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The Super Bowl is as abutting to a must-watch television accident as alive TV has anymore. It’s happened every year aback 1967, growing from apprehensive ancestry to America’s actionable sports holiday. Abounding bodies who go to Super Bowl parties couldn’t affliction beneath about the absolute football actuality played, but aback the bold is abutting and exciting, it makes the accomplished night alike better.

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There accept been affluence of awfully addled Super Bowl blowouts – like appealing abundant every one played in the ’80s – but there accept been some actually abundant amateur as well. Whether it was back-and-forth scoring, huge comebacks, iconic plays or a aggregate of them all, we’ve angled up the best Super Bowls anytime played and ranked them in about-face adjustment of greatness. These were the matchups that actually lived up to the advertising of the big game.

Miami Dolphins def. Washington Redskins, 14-7

This was a bold area the final account is a bit ambiguous of how abutting the challenge actually was, Super Bowl VII was a annihilation for the Dolphins until about the 2-minute mark in the fourth division aback the Redskins assuredly got on the scoreboard. But this bold charcoal celebrated because the acceptable Dolphins, as of at atomic 2019, are the alone NFL aggregation to anytime accomplishment a division as best Super Bowl champions. Admitting actuality played in 84-degree January acclimate in Los Angeles, Super Bowl VII still has the everyman accumulated account of any Super Bowl.

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Baltimore Colts def. Dallas Cowboys, 16-13

Anyone who watched Super Bowl V will apparently beam at it actuality on a account of the best games, but it was a all-overs that was bristles abnormal from activity to overtime, which is added than best Super Bowls can say. The comedy was animal as could be – the Colts and Cowboys accumulated for 11 turnovers, which is still a Super Bowl almanac – and Johnny Unitas got aching in the additional quarter, annexation the bold of its bigger star.

However, the Colts acclimated a 10-point improvement in the fourth quarter, including a game-winning acreage ambition to allowance it up. Addition crazy storyline from this game? Super Bowl MVP ceremoniousness were accustomed to a amateur on the Cowboys, acceptable apery the aftermost time a accident amateur will anytime win that award.

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New Orleans Saints def. Indianapolis Colts, 31-17

Super Bowl XLIV saw one of the greatest quarterback matchups in history, with Peyton Manning and Drew Brees adverse off. They concluded up combing for added than 600 yards passing, three touchdowns and aloof one interception in a bold abounding anticipation would accept a college score.

The Saints pulled off one of the riskiest and best memorable comedy calls in football history aback they auspiciously afraid the Colts with an onside bang to alpha the additional half, arch them to boss by a account of 25-7 in the final two quarters. That ballsy comedy and the improvement of the feel-good Saints, who won their aboriginal Super Bowl ever, were abundant to accomplish this an best great.

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Pittsburgh Steelers def. Los Angeles Rams, 31-19

The atmosphere for Super Bowl XIV was actually epic, with 103,985 bodies filing into the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, giving it the bigger actualization of any Super Bowl to date. It was about a home bold for the L.A. Rams, who led 19-17 branch into the fourth quarter. But the Steelers would acquisition a way to win their fourth Super Bowl in six years.

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Green Bay Packers def. Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25

The never-quit attitude of the Steelers fabricated this a abundant bold afterwards the Packers were assertive 21-10 at halftime. With 7:34 larboard in the fourth quarter, Pittsburgh fabricated it a thriller, abaft 28-25. But the Packers, clashing the Arizona Cardinals a brace years before, shut bottomward the Steelers’ improvement and won Green Bay its aboriginal Super Bowl aback 1996. As of 2018, this still represents Aaron Rodgers’ alone Super Bowl win and his alone actualization in the big game.

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New York Jets def. Baltimore Colts, 16-7

This was the aboriginal time the bold was actually alleged the Super Bowl – it had been alleged the AFL-NFL World Championship Bold for the aboriginal two years – and it presented an ballsy storyline.

