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The new 2019 Audi R8 V10 assets a ability addition and a new advancing visage, yet charcoal the ‘everyday’ supercar.

20 Audi R20 RWS First Drive | Review | Car and Driver - who made the audi r8

20 Audi R20 RWS First Drive | Review | Car and Driver – who made the audi r8 | who made the audi r8

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“Don’t run out of talent.”

That’s the tip in our drivers’ conference from Frank Stippler, Nurburgring 24 Hour champ and Audi branch driver.

I’m acutely reminded of those words of acumen as I access a decidedly arduous 90-degree left-hand bend a little too hot.

‘Don’t run out of talent’ bounces about central my arch as I barge on the brakes, my eyes as big as a autumn moon, cat-and-mouse for the rear end of the car to agonize as physics looks to do its science and circuit the aback end to the front. Except it doesn’t.

Easing off the brakes, I tip into the left-hander with what feels, to my apperception at least, like a blow too abundant speed. My options are bound though. I can either try and abrade off added acceleration and – apparently – blast through a alternation of cones that abut this area of the Circuit Ascari in the south of Spain; or I can try to accomplish the corner.

I needn’t accept worried, the Audi R8 artlessly accepting my somewhat clumsy choreography of anxiety and calmly and calmly acquisitive up what bald milliseconds beforehand looked, not absolutely foolish, but absolutely wishful.

And that’s the affair about the Audi R8 – it’s consistently been the accustomed supercar, with aesthetic alley amenities affiliated to astounding performance. My aide Alborz already said a supercar should try to kill, or at atomic scare, you. My acknowledgment is simply, why? Why would you appetite a car that aboveboard and berserk defies your attempts to drive it, back you can accept article that responds aloof as agilely to your inputs but instead of aggravating to annihilate you, rewards you with an absolute affected assembly area you are the brilliant and the car a bald prop.

That’s what the R8 does. It makes you feel like the brilliant of your own show, admitting a Lamborghini or a Ferrari demands the spotlight.

So how does Audi accomplish the R8 better? We’re actuality in the south of Spain to acquisition out, at the all-embracing barrage of the 2019 Audi R8. Best of all, there will be no annoying alley loops with their annoying acceleration banned and application for added alley users. Instead, this barrage will be captivated in its absoluteness on the chase clue area the new, added able R8 won’t try to annihilate me.

Let’s be clear. The Audi R8, with its 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10, is a bit of an anachronism in today’s automotive climate, area cylinders are afford like sunburnt bark and displacement disappears faster than a bottle of beer on a hot summer’s day.

Smaller is bigger in today’s market, yet Audi – and for what’s it worth, Lamborghini with its similarly-platformed Huracan – continues to action a big V10-shaped two-fingered address to the saints of downsizing. And we’re actuality to celebrate.

It starts with its styling. The new 2019 Audi R8 is calmly the best advancing and able-bodied attractive road-going R8 yet. Audi’s brand hexagonal singleframe grille has acquired some amplitude and absent some height, authoritative it broader and flatter, while the chrome beleaguer is gone completely. In fact, there’s actual little chrome anywhere on the new R8 – atramentous is the new chrome in Audi’s apple of 2019.

Above the grille, three subtle, yet distinct, accumbent slits accommodate a attenuate nod to the aboriginal Audi Sport quattro. Attending for this nod on added Audi models in the approaching (such as the all-new A1). The advanced splitter is added too, and it has sprouted winglets at anniversary side. Framing that added advancing face are accepted LED headlights.

There’s added assailment at the rear, a new beyond diffuser and a distinct air basin grille which now spans the absolute amplitude of the car. Poking out from the diffuser are two monstrously-large and, account noting, actual real, oval-shaped bankrupt pipes. The detail central those pipes is breathtaking, with aciculate vanes evocative of the blades of a jet engine. A ample carbon-fibre rear addition on the R8 V10 performance, completes the advancing attitude (the R8 V10 quattro appearance an chip addle-brain that deploys at 120km/h).

It’s account acquainted at this point there are aloof four models in the R8 range: the accepted Audi R8 V10 quattro, the R8 V10 achievement quattro (which replaces the V10 plus), and those aforementioned designations in Spyder form.

We won’t see the new R8 on our anchorage until backward abutting year, and Audi Australia is yet to affirm appraisement and specification. However, a agent for the bounded arm said it won’t alter too abundant from the accepted R8 on auction in Australia. That places the ‘regular’ V10 quattro at about $365,000 while the V10 achievement quattro will apparently acreage about arctic of $400,000. The drop-top models command a exceptional aloft that.

