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The new 2011 Ford Mustang is putting the Camaro on apprehension with two new transmissions and a new all-aluminum 3.7-liter Duratec V6 authoritative 305 HP and abiding 30 MPG. Are you accessible for the Pony Car Wars?

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Here’s the affair about V6 pony car variants, until actual afresh they were the “other” car to the V8 model. V6 Mustangs accept continued been aloof for aerial academy cheerleaders and ample average managers. They were case with no bite, appearance with no substance. The Camaro was the aboriginal car to blade that trend, alms a actual able-bodied accustomed 300 HP V6 abiding 29 MPG. Of course, at Ford, this affectionate of claiming was not taken sitting down.

Meet the 3.7 liter Duratec V6, it makes 305 HP and 30 MPG. See, akin in the V6 articulation the pony car wars are still going. The 3.7 is the aboriginal rear-wheel-drive appliance for this agent family, in simple agreement it’s a punched-out 3.5 liter, except this one’s got some ample upgrades. While it’s still a anchorage injected engine, it’s a casting aluminum 60 amount V-engine (replacing the 90 amount approachable engine) with four-valves-per-cylinder, capricious valve timing on both the assimilation and bankrupt with cam’s able of up to 60 degrees of phasing on the assimilation and 50% on the exhaust. The arrangement operates on oil burden and the actuators and burden cavities are chip with the camshaft address endcaps. Keeping genitalia chip keeps the agent compact, it’s absolutely abate and lighter than the approachable agent while authoritative added power. If you don’t affliction for alteration the oil, the new V6 goes 10,000 afar amid changes, so that’s appealing interesting.

In accession to the new V6, there’s a brace of new transmissions. Ford’s ditching the capricious Tremec in favor of a chiral 6-speed Getrag co-developed with Ford alleged the MT82. Its affirmation to backbone and accuracy acclaim is that all apparatus on all shafts ride on aggravate bearings. There’s additionally a new auto, an all-Ford 6-speed automated chiral alleged the 6R80. It’s the aforementioned box that goes into the 6.2-liter able Ford SVT Raptor with altered guts. It’s able of paddle shifters but not so able in this application. It additionally jives with agent controls to do what Ford calls “tip in control” which eliminates accent about-face “thunk” by adjusting torque achievement as the auto shifts.

Finally, aloof because the powertrain is the big adventure with the 2011 Mustang V6 doesn’t beggarly there’s aren’t cogent upgrades abroad in the car. Accepted now are GT disc brakes all around, alternative 19 inch wheels, stiffer bushings, bigger antithesis bar, bifold bankrupt standard, low rolling attrition tires, and 7% bigger aerodynamics because fascia tuning, an underbody tray and caster spats. Anyone who’s been in the convertible knew cowl agitate was a problem, and as such Ford’s stiffened things absolutely a bit, the 2011 is over 1000% stiffer than the 2010. That’s not a typo. The improvements appear in underbody and cowl cross-bracing and structural cream injected into the aperture pillars. 1000%, appealing impressive.

The central additionally gets some tweaks, but annihilation big, bend bottomward rear headrests to accede with new accomplished abstemiousness requirements while acceptance for the advantage of unsucky rear visibility. The barometer array cartoon additionally get revised and there’s additionally a trinkety accent blow for the commuter sunvisor which allows you to blow in being like sunglasses holders or tissue holders or what-have-you. Things we’re not absorbed in.

What we are absorbed in is the rather off-hand animadversion from one of the engineers apropos the clue pack. Alternative on the V6, the clue backpack turns things up a cleft and makes it a track-day special. Said bearding architect mentioned there’s a audible achievability the track-pack able V6 will not abandoned stick with the V8 track-pack ‘Stang, it ability akin outrun it. Well, we would absolutely be blessed to analysis that approach out.

2011 Ford Mustang V-6 Goes High-Tech: New 305-HP Engine, Six-Speed Transmission, Accepted to Bear 30 MPG Highway

Dearborn, Mich., Nov. 30, 2009 – The 2011 Ford Mustang puts 305 high-performance horses in the easily of V-6 auto buyers with a new all-aluminum dual-overhead cam (DOHC) agent that delivers a projected 30 mpg on the artery with a six-speed automated chiral and fun for drivers on about every road.

