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The Chevrolet Camaro is active stronger than anytime in the aboriginal and late-model beef car wars, and today it charcoal the best accepted beef car in America. The history and anatomy of this amazing vehicle, forth with its awful attractive, one-of-a-kind actualization and achievement abide to advance a huge following. With the car now in its sixth address of production, enthusiasts of all ages and assorted tastes acquire a best as to which year of Camaro they ambition to personalize.

The Best Sports Cars of 20 | Digital Trends - buy supercars usa

The Best Sports Cars of 20 | Digital Trends – buy supercars usa | buy supercars usa

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Thankfully, the aftermarket offers bags of genitalia to about-face your Camaro into the car you’ve consistently dreamed of. Whether it’s Pro Touring, Pro Street, annoyance race, restomod, or a agrarian artery machine, there are affluence of genitalia to acquire from. If you aloof appetite your circadian disciplinarian to handle a little better, go a little faster, attending a lot cooler, or complete a bit meaner, we acquire you covered in the Chevy High Achievement Camaro Artefact Showcase—29 abundant articles from the aftermarket to advice you get your Camaro to the abutting akin of achievement and appearance. – Nick Licata

Looking to amend the auto on your archetypal Chevy but adopt the OEM styling? YearOne can advice with their absorbing calendar of upgraded auto based on the iconic designs of the supercar era—like the archetypal five-spoke Chevy wheel.

YearOne has upgraded the originals by authoritative them in aluminum (the originals were formed steel) in avant-garde 17-inch diameters with 8- or 9-inch widths. The auto affection a gunmetal gray powdercoated centermost with a brushed alien lip that replaces the OEM trim ring. The five-spoke auto acquire aboriginal centermost caps and lug basics for accessible accession and an accurate look.

YearOne 17-inch, five-spoke auto are accessible individually, in sets of four, or complete kits including centermost caps and lug nuts. For a bound time, complete caster kits address chargeless in the continental U.S.

It’s a crate agent apple these days—and with the blazon of affordable PowerCrate 350 powerhouses accessible from YearOne it’s accessible to see why. Application aberrant apparatus such as Edelbrock or Dart heads, hydraulic roller camshafts, and jumpsuit rear capital seals, YearOne PowerCrate engines accomplish 400 appliance with streetable compression ratios and with affluence of exhaustion for adeptness accessories. Anniversary agent is complete beneath carburetor, distributor, baptize pump, and exhaust, and ships with a dyno area assuming absolutely how abundant adeptness that archetype made.

And for a bound time—all YearOne PowerCrate 350 engines affection chargeless accepted aircraft in the continental U.S.

AT350PC1. PowerCrate 350 with Edelbrock aluminum active – 24-month/24k warranty. $3,699 CT350PC1. PowerCrate 350 with Dart adamant active – 12-month/12k warranty. $3,199


1967-’69 Chevy Camaro Atramentous Out Alternation Adeptness Anchor Booster Kit

Performance Online (POL) alien the 1967-’69 Camaro and Firebird Atramentous Out Adeptness Anchor About-face w/ 9-inch Atramentous Booster and Atramentous Wilwood Adept Butt in April 2013 and accustomed a huge response. These kits add a nice, professional, abundant attending to your classic. The anchor booster kit improves endlessly distances and disciplinarian achievement tremendously. Advised to assignment with all anchor configurations and be a absolute bolt in, the POL Atramentous Out kits are accessible for best archetypal cars, beef cars, and trucks.

How beggarly is this setup?

9-inch Single Atramentous Adeptness Booster Ultra-light black-aluminum Wilwood bifold alcove adept cylinder, 1-inch bore Firewall brackets Band accessories and plugs Caution! This arrangement badly improves the attending of your agent compartment!

Performance Online866.631.7480www.performanceonline.com

According to Schwartz Performance, the G-Machine Anatomy is the best all-embracing bolt-on you can do to your Camaro! The rigid, affection anatomy ties into the Camaro’s unibody structure, constant in bargain anatomy aberration and movement. The aftereffect is a bigger stance; aberrant handling; and a smooth, quiet ride.

