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Love may be the best accepted affair in music, but money comes a absolute abutting second. From Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon to the Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), the music industry and our almanac collections are alike with artists singing about all things cash. It has abounding names — Benjamins, greenbacks, dough, scratch, scrilla, the account goes on — and admitting the adopted classification (and alike the audio format) may alter from one bearing to the next, everybody still wants as abundant of it as they can get their easily on.

Panda": Desiigner Reads All The Lyrics - YouTube - fast cars lyrics meaning

Panda”: Desiigner Reads All The Lyrics – YouTube – fast cars lyrics meaning | fast cars lyrics meaning

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Here is our adopted alternative of the catchiest and best absorbing songs on the subject, from a host of genres. Whereas some are assured picks, others are fan favorites and abysmal cuts.

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“I don’t apperceive what they appetite from me. It’s like the added money we appear across, the added problems we see,” angelus the chorus, acknowledging how abundant added difficult Biggie’s life became as he fabricated added money. Mo Money… is a advertence to the bodies about him absent in on all the money he’s making. Mase and Puff Daddy booty the captain during the aboriginal two verses, but it’s Biggie bringing things home with his signature breeze against the end.

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is a abstraction anthology heavily abiding in what can drive the animal apperception batty — i.e., war, greed, death, time, and money. Obviously, the track Money deals with the closing category, with guitarist David Gilmour singing about its accent in society, forth with the superfluous greed that generally accompanies it. Though abbreviate on lyrics, the song gets beeline to the point amidst campanology banknote registers and a signature bassline about every artisan knows. “Money, so they say, is the basis of all angry today. But if you ask for a raise, it’s no surprise, that they’re giving none away.”

Donna Summer is a Massachusetts icon, the Queen of Disco, and a archetypal artist. She Works Adamantine for the Money is an ’80s basic ample in ascent synths, Prince-style electric guitar, and belting vocals. It bound became one of her signature songs aloft its antecedent release, and purportedly chronicles Summer’s absolute appointment with a downtrodden bath accessory called Onetta. As the appellation implies, the song is a attestation to blue-collar workers, including the above woman on the album’s aback cover.

The yin to Jay-Z’s yang, Nas rarely gloats about spending money and active a abundant lifestyle. Instead, the Illmatic rapper relies on agreeable adeptness to get his bulletin across. While not about money in a acceptable sense, Acquisition Ya Abundance encourages admirers to acquisition the abundance aural themselves. “Look way abysmal axial yourself,” spits Nas in the chorus, “discover the design inside, acquisition ya wealth.” However, he anon segues from abstract musings to annotation on artery economics: “The affairs I alive is untouchable. So we clamp a few, accoutrements that’ll blow your crew. Cause we abstruse to do what the hustlers do.”

Only three of the Wu-Tang Clan’s eight (official) associates appearance up on the group’s hit song C.R.E.A.M. but that doesn’t stop it from actuality conceivably the best iconic money canticle ever. Method Man tackles the capital chorus, while Raekwon and Inspectah Deck booty the verses to allocution about their corresponding ascents in the rap world. “Cash rules aggregate about me. Cream! Get the money,” Method Man raps. “Dollar, dollar bill, y’all.”

There’s absolutely no curtailment of rap and hip-hop songs apropos money, but pop-rock gets in on the fun, too. Enter Hall and Oates’ number-one hit single, Affluent Girl. The song absolutely refers to a fast-food beneficiary who lived alone off his father’s abundance and advanced anachronous Hall’s ex-girlfriend. Hall never anticipation “rich boy” articulate right, though, so he afflicted the song’s name to characterize a adolescent girl. “You’re a affluent girl, and you’ve gone too far, ’cause you apperceive it don’t amount anyway,” begins Hall. “You can await on the old man’s money. You can await on the old man’s money.”

Billionaire is an overwhelmingly addictive song in which McCoy and Mars anticipate what it would be like to be (you estimated it) billionaires. They sing about accepting a appearance like Oprah, arena basketball with the president, and gracing the awning of Forbes. Travie McCoy alike writes off anyone who is “just” a millionaire, admitting he vows to never to use his money for annihilation added than good. “Give abroad a few Mercedes like ‘Here developed accept this,’” McCoy spouts in the additional verse. It’s Mars’ angle that’s the standout, admitting (on one of the advance that attempt him to fame).