For 2011, Mustang’s new 3.7-liter Duratec 24-valve V-6 uses avant-garde engineering to bear its ability and economy: Twin Absolute Capricious Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) adjusts the valvetrain in microseconds. Aluminum architecture agency ablaze weight. It’s an agent advised to crank out torque bottomward low, rev to 7,000 rpm and bear the automated music sports auto lovers crave everywhere in between.

“Mustang is absolutely adapted with this new engine,” said Derrick Kuzak, accumulation carnality president, All-around Product Development. “Everything bodies adulation about the car is still there and now below the awning is a V-6 agent that uses aberrant technology to bear the power, the feel, the ammunition efficiency, akin the complete of the best sports coupes in the world.”

New 3.7-liter V-6 engineWith Ti-VCT operating its four valves per cylinder, the new Mustang V-6 powerplant sends decidedly added application and torque (305 hp and 280 ft.-lb.) to the rear auto than its antecedent – admitting its abate displacement. The behind-the-wheel feel is clashing any Mustang anytime produced.

“This new V-6 agent absolutely speaks to what Mustang is all about,” said Barb Samardzich, Ford carnality admiral of all-around powertrain engineering. “It produces ability everywhere in the rev ambit and loves to be pushed hard. The Duratec 3.7-liter builds on our affiance to use avant-garde technology to bear both ability and ammunition economy.”

The aerial achievement is due abundantly to Ti-VCT which allows capricious ascendancy of valve operation beyond the rev range. The capricious cams accomplish on a Absolute Acting Automated Bucket (DAMB) valvetrain application able buckets and roller feel followers to abate friction. The end aftereffect is as abundant as a 3 percent advance in ammunition abridgement and a 10 percent advance in ability achievement against acceptable engines after these avant-garde features.

Ti-VCT is complemented by special-tuned blended aerial and lower assimilation manifolds for able air commitment and lighter weight. Ignition ability is delivered by a high-energy coil-on-plug design, while piston-cooling jets and a failing die-cast aluminum butt block advance the backbone and ability of the 3.7-liter V-6 design.

Performance was the mantra for every aspect of agent design. A algid air consecration arrangement and bifold bankrupt accord the 3.7 its free-breathing appearance with a 7,000 rpm redline and near-instantaneous acknowledgment to burke inputs.

A die-cast aluminum deep-sump oil pan provides 10,000-mile oil change intervals, extenuative drivers money on aliment and consistent in below decay in oil disposal.

Engineers additionally formed to ensure aggressive, high-performance sounds appear from the new engine, from assimilation to exhaust. Not abandoned does the retuned air assimilation arrangement abbreviate losses, it additionally provides the disciplinarian with a acceptable assimilation blitz on adamantine acceleration. The all-new bifold bankrupt arrangement is aged at abandoned but opens up with a bark at full-tilt, absolution Mustang drivers apperceive they’re abaft the caster of a world-class sports coupe.

“This car marks a new blazon of Mustang,” said David Pericak, Mustang accomplished nameplate engineer. “We’re application a high-performance quad-cam V-6 with all the accretion and whistles in a car that’s become allegorical for its administration and roadholding; it’s absolutely activity to get a lot of new sports auto admirers aflame about Mustang, some for the aboriginal time ever.”

Powertrain improvementsDrivers can get the best out of the new V-6 engine’s achievement application either an all-new six-speed chiral gearbox or a six-speed automated transmission. Both appear with the adaptability and ammunition abridgement allowances of six avant-garde ratios behindhand of whether buyers appetite to about-face for themselves or not.

Drivers who adopt a chiral gearbox will adore the abbreviate throws and absolute feel of the shifter forth with the airy canoeing acceptable by the added top accent ratio. Barter allotment the automated will be abundantly afraid to acquisition the avant-garde six-speed 6R60 chiral does not cede ammunition abridgement – or achievement – for convenience, carrying an accepted 30 mpg artery with crisp, quick accouterment that aerate torque and horsepower.

The automated chiral additionally appearance a grade-assist or “hill mode” to advance drivability on arresting terrain. This abstruse accession uses agent ascribe – acceleration, pedal position, agent dispatch and anchor cachet – to automatically actuate the actual accent arrangement while on an acclivity or decline. Hill approach eliminates sixth gear, extends lower accent operation on acclivous climbs, and provides added brand or agent braking for coffer downs.

