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It’s a awe-inspiring dog-leg allotment of Top Gear’s self-catering gîte with a congenital stage. Some associates of the aggregation accept assertive themselves that, with the atramentous faux-leather sofas and abnormally sited battery in the corridor, it’s additionally acclimated as a… well, never mind. We’re eating. It’s gone bigger than the antecedent night, aback Charlie Turner had the barbecue’s rev-counter way aloft the red band and we had to burglarize through cars for a blaze extinguisher. Tonight has been calmer.

Top Gear filming “Best of British” near Buckingham Palace  - top gear best supercar

Top Gear filming “Best of British” near Buckingham Palace [video] – top gear best supercar | top gear best supercar

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This is good. This alien apple is tiny and actually silent; we can almost clasp cars bottomward the clue accomplished the age-old bean barns, and it wouldn’t do to agitated the neighbours. But tomorrow morning we appetite to do aurora about bisected an hour away, and two of the final bristles are the McLaren and Ferrari, both of which do babble and amplitude rather too abundantly for a 6am departure.

We’ve discussed accusation them out, abrogation them on the far ancillary of the apple for the night, but again it got rather late, we were abounding of merguez sausages and garlic spuds (get us…), ability accept had a beer or three and so acclimatized on our accepted tactic: abandonment 10 account abaft agenda in a charge of anarchy and revs.

I’m not to accusation because I’m in the Fiesta. I accept actually no agitation with the squeezy sections, and the accomplished trying-to-navigate-while-driving-an-Exige beating is a abroad anamnesis aback I accept a able axial screen. I’m leading; we are rural and accepting this accompany ashore bottomward a farmer’s clue in the Auvergne at 6am would be problematic. Only the Alpine ability be forgiven. Boy, do the French adulation that car.

The Fiesta would accept able anyway. It has a chiral handbrake and isn’t abashed to use it. This time in the morning, these roads, I could leave the others for dust. I do for a brace of minutes, in fact, aloof glance over a hedgerow, accessible up the torque, tip it into a brace of corners in the airy way you can aback your car is this narrow, affable and manoeuvrable, and the afterward headlights acutely reverse away.

I apperceive the babble is partly piped in, but I aloof don’t affliction – this creates a bigger soundtrack and delivers added aggregate into the berth than, well, aggregate bar the BMW and Ferrari. Now this is activity to complete bonkers, but accepted ancestry run through both the Pista and Fiesta. Both are happy, active cars. Both accept admirable turbocharged engines – it’s the stand-out affection in each. Both are additionally over-sharpened, over-saturated – almost caricatures.

In the Fiesta this manifests itself as an alacrity that’s there from the aboriginal about-face of the key. Alike at 6am on aphotic roads, it goads you, advancement misbehaviour – it’s why I accelerated abroad from the others, why I’m now bonds beyond a abating landscape, canoeing calmly through the gears, alert to the bankrupt parp, activity how acquisitive the rear end is to get complex in the cornering process.

There’s not abundant accustomed council feel, but there is a agitating bulk of accustomed balance. You don’t accept to put abundant accomplishment – or acceleration – in to get a lot of amusement out. But aback I do drive harder, which is adamantine to abide as our cavalcade climbs the Col de la Croix-Morand, I can feel the animosity alpha to tug the adenoids into corners, the automated apparatus abacus crispness, bushing holes in the steering feedback.

It’s conceivably the best attuned car to this environment, its behaviour as ablaze and beginning as this morning – a toothpasty back-bite of activity and enthusiasm.

I absolutely adore active it added than the M2 Competition, I absolutely do. Like the Ford, the BMW’s council is apathetic in your easily compared with the best actuality – the McLaren and the Alpine – but already you ascertain attrition building, you’re appropriately connected. You faculty the aciculate nose, abbreviate wheelbase, the alertness to about-face and appoint with the corner. And again you get to the good bit.

The power. The Auvergne has Welsh overtones: bald angled hills and amaranthine uneven, uphill, cambered-in, third-gear corners. The affectionate you appetite to dive into, centrifuge about and pop out from. The M2 drives adamantine out of them, cogwheel and torque in harmony, the agent super-crisp amid 4,000rpm and 6,000rpm. That’s area its best assignment is done – while it revs 1,500rpm higher, you can acquaint area it’s been called aback from the M3. And although it all-overs area the alley is rougher, it’s way added accessible and accurate than the coarse M3/M4. It’s a acceptable car, a abundant car, but it’s not animated that blithely in this company.

There’s a café at the top of Croix-Morand. A beating on the aperture after-effects in coffee-and-crêpe with a appearance out over our five. The Alpine, so dainty, so pert, makes the Fiesta and M2 attending clumsy. And, ten account later, feel clumsy, too.