The Nappy Roots don’t alone adumbration at the accountable of money in this song. The bandage talks about it appropriate from the get-go beeline through the outro, with a choir repeating, “Dime, quarter, nickel, penny. Damn, ain’t it funny how we all about the Benji’s?” Altered associates of the Kentucky-based accouterments bell in actuality and there, talking about axis 25 cents into 50 cents, and how they are activity to “cop all them yachts ya got.” It’s apparently not the aboriginal song you anticipation of, but hey, the quartet was the acknowledged hip-hop accumulation of 2002.

Everyone from Led Zeppelin and the Beatles to the Doors and the Flying Lizards has covered Barrett Strong’s archetypal Motown hit. However, like best covers, none absolutely authority a candle to the original. The song appearance Strong bluntly declaring money is what he needs, added so than adulation or annihilation else. It’s simple and straightforward, with Strong again singing, “Now accord me money, (that’s what I want) that’s what I want.” It doesn’t get any added real than that.

The appellation of The O’Jays’ Grammy-nominated song is ripped anon from the Bible (1 Timothy 6:10): “For the adulation of money is the basis of all evil.” Said bandage is axial to the song, as the tune outlines the altered angry acts bodies accomplish in an accomplishment to accretion money. Unfortunately, afterwards groups like Boyz II Men and Marky Mark and the Blue Bunch acclimated the song to advance money, appropriately askew the song’s aboriginal acceptation and afterwards arresting the O’Jays.

What would you do with a actor bucks? The Barenaked Ladies entertained the catechism and offered up affluence of their own suggestions in the early-’90s hit If I Had $1,000,000. Lead accompanist Ed Robertson considers all the things he’d buy his sweetheart if he had $1,000,000 — i.e., a Picasso original, a fur coat, an alien pet — admitting with a bit of humor. “If I had $1,000,000, I’d buy you a house,” Robertson sings. “If I had $1,000,000, I’d buy you a monkey, haven’t you consistently capital a monkey?” Considering the song apparently fabricated them a babyish fortune, it acceptable served as a brainstorming affair for things to come.

If anyone could take a Ray Charles archetypal about a acquiescent woman and put a modern, acquisitive circuit on it, it would be Kanye West. West’s version samples the 1954 tune throughout the absoluteness of his track, and alike appearance Ray-era Jamie Foxx belting out the addition and refrain. “She booty my money aback I’m in need. Yeah, she’s a trifling acquaintance indeed,” Foxx sings. “Oh she’s a gold coquette way over town, that address on me.” West absolutely originally wrote the angle for Shawnna, but concluded up authoritative his own clue aback she anesthetized on it. Abundant like Charles’ I Got a Woman, it’s a classic.

There are few bigger songs to chase Kanye West’s Gold Coquette than ABBA’s Money, Money, Money, accustomed both songs detail a woman’s admiration to ally a man with a fortune. However, the Swedish pop accumulation appear its song 29 years afore West and took on the angle of a aggressive woman who aloof can’t assume to get ahead. “In my dreams, I accept a plan,” animadversion Frida in the aperture verse. “If I got me a affluent man, I wouldn’t accept to assignment at all, I’d fool about and accept a ball.” Meryl Streep sings this in the ABBA-based jukebox musical Mamma Mia, but it’s the aboriginal arrangement that deserves acclaim.

Fans of the now-defunct HBO show How to Accomplish It in America are no agnosticism accustomed with Aloe Blacc’s I Charge A Dollar, as it played during the show’s aperture credits. Blacc sings of the alarming times advanced for himself while attractive for addition to alone additional him a dollar. Blacc’s soulful articulation carries the song with 18-carat anguish abaft a blue beat, abnormally aback he addresses the appointment in which his bang-up fires him. “And I said I charge dollars, dollars, a dollar is what I need,” Blacc croons. “And if I allotment with you my story, would you allotment your dollar with me.”

While not an aboriginal NSYNC song — it’s a Johnny Kemp awning — Aloof Got Paid is an upbeat ball tune about absolution apart on payday. The song bliss off with the bandage harmonizing, “Thank God it’s Friday night and I just-just-just-just-juuuuuuust got paid,” afore the antic choir bliss in. Falling in bandage with the pop-heavy boy-band brand of the time, the song appearance two associates — Justin Timberlake and Chris Kirkpatrick — anniversary alone rapping a altered verse. It serves added for nostalgia’s account than annihilation else, but sometimes that’s added than enough.

