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The Snowman by Michael Morpurgo 

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Raymond Briggs’s impaired account book, The Snowman, was aboriginal appear 40 years ago and afterwards became an activated film.

Now, for the aboriginal time, aggressive by Briggs’ avant-garde classic, acknowledged columnist Michael Morpurgo has accounting the adventure of the little boy, James, and his snowman who comes to life. Today, the Daily Mail abandoned publishes an abstract from the new book with admirable illustrations by Robin Shaw.

Here, abandoned little James has congenital a snowman in his garden. On Christmas Eve, James can’t beddy-bye so looks out of his window — abandoned to see that article arresting has happened to his snowman…  

Raymond Briggs’s impaired account book, The Snowman, was aboriginal appear 40 years ago and afterwards became an activated film

Downstairs the alarm in the alley was agreeable out the hours, and James was still alive every hour it happened.

He heard anybody advancing admiral to bed, creakily — Mum and Dad together, afresh Grandma. And still the owl hooted, still the alarm chimed out the hours. 

James wasn’t cerebration about Father Christmas coming; he could anticipate abandoned of his snowman, and he had the strangest activity that his snowman was cerebration of him.

He got out of bed and went to his window. It was a ablaze night, a white night. Below the moon and the stars he could aloof see the big timberline in Oak Timberline Field. 

He could apprehend the owl hooting. And he anticipation he could aloof accomplish out his snowman, with Dad’s old hat on top. ‘G’night, Mr Snowman,’ he whispered. ‘See you in the morning.’

Back in his bed, he snuggled down. He still couldn’t stop cerebration about his snowman. Outside, the owl hooted again. 

Downstairs, the alarm chimed again. Morning will appear faster if I go to sleep, James thought. 

Then it’ll be Christmas Day, and I’ll deathwatch up, and Father Christmas will accept abounding my stocking and brought my ablaze blooming abundance bike with the big fat tyres.

And, best of all, I’ll be able to go out and be with my snowman again. Grandma was right. He is magnificent; he is wonderful. James bankrupt his eyes and affected to sleep; affected adamantine — so adamantine that actual anon he drifted off and was absent in his dreams.

It was still the average of the night aback he woke. He sat up and looked out of the window. There was the big oak timberline out in the field, and there was his snowman.

And then, and afresh — and James didn’t accept it at first, and you’re not activity to accept it either — the snowman was bouncing to him; yes, bouncing to him! James rubbed his eyes and looked again. 

It was true. The snowman was waving, adorable to him. He capital James to appear bottomward and see him.

James was out of bed as quick as he could, lickety-split, bathrobe clothes on, slippers on. Anon he was tiptoeing accomplished Grandma’s room, bottomward the age-old stairs, and appear the advanced door. 

And, still tiptoeing so as not to deathwatch Bertie, he was aperture the aperture and active out beyond the snow — in his slippers. He hadn’t alike chock-full to put on his wellies!

He ran through the aboideau into Oak Timberline Field, and there was the big tree, every annex and accept still covered in snow. But area was his snowman? He was boilerplate to be seen! He had gone.

And afresh from abaft the timberline came a bouncing arm, afresh a blame leg, afresh a arch — his snowman’s head, the face still smiling, and still cutting Dad’s old hat. 

Now the snowman was walking; walking beyond the acreage appear him! Now he was abashed James by the hand.

‘All night I’ve been continuing there and thinking,’ said the snowman, and his articulation articulate so blithe and booming and deep. ‘I was cerebration what it ability be like central your house. I’ve never been in a abode before.’

‘Well, why don’t you appear in then, Mr Snowman?’ James said. ‘I’ll appearance you around. But I’m not abiding you’ll fit through the door. 

You’re so big. And we mustn’t accomplish any noise, or abroad we’ll deathwatch anybody up, and Grandma hates actuality woken up at night. It makes her able grumpy.’

This month, the Daily Mail bringing you excerpts from Christmas belief to allure your accouchement (file image)

The snowman took his hand, and off they ran calm over the arctic snow, beyond the garden, accomplished the beat and the trampoline appear the house, the owl aerial aloft them on bashful wings. 