The G-Machine Anatomy mounts to the branch structural areas of first- and second-gen Camaros, with little-to-no modifications of the floorpan. The abeyance actualization aggravate bearing-supported tubular ascendancy accoutrements up front, with a triangulated four-bar arrangement in the rear. Extra-long adjustable coilovers at anniversary bend accommodate continued biking to aftermath a comfortable, abiding ride.

Standard accessories on every Schwartz anatomy includes adeptness rack-and-pinion steering, advanced and rear splined amplitude bars, six-piston advanced calipers, and a full-floating Moser 9-inch apartment able with apparatus and a Truetrac posi. The G-Machine Anatomy calmly accepts avant-garde LT1/4 engines, LS series, and big- or small-block engines. Bolt-in anatomy are accessible for Chevy beef cars, Tri-Fives, C2s, trucks, and fullsize cars.

Schwartz Performance815.206.2230www.schwartzperformance.com

PerformaBuilt Transmissions is appreciative to action the first, and, according to the company, possibly the alone accepted 1,000 hp 4L60 alternation chiral in the achievement industry: the PerformaBuilt Akin 3 Atramentous Edition.

They acquire been address this assemblage for added than four years and acquire had able results. It can be configured for street/strip performance, as able-bodied as for off-road applications.

For a real-world actualization of how it performs, analysis out the chump videos on their Facebook page.

While the Atramentous Edition is the top of the band and PerformaBuilt is acutely appreciative of it, they additionally action a complete band of achievement and off-road transmissions for barter with altered adeptness levels and applications.

All of their transmissions appear with a minimum 1-year warranty, and are accessible with a 2-year assurance option. NO exceptions, alike for “racing.”

Check out PerformaBuilt’s absolute band of transmissions on their website, www.performabuilt.com, or accord them a alarm at 888.744.6542 to altercate your needs and how they can ample them.

PerformaBuilt Transmissions888.744.6542www.performabuilt.com

1967-’81 Camaro Complete Ammunition Injection-Ready All-In-One Catchbasin Kits

According to Archetypal Achievement Articles (CPP), their Complete Ammunition Injection Catchbasin Kit is the best best aback abacus a ammunition injection-ready catchbasin to your 1967-’81 Camaro. CPP’s kit includes an original-fit catchbasin with a congenital ammunition tray, a ammunition catchbasin sending unit, a 58-psi ammunition regulator/filter complete with all the -6 AN adapters, a actual absolute set of EFI ammunition curve and fittings, and all of the all-important pieces to arise the catchbasin into your Camaro. The EFI Ammunition Band and Applicable Kit comes with 25 anxiety of ammunition corrupt and all the aluminum -6 AN accessories bald to erect from the ammunition pump forward. All of the ammunition corrupt accessories acquire advance lock and AN-style accessories that do not crave specialty accoutrement to disassemble. Their accepted kit includes a 255-lph in-tank pump that supports up to 600 hp with all the able install components. In-tank pumps are abundant added able and run abundant acknowledgment and quieter than an inline pump. All-In-One Ammunition Catchbasin Kits are accessible for first- and second-generation Camaros and alpha at $450. All CPP articles accommodate a lifetime warranty.

Complete Archetypal Fit Braid Over System

Classic Achievement Articles (CPP) now offers a complete bolt-on, dual-adjustable advanced coilover and dual-adjustable rear shock arrangement for rear blade bounce applications. CPP’s advanced and rear arrangement will actualize a abounding four-corner, height-adjustable abeyance that enables fine-tuning the compression and backlash adjustments for your adapted alley feel. These kits are absolute for all active environments: artery driving, Pro Touring, annoyance racing, you name it! The advanced coilover systems accommodate high-quality, dual-adjustable shocks; distinctively advised conical springs; and all ascent hardware. For Camaros, the rear kits accommodate internally valved shocks that bolt anon to the banal shock position off the blade bounce shock plates. The advanced and rear shock bodies are fabricated of high-quality batten aluminum and affection 19-click acclimation knobs for both compression and rebound, accouterment an amazing absolute of 361 accessible damping combinations. The threaded anatomy allows for ride acme adjustments. For a bound time, CPP is including a spanner bend and address kit with the acquirement of a Archetypal Fit Braid Over System! Complete coilover systems starts at $799. All CPP genitalia appear with a lifetime warranty.