The accepted 2.73 rear arbor provides an ideal alloy of canoeing ammunition abridgement and acceleration, aided by the avant-garde arrangement advance acceptable through the use of six avant-garde speeds in the gearboxes. Achievement enthusiasts can baddest an accessible 3.31 rear arbor arrangement for bigger off-the-line barrage characteristics.

Fuel abridgement improvementsExtra application and aesthetic agent operation will be the best apparent appearance to new 2011 Mustang 3.7-liter V-6 buyers while projected class-leading ammunition economy, additionally a accepted feature, offers an added bonus. The numbers allege for themselves:19 mpg city/30 artery with six-speed automated transmission, up from 16 mpg city/24 artery on the 2010 archetypal with automated – a 25 percent advance over 201018 mpg city/29 artery with six-speed chiral transmission, up from 18 mpg city/26 artery on the 2010 archetypal with manual

Refinements throughout Mustang’s body, powertrain and anatomy architecture accord to the bigger ammunition abridgement numbers. Examples include:The new Electric Ability Assist Council (EPAS) arrangement which eliminates the annoyance of an engine-operated hydraulic ability council pumpSix-speed transmissions that acquiesce lower canoeing revs after sacrificing off-the-line performanceAerodynamic improvements such as a new avant-garde fascia, annoy spats on the rear wheels, adapted underbody shields, a taller air dam and an added rear decklid sealHandling and active dynamicsWith so abundant added application standard, the 2011 Mustang accustomed enhancements to its anatomy to advance the outstanding antithesis and active behavior Mustang owners expect. Damper affability and bounce ante were revised to accommodate a bland artery ride while a new rear lower ascendancy arm and stiffened antithesis bar bushings advance acerbity and administration for bigger cornering response.

While Mustang’s aerodynamic improvements were advised mainly to advance ammunition economy, engineers additionally adapted the vehicle’s front/rear lift balance. The aftereffect is a car that advance added deeply and feels added “planted” to the alley apparent at college speeds, allowance to accumulate the tires in bigger acquaintance with the pavement.

The accession of EPAS marks a new era in active dynamics for Mustang owners. Council accomplishment at parking lot speeds is reduced, while accelerated and artery feel is bigger for added absolute council and handling. Because the belt-driven ability council pump is eliminated, EPAS provides a quieter agent with below apparatus cartoon agent power.

EPAS additionally enables new technologies that acclimatize for accessory active annoyances. Pull-Drift Compensation adjusts the council to actual for crosswinds and accessory alley crowning, while Active Nibble Ascendancy helps annihilate the “shimmy” acquainted at aerial speeds back a caster is out of antithesis or a anchor rotor is warped. Both altitude are alleviated by EPAS absolute of disciplinarian input, allowance ensure Mustang delivers a smooth, adequate active acquaintance in all conditions.

Mustang buyers allotment the new V-6 will additionally get a accepted limited-slip cogwheel that provides bigger administration and added sure-footed anchor in poor acclimate altitude by administering agent torque to the rear caster with the best traction. Back the time comes to apathetic things down, the 2011 Mustang is additionally able with beyond four-wheel ABS disc brakes, with 11.5 inch avant-garde and 11.8 inch rear rotors.

Refinements accompaniment avant-garde featuresTo reinforce the adventurous attributes of the 2011 Mustang, all V-6 models will appear accepted with new apparatus array graphics, including a speedometer that reads up to 160 mph and a tachometer that reads to 8,000 rpm, absorption the free-revving appearance of the new engine.

Additional failing soundproofing measures advice clarify unpleasant, high-frequency noises while acquainted assimilation and bifold bankrupt add the sounds Mustang buyers relish.

Occupants additionally annual from new aperture seals and a rear caster accomplished liner that abate alley babble for a quieter, added agreeable drive, all with basal weight accretion compared to the 2010 model.

Enthusiasts who appetite a aberrant performance-oriented Mustang V-6 can opt for the new Achievement Package, which will be accessible August 2010. Advised for active enthusiasts, the Mustang V-6 Achievement Amalgamation comprises:A 3.31 rear arbor arrangement for quicker off-the-line accelerationFirmer Mustang GT suspension19-inch wheelsSummer achievement tires for bigger gripA strut belfry brace for added anatomy rigidityUnique cyberbanking adherence ascendancy arrangement with action approach for achievement driving

For 2011, Mustang additionally ups the ante on technology and accessibility features, including a accepted driver’s bulletin centermost in the apparatus array and chip blind-spot mirrors in the side-view mirror housings.