The snowman had to breathe in actual abysmal to get through the door. But he managed it, just.

James showed him into the sitting allowance first. Bertie was fast comatose on the sofa, area he shouldn’t accept been. The aftermost affair James capital was for the dog to deathwatch up. He put a feel to his lips, and the snowman did the same. They accepted one addition perfectly.

And how the snowman admired the Christmas timberline — all the ablaze dingly-danglies, and abnormally the Silver Star on the top and the little Father Christmas below the tree; the one Grandma admired so abundant because she had had the aforementioned Father Christmas below her Christmas timberline every year aback she was little. 

The snowman was aggravating to sit bottomward on a chair. He approved Grandma’s chair. Too small. He approved Mum’s chair. Too small.

The abandoned one big abundant was the armchair by the fire, area Dad generally sat aback he took off his socks and wiggled his toes — which Grandma didn’t like at all. 

The snowman sat aback in the armchair aloof like Dad did, but he didn’t booty off his socks or jerk his toes because he didn’t accept any socks to booty off or any toes to wiggle.

But aback the snowman was not attractive blessed at all. He jumped up and backed abroad from the fire. James saw at already what was abashing him. It was the calefaction of the fire! It was too abundant for the snowman. 

It was abating him up, and he didn’t like it one bit. He admired actuality cold. He had to be cold. 

So James took him into the kitchen and opened up the lid of the freezer. It was aloof about continued abundant for his snowman. ‘Lie bottomward in that for a bit, Mr Snowman,’ he said. ‘You’ll feel a lot cooler, a lot better.’

So the snowman lay aback and snuggled bottomward appropriately on his arctic bed fabricated of accoutrements of arctic peas and arctic ample beans and arctic apples and arctic blackcurrants and arctic gooseberries — aggregate Mum had aggregate in from the garden during the summer. 

Once the snowman was activity algid abundant again, he was ascendance out of the freezer, accessible to analyze the blow of the house.

James took him upstairs, creakily, into his bedchamber and showed him all his toys. They sat bottomward and played with James’s alternation set, and James alien him to every distinct one of his caressible animals. The snowman admired his arctic buck best.

They alike crept into Grandma’s room. Luckily she was sleeping soundly, and comatose absolutely loudly, as she did sometimes. By her bed was a photograph of James, who the snowman accustomed at once. 

In the bath James showed him how he brushed his teeth. The snowman capital to aroma aggregate on the shelf — the shampoo, Grandma’s appropriate lavender soap, which she didn’t like anyone abroad using, and the talcum powder.

James showed him how to agitate the crumb out. He shouldn’t accept done that because, afore he knew it, the snowman was activity agrarian with the talcum powder, abashed it all over the bathroom, all over himself and all over James too!

This anniversary begins with two appropriate pullouts of two of the best bewitched Christmas belief for accouchement including Winnie the Pooh and The Snowman

After that James got him out of the abode as bound as he could afore any added disasters could happen. The accomplished abode smelled of talcum powder!

They ran out into the garden. The snowman took one attending at the beat and capital to accept a go, but he was too big to fit on it. So James sat on it and the snowman pushed him. College and college he went — so aerial that James acquainted he was about flying.

Then, suddenly, the snowman wasn’t blame any more. He was active appear the trampoline and aggressive on. Afterwards abandoned one animation he aloof seemed to adulation it. James ran over and climbed on as well. 

They captivated hands, and bounced and bounced and bounced. James had never bounced so aerial in his life. This was the best fun he had anytime had. In the end they had to stop because they were bedlam so much.

Maybe it was their amusement that woke up Big the horse and Little the donkey. They began neighing and absonant from their stables. 

The snowman capital to acquisition out who was authoritative all that noise. He took James’s hand, and off they ran to the stables.

B ig and Little were abandoned too admiring to see them. No one usually came to see them in the average of the night! 

Though they anticipation it was rather aberrant aback they were led out into the albino field, and they anticipation it drifter still aback James got up on Little and the snowman got up on Big. But they didn’t mind, not one bit. 

Nights in the stables could be continued and boring. Off they trotted, and afresh abroad they galloped through the snow. It was all James could do to adhere on.

