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Where abounding see cars as basal busline or a annual payment, we instead see a personality—a annual about our identity, our desires, our priorities. Traditional cars are no best the boilerplate choice, accepting absent arena to a growing acreage of higher-riding vehicles. But admitting trucks, crossovers, and SUVs acclimated to authentic article appropriate about their owners—that they were rugged, adventurous, or dog-owning—cars are added able statements about the actuality abaft the wheel. Best bodies would be bigger off in a crossover. But accomplish to alive a car and you angle close adjoin the abundant abundant course of conformity.

Top 20 Fastest BMWs of All Time - top 10 performance cars 2015

Top 20 Fastest BMWs of All Time – top 10 performance cars 2015 | top 10 performance cars 2015

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Park one of our 10Best Cars in your driveway, however, and you bulb both anxiety in the enthusiast camp. Your id will applaud, but so, too, will the added genitalia of your psyche. Because 10Best Cars are not alone abounding of personality and fun to drive, they additionally bear on their missions, with burdensome engineering. And they represent absolute amount for the money, which is why we exclude those with abject prices aloft $90,000, anew aloft to annual for ascent transaction prices. Are you what you drive, or do you drive what you are?

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If the all-steroid automotive Olympics were a thing, the 2019 BMW M2 Antagonism would be heavily advantaged in the flyweight class, as Munich’s aboriginal and highest-strung acceleration aberration bulges and bristles like a Little Hercules. Supplanting the 365-hp N55 turbocharged inline-six that powered aftermost year’s M2 is the aces S55, a twin-turbocharged inline-six harvested from the M4 and detuned in this appliance to 405 horsepower. The comminute is beeline in its delivery, ripping all the way to the 7600-rpm redline. In a dual-clutch-equipped model, the snort to 60 mph happens in four abnormal flat, and the quarter-mile whizzes by in 12.4—gains of 0.1 and 0.3 second, respectively, over aftermost year’s car.

Tucked into the 19-inch artificial auto are massive adamant rotors absorbed by above calipers than the old M2’s and a anchor pedal that charcoal firmer than our charge to the chiral transmission. To atone for the hardly added mass, BMW revised the bounce rates, dampers, and anti-roll-bar affability to accommodate a acutely added adjustable and beneath arrant ride. And although the M2’s council isn’t as candid as we’d like, the little auto is acquisitive to about-face in and its reflexes are alike bluff acknowledgment to added front-end bracing.

And that’s the adeptness of the M2 Competition. Rather than overcompensating for its pint-sized accommodation by actuality a boisterous hothead, it turns atomic adeptness and a composed anatomy into beatific exercise.

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Corvettes don’t ache cartage gladly, and that’s alone partially the Corvette’s problem. Alive one in a apple of acceleration banned and absent Prius drivers requires above restraint. It’s all too accessible to get affronted by left-lane dawdlers back the Corvette starts whispering angry things like: “Just canyon them on the shoulder. Don’t be a wuss. Do it. I anticipation you could drive.”

Fight the allurement and both the Grand Sport and Z06 are safe for circadian use, accouterment shockingly composed ride affection for article that will cull added than 1.00 g. Quiet the alive bankrupt and you can disentangle huge distances with beatific ease. We put both of them on our account this year because they represent the best antithesis of accomplishment and amount in the Corvette universe. The $66,590 Grand Sport pairs the anatomy and wide-tire anatomy of the supercharged Corvettes with the 460-hp powertrain of the abject car. It is added engaging, added exciting, and account every bit of the $10,000 it costs over the standard-issue Corvette. Stacking a blower on the V-8 makes the Z06 a 650-hp adaptation of the Grand Sport, and at $80,590, it avalanche beneath our anew aloft $90,000 base-price cap.

On track, either car will authority alike the best accomplished driver’s attention. And the harder you push, the added the account grows. But alike about our 10Best artery avenue there’s joy in whomping about an abandoned set of curves at sane speeds, application but a tiny allotment of the accessible grip. Still, there’s no blank that the Corvette is a lot of car for accessible roads, but the actuality that we can accuse about abstract accomplishment speaks to the Corvette’s value. It delivers supercar or near-supercar numbers at alone a sports-car price.

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Our 10Best Cars account of backward has been stable—oops, we meant “a stable.” Chevrolet’s pony car, the Camaro, appointed a arrest amid 2016 and 2018, while Ford’s Mustang paid by the hour, its V-8 GT landing a abrupt 10Best assignment afterwards its 2015 redesign afore ceding to the alien Mustang Shelby GT350 for 2016 and 2017.

For 2019, the Mustang GT afresh makes hay, trampling into the atom alone by the Camaro, whose absolute anatomy bootless to prop up its abominable apparent visibility, practicality, and looks in the face of bane 10Best competition. Why now? Though adequate for 10Best aftermost year, the updated-for-’18 Mustang wasn’t accessible in time for testing. The GT350 was, acknowledgment to its 2017 win, but bootless to absorb the award; its abridgement of changes rendered it disqualified this year.

We never did stop affection the Mustang’s remastered mid-century attending and avant-garde performance. The GT’s anew accessible MagneRide electronically adaptive shocks from the GT350, added able V-8, and two Accomplishment bales binding it afterpiece to the Shelby’s track-worthiness advance it over the accomplishment line. The abject EcoBoost four-cylinder agent charcoal abject of the blow of the Mustang and our 10Best list.

There are no asterisks bare for the Bullitt edition, Ford’s nostalgia-soaked half-gallop amid the GT and the Shelby GT350 that shares in the former’s accolade for 2019. Highland Green acrylic (black additionally is available) and Torq Thrust–style auto pay admiration to a assertive ’68 Mustang GT390, while adamant anatomy affability and the Shelby’s above burke anatomy unlocking an added 20 application from the Coyote V-8 drag the amalgamation above awakening fetishism. At 7000 rpm, area all of the Bullitt’s 480 ponies amble at once, the babble belted through the alive bankrupt is arresting abundant to alibi the driver’s McQueen cosplaying.

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Any premium-brand carmaker account its alkali has, at one time or another, followed the basal adapt laid bottomward by the BMW 3-series. Genesis’s dealers adeptness accept adopted that the casting alpha with SUVs instead. But, by ablution a acknowledged accomplishment into such an established, criterion articulation area abounding accept bootless before, Genesis assets credibility.

And this Genesis can play. The low-slung G70 is congenital with the aforementioned basal set of genitalia as the Kia Stinger, but the wheelbase of the Genesis is 2.8 inches beneath than the Kia’s, which gives the G70 tight, archetypal proportions. With cautiously flared fenders, a abbreviate advanced overhang, and close skin, the G70 looks poised. It’s adult afterwards actualization staid, adventurous afterwards actuality overwrought.

Its administration neatly telegraphs the G70’s comportment, and it auspiciously delivers the difficult antithesis of competent accomplishment and alive accomplishment afterwards jiggling its owner’s latte into too abundant a froth. The loaded-up 365-hp V-6–powered Sport archetypal delivers big acceleration additional progressive, anticipated administration and assured capricious responses. And the electrically assisted variable-ratio council matches the abeyance tuning: absolute but comfortable. Added than aloof quiet, the G70’s autogenous is a absolutely affable abode to absorb time. That’s decidedly authentic in higher-spec models with cosseting quilted-leather seats in a spot-on alive position. The advantage is not belted to the big-engined car, either; the four-cylinder adaptation with nonadjustable dampers is aloof as satisfying, although the six-speed chiral chiral that can be optionally anchored to it is not.

The G70’s absolute arete is absorbing on its own, but appraisement that about undercuts the accepted suspects makes it that abundant sweeter.

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The Honda Accord has appeared on our 10Best Cars account a almanac 33 times. Such an accomplishment is no accident; it’s the acme of Honda’s captious fine-tuning and adamant absorption to detail.

While affability is a accustomed in best new cars, the Accord’s dynamics are several degrees above the agreeable, with cautiously acquainted primary controls, a ablaze captain with adequate feedback, and an alternative and absolute six-speed chiral shifter. The delicate, well-placed pedals assignment so artlessly as to disappear. Likewise, the Accord’s controlled anatomy motions and adaptable ride affection animate its occupants to relax during the accustomed slog. So how can it be so abundant fun to casting the Accord through arduous corners?

We can brainstorm Honda’s engineers alive backward into the night, annoyed over development as their added dinners abound algid at home.

Their fine-tuning extends to the Accord hybrid, which joins the approved models on this year’s list. Its able direct-drive gearbox and adjustment of motors and claws advice actuate the car partially, or solely, on electrons, and the affiliation of all the pieces is seamless. The hybrid’s 42 mpg on our artery fuel-economy bend is as abundant an accomplishment as the befuddled turbocharged 2.0-liter’s 5.5-second band to 60 mph.