Hydra Stop Artery Beast Hydraulic Abetment Systems for 1967-’81 Camaros

Classic Achievement Products’ (CPP) Hydra Stop Artery Beast is a absolute fit, high-performance hydraulic anchor abetment arrangement that works abundant aback active a achievement agent bureaucracy and there is not abundant exhaustion produced to accomplish a acceptable anchor booster. Ascent bound to the firewall with their absolute batten aluminum bracket design, this high-performance anchor arrangement plumbs calmly into your branch adeptness council arrangement with CPP’s custom-built corrupt kit, with no affect to your branch adeptness steering. The Artery Beast arrangement additionally includes a Corvette-style aluminum adept butt with atramentous lid, atramentous adjustable proportioning valve administration block, black-anodized accumulator cover, high-pressure band set, able acknowledgment line, pedal rod hardware, and ascent hardware. Assembled with all-new parts, this assemblage puts out an amazing 1,800 psi at the wheels. Complete kits alpha at $829 and bald Hydra Stop units alpha at $469. All CPP genitalia backpack a lifetime warranty.

Classic Achievement Products, Inc.714.522.2000www.classicperform.com

Cam Motion is accepted for above affection articles yet for some enthusiasts, appraisement is a above agency in allotment parts. With Cam Motion, you acquire options. They are committed to authoritative abiding their LS barter get absolutely what they appetite in a camshaft so they action three animate admixture camshaft amount choices. Induction accustomed 5150 animate admixture camshafts are the accepted camshaft offered by competitors and what GM uses. Perfectly able for best applications, they action 5150 camshafts options for milder applications. 8660 Induction accustomed animate admixture camshaft cores acquire a above admixture to the 5150 cam cores. 8660 camshafts are a footfall up over the 5150 cam cores. They action 8660 camshafts for best applications. Their accepted camshafts are 8620; a above admixture to the 5150 cams. These cores additionally abide a added complex oven hardening process, which creates added abiding abrasion surfaces on the lobes while advancement the adorable ductility characteristics of the 8620 alloy. The final artefact is a camshaft that is stronger with a added abiding abrasion surface. 8620 cams are a above artefact acclimated in Top Ammunition Dragsters, Funny Cars, Pro Banal and more. The 8620 camshafts are accessible for all LS applications except VVT able engines.

Cam Motion225.926.6110www.cammotion.com

SecretAudio SST-V

Hideaway 200-watt 4×50 AM/FM CD ambassador with USB MP3/WMA Flash Drive, iPod interface and more.

• Featuring handheld “RF” (radio frequency) alien control, 30-foot range. • Ideal for artery rods, classics, customs, or any vehicle! Leave aboriginal radio intact! • The tuner/amplifier assemblage (black box) can be hidden out of afterimage (i.e., beneath the seat, dash). • iPod, iPhone ascendancy through USB. • Bluetooth music alive and articulation calling from your adaptable phone. • CD-1 Ambassador (CD amateur awash separately).


The USA-740 offers the aforementioned archetypal attending that Custom Autosound has consistently been accepted for forth with today’s latest features. Now, with congenital Bluetooth, a USB port, and abounding added actualization you apprehend from a high-end, in-dash radio.

• Bluetooth music alive and articulation calling from your adaptable phone. • Includes 300 watts of aiguille adeptness with RCA pre-outs for alternative amps. • Digital affectation shows artist, song, anthology titles, and song navigation. • Includes abetting inputs for accent radio, iPhones, and carriageable players. • Accessible to install! No added genitalia or accession kits to buy.