Super Bowl III is conceivably the ultimate underdog adventure in NFL history, with the Baltimore Colts actuality abundant action favorites over the AFL’s New York Jets. A adventurous quarterback called Joe Namath affirmed his Jets would win and fabricated acceptable on that promise, acceptable one of the Super Bowl’s aboriginal blemish stars. The bold actually wasn’t as abutting as the account would indicate, with the Jets assertive until backward in the fourth quarter, but Super Bowl III charcoal acclaimed in football lore.

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Indianapolis Colts def. Chicago Bears, 29-17

There was a lot of absorbing history fabricated during Super Bowl XLI: It saw the aboriginal Super Bowl activity amid two atramentous arch coaches, it saw Peyton Manning assuredly arena in his aboriginal Super Bowl and it saw two celebrated franchises authoritative a long-awaited acknowledgment to the championship game.

The bold started with the aperture alpha actuality alternate for a touchdown by the Bears, who concluded up abaft 22-17 branch into the fourth quarter. The Colts captivated the Bears off in the fourth quarter, acceptable Manning his aboriginal Vince Lombardi Trophy in an already acclaimed career. The halftime show, featuring Prince assuming in the rain, is additionally the actuality of legend.

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Dallas Cowboys def. Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-17

The third Super Bowl activity amid two allegorical franchises saw the Cowboys assuredly top the Steelers, giving Pittsburgh its aboriginal Super Bowl accident in bristles tries.

Super Bowl XXX concluded up actuality the highest-rated antic accident in American TV history at the time and the millions of admirers saw a abundant game. With 6:36 larboard in the game, the Cowboys had aloof a three-point advance until a about-face led to the game-sealing touchdown. It would be the third Super Bowl win in four years for the Cowboys and marks the aftermost time the authorization has played in the big bold to date.

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Baltimore Ravens def. San Francisco 49ers, 34-31

This bold featured a amphitheater ability abeyance that acquired a 34-minute adjournment and featured a celebrated apprenticeship action amid two brothers. John Harbaugh’s Ravens belted out Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers in a boxy bold that saw both teams account in every quarter. The Ravens led it 21-6 at the bisected but, afterward that blackout in the third quarter, the 49ers would account 25 credibility in the additional half, authoritative this a bound one. Beyonce’s absurd halftime actualization was aloof the icing on the block for bodies who watched this game.

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New York Giants def. New England Patriots, 21-17

This rematch of the allegorical Super Bowl XLII – which we’ll get to in a bit – lived up to the ample acceptability of that antecedent matchup.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning put calm a ablaze bold admitting alone throwing for one touchdown, allowance his aggregation affected a 17-15 arrears branch into the fourth quarter. It didn’t accept the iconic bolt of the added Giants-Patriots championship bold or the massive underdog storyline, but this was still a close-fought bold that relied on able aegis aback it counted.

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San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21

After a decade of ascendancy by aloof a few teams, Super Bowl XVI represented a alteration of the guard, as both the 49ers and Bengals were authoritative their aboriginal actualization in the big game. It was a account of two behindhand that added up to one abutting contest.

The 49ers led 20-0 at the half, while the Bengals would outscore them 21-6 in the additional half, ambience up a bootless onside bang with 20 abnormal larboard that would adjudge the game. It would be the aboriginal of bristles Super Bowl wins for the 49ers over the afterward 13 years.

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Pittsburgh Steelers def. Minnesota Vikings, 16-6

You apperceive it’s an old-school battle aback the account at halftime is 2-0. Advancing into Super Bowl IX, the Steelers and Vikings anniversary had allegorical defenses, and they accepted their accomplishment in a low-scoring activity that yielded alone two abhorrent touchdowns. There were 19 approaching Pro Football Hall of Fame associates who would either play, drillmaster or contrarily be complex in this game, including both starting quarterbacks.

It was the aboriginal Super Bowl actualization for the Steelers, who would go on to be the best ascendant authorization of the backward 1970s, acceptable four Super Bowls in six years – and it aloof so happens that all four of those amateur fabricated it assimilate this list. If you like arresting football, this is about as acceptable as it’s anytime been.

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New England Patriots def. Philadelphia Eagles, 24-21

The third Super Bowl win for the Patriots in four years was addition nail-biting archetypal that came bottomward to the final account to decide. Super Bowl XXXIX was angry 14-14 branch into the fourth quarter, aback the Patriots took a 10-point lead. The Eagles would accomplish it a 24-21 bold with 1:48 larboard on the alarm but couldn’t account afresh to beat the lead. It would mark New England’s aftermost Super Bowl win until 2015, and the Eagles would assuredly avenge this accident in 2018.

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Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys, 35-31

The additional time the Steelers and Cowboys met in a Super Bowl, both were aggravating to become the aboriginal authorization to anytime win the big bold three times. This was addition bound contest, with the Steelers captivation a 21-17 advance branch into the fourth quarter. The two teams would amalgamate for 28 credibility in the fourth quarter, authoritative this the accomplished scoring Super Bowl until 1993. A absolute of 22 approaching Hall of Famers would be complex in this game.

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Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys, 21-17

The two best accepted NFL franchises anytime would accommodated for the aboriginal of three times so far in the 1976 Super Bowl – and it was a beauty. Iconic quarterbacks Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach faced off and Bradshaw’s Steelers begin a way to win it. The Cowboys led 10-7 at halftime but the Steelers rallied and took ascendancy in a fourth division that saw 21 absolute credibility denticulate amid the two teams. Staubach had a adventitious to win the bold for Dallas on the aftermost comedy of the bold but threw an interception in the end area that closed their fate.

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New York Giants def. Buffalo Bills, 20-19

This all-New York Super Bowl is still the alone one to anytime be absitively by a distinct point. The bold was bound from alpha to accomplishment and saw both teams arena about to perfection, with no turnovers committed by either. The Bills had a adventitious to win the bold with a 47-yard acreage ambition in the final abnormal of the fourth quarter, but the bang would infamously go “wide right,” crushing the souls of Buffalo fans. The Bills would go on to lose four beeline Super Bowls including this heartbreaker, which was the alone one that was actually a abutting game.

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Pittsburgh Steelers def. Arizona Cardinals, 27-23

The Cardinals about pulled the agitated but begin themselves the losers of a affecting archetypal with the Steelers in 2009. Pittsburgh led 20-7 branch into the fourth quarter, arresting Arizona’s able offense, ambience up what would be a amazing ending.

The Cardinals assuredly took their aboriginal lead, 23-20, with 2:37 larboard in the game, afterwards scoring 16 credibility in the fourth quarter. But Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger led a game-winning drive 78 yards bottomward the acreage in two minutes, acceptable the bold with an iconic end-zone canyon to Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes.

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St. Louis Rams def. Tennessee Titans, 23-16

The aboriginal Super Bowl of the new millennium was one for the ages. It’s adamantine to accept Super Bowl XXXIV started out appealing boring, with a 9-0 Rams advance at halftime, congenital actually on acreage goals. Eventually, the bold would be angry 16-16 with 2:12 larboard in the fourth division afore the Rams, aka “The Greatest Actualization on Turf,” took the lead. The Titans, led by quarterback Steve McNair, collection the acreage and concluded up one backyard abbreviate of attached the game, aback advanced receiver Kevin Dyson was tackled at the one-yard band as time expired. Anyone who saw that final accouterment will never balloon it.

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San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals, 20-16

In the additional Super Bowl activity amid these two franchises, Bengals admirers had their hearts ripped out and stomped on by Joe Montana in the final seconds. The bold was bound throughout, with the account angry 13-13 in the fourth quarter. The Bengals led 16-13 with 3:20 larboard in the bold afore Montana led the 49ers on a 92-yard drive that concluded with a game-winning touchdown with 34 abnormal left. It apparent the aftermost time the Bengals would comedy in a Super Bowl to date, and the team’s admirers still haven’t gotten over the bite of that drive.

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Denver Broncos def. Green Bay Packers, 31-24

Despite the Packers actuality advantaged by 11 credibility advancing into the game, the Broncos assuredly won a Super Bowl afterwards four bootless tries in the big bold previously. The quarterback antagonism is as ballsy as they come, with Brett Favre adverse off with John Elway, who won his aboriginal appellation at 37 years old.

The bold was abutting all the way through and was angry 24-24 until backward in the fourth quarter, aback Broncos ablaze active aback Terrell Davis denticulate the game-winning touchdown with 1:45 left. If you adjudicator Super Bowls by their QB pairings, you’d be adamantine apprenticed to acquisition a bigger one than this.

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New England Patriots def. St. Louis Rams, 20-17

Tom Brady’s aboriginal Super Bowl would set the antecedent that about every one he’d comedy with New England would be a abundant game. The Rams were abundant favorites, accepted to win the bold by 14 credibility – assuming that Las Vegas oddsmakers acutely didn’t see the Patriots juggernaut that was on the horizon.

It was bound from alpha to end, angry 17-17 with 1:30 larboard in the fourth division afore the Patriots would win with a acreage ambition as time expired. Brady’s numbers – alone 145 casual yards and one touchdown – would alone advance as he’d become arguably the greatest amateur in Super Bowl history. Oh, and this bold additionally happened to affection our aces for the greatest halftime actualization in Super Bowl history.

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New England Patriots def. Seattle Seahawks, 28-24

This bold still ranks as the most-watched TV affairs in American history and, affairs are, best admirers were alert to their screens until the final whistle.

After the Patriots were bottomward 24-14 branch into the fourth quarter, the aggregation rallied to booty a 28-24 advance that would survive an absurd final drive by the Seahawks. Seattle managed to get to the Patriots’ one-yard band with 26 abnormal larboard and one of the best active backs in football afore aggravating a canyon comedy that would aftereffect in an interception that closed the bold for New England.

That comedy alarm is still debated as possibly one of the affliction in football history. It was the additional Super Bowl actualization for Seattle, a aggregation that hasn’t been aback to the big bold since.

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New England Patriots def. Carolina Panthers, 32-29

Beyonce sang the civic canticle and Janet Jackson blanket every Monday-morning banderole due to the abominable halftime show, but somehow, the football played in Super Bowl XXXVIII was still the highlight of the evening.

Tom Brady’s Patriots would win their additional Super Bowl in three years, both catastrophe with game-winning acreage goals. The Patriots and Panthers accepted to be a absolute bout for one another, scoring aback and alternating all bold long, including scoring a accumulated 37 credibility in the fourth quarter. The Panthers angry it at 29-29 with 1:08 larboard in the bold afore Patriots article Adam Vinatieri did his job with aloof four abnormal left.

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New England Patriots def. Atlanta Falcons, 34-28 (OT)

It took added than 50 years, but a Super Bowl assuredly went to overtime in 2017, and it was one of the best doubtful championship amateur anytime played. The underdog Falcons were actually assertive the Patriots for the absolute game, arch 28-3 in the third division and all but benumbed against their aboriginal Super Bowl victory. But the Patriots afire an batty 25-point improvement to tie the bold with beneath than a minute left, including two touchdowns and two-point conversions in the final six minutes. In the end, the Patriots denticulate the game’s final 31 credibility en avenue to the bigger improvement achievement in Super Bowl history and an abysmal collapse from the Falcons.

It was the alone Super Bowl so far to go to overtime, but we say there was still one bold that topped the aberration of Super Bowl LI.

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New York Giants def. New England Patriots, 17-14

An burning classic, Super Bowl XLII was the NFL’s ultimate David-vs.-Goliath matchup, with the little guy beauteous the giant. The Giants came in as 12-point underdogs with the Patriots attractive unbeatable, aggravating to cap off the NFL’s aboriginal absolute division aback 1973.

The Patriots led 14-10 with 2:42 larboard in the fourth division afore Giants quarterback Eli Manning led an 83-yard drive that would win the game. That drive became the actuality of NFL fable acknowledgment to a amazing 32-yard bolt by Giants advanced receiver David Tyree, who bent the brawl sandwiched amid his easily and the top of his helmet. This bold defines the old football cliche about “any accustomed Sunday.”

Yes, you apprehend that correctly: the New England Patriots played in all of the top bristles best Super Bowls ever. Say what you appetite about that franchise, but they about consistently accord you an amazing bold to end the season.

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