Up in the big oak timberline the owl was watching everything, too abashed alike to hoot. The snowman rode Big as if he had been benumbed all his life. 

Big and Little had never galloped so fast before, and they had never had so abundant fun. They were anon absolutely aloof out. And, by the time they took them aback to their stables, so were James and the snowman.

That was aback the snowman saw Dad’s tractor. He absolved annular and annular it, amusement all the time, his smile acceptable broader and broader. 

He swept the snow off the seat, climbed up and sat on it. ‘Well?’ he said with a blink in his eye. ‘How does this affair work? Are you advancing or not?’

James wasn’t activity to absence this. Up he climbed and sat on the snowman’s lap, aloof like he did with Dad. 

He showed him area the key was — Dad consistently larboard it in. He showed him the apparatus and the council caster and the throttle. That’s all the snowman needed. With a about-face of the key the agent started up.

With a cutting of the apparatus and a advance on the burke the tractor began to move — boring at first, jerkily, but anon they were out in Oak Timberline Acreage and roaring along, bouncing along. 

Round and annular the timberline they went. Up on his branch, the owl was accepting bemused watching them. Annular and annular his arch went.

Down the acropolis they roared, and forth the river. They abashed the deer in the woods, woke up the badgers and foxes, and afresh came ample up the acropolis again, aback into Oak Timberline Field.

The snowman accumulating that tractor like a able farmer, as if he’d been accomplishing it all his life. He chortled and chuckled and laughed out loud. He admired every moment of it. So did James. 

He never capital the ride to end! Afterwards, as they absolved aback through the garden together, James anticipation that all the fun and amateur charge be over. He couldn’t accept been added wrong.

The snowman took his hand. ‘I’ve had such a acceptable time, James,’ he told

him. ‘This home of castigation is abounding of nice surprises. Would you like to see mine? I haven’t got a farm, but I accept got a bit of a abruptness to appearance you.’

The cardboard will additionally accommodate children’s archetypal The Arctic Express in the advancing weeks

And at that moment the snowman began to run — boring at first, but afresh faster and faster and faster. He had continued legs and James had abbreviate legs, so with every footfall James was award it harder and harder to accumulate up.

But aback he didn’t accept to run any added because he couldn’t — his anxiety weren’t affecting the ground! 

They were activity so fast they were demography off. His legs were active through attenuate air! They were flying! The snowman had his arm about him, and they were flying!

James looked down. There was his abode with the smoke advancing out of the chimney; there was the farm, there were the barns, there was his swing, there was Dad’s shed, there was his trampoline.

But they were all accepting abate and smaller. College and college they flew, over the fields and the dupe and the river, out over the moor. Aloft them the moon and the stars; below them a apple of white. James looked annular and saw that they weren’t alone!

There were added snowmen aerial forth abaft — dozens of them; hundreds of them! But none of the others had a boy aerial with him. 

He was the abandoned one, and James admired that. He had never acquainted added appropriate in his life. James looked ahead. ‘Where are we going?’ he cried.

But the snowman abandoned laughed his booming blithe laugh, so James wasn’t worried. He was adequate himself too abundant to be worried. 

Ahead, on the horizon, the sky was aglow. As they flew on, he could see the ablaze lights of a big city, with alpine towers, advanced roads, and a aphotic river active through it; over the bridges the cars came and went.

James looked up. Stars abounding the sky as far as he could see. He admired stars; his dad admired them too — he knew some of their names, and so did James. 

But he had never been so abutting to them as this. Up there was The Plough and the Big Dipper, and the Milky Way was everywhere. Aback he looked bottomward again, the accuracy of the burghal was gone.

There were no lights to be apparent any more; no houses, no fields, no albino whiteness; abandoned a black that shone in the moonlight, a black that James knew was the black of the sea.

Down they flew, lower and lower, over little waves, huge waves, and afresh over little icebergs, huge icebergs. The snowman was pointing ahead. ‘Look, James,’ he said. ‘Home. My home.’

It was a acreage fabricated absolutely of snow. Below them now there were no added copse or fields or rivers or houses, no added aglow lights, no cars or ablaze burghal buildings, aloof snow. 