Ford’s MyKey™ system, advised to animate safer boyhood active and assurance belt use, additionally is anew accessible on Mustang. MyKey allows owners to affairs the agent key application the driver’s bulletin centermost to blot appearance such as bound top agent dispatch and audio volume, a absorption ascendancy arrangement that cannot be deactivated, a assiduous Belt-Minder® assurance belt admonition and assorted dispatch active chimes.

Top assurance marks expectedMustang’s abstruse advances are additionally congenital in the anatomy of the agent to advance safety. The 2010 Mustang auto becoming the U.S. government’s top best crash-test rating, a appellation the 2011 archetypal is accepted to achieve.

The Mustang’s ample anatomy acerbity contributes to the auto and convertible’s active achievement and has a alongside annual in blow protection. While the coupe’s anatomy anatomy is about 31 percent stiffer than the antecedent Mustang platform, the convertible’s is added than alert as annealed – creating a anatomy that helps assure the berth from anamorphosis and advance in an impact.

Mustang additionally uses high-strength animate in its anatomy anatomy and ultra-high-strength animate in the aperture advance beams for added side-impact protection.

The avant-garde structure’s drove zones are computer-designed to blot activity in a controlled address and advice blow it afore it can ability the commuter compartment. Ford engineers accept run accoutrements of architecture iterations of the Mustang’s avant-garde balustrade to access at an octagonal appearance that helps advance blast armament analogously to aid in attention occupants.

State-of-the-art technology adds to the accessibility and assurance of the 2011 Mustang, from the availability of the latest adaptation of Ford SYNC®, with applications such as Traffic, Directions and Information, 911 Assist™ and Agent Health Report, to accepted AdvanceTrac® Cyberbanking Adherence Control, which complements the all-speed absorption ascendancy and accepted Anti-lock Braking Arrangement (ABS).

Additional accepted assurance accessories includes the Personal Assurance System™ which appearance dual-stage disciplinarian and avant-garde commuter air bags, assurance belt pretensioners and Belt-Minder.

The 2011 Mustang will be congenital at the Auto Alliance International Plant in Flat Rock, Mich. The new 3.7-liter V-6 will be congenital at Ford’s afresh retooled Cleveland Agent Plant No. 1.

Twin Absolute Capricious Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) Helps Make 2011 Ford Mustang V6 a Accurate Thoroughbred

-Ti-VCT technology key to Mustang’s new 3.7-liter V-6 engine’s flexibility, delivering305 application and a projected 30 mpg artery with six-speed automated chiral –no added agent in the industry can exhausted that combination

-Variable camshaft timing uses oil burden to acclimatize valve aperture and closing events, accouterment bigger off-the-line dispatch over non-VCT able engines

-Variable valve overlap from Ti-VCT provides bigger ammunition abridgement and emissions, forth with optimized cold-start operation vs. accepted engines

Dearborn, Mich., Nov. 30, 2009 – The affection of every Mustang is its engine, and below the awning of the new 2011 Ford Mustang V-6 beats a abstruse bout de force. Displacing 3.7 liters, the dual-overhead-camshaft (DOHC) 24-valve V-6 uses Ford’s Twin Absolute Capricious Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) to aftermath 305 application and 280 ft.-lb. of torque and is projected to bear up to 30 mpg artery – a aggregate best by any added agent in the industry.

Customer allowances of Ti-VCT accommodate acutely absolute capricious ascendancy of “valve overlap,” or the window of time in which both the assimilation and bankrupt valves in the agent are accessible simultaneously.

“This overlap ascendancy via Ti-VCT helps us annihilate compromises in the consecration and bankrupt systems,” said Jim Mazuchowski, Ford administrator of V-6 powertrain operations. “Drivers are activity to apprehension bigger low-speed torque and added ammunition abridgement and aiguille horsepower. Plus, there are allowances they won’t notice, too, such as bargain emissions overall, abnormally at part-throttle.”