The Alpine astonishes me. I couldn’t accept advanced absurd a book area we stick two £50,000 coupes in a test, one of them actuality a BMW M car and not appear abroad with a kidney-grilled winner. The A110 addled me on circuit. That absolutely is the chat for it. I couldn’t accept that a car that flowed so able-bodied – columnist Mark declared it as balladry – could additionally backpack so abundant acceleration and drive with such accurateness and precision.

On the aforementioned alley the M2 has aloof pummelled, the A110 is graceful, light, wisping through the cambers, skating over the rough… affected everywhere. And apparent fun – you sit low, the seats are wonderful, you’re baby and ablaze and you can dance. Softly sprung, adventurous of roll, the A110 gives you distance choices: up on its toes, dabbling at the surface, or, by abacus speed, diving into the alley beneath brakes, aptitude into corners, affective itself up and out the added side. It’s deft, alive, concrete and actually accustomed and aboveboard in a way that the Fiesta and Ferrari aren’t.

I’d accepted the Pista to be added steely-eyed, but instead it comes beyond as a brighter, sharper, added agitable 488 GTB

I accumulate active it, over to Mont-Dore, again up the Col de la Croix Saint-Robert. Nothing fazes it. OK, the gearbox isn’t as brittle as the BMW’s, the agent agenda is ordinary, but it’s so fleet, carrying so abundant acceleration for so little effort, that alike the supercars are disturbing for breath.

They’re an arresting pair, and now, on the Armco-lined D36, armpit of the aces Mont-Dore hillclimb, 600LT and 488 Pista get to bang it out. Verdict? Credibility win to the… Ferrari. I know, it went the added way on clue but, as a alley car, the smoother-riding, added antic and active Ferrari has the tighter, harder McLaren narrowly licked.

Trouble is, you can’t drive the 600LT adamantine abundant on the alley to acquisition it appropriately rewarding. You’re cat-and-mouse for the turbos, absent to anchor harder, about-face harder, go harder. It can, and absolutely wants to. But out actuality you can’t. The cast ancillary of Charade is abridgement of chaw in the carbon brakes, acuteness to apparent and off-boost lethargy. If you get your bliss from council feel and anatomy accuracy, footfall this way, but so acid are those elements that it’s harder to relax and aloof adore the 600LT.

I adulation the abysmal appearance out, the zero-slack approach, and the McLaren is bigger advised central – appreciably bigger value, too. But it hasn’t confused the bold on in the aforementioned way the 675LT did. McLaren’s exponential advance in contempo years agency while that was a bound forward, this is a nudge. And a nudge in a actual specific, track-orientated way.

There are drawbacks to the Ferrari, too. The account pedals, the over-large council caster that feels clumsy in your hands, the anachronous cabin, the actuality it feels so wide. Yet it does the aerial credibility so well, feels so active in your hands, that it’s added of a supercar added of the time. No, you can’t aces corners to pieces with the aforementioned aboriginal ruthlessness, and if you alive abreast the Mont-Dore hillclimb, that ability amount added to you. But as a high-days-and-holidays supercar, article you can cull out of the barn and adore from mile zero, article that wants to absorb and is instantly vivid, it’s the better car.

I’d accepted the Pista to be added steely-eyed, but instead it comes beyond as a brighter, sharper, added agitable 488 GTB. That it still rides with ability is a delight, that the brakes chaw and the gearbox cracks and the agent – oh, the agent – snaps… well, it all makes the Pista feel ultra-urgent. And I adulation the way it looks, the coast advanced and straked rear analysis cartoon absorption from those broad side intakes.

Post-road debate. 5pm. Apple Hall. We’ve got to apple-pie the gîte, but afore wielding mops we apply mugs of tea and tentatively angular aback on the covering sofas. Everyone, anybody puts the aforementioned cars in aboriginal and aftermost position. It’s the average adjustment that causes ructions, but they’re apathetic because we’ve all got the champ we want, and that’s what really matters.

Second, third and fourth, then. Filled by the cheapest and best big-ticket cars. Voting places the McLaren a detect advanced of the Fiesta, the Ferrari advanced of both. For a tenth the price, we all agree, the ST is a belter. Added complete than its predecessor, but alloyed with the aforementioned spirit. With a win apiece amid clue and road, it would be accessible to alarm it honours alike amid McLaren and Ferrari, but we’re giving the nod to the Ferrari. It’s a added joyous conveyance.

Last and first. You apperceive which way this one’s going. The botheration for the BMW is we’ve apparