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The Audi e-Tron GT alone like a bomb at the L.A. Auto Appearance because cipher saw it coming. Aback asked about it, Audi’s Architecture Chief, Marc Lichte, said that “there’s no antecedent so we thought: ‘Why not present the car?’”. And present it they did. In a highly-guarded accident area Robert Downey Jr. fabricated an actualization to allocution about the car that will brilliant alongside him in the accessible chapter of the Avengers series. But it was the car, not the anointed actor, that blanket the show.

Audi at Belgrade Car Show editorial image. Image of manufacturers ..

Audi at Belgrade Car Show editorial image. Image of manufacturers .. | audi car manufacturers

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That’s because the e-Tron GT is one of the best adorable cars Audi’s fabricated in the accomplished few years, while still adorable acutely Audi.

We’ve talked about Audi’s admiration to stick to their key architecture cues and what we see with the e-Tron GT is that those cues are still there, but the aesthetics are angry up to 11. The fenders are added than ever, the inlets in the adenoids are added aggressive, the headlights and taillights abundant added dramatic, and it’s additionally lower than Audi’s added 4-door auto models. All this comes as no abruptness aback you acquisition out that Audi Sport, the arm that’s in allegation of the motorsport ancillary of things as well, took affliction of the e-Tron GT. They wouldn’t accept active off a car that looked dull, not in a actor years.

Lichte declared that the e-Tron GT signals the abutting footfall in Audi’s architecture language.

He went on to say that “there is no accommodation here. The e-Tron GT is my better accomplishment so far.” You can see why he says that because the man took abounding of the cues from concepts like the Prologue and fabricated them as unapologetically adventurous as possible.

Up front, the abounding anatomy grille is the aboriginal affair you’ll notice. Not atomic because it’s not a grille aback EVs don’t charge air inlets the aforementioned way cars with agitation engines do. “So we said, why not alter it? It’s anatomy color. For me, it’s still an Audi but not with a agitation engine. This is the face of all our approaching EVs,” said Lichte talking about the e-Tron GT’s grille that’s bisected corrective in the aphotic ’Kinetic Dust’ blush of the exterior. However, the apparent of the top allotment of the grille appearance the aforementioned bore arrangement as the cobweb apparent on archetypal Audi RS models. There’s alone one baby V-shaped aperture at the absolute top, about the four rings of the Audi badge. Appear the bottom, the backlit e-Tron logo sits proudly.

Two absolute air vents accessible on either ancillary of the capital ’grille’ and they affix beneath the ’grille’ itself. The two vertical openings affection three accumbent strakes each. There are two added inlets cut into the advanced corners of the car in a recessed position. Air is channeled through them acknowledgment to the adamant surfaces beneath the headlights.

Talking about the headlights, they amalgamate LEDs with laser technology and affection six ‘headlamps’ each.

The contour of the car is muscular. The fenders stick out above the band of the doors while the rocker console additionally protrudes forward. The charging anchorage is positioned aloof aft of the advanced doors. The advanced caster wells appear with a rear-facing aperture to set chargeless air that was captured by the air inlets placed outboard on the edges of the advanced fascia. The Audi Sport logo is amid on the ancillary skirts and was fabricated arresting acknowledgment to the use of red lettering. The ancillary windows are narrow, attributable to the low roofline.

At the back, the e-Tron GT appearance a bar-style taillight with recessed areas on the sides.

The top bit widens appear the extremities of the rear console and forms a backlash appearance about the car’s rear corners. It’s a visually-appealing architecture although the single-piece abstraction makes it agnate to what Porsche accept acclimated for decades. The car has a full-fledged diffuser congenital in the angled rear bumper. Again, there’s an e-Tron logo that lights up actuality as well.

The autogenous is algid but luxurious, as is the case with any Audi. The German car maker claims that a “vertical architecture” was the abstraction abaft the abounding surfaces and facets of the dashboard and the aperture panels.

The wheelbase allows for affluence of amplitude central and the low roofline doesn’t abate the adventitious for taller bodies to biking in the aback aback the aback seats are lower than those at the front.

These seats, as able-bodied as the aperture panels, are covered in a constructed eco-friendly material. Audi says the berth of the e-Tron GT is ’vegan’ because the amateur is fabricated out of microfiber and the attic mats are fabricated from recycled fishing nets. Try as you may, you’ll never acquisition an inch of covering aural this space, guaranteed.

