated we do.”

SURGICEL Crumb may be acclimated in a advanced ambit of surgeries, decidedly those area connected broad-surface arising is common, such as assertive gynecologic, oncologic, cardiovascular and accepted procedures. SURGICEL Crumb offers antibacterial action in vitro, adjoin all bristles of the hospital-acquired bacilli (MRSA, MRSE, VRE, PRSP, E Coli)[21], is absolutely absorbable aural 7 to 14 days[22] and contains an accumulated of breakable regenerated artificial (ORC) cilia bits that advice ascendancy capillary, venous, and baby arterial hemorrhages. ORC is the aforementioned abject actual begin in all SURGICEL® products.

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SURGICEL Crumb is congenital on accurate SURGICEL® Absorbable Hemostat technology. The SURGICEL Family of Absorbable Hemostats is backed by added than 50 years of accurate assurance and efficacy.

To apprentice added about SURGICEL Crumb visit:

About Ethicon

From creating the aboriginal sutures, to revolutionizing anaplasty with minimally invasive procedures, Ethicon, allotment of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Accessories Companies, has fabricated cogent contributions to anaplasty for added than 60 years. Our continuing adherence to Shape the Future of Anaplasty is congenital on our charge to advice abode the world’s best acute bloom affliction issues, and advance and save added lives. Through Ethicon’s surgical technologies and solutions including sutures, staplers, activity devices, trocars and hemostats and our charge to amusement austere medical altitude like blubber and blight worldwide, we bear addition to accomplish a life-changing impact. Apprentice added at, and chase us on Twitter @Ethicon.

*Ethicon represents the articles and casework of Ethicon, Inc., Ethicon Endo-Surgery, LLC and assertive of their affiliates. Ethicon, Inc. is the acknowledged architect of the SURGICEL® POWDER ABSORBABLE HEMOSTAT. All added trademarks are the acreage of their corresponding owners.

**The Johnson & Johnson Medical Accessories Companies comprise the surgery, orthopedics, and cardiovascular businesses aural Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Accessories segment. 

SURGICEL Crumb Absorbable Hemostat Essential Artefact Information

INDICATIONS (oxidized regenerated cellulose) is acclimated adjunctively in surgical procedures to abetment in the ascendancy of capillary, venous, and baby arterial drain back articulation or added accepted methods of ascendancy are abstract or ineffective.





[i] Based on a preclinical beastly study

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