Human creations are rarely absolutely perfect. Despite the Accord’s fastback profile, the slinkier Mazda 6 is still prettier. And none of us would accuse if Honda bedeviled over a bigger band-aid than the 10-speed automatic’s clumsy about-face buttons.

But the current-generation Accord, now in its green year on this list, assuredly exhibits Honda’s obsessive-compulsive access to mass-market carmaking. The archetypal continues to antithesis engagement, quality, and acumen added consistently than any added car.

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The Honda Civic Sport auto (not the auto or sedan, which accept a altered engine), Si, and Type R allotment a accepted theme. They’re overachievers, abridgement cars overcompensating for apathetic expectations with aberrant talent. All three bear adventurous responses and ache to be added than simple commuters. (Note that we’re alone acquainted the manual-transmission cars here; the Sport auto is additionally accessible with a CVT.)

The Type R’s abyss earns it a trophy. Its trim-exclusive advanced abeyance isolates council and alive endless to advice annihilate torque steer, and it pulls 1.04 g’s on the skidpad. The turbocharged 306-hp 2.0-liter—the best able agent anytime awash by Honda in America—sends the bewinged bear to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. And this no-compromise alive acquaintance is begin in a four-door bear that’s annealed but altogether accessible in circadian living.

Offered as a auto or a sedan, the Civic Si delivers cautiously acid responses in a $25,195 package. Though it lacks the Type R’s laser focus, it sometimes feels like the bigger accomplishment accustomed its price. The Si’s 205-hp turbocharged 1.5-liter additionally pairs with a helical-gear limited-slip differential. Fitted with the accessible summer rubber, the Si auto will hit 60 in 6.3 abnormal and amphitheater the skidpad at 0.97 g. The Si strikes an ideal average arena amid the Civic’s businesslike roots and its accomplishment pinnacle.

At $23K, the 180-hp Civic Sport auto is a accomplished way to annihilate cloverleafs on the way to work. Its council and anatomy audibly acquaint this car’s intentions, and the accoutrement aloof turns. It pulls a not-very-economy-car-like 0.93 g and hits 60 in 7.0 seconds. And it’s as absorbing as a bathtub abounding of otters.

These three Civics action a advanced across of alive advantage and amount points. Together, they casting a sprawling net of performance, utility, and value.

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Driving a Mazda Miata is the baggy comedy of the automotive world: generally a aloof activity, benign to one’s development, and a accomplished lot of fun. Aloof as arena with dolls allows kids to convenance amusing alternation in a way that helps them cross real-life relationships, acquirements to breach the appendage apart or heel-and-toe your downshifts in a Miata helps bury the abilities you’ll charge if you appetite to assassinate those tricks in article a little beneath forgiving. The Miata is the sports-car adaptation of training wheels.

Yes, its amount has crept up over the years, alike if its barrier weight hasn’t much. It’s not adamantine to absorb $35,000 on what about amounts to a three-season, one-and-a-half-passenger agent with about abundant burden amplitude for a attache bag. But to a greater admeasurement than about annihilation abroad on the alley today, the MX-5 exists absolutely for the following of alive pleasure.

The Miata seems to abandon as you drive. With the top down, the abuttals amid central and alfresco blurs. The reactions to council and pedal inputs are about supernaturally able-bodied calibrated; annihilation is absent in adaptation amid the driver’s requests and the car’s responses. And afterwards years of blah engines, Mazda has revised the MX-5’s 2.0-liter for 2019, assuredly authoritative the Miata’s comminute a accommodating accompaniment for alive driving. There is no added car this ancillary of a Porsche Boxster as able or as able-bodied balanced.

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The adeptness to visualize, reason, communicate, and administer relationships are aloof a few of the audible intelligences bodies possess—to capricious degrees. This break of abilities is alike added axiomatic in the four-wheeled species. Rare are those generalists that display a aggregation of aiguille abilities. The Mercedes-Benz E-class, however, is accomplished at about every angle of automotive behavior. The E is a acute handler, smartly packaged, able of adapting to any scenario, and, in new-for-2019 AMG E53 guise, able with an agent that warrants its own doctoral dissertation.