Custom Autosound800.888.8637www.customautosoundmfg.com

Larson, Lutz, Bailey, DragWeek, Roadkill, Bonneville, Texas, and Ohio Mile. The able appliance administration overdrives you can buy—and you can bolt one on in a brace of hours. Accumulate your absolute chiral or automated transmission, which is the racer’s backbone compared to late-model overdrive swaps. Get 28.6 percent faster canoeing acceleration advancing with a assurance that covers you alike at the dragstrip. Accent Vendors Overdrives pioneered overdrive and the adeptness to about-face your three-speed automated into six abutting ratios, which is absolutely how the late-model OE transmissions work. Accent Vendors’ overdrives are congenital actuality in the USA with abstracts begin alone in Pro Mod transmissions and are reliable abaft alert the appliance as any added overdrive you can buy. Added fun driving, added able for annoyance antagonism or alley course, and the easiest to install yourself. Complete overdrive kits alpha at aloof $2,695 for a bound time. Alarm them at 800.999.9555 about your appliance and they can get you all the capacity and an overdrive to put in your car today.

Gear Vendors Overdrives800.999.9555www.gearvendors.com

Revolutionary administration improvements and active acquaintance for your archetypal Camaro from Hotchkis Tuned 1.5 Artery Achievement Alternation shock absorbers. They are congenital about a seamless, failing aluminum anatomy and affection cutting-edge monotube shock technology, a high-flow piston, and circumlocutory disc architecture that assignment calm with a distinctively formulated oil and high-pressure nitrogen. A bifold allowance wiper/scraper keeps the colossal 0.500-inch heat-treated, chrome-plated shaft apple-pie for a continued life, while batten aluminum endcaps accommodate solid mounts. Hotchkis includes able accouterments and backs the shocks with a lifetime warranty!

The Hotchkis Tuned 1.5 Artery Achievement Alternation shocks are bogus in the USA and are accessible in 22-position backlash adjustable and non-adjustable versions. Proven on the artery and the track, these shocks are a absolute bolt-on advancement that delivers a consistent, assessable achievement advance beneath any active condition. Complement your aberrant shock advancement with a set of Hotchkis amplitude bars, ascendancy arms, springs, subframe connectors, and Absolute Agent Abeyance packages.

Hotchkis Sport Suspension877.466.7655www.hotchkis.net

Don’t settle. You don’t acquire to acquire that animal wiper motor on your firewall! Accomplishment that agent alcove the way you appetite while befitting your Camaro safe and legal.

Now, first- and second-generation Camaro owners can annihilate the animal wiper motor from their car’s firewall by installing a advanced Raingear Hidden Wiper Arrangement that places the motor out of sight, central the air plenum.

Raingear Wiper Systems800.686.1955www.raingearwipers.com

Art Morrison Enterprises (AME) has alien the awful adult Multilink IRS that can be ordered as an advantage on the accepted GT Sport anatomy or installed in a advanced array of cartage acknowledgment to its different “cradle” design. The Morrison Multilink IRS was advancing by the latest alien cars, yet actualization a asperous Strange Engineering S60 cogwheel (9 3/4-inch bore arena gear) that can handle abundant horsepower. It provides cogent administration and ride allowances over earlier anchored ascendancy arm blazon IRS setups and offers bigger caster adjustability. With its semi-active council capabilities, the Multilink IRS handles corners like a car on rails. Awful credentialed analysis drivers acquire declared it as “the best abeyance on the market.” Accessible with abundant accent ratios and anchor options, the bunched “package” architecture of the AME Multilink IRS allows for abounding fitment applications. It is accessible in four clue widths from 55.5 to 61.5 inches.

The Art Morrison Enterprises (AME) GT Sport amalgamation is a arrangement that badly increases the administration capabilities of your first-gen, 1967-’69, Camaro. Utilizing an AME C6 advanced subframe (also accessible for 1970-’81 Camaro/Firebird) the advanced is an easy, bolt-in upgrade. Out back, AME has advised a rear subframe that replaces the weak, formed sheetmetal balustrade with able-bodied 2x4x0.120-inch arbor angled tubing. Accessible rear abeyance options accommodate triangulated four-bar (which fits beneath the banal floorpan), three-link, or the AME Multilink IRS. All rear abeyance options assignment with the banal ammunition catchbasin and acquiesce up to a 335mm advanced rear annoy with a mini-tub. To accomplish the anatomy arrangement as adamant as possible, AME offers a set of subframe connectors to tie the two calm and anneal up the OE floorpan. The anatomy apparatus are accessible as an absolute three-piece amalgamation or in stages. Adjustment castigation today!

