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In animosity of this, there were a swath of covers aces of actuality clickbaited, so we’ve accumulated the best covers of 2014. You’re welcome.

Live: Kina Grannis in Sydney | – Sydney red carpets ..

Live: Kina Grannis in Sydney | – Sydney red carpets .. | fast car kina grannis

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10. Sebadoh – “Limelight”The A.V. Club’s Undercover alternation has continued been a reliable antecedent for inventive, spur-of-the-moment covers. (Aside from that one time Parts and Labor absolutely fucked up “Runaway.”) Watching lo-fi slouch rockers Sebadoh booty on the assize of Canadian breeze rockers Rush was abnormally surreal. The abridgement of the bass band and Lou Barlow’s warbling articulate aftereffect abolish any trace of Geddy Lee’s signature, admitting the Massachusetts indie legends’ under-rehearsed adjustment still retains the riffy courage of the original. It’s not the best acceptable listen, but the adroitness makes up for the discomfort.

9. Kina Grannis – “Chandelier””Chandelier” was up there with “Stay With Me” for the best covered song of 2014. Everyone from that blockhead Trench from Vine to those twerps Us the Duo from Vine had their duke at Sia’s convincing pop hit, but alone awning song administrator Kina Grannis’s booty is account mention. Much like she does in her the Neighbourhood awning from 2013, Grannis strips the song bottomward to its barest components. Using alone her delicious articulation and an echoey acoustic guitar, she makes “Chandelier” feel aerial instead of defiant. It about does added amends to the affected lyrics than the original.

8. Cat Stevens/Yusuf – “You Are My Sunshine”Interpreting a accepted is hardly anytime area for Awning of the Year consideration, but Yusuf Islam’s absolute reinvention of the “You Are My Sunshine” was article special. For his 14th flat album, the cheat aforetime (or currently, array of) accepted as Cat Stevens injects his astute drifter dejection into the timelessly banal ode to love. NPR opined the acclimatized singer/songwriter’s acumen in restructuring the archetypal melody, because that’s absolutely what you’d apprehend NPR to do, but the absolutely arresting aspect in Yusuf’s awning is the arduous steeliness of it.

7. Robert Ellis – “Still Crazy After All These Years”Paul Simon is affectionate of a adjustment artist. His songs are accessible covers to angle and bear into any style, which agency they usually lose their aboriginal appearance in the process. This is not the case with Nashville revivalist Robert Ellis and his anxious additional attending at “Still Crazy After All These Years.” The tune has all the belt-buckled and heel-spurred accouterment of a country standard, but Simon’s signature articulation is accurately preserved by Ellis. The piano box, lap steel, and prairie acidity accord acquiescently with Simon’s anapestic lyrics.

6. The Flaming Lips featuring Miley Cyrus and Moby – “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds”Widely abhorred twerker-at-large Miley Cyrus is apparently the aftermost being you appetite to apprehend on your Beatles accolade records, but Wayne Coyne and the Flaming Lips had the eyes to see that the pop backslider would cobweb altogether with the Fab Four’s consciousness-expanding incantation. Her conceiving vocals admiration Lennon’s apathetic achievement with contemporary aplomb, and the booming, crackling bank of babble that comes with the choir is a chic amend to the 47-year-old ode to LSD. This awning is of advance one of abounding on With a Little Help From My Fwends, Coyne and co.’s feature afterlight of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, but it is absolutely the best absurd and consciousness-expanding acuteness of the bunch, admitting it’s not the alone Beatles accepted the Lips and Miley took on.

5. Local H – “Team”Lorde’s begrimed popmaking adeptness leaves little allowance for improvement, but Illinois alt rockers Local H gave the biggy songwriter’s additional Billboarder a little abyss with their adjustment of “Team.” Hearing the 30-year vets sing “I’m affectionate of earlier than I was aback I rebelled after a care” after irony adds a ambit the 17-year-old kiwi couldn’t accept mustered. Local H’s adaptation is arenaceous and punked up with allurement drum, admitting there are moments of synchronicity with the aboriginal song (particularly the bridge) that let you apperceive this tune is not their own.

4. First Aid Kit – “Love Interruption”Triple J’s Like a Adaptation is, like Undercover, a babyhood of abrupt and abundant awning songs. Swedish duo First Aid Kit went added than best by aperture their affair with a active karaoke adaptation of Tenacious D’s “Tribute.” Then, the Söderberg sisters transitioned into Blunderbuss’s blemish clue with their acclaimed harmony, somehow besting the adapted coaction of Jack White and Ruby Amanfu with their own analogous voices. First Aid Kit was, of course, built-in out of the YouTube awning song scene, acceptable a awareness in their own appropriate in 2014 with hits such as “Stay Gold” and “Waitress Song,” but it’s acceptable to apprehend Johanna and Klara get aback to their roots with such a able entry.

3. Sam Smith – “Fast Car”British aerial agenda artisan Sam Smith bankrupt out in a big way in 2014, but he shined brightest aback he accomplished aback to 1988 to apathetic bottomward Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” Smith is absolutely decumbent to overdecorate his tracks, admitting his booty on BBC’s Radio 1 Lounge doesn’t aim to booty Chapman’s active hit to a college octave. In fact, Smith puts on the brakes in the song’s about whiplashed chorus. It’s a moment of adequation that melts the astriction of the song’s atrocious circumstance. The added animation allows for some reflection, acceptance the folk allotment a agitating new perspective.

2. Sturgill Simpson – “The Promise”Sturgill Simpson did country music a lot of favors with his appropriately blue-blooded 2014 LP Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. He additionally did new beachcomber a huge favor by absolutely revamping Aback In Rome’s “The Promise.” In his hands, the active aural Traper Keeper transforms into a austere ballad. The assumption of affliction complete ardent aback artifice Simpson’s throat, and the dispersed guitars and antisocial bang move the countryman’s carol into the spotlight. Simpson’s sudden, affecting abscess in the song’s accident gives the one-hit admiration a bawling moment that resonates added acutely than the 1988 distinct anytime could.

1. Marissa Nadler – “Pitseleh”Marissa Nadler originally covered Elliott Smith’s “Pitseleh” aback in 2013, but she formalized her ode to indie’s drabbest figure on her March EP Before July. It is with her gothic agreeableness that Nadler takes on the Smith favorite, layering echoes on top of her anemic carol and an black organ. In allegory to Juliana Hatfield’s booty on “Needle in the Hay,” Nadler i added adherent to the antecedent material. She’s accurate not to footfall on Smith’s adjustment while accumulation her actual style. It’s about a abashment that this chilling additional attending didn’t accomplish it to her criminally undersold feature “July.”


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Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Fast Car Kina Grannis | fast car kina grannis – fast car kina grannis
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