And it was all so empty, so beautiful, so quiet. Over white mountains they floated high, and forth white valleys they flew low over the snow, the snowman’s arm about James, still captivation him tight.

‘Almost there now,’ said the snowman. ‘I’m not actual acceptable at landing, James, I’m afraid. I never absolutely got the adhere of it. But don’t you worry. There’s affluence of snow about, and it’s consistently deep. We’ll accept a nice bendable landing, you’ll see.’

But, as they neared the ground, it seemed to James that they were aerial over it faster and faster, not slower and slower. 

So, admitting what the snowman had said, he was alpha to be worried; actual abashed indeed. 

But, aback they did land, although they bumped and bounced and slid forth in the snow for absolutely a while, and formed over and over in it, they concluded up safe and sound, because the snow, as the snowman had said, was softer than the centermost cushion.

The snowman was there to advice James to his feet.

‘Here we are, James,’ he said. ‘Snowmen’s land. Our home. This is area we all appear aback to, area we snowmen all belong. We can’t break continued in your world. We accept to alive area it’s cold. And we aren’t alone. Attending up there!’

James looked up, and saw afresh that all bottomward the basin snowmen were landing…

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Extracted from The Snowman by Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Robin Shaw and aggressive by the aboriginal account book by Raymond Briggs. © Snowman Enterprises 2018. Appear by Puffin £12.99. 

Winnie The Pooh by A.A. Milne 

A. A. Milne created the Winnie-the-Pooh belief for his son, Christopher Robin, based on the boy’s own teddy buck and alleged afterwards a absolute buck in London Zoo alleged Winnie.

In this abstract from The Abode At Pooh Corner, aboriginal appear in 1928, Pooh and Piglet set out in the snow to acquisition Eeyore, the black donkey…

One day aback Pooh Buck had annihilation abroad to do, he anticipation he would do something, so he went annular to see what Piglet was doing.

It was still snowing as he addled over the white backwoods track, and he accepted to acquisition Piglet abating his toes in advanced of his fire, but to his abruptness he saw that the aperture was open, and the added he looked inside, the added Piglet wasn’t there.

‘He’s out,’ said Pooh sadly. ‘That’s what it is. He’s not in. I shall accept to go a fast Cerebration Walk by myself. Bother!’

But aboriginal he anticipation that he would beating actual audibly aloof to accomplish absolutely sure…and while he waited for Piglet not to answer, he jumped up and bottomward to accumulate warm, and a hum came aback into his head, which seemed to him such a Acceptable Hum, such as is Hummed Hopefully to Others.

A. A. Milne created the Winnie-the-Pooh belief for his son, Christopher Robin, based on the boy’s own teddy buck and alleged afterwards a absolute buck in London Zoo alleged Winnie

The added it snows

(Tiddely pom),

The added it goes

(Tiddely pom),

The added it goes

(Tiddely pom)

On snowing.

And cipher knows

(Tiddely pom),

How algid my toes

(Tiddely pom),

How algid my toes

(Tiddely pom),

Are growing.

‘So what I’ll do,’ said Pooh, ‘is I’ll do this. I’ll aloof go home aboriginal and see what the time is, and conceivably I’ll put a muffler annular my neck, and afresh I’ll go and see Eeyore and sing it to him.’

He abrupt aback to his own house; and his apperception was so active on the way with the hum that he was accepting accessible for Eeyore that, aback he saw Piglet sitting in his best armchair, he could abandoned angle there abrading his arch and apprehensive whose abode he was in.

‘Hallo, Piglet,’ he said. ‘I anticipation you were out.’

‘No,’ said Piglet, ‘it’s you who were out, Pooh.’

‘So it was,’ said Pooh. ‘I knew one of us was.’ He looked up at his clock, which had chock-full at bristles account to eleven some weeks ago.

‘Nearly eleven o’clock,’ said Pooh happily. ‘You’re aloof in time for a little smackerel of something’, and he put his arch into the cupboard. ‘And afresh we’ll go out, Piglet, and sing my song to Eeyore.’

‘Which song, Pooh?’ ‘The one we’re activity to sing to Eeyore,’ explained Pooh.

The alarm was still adage bristles account to eleven aback Pooh and Piglet set out on their way bisected an hour later.

The wind had alone and the snow, bottomward until it begin a abode on which to blow and sometimes the abode was Pooh’s adenoids and sometimes it wasn’t, and in a little while Piglet was cutting a white muffler annular his close and activity added albino abaft the aerial than he anytime acquainted before.

‘Pooh,’ he said at last, and a little timidly, because he didn’t appetite Pooh to anticipate he was Giving In, ‘I was aloof wondering.

‘How would it be if we went home now and practised your song, and afresh sang it to Eeyore tomorrow — or — or the abutting day, aback we appear to see him?’

‘That’s a actual acceptable idea, Piglet,’ said Pooh. ‘We’ll practise it now as we go along. But it’s no acceptable activity home to practise it, because it’s a appropriate Outdoor Song which Has To Be Articulate In The Snow.’

‘Are you sure?’ asked Piglet anxiously.

‘Well, you’ll see, Piglet, aback you listen. Because this is how it begins.

‘The added it snows, tiddely pom — ‘

‘Tiddely what?’ said Piglet.

‘Pom,’ said Pooh. ‘I put that in to accomplish it added hummy. The added it goes, tiddely pom, the added — ‘

‘Didn’t you say snows?’

‘Yes, but that was before.’

‘Before the tiddely pom?’

‘It was a altered tiddely pom,’ said Pooh, activity rather abashed now. ‘I’ll sing it to you appropriately and afresh you’ll see.’

So he sang it again.

The added it


The added it


The added it




And nobody


How algid my


How algid my




He sang it like that, which is abundant the best way of singing it, and aback he accomplished he

waited for Piglet to say that, of all the Outdoor Hums for Albino Weather he had anytime heard, this was the best.

And, afterwards cerebration the amount out carefully, Piglet said: ‘Pooh,’ he said solemnly, ‘it isn’t the toes so abundant as the ears.’

By this time they were accepting abreast Eeyore’s Black Place, which was area he lived, and as it was still albino abaft Piglet’s ears, and he was accepting annoyed of it, they angry into a little pine-wood and sat bottomward on the aboideau which led into it.

They were out of the snow now but it was actual cold, and to accumulate themselves balmy they sang Pooh’s song through six times, Piglet accomplishing the tiddley poms and Pooh accomplishing the blow of it, and both of them assault the top of the aboideau with pieces of stick at the able places. And in a little while they acquainted abundant warmer, and were able to allocution again.

‘I’ve been thinking,’ said Pooh, ‘and what I’ve been cerebration about is this. I’ve been cerebration about Eeyore.’

‘What about Eeyore?’

‘Well, poor Eeyore has boilerplate to live.’

‘Nor he has,’ said Piglet.

‘You accept a house, Piglet, and I accept a house, and Owl and Kanga and Rabbit accept houses, and alike Rabbit’s accompany and relations accept houses or somethings, but poor Eeyore has nothing. So what I’ve been cerebration is: Let’s body him a house.

‘That,’ said Piglet, ‘is a Grand Idea. Area shall we body it?’

‘We will body it here,’ said Pooh, ‘just by this wood, out of the wind, because this is area I anticipation of it. And we will alarm this Pooh Bend for Eeyore.’

‘There was a abundance of sticks on the added ancillary of the wood,’ said Piglet. ‘I saw them. Lots and lots. All accumulated up.’

‘Thank you Piglet, said Pooh. ‘What you accept aloof said will be a Great Advice to us, and because of it I could alarm this abode PoohandPiglet Bend if Pooh Bend didn’t complete better, which it does actuality abate and added like a corner. Appear along.’

So they got bottomward off the aboideau and went annular to the added ancillary of the copse to back the sticks.

Extracted from The Abode At Pooh Bend by A.A. Milne appear by Egmont £14.99. Text © The Trustees of the Pooh Properties 1928. © Line illustrations E. H. Shepard 1927. Colouring 1970 and 1973 © E. H. Shepard and Egmont UK Ltd. Reproduced with affectionate permission from Curtis Brown, London, on account of The Shepard Trust.

To adjustment a archetype for £11.99 (20 per cent discount), appointment or alarm 0844 571 0640. p&p is chargeless on orders over £15. Spend £30 on books and get FREE exceptional delivery. Offer accurate until December 17, 2018.

King John’s Christmas by A.A. Milne 

King John’s Christmas is a composition by Winnie-the-Pooh architect A.A. Milne and was aboriginal appear in 1927 in a accumulating alleged Now We Are Six

King John’s Christmas is a composition by Winnie-the-Pooh architect A.A. Milne and was aboriginal appear in 1927 in a accumulating alleged Now We Are Six. 

King John was not a acceptable man —

He had his little ways.

And sometimes no one batten to him

For canicule and canicule and days.

And men who came beyond him,

When walking in the town,

Gave him a bossy stare,

Or anesthetized with noses in the air —

And bad King John stood dumbly there,

Blushing below his crown.

King John was not a acceptable man,

And no acceptable accompany had he.

He backward in every afternoon…

But no one came to tea.

And, annular about December,

The cards aloft his shelf

Which admired him lots of Christmas cheer,

And affluence in the advancing year,

Were never from his abreast and dear,

But abandoned from himself.

King John was not a acceptable man,

Yet had his hopes and fears.

They’d accustomed him no present now

For years and years and years.

But every year at Christmas,

While minstrels stood about,

Collecting accolade from the young

For all the songs they ability accept sung,

He blanket abroad admiral and hung

A hopeful stocking out.

King John was not a acceptable man,

He lived his alive aloof;

Alone he anticipation a bulletin out

While aggressive up the roof.

He wrote it bottomward and propped it

Against the chase stack:

‘To all and assorted — abreast and far —

F. Christmas in particular.’

And active it not ‘Johannes R.’

But actual humbly, ‘Jack.’

‘I appetite some crackers,

And I appetite some candy;

I anticipate a box of chocolates

Would appear in handy;

I don’t apperception oranges,

I do like nuts!

And I should like a pocket-knife

That absolutely cuts.

And, oh! Father Christmas, if you adulation me at all,

Bring me a big, red, india-rubber ball!’

King John was not a acceptable man —

He wrote this bulletin out,

And gat him to this allowance again,

Descending by the spout.

And all that night he lay there,

A casualty to hopes and fears.

‘I anticipate that’s him a-coming now!’

(Anxiety bedewed his brow.)

‘He’ll accompany one present, about —

The aboriginal I had for years.’

‘Forget about the crackers,

And balloon the candy;

I’m abiding a box of chocolates

Would never appear in handy;

I don’t like oranges,

I don’t appetite nuts,

And I accept got a pocket-knife

That about cuts.

But, oh! Father Christmas, if you adulation me at all,

Bring me a big, red, india-rubber ball!’

King John was not a acceptable man,

Next morning aback the sun

Rose up to acquaint a cat-and-mouse world

That Christmas had begun,

And bodies bedeviled their stockings,

And opened them with glee,

And crackers, toys and amateur appeared,

And aperture with adhesive sweets were smeared,

King John said grimly: ‘As I feared,

Nothing afresh for me!’

‘I did appetite crackers,

And I did appetite candy;

I apperceive a box of chocolates

Would appear in handy;

I do adulation oranges,

I did appetite nuts!

And, oh! if Father Christmas, had admired me at all,

He would accept brought a big, red,

india-rubber ball!’

King John stood by the window,

And frowned to see below

The blessed bands of boys and girls

All arena in the snow.

A while he stood there watching,

And abominable them all…

When through the window big and red

There hurtled by his aristocratic head,

And bounced and fell aloft the bed,

An india-rubber ball!







Taken from Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne appear by Egmont, £14.99. Text absorb © The Trustees of the Pooh Properties 1927. ©Line illustrations E. H. Shepard 1927. Colouring by Mark Burgess © 1989 Egmont UK Limited. Reproduced with affectionate permission from Curtis Brown, London on account of The Shepard Trust.

To adjustment a archetype for £11.99 (20 per cent discount), appointment or alarm 0844 571 0640. p&p is chargeless on orders over £15. Spend £30 on books and get FREE exceptional delivery. Offer accurate until December 17, 2018.

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