Art Morrison Enterprises Inc.800.929.7188www.artmorrison.com

Baer Pro 6 Agent Anchor Arrangement for Camaro

The Pro is Baer’s acknowledged anchor system. The advanced and rear systems accommodate a six-piston caliper with 13- or 14-inch bore 2-piece rotors and aggregate you allegation to complete the accession with accustomed duke tools. Baer’s Pro arrangement is identical to the Pro except that it includes a jumpsuit rotor instead of a two-piece. Absolute to Baer, both systems will acquiesce you to acquire the exact aforementioned attractive brake, advanced and rear!

Baer cautions users not to be taken in by claims that a six-piston rear caliper is too abundant brake. According to Baer, which builds all its own calipers in the USA, they blueprint the rear agent sizes to action appropriately while additionally acceptance the use of a accepted two-port, firewall-mounted adept cylinder. Baer staggers the agent sizes advanced and rear to abbreviate pad abate issues accepted to calipers with alone one agent size.

Running a 10- or 12-bolt rearend? Baer provides a appropriately engineered band-aid to ascent opposed-piston calipers on C-clip–style axles with its patent-pending VeriSlide self-centering brackets. And, you can adapt the calipers’ attending with dozens of colors and finishes.

Baer Brakes602.233.1411www.baer.com

Flaming River has a new rack-and-pinion cradle kit for 1970-’81 Camaros that provides over 6 inches of biking and the abounding lock-to-lock axis radius. The Flaming River Adeptness Rack and Adhere is a absolutely new unit, it allows for an adjustable adhere angle, there is no amount allegation required, and is fabricated in the USA.

The cradle arrangement for 1970-’81 Camaros uses a biking bar architecture to appropriately position the council axis credibility to the aboriginal area and bear the aboriginal axis radius. The arrangement locates the close tie-rod ends at the aboriginal axis points. The 1970-’81 Camaro arrangement uses the branch tie rods to affix the biking bar to the spindles. The arrangement installs in the aboriginal ascent holes for the council box and idler arm assembly. The arrangement does not crave any cutting, drilling, or adjustment and installs application basal duke tools.

Flaming River Industries800.648.8022www.flamingriver.com

ARP Artefact Adviser for LS/LT Engines

Preeminent ballast architect ARP has evaluated aloof about every nut, bolt, and stud active to body Chevrolet’s accepted LS-series engine—plus its new LT counterpart—and developed high-performance backup fasteners. They accommodate added anchor force added a allowance of assurance so you can access best adeptness with absolute reliability. And, clashing best branch hardware, they’re engineered to be re-used.

Upgrading your ride is easy, as ARP has aggregate a accessible 12-page LS/LT artefact adviser that can calmly be downloaded by activity to arp-bolts.com/arp-lslt-guide.pdf. The full-line catalog, which covers the LS/LT, small-blocks, big-blocks, and aggregate else—plus driveline, anatomy and accent bolts—can be beheld at www.arp-bolts.com. ARP has over 4,700 ballast kits in all. A free, printed archetype of their latest archive is accessible aloft request. ARP tech reps can be able at 800.826.3045.


UMI Achievement is appreciative to advertise the game-changing Bend Max kit. According to UMI, the Bend Max kit was designed—as a complete package—from the arena up to be the best assuming stock-frame abeyance on the market. Fifteen years of engineering and abuse acquire appear calm to actualize the Bend Max kit. UMI able this by alteration all the banal geometry and analogous genitalia to assignment as a amalgamation instead of piecing alone items together. Their double-shear lower ascendancy arm coilover mounts acquiesce you to bandy the braid after bustling off a brawl joint, which is abnormally accessible and accessible aback authoritative trackside adjustments. This kit comes complete with high and lower tubular ascendancy arms, springs, UMI monotube shocks, and a spring-matched amplitude bar. UMI articles are proudly fabricated in the USA in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. For their complete second- through fifth-gen Camaro artefact line, appointment www.umiperformance.com.

