Five Awesome Things You Can Learn From Cheapest Supercar 2014 | cheapest supercar 2014

Everyone is talking about the Scion FR-S like it doesn’t action abundant ability for the money. Actuality are ten new cars that may accomplish you amend that judgement.

Which of these 20 supercars are the best deals right now? | Hagerty ..

Which of these 20 supercars are the best deals right now? | Hagerty .. | cheapest supercar 2014

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Of advance you bethink the Scion FR-S. It and its Subaru BRZ accompanying were all we were talking about in …

This is a account of cars that allegation you the atomic for anniversary application they provide. You’ll see these cars advised by US dollar/hp, and the lower the number, the better. For instance the Scion FR-S starts at $24,700 and offers 200 horsepower, so that makes it $123/hp.

This top ten isn’t an actually absolute list, but it gives you a faculty of the market.

What you do apprehension as you go through all the cars is that the bulk of application isn’t actually a acceptable metric for barometer achievement car bargains. Cars that you ability anticipate as alms a acceptable bulk of acceleration for their bulk don’t alike agency in this list.

So accede this as a bit of a anticipation experiment, and see if accusatory about a abridgement of ability for your money is actually what you should be bitching about.

$/HP: 111

Cost: $51,000

Power: 460

Nothing abroad on the bazaar offers as abundant ability for the bulk as the 2014 Corvette, right? Well, you’ll be afraid by the car that aloof about beats in how abundant you pay per horsepower.

Chevrolet has done it. The Corvette has gone from actuality a apple chic sports car with a…

Suggested By: Neon – Smart Stig, Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

$/HP: 110

Cost: $11,990

Power: 109

Ye, the Corvette’s application is aloof a smidgen added big-ticket than the application offered by the average Nissan Versa. Things will alone get weirder from actuality on out.

Suggested By: DeeVeeOus, Photo Credit: Nissan

$/HP: 92

Cost: $24,200

Power: 263

Of all the hot hatchbacks on auction today, you get the best ability for your dollar out of the torque-steer-your-arms-off Mazda. A Fiesta ST is $109/HP and a Focus ST is $94/HP, if you’re curious.

Suggested By: Nerd-Vol, Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

$/HP: 82

Cost: $54,200

Power: 662

I accept apprenticed the GT500, and I can acquaint you from acquaintance it is the an capricious bulk of ability not alone for its price, but for the artery at any price. That doesn’t beggarly it’s the cheapest ability per dollar of the Mustang family.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is about here, which agency a new one GT500 isn’t far away. I collection the…

Suggested By: TheCrudMan, Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

$/HP: 74

Cost: $22,510

Power: 305

That account goes to the average V6 Mustang. If you’re wondering, this is about $15 per horespower cheaper than the Nissan 370Z and about actually $10 per application cheaper than the Hyundai Genesis V6 R-Spec. A Mustang GT? A bald 50 cents added per hp.

Suggested By: offroadkarter, Photo Credit: Ford

$/HP: 73

Cost: $23,555

Power: 323

Everyone was abiding that the V6 Mustang would win this game, but it’s the V6 Camaro that offers an ever-so-slightly bigger application deal. That’s not to say it offers added performance, aback both these cars are baffled by a Mopar…

Suggested By: vroompshhh, Photo Credit: Chevrolet

$/HP: 71

Cost: $19,995

Power: 283

…minivan. Yes, get a V6 Caravan at its cheapest (almost actually not pictured above) and you’re accepting added application per dollar than any new sports car, supercar, beef car or pony car on the bazaar today.

Suggested By: thisistheemailiuseforcommenting, Photo Credit: Dodge

$/HP: 67

Cost: $18,840

Power: 283

All barrage the Pentastar. There’s actually a lot of agitation activity on about how bargain the Avenger SE with the V6 and six-speed auto admixture is. The MSRP is aloof over $20 grand, I priced the car out into the mid nineteen thousand range, but clairvoyant ColoradoFX4 got it bottomward to aloof $18,840 on the Dodge website (proof is appropriate here).

Avenger SE with 3.6 Pentastar

This is the aftermost year of this turd actuality on the market, so there is actually no agnosticism in my apperception you could get one of these things for alike less. The catechism is would you appetite to?

Suggested By: ColoradoFX4, Photo Credit: Dodge

$/HP: 61

Cost: Rs. 141,200/$2,278USD

Power: 37.4

If you appear to adjustment yourself the cheapest Nano on sale, you can get the bulk beneath 1.5 lakh, admitting best are activity for 2.36 lakh these days. The Nano is absolutely the baron of the low power/low bulk game. That actuality said, it’s the Land of the Chargeless that beats it with big power, low price.

Suggested By: willkinton247, Photo Credit: Debarshi Ray

$/HP: 57

Cost: $22,440

Power: 395

The bright champ in the cheapest application on the new car bazaar is abject auto trucks, and the hemi Ram with a six-speed auto is the cheapest of them all. Next time your accompany beef that the FR-S doesn’t action abundant ability for the price, acquaint them to get one of these if they’re attractive for a achievement deal. That should piss ’em off.

Suggested By: OldMarriedDull and Prius_Repellent, Photo Credit: Dodge

All that actuality said, there is an able way to admeasurement the bulk of performance, and that’s aback you agency weight into the equation. Check out this account of cars as abstinent by dollar-kips/horsepower and you ability acquisition your best way of attractive at achievement bargains on sale.

A bigger metric would be “dollar-kips/horsepower” (kip=1000lbs)

But dollar per application abiding ain’t the way to do it. Feel chargeless to column your admired achievement car with the affliction dollar/hp arrangement below, aloof to bang the point home.

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Top Photo Credit: Dodge

Five Awesome Things You Can Learn From Cheapest Supercar 2014 | cheapest supercar 2014 – cheapest supercar 2014
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