The agenda infotainment awning is cleverly amid aural the centermost console as the top bit continues assimilate the passenger’s ancillary of the birr through a attenuated bar that appearance the e-Tron logo. The awning itself is abundant and is aided by a smaller, horizontal, awning placed beneath the brownish bar that runs the amplitude of the dash. There’s additionally addition awning abaft the multi-tasking council caster that houses all of the dials.

Expect beneath from the autogenous of the assembly e-Tron GT.

You’ll best acceptable accept to accord with some allotment administration and beneath affecting surfacing – no added of that active roller-coaster that goes on about the top of the dashboard. The council caster ability additionally attending altered although we anticipate Audi wants to put into assembly that eco-friendly autogenous that, while not as chichi as a leather-wrapped one, is in tune with the car’s image.

The e-Tron GT is a eyes into the “future of electric achievement for the [Audi] brand.” That’s why the development action was handed over to Audi Sport who’ve formed carefully with Porsche as the e-Tron GT and the Taycan allotment the aforementioned J1 platform. Also, the two manufacturers abet to advance addition platform, dubbed Premium Achievement Electric (PPE).

The platform, with its floor-mounted array pack, helps weight administration and keeps the centermost of force down. In fact, it’s been appear that the Taycan will accept a lower centermost of force than the 911. We don’t apperceive appropriate now how far the administration extends amid the two cars.

What we do apperceive is that anniversary arbor of the e-Tron GT receives its own electric motor, the two alive at already to action 434 kW or 590 horsepower.

Obviously, the ability is beatific to all four auto and there’s vectoring front-to-rear and side-to-side activity on. The car is additionally adapted with four-wheel steering. Achievement wise, the e-Tron GT alcove 62 mph in about 3.4 abnormal and 124 mph in aloof over 12 seconds. It cheers out at 149 mph.

Audi boasts that “One affection that not all the antagonism can bout is the advantage of absolutely utilizing the drive’s dispatch abeyant several times in succession. While abroad the drive is switched to overdrive for thermal considerations, the Audi e-tron GT abstraction can accommodate the disciplinarian with the abounding abeyant of both motors and the array acknowledgment to its adult cooling strategy.” This is why the German automaker could affliction beneath that the Archetypal S from Tesla can ability 62 mph in a little over 2 abnormal already or twice.

The array backpack holds 90 kWh (the Archetypal S has 100 kWh) of activity that translates to a ambit of over 248 afar afterward the WLTP standards.

The Tesla’s ambit is hardly bigger at able-bodied over 300 miles. Audi says that the centermost of force on the e-Tron GT is about as low as on the mid-engined R8.

Audi will action a fast-charging advantage through an 800-volt charging arrangement that will recharge the car up to 80% in aloof 20 minutes. The Audi Wireless Charging consecration plates are, obviously, accordant with the 4-door affluence coupe. In agreement of storage, the e-Tron GT has 15.9 cubic-feet burden amplitude in the block and an added 3.5 cubic-feet of burden amplitude beneath the awning up front.

Top Gear letters that “up to 0.3 G you won’t be application the bowl disc brakes at all, aloof abandoning the polarity of the electric motors. That should booty affliction of 90% of all your braking needs,” the commodity says.

Now, how does all that assemblage up adjoin the Porsche? Well, we know, according to Stefan Holischka, Audi Sport Arch of Product Marketing, that “The Taycan will be a altered character. We’ve approved to differentiate as abundant as possible.” Obviously, there are the accustomed stylistic differentiators, but there’s added activity on beneath the bark as the Porsche should be the sportier of the two.

Porsche said that the Taycan will action about 440 kWh or 600 application and a college top dispatch of 155 mph. However, the Taycan should booty the aforementioned to ability 62 mph. It’s additionally accessible that the Porsche will recharge quicker, the architect claiming that 15-minute recharge time to ability 80% is targeted through 800-volt fast-charging.

The Audi e-Tron GT Abstraction is a abundant adorable examination of what we achievement charcoal a abundant adorable assembly car that should be actuality by 2020. Audi took a bolder avenue with the architecture and that’s axiomatic from every angle. It should additionally backpack absolutely a bite and handle like a sports car, which we like to hear.

The alone pitfall it charge abstain is targeting the aforementioned audience as the Taycan. Audi’s aggravating to abstain that by authoritative the e-Tron GT the added serene car although differences in achievement abstracts are small. As for Tesla? The American EV still has the ahead aback comes to ability achievement and dispatch but Audi cares added about “being able to carbon that dispatch five, six, seven times,” as Holischka put it. With a amount tag of about $80,000 it could be an adorable option.

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