UMI Performance814.343.6315www.umiperformance.com

Dirty Dingo Gen V Batten Accent Drive Kit

Dirty Dingo advised batten aluminum alternator/power council and Sanden 508 brackets for your Gen V agent with barter agreement balancer. The brackets are CNC machined on a attention vertical milling centermost from 1/2-inch blubbery 6061-T6 batten aluminum to 3/8-inch thick. The brackets are advised to be acclimated with Dirty Dingo LT baptize pump adapters and uses a Gen IV LS Corvette baptize pump and a Blazon 2 adeptness council pump from a 1998-’02 Camaro LS1. The bracket is bifold accomplished to arise best Gen III and Gen IV ample and baby case alternators and is advised to use a small-diameter, 5-inch batten adeptness council pulley. Idler pulleys, tensioner, and Grade 8 zinc-coated Allen bolts are included.

Dirty Dingo LT Glider About-face Mounts

Dirty Dingo Adjustable LT Gen V about-face bandy mounts are advised to abode the Gen V LT agent in the aboriginal bellhousing position or acclimatize advanced up to 2 inches and lock the agent bottomward anywhere in between. The basal and spacer plates are CNC machined from 1/2-inch blubbery 6061-T6 batten aluminum on a attention vertical CNC milling center. These brackets are absolutely CNC machined on both sides. The top plates are CNC laser cut from 1/4-inch blubbery algid formed bowl steel. These bandy mounts are advised to use aboriginal Chevrolet/GM three-bolt big- and small-block Chevrolet agent mounts. These mounts are advised to fit 1958-’72 cars and trucks. All the all-important Grade 8 zinc-coated accouterments is included.

Dirty Dingo CTS-V/LSA 8-Rib Advanced Agent Accent Drive Kit.

Dirty Dingo has CNC machined batten aluminum alternator, adeptness steering, and A/C brackets for 1997-’15 Gen III and Gen IV LS engines application the branch CTS-V or LSA harmonic balancer. This bracket is advised to fit best LS alternators, 1998-’02 Camaro adeptness council pump, and Sanden 4711 eight-rib 508 compressor. This kit can be installed on engines with basilica anchorage butt active application their batten LS basilica anchorage assimilation assorted adapters. The kit includes both agent accent brackets, batten aluminum eight-rib adeptness council pulley, batten aluminum eight-rib alternator pulley, both idler pulleys, tensioner, batten baptize pump spacer kit, batten adeptness council acknowledgment fitting, and eight-rib convolute belt. The brackets are CNC machined from 1/2-inch blubbery 6061-T6 batten aluminum to 3/8-inch blubbery on a attention vertical CNC milling center. The batten spacers are CNC lathe machined. Grade 8 zinc-coated Allen bolts are included with anniversary kit.

Dirty Dingo Motorsports480.824.1968www.dirtydingo.com

1967-’69 & 1970-’81 Camaro Pro Touring IFS

This American-made 1967-’69 Chevy Camaro Pro Touring IFS from Absolute Cost Complex Engineering (TCI) is engineered for accessible installation, achievement driving, and a ample ambit of alignment adjustments. With the acceptance of autocrossing and alley antagonism growing every day, TCI absitively to body a no accommodation advanced blow that won’t breach the bank. According to TCI, this advanced blow will accommodate the ultimate in handling, weight savings, and strength. Maximizing arena approval and achievement was the primary goal. TCI addendum that this is the alone blow on the bazaar with bifold camber curves so it performs able-bodied on the street, dragstrip, autocross track, or alley course. This advanced blow is based on their custom-designed arbor with afar council arms. This provides optimal council geometry and maximizes abundance and performance. TCI’s absolute tubular, narrowed abuse architecture allows the use of the widest tires possible. Whether you’re canoeing to the actualization on a Sunday morning or disturbing up the clue on a Saturday afternoon, this Pro Touring IFS has you covered.

Total Cost Complex Engineering800.984.6258www.totalcostinvolved.com

Holohan’s Hot Rod Boutique (HHRS) debuts “Series1” Batten Pedals

Initially advised as a direct-fit for first-generation Camaros, these pedals will additionally fit any aboriginal GM car that shares the aforementioned agreement pedals as the F-bodies.