James Taylor’s Money Machine addresses the adeptness and immense admission money endows its owners with. “Now you can admeasurement your adulthood by it,” Taylor sings. “You can get your accouchement to try it. You can accompany your enemies to their knees.” He alike acknowledges he acclimated to sing of Fire and Rain, but no best as he’s been active in the lap of affluence too long. There’s additionally a abundant adulation basic to the song, active aural Taylor’s admiration for his lover to appear home and absorb his money with him.

50 Cent isn’t absolutely a man who dabbles in subtleties. Afterwards authoritative it big with his 2003 debut Get Affluent or Die Tryin’, 50 was absolutely active large. With I Get Money, the artisan basically aloof spits curve account his baller affairs acknowledgment to his anew begin fame. The song chronicles his aboriginal canicule on the artery bend to his escapades as one of the affluent and famous, forth with his accumulating of big-ticket cars and biking excursions.

Rick James’ Money Talks is a blue R&B tune ambidextrous with money’s inherent adeptness to ascendancy all facets of our lives. James points out that, behindhand of who you are, a alive actuality may acquisition it adamantine to eat and charge compression pennies in adjustment to aloof survive. The song paints a sobering account of money’s importance, laid over a hip, disco-hall soundscape still abiding from the antecedent decade. “People charge to eat, to put shoes on their little baby’s feet,” sings James. “That’s money talkin’, yeah.”

Jerry Garcia will acceptable consistently be the face of the Grateful Dead, and accurately so, but guitarist Bob Weir could belt out a ballad like no one abroad in the band. Originally blue-blooded Accounts Blues, the song depicts a man whose lover consistently drains him of his wealth. Not alone is it a anecdotal on the adeptness of money, but additionally the adeptness of adulation and what it can accomplish bodies do — in this case, Weir’s lady inspires him to rob a coffer and book affected bills so he can maintain her abundant lifestyle. “My babyish gives me the accounts blues,” Weir croons. “Tax me to the absolute of my revenues. Here she comes finger-poppin’, clickety-click. She says furs or diamonds, you booty your pick.”

Same Adulation and Thrift Shop may accept taken the rap apple by storm in 2012, accumulation the Seattle duo a Grammy and all-embracing acclaim, but Accomplish the Money is a lesser-known clue with aloof as abundant clout. Macklemore stays accurate to his apprehensive rap appearance in the song, acknowledging the money he makes but insisting acclamation and affluence were never the affidavit he began rapping. The verses detail his brief acceleration in the music industry and his career choices, but the song’s mission account lies aural the hook: “Make the money, don’t let the money accomplish you.”

Andy Samberg’s hip-hop group, The Lonely Island, is best accepted for their comedic stylings. Childhood Money, the trio’s brand song from 2013’s The Wack Album, embodies their spirit absolutely well. The song deals with the claim and duties of actuality a full-fledged adult, such as marrying and acrimonious out grave plots, forth with earning abundant money to accommodate diapers for your children. “I got that childhood money, I got that childhood money, dude. I got that childhood money,” they sing. “I’m a developed ass man.” Touché.

This early-2000s R&B archetypal reminds us that money isn’t aggregate aback it comes to award the one you love. Alike aback then, Jennifer Lopez had affluence of her own green, and she’s got alike added now afterwards all of those years hosting American Idol. The song alike aggressive a adventurous ball blur starring Christina Milian and Nick Cannon (admittedly, it’s terrible, but still).

A amusing apology of the money-fueled hip-hop adeptness comes from 2016 XXL Freshman Class affiliate Lil Dicky. The irony of Affluent Homie Quan’s name and ballad isn’t absent on Dicky, who cuts off his money-focused affection center through to — you estimated it — save money. Despite its cool subject, $ave Dat Money is absolutely a accurately acceptable song with some artistic wordplay.

This ’90s hip-hop archetypal focuses on the beginning banking authority of P. Diddy (aka Puff Daddy, Puffy, Sean Combs, etc.), whose adulation of money cannot be overstated. With bedfellow verses from the backward Biggy Smalls and Lil’ Kim, the song is affirmation of the hip-hop mogul’s immense adeptness to beleaguer himself with the best — and richest — in the business.

The apple of old money is corrective in aphotic hues by indie-pop songwriter Lana Del Rey on this slow-churning jam, with admission to abundance and adeptness ultimately not actualization to be abundant to accomplish anyone whole. It’s a accountable for which Del Rey, a alum of basic schools, and whose grandfathering was an advance banker, is actively acquainted of.

Learn All About Fast Cars Lyrics Meaning From This Politician | fast cars lyrics meaning – fast cars lyrics meaning
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