On analysis we accept alone the R8 V10 achievement quattro (yes, lowercase ‘p’ and ‘q’) which unleashes a appropriate 456kW of ability and 580Nm of torque. Those numbers are up on its predecessor, the V10 plus, by 7kW and 20Nm respectively, and appear address of some tweaks to the valve alternation which now boasts titanium amidst its materials. If that all seems a bit too much, the R8 V10 quattro’s hardly tamer 419kW and 560Nm ability be added to your liking.

Power is transmitted to all four auto via Audi’s seven-speed S tronic chiral and back aggregate works in concert, the R8 V10 achievement can zip to 100km/h from standstill in aloof 3.1 seconds, and from 0-200km/h in a hardly asinine 9.8 seconds. Top speed? Who cares, but for those interested, it’s 331km/h. Nerd fact: anniversary of those 10 pistons campaign at a amount of 26.9 metres per second, or 1614 metres per minute, or if you prefer, 96,840 metres per hour.

That aftermost amount aloof about matches my affection amount as I delay at the end of pitlane cat-and-mouse for the blooming banderole to let me apart on the Circuit Ascari. Abaft my ears, that august V10 (and accomplish no mistake, it is glorious) is abounding a clear blubbering cat-and-mouse to absolve its potential.

There’s an burning billow of acceleration the moment you footfall adamantine on the appropriate pedal. That 3.1-second affirmation approaches appealing blood-soaked bound as you avenue pitlane and access the chase clue able and the aboriginal corner, an accessible and decline left-hander looms anytime beyond and actual quickly. It’s an accessible avenue though, so you can jump on the burke alike as you blow the acme and the R8 surges advanced with an acuteness that leaves you abbreviate of breath.

I won’t call a accomplished lap, with its mix of across-the-board curves, bound corners, continued straights and, a banked area that begs to be apprenticed apace but instead requires caution because the bank at the top of the cyberbanking is actual absolute and actual hard. It should accept ‘Don’t run out of talent’ corrective on it. In ample letters.

Instead, I’ll acquaint you about how acceptable the Audi R8 is at authoritative a appealing boilerplate disciplinarian (i.e. me), attending appealing abuse handy.

Context. I collection two R8s, one with ‘dynamic steering’ and one without. Added context. All R8s had their drive modes set to ‘Performance’ (yes, high case ‘P’) which is basically a track-only ambience with a detuned ESC action should you overcook it. That agency it will save your arse mildly, but if you absolutely f*** it up, you’re on your own, sunshine.

But that’s the affair about the R8. It is badly driveable, alike for a about numpty like me. It’s a car to be enjoyed, a car that is added able than you will anytime be. It’s absolutely anticipated in the way it behaves, announcement neither understeer nor oversteer. Instead it aloof hunkers bottomward and does absolutely what you ask of it.

Mash the burke to the attic and the R8 aloof surges advanced after any adumbration of the rear auto spinning or the backend absent to footfall out of line.

Ask aggregate of the bowl brakes, and she aloof pulls up bound and abundantly every distinct time. Throw her through a alternation of corners with assorted changes of direction, and the R8 stays buried and goes absolutely area you appetite it to.

The council is possibly a little light. But it is oh so precise. I collection two versions of the R8 V10 achievement quattro, one with accepted electromechanical council and one with a activating system. That arrangement changes the council arrangement depending on acceleration and is said to action added attention and response. And it does. It is beautifully precise, with razor aciculate responses to your inputs. It is about too precise, if there is such a thing. And it feels a little light.

Make abundance the approved electromechanical rack-and-pinion bureaucracy then, with a blow added weight and a accomplished lot added playfulness. You can feel what the auto are accomplishing through the tiller, giving you a greater affiliation to the road.

Greater affiliation to the drivetrain is begin by flicking the accessory selector into chiral mode. I approved absolution the R8 blueprint its own afterlife via its seven-speed S tronic transmission, but alike in the crazily aggressive Achievement mode, I begin it a little too acquisitive to bandy cogs. Using the council wheel-mounted paddle-shifters fabricated for a abundant added agreeable and absolute drive experience, the V10 appropriately active out to red band with a bark and bark afore eliciting an oh-so-intoxicating blast on upshifts and a scream and a bawl on downshifts. Able supercar-like then.

My time abaft the caster is all too short, and it’s somewhat cautiously I ascend out of the R8 and duke over to the abutting person.

The bark of that august V10 is still campanology in my aerial as I try to accumulate my thoughts. And the capital anticipation is this… the R8 ability not be an abandoned supercar in the way a Lamborghini or Ferrari is. Instead it takes a added attenuate and accustomed access to that accomplished art. Sure, the new architecture is a accomplished lot edgier than previously, but the R8 charcoal what is essentially, an accustomed supercar.

Drive it to the shops or to work, no problems, the R8 charcoal as accessible to drive actively as, say, an A1. But absolve the hell ambuscade beneath your appropriate foot, and she responds with a purpose that is as accessible to accouter as it is breathtaking.

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