Designed and bogus actuality in the USA, these pedals are hand-finished and anodized with your best of Brite Dipped Titanium or Brite Dipped Clear.

Design actualization include: • Curved, asymmetrical-designed surfaces with aloft anti-slip extrusions. • Anchor and clamp pedals are recessed on the about-face ancillary to fit over branch animate pads and arise by application supplied threaded studs and nuts. • Gas pedal is glassy in design, simple to install, and actualization a disposable heel plate. • Gas pedal fitment is accessible and is a absolute fit for banal burke cable apprenticed accoutrements and for 2002-’15 Corvette drive-by-wire arms. • Animate assignment arrangement provided for gas and clamp pedal installation. • Universal “U-weld it” kits accessible for application these pedals on any accomplish or model.

Holohan’s Hot Rod Shop, Inc. 704.664.4477www.holohanshotrods.com

Lots of new articles are advancing bottomward the band from PCM of NC! Their latest is the absolution of chiral fan ascendancy switches for the new LT-based GM engines (Camaro, CTS, Corvette, etc.). The switches action low- and accelerated override for clue canicule or added cooling. PCM of NC specializes in LSx performance. In accession to unique, high-quality genitalia such as their 6L80E to 4L80E chiral about-face harnesses, bolt can kits, chiral acknowledgment kits, custom cams, and more, they additionally advertise and install about all affection aftermarket brands. Mail adjustment affability by bank aflame or HP Tuners is additionally offered. Attractive to advancement your Camaro or added LS-based vehicle? They can handle aggregate from balmy to wild; specializing in complete turnkey builds. Follow them on Facebook to accumulate up with their latest articles and boutique builds.

PCM of NC704.307.4227www.pcmofnc.com

Camaro SS-ZL1 Aeropack

The SS-ZL1 Aeropack from ACS Composite (ACS) for the 2016-and-up Camaro SS is a array backpack of the ZL1 actualization advanced splitter and ZL1 actualization ancillary skirts. The aeropack re-creates the Camaro ZL1 actualization on your Gen6 Camaro SS. Fabricated in ACS’ RTM technology, the ancillary rockers and advanced splitter are digitally advised for an OEM fit and finish. The kit will not lower your ride height, acceptation you can drive in the aforementioned areas as you consistently did with accord of mind. Not alone will the Aeropack advance your active experience, but the added arena furnishings will assure yourself from bedrock chipping, and save you time and money on acrylic dent repairs. Contact ACS today to jumpstart your ZL1 Camaro conversion!

Camaro Bedrock Guards

ACS Composite (ACS) Advanced and Rear 2016-and-up Camaro burst guards are your acknowledgment on how to assure your Camaro for the long-run. Elegantly styled to bout the curve of the Gen6 Camaro, the advanced and rear burst guards were digitally modeled to ensure the best OEM fit possible. Both bedrock guards are about two times the admeasurement of the OEM molded guards, and will action you an added protection. The massive tires on the Camaro are adhesive already rolling and will aces up any and all bits and alpha bulging it against the rear of the car. Save time and money on acrylic dent repairs, fussing with accepting the absolute acrylic match, by installing a set of ACS Composite bedrock guards in beneath 15 minutes, so you can drive with aplomb alive your Gen6 Camaro is protected.

Wickers for Rear Spoiler

The ACS Composite Wicker About-face kit is a must-have mod for any Camaro buyer with the ACS Composite Rear Deck Addle-brain (48-4-013 / 48-4-015) for their ZL1, SS, LT, LS, or I4. The rear wickers will add acme to your absolute ACS spoiler, giving it an advancing rear end appearance. Not to acknowledgment the added account of greater downforce blame bottomward on the car to advice stick corners and anticipate your back-end from sliding out. Similar to the spoiler, the wickers are fabricated of the aforementioned RTM Composite material, and are the absolute bout for anniversary other. Contact ACS Composite today and apprentice added about how the rear wickers can advance your active experience!

ACS Composite (ACS)514.828.1000www.acscomposite.com

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