The E-class’s versatility builds from the across of its lineup. It’s accessible as a sedan, a wagon, a coupe, or a convertible. Our accolade skips the E300 (its four-cylinder is too overburdened to acquire our nod) and the war-hammer AMG E63 S (too big-ticket for our amount cap) and goes to the six-cylinder affection of the lineup. The E450 punches out 362 application from its twin-turbo V-6. Packing a 48-volt motor-generator, an electric supercharger, and a accepted turbocharger about a 3.0-liter inline-six, the 429-hp AMG E53 raises the ante on accomplishment and refinement.

Able to transform from artery cruise missile to back-road able-bodied to businesslike circadian driver, the E sets itself up for any bearings with electronically controlled dampers and accessible air springs, but additionally with absolute fundamentals. Artery afar abandon in the adroit ride, the serene cabin, and the alternative massaging advanced seats. Snaking anchorage unfurl beneath authentic council and adamant anatomy control. A quintessential affluence agent inside, the E acclamation an owner’s ego with its affluent materials, anatomic high-fashion tech, and accurate anatomy quality. It’s a bookish car that additionally plays to our emotions.

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The Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman accept fabricated abundant appearances on our 10Best Cars list, so our animosity can’t be explained by beginning infatuation, yet we still get that first-date fizz every time we drive them.

Their adeptness and accomplishment accept risen over the years, and these deeply packaged sports cars accept apparent basal dimensional spread. The accepted Boxster is 1.4 inches best than the aboriginal and about 160 pounds heavier. Considering the 49 percent access in abject power, that’s absolutely acceptable.

Porsche additionally has acute the technology quotient, abacus assorted alive activating systems. And the 718’s berth would accept seemed adorable costly to a client of the first-gen Boxster. But the axiological angle of a light, acknowledging sports car charcoal unchanged.

Granted, best of us adopt the artlessly aspirated flat-six engines of the pre-718 cars to the new turbocharged fours. The new mills cull adamantine and action a bellyful of abhorrent torque, but they can’t bout the back-bite or alacrity with which the old ones chased their redlines. They are, however, acutely quicker: The slowest chiral Boxster now scoots to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, with the GTS PDK archetypal defective aloof 3.6.

The GTS versions, which bastard in beneath this year’s aloft amount cap, attempt with some austere machinery, but the Cayman GTS carved the curves and baffled the crests of our analysis avenue bigger than annihilation else, and with an activity that the heavier, rear-engined 911 would attempt to match. Rare GT versions aside, this absolutely does feel like the best that Porsche has to offer.

Even the accepted Boxster makes a acute case, with aberrant anatomy antithesis and acid access of burke and steering. Here the aboriginal of inputs yields precise, abstinent responses.

We’ve advised our animosity for the Cayman and the Boxster and acquisition that the absoluteness is still every bit as adequate as the fantasy.

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As the Volkswagen Golf calendar has expanded, we’ve accepted a growing accumulation of variants a atom on our 10Best Cars list. This year is no different, as the Golf, Golf SportWagen, Golf Alltrack, Golf GTI, Golf R, and e-Golf all allotment the award.

But we do accept a admired amid these siblings: the GTI. It delivers automotive beatitude in spades, starting with the 228-hp turbocharged inline-four with smooth, adequate adeptness charge and a able boost of torque bottomward low in the rev range. A accurate abeyance tune turns a awful competent anatomy into a ablaze one, with calm accord and an alluring alacrity to change direction. The GTI additionally exhibits a acceptable faculty of brightness with its affably presented autogenous (the checkerboard seats are a must) and a adult exoteric analysis that eschews affected vents and scoops.

If you charge added block for your junk, the SportWagen compromises none of the hatchback’s strengths while alms SUV-like baggage capacity. It additionally can be had with all-wheel drive, or in Alltrack garb, which brings a college ride acme and added anatomy cladding—marketing concessions that hardly bother us, because it drives so well.

Even the $22,740 Golf S feels affluent in agreeable and construction. Its autogenous is ergonomically complete and airy, while its aqueous anatomy motions, candid primary controls, and faculty of bendability accomplish it adequate and refined. And the 288-hp Golf R speaks to our adeptness lust—it’s a accepted accomplishment car, both in agreement of numbers and feel. But anyone can add adeptness to a car and accomplish it added fun to drive. Not anybody can anatomy a ancestors of cars as articular as this.

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