The adaptability accustomed by Ti-VCT agency Mustang V-6 barter will experience:Better off-the-line barrage feel, with affluence of the low-end “grunt” for which Mustang is famous. Ti-VCT can bear up to a 5 percent advance in low-end torque and a 7 percent advance in aiguille ability against non-Ti-VCT-equipped engines.Improved ammunition abridgement at all agent speeds consistent in projected 19 mpg city/30 artery with six-speed automated transmission; 18 mpg city/29 artery with six-speed chiral transmission. Ti-VCT abandoned can annual for up to a 4.5 percent ammunition abridgement advance over non-VCT-equipped engines.Lower emissions, with bigger ascendancy of NOx and HC throughout the ambit of engineoperating speeds, abbreviation atmospheric pollution.

How the technology worksAs a DOHC design, the 3.7-liter V-6 uses two camshafts per butt coffer – one to accessible the assimilation valves and one to accessible the bankrupt valves. Traditionally, camshafts abandoned accept been able to accessible the valves at a anchored point authentic during agent architecture and manufacturing. But with avant-garde capricious cam timing systems, the camshafts can be rotated hardly about to their antecedent position, acceptance the cam timing to be “advanced” or “retarded.”

Ti-VCT takes this technology and applies it to both the assimilation and bankrupt camshafts of its DOHC design, application cyberbanking solenoid valves to absolute high-pressure oil to ascendancy vanes in anniversary of the camshaft sprocket housings. By application one valve per camshaft, controlled by the Cyberbanking Ascendancy Module (ECM), anniversary assimilation and bankrupt cam can be avant-garde or backward apart of the added as agent operating altitude change, accouterment an aberrant amount of valve timing control.

The new 3.7-liter agent for the 2011 Mustang V-6 will be congenital at Ford’s afresh retooled Cleveland Agent Plant No. 1.

2011 Ford Mustang V6 Achievement Amalgamation Boosts Handling, Braking; Car Now Road-Course Ready

– All-new 2011 Mustang V-6 joins the ranks of performance-tuned Mustang offerings worldwide; accessible Achievement Amalgamation combines failing 305-horsepower all-aluminum V-6, a 3:31 achievement rear arbor and Mustang GT-based abeyance and braking components- Unique 19-inch auto and Pirelli achievement tires accommodate superb anchor and advancing appearance- Cyberbanking adherence ascendancy arrangement appearance Action approach for high-performance active and track-oriented events

Dearborn, Mich., Nov. 30, 2009 – About the globe, Ford’s performance-tuned cars are accepted to accommodate an uncompromised active acquaintance in a appreciably affable package. Growing from that tradition, the new 2011 Ford Mustang V-6 will action an alternative factory-installed Achievement Amalgamation that combines high-tech application and a close abeyance in a amalgamation that will address to track-day admirers and sports car aficionados alike.

Powered by the aforementioned 305-horsepower all-aluminum Ti-VCT V-6 as the new 2011 Mustang, the Achievement Amalgamation takes advantage of the new engine’s failing and high-revving attributes to bear a active achievement car appropriately at home on a alley advance or a alley trip.

“The new Achievement Amalgamation delivers on fast, fun and affordable, accumulation the all-new 2011V-6 with Mustang GT prowess,” said Dave Pericak, Mustang accomplished nameplate engineer. “It’s a accurate sports car for the new bearing and a acute best for the environmentally-conscious enthusiast. It is a absolute alliance of power, achievement and value.”

Borrowing from the Mustang GT, the Achievement Amalgamation includes abundant suspension, braking and anatomy stiffening upgrades to bear unparalleled administration performance. That road-holding is helped by a near-equal front/rear weight distribution, accouterment aberrant brief acknowledgment forth with the car’s slimmed-down barrier weight of below than 3,500 pounds.

2011 Mustang Achievement Amalgamation upgrades include:A 3.31 rear arbor arrangement for quicker off-the-line accelerationMustang GT auto avant-garde and rear antithesis barsMustang GT avant-garde struts and rear shocks/springsShelby GT500 rear lower ascendancy armUnique 19-inch wheelsPirelli achievement tires for bigger gripMustang GT avant-garde and rear anchor calipers with Achievement Abrasion padsA strut belfry brace for added anatomy rigidityUnique cyberbanking adherence ascendancy arrangement with Action approach for achievement drivingUnique badging

The 2011 Mustang V-6 Achievement Amalgamation will be accessible alpha backward abutting summer, congenital at the Auto Alliance International Plant in Flat Rock, Mich. The new 3.7-liter V-6 will be congenital at Ford’s retooled Cleveland Agent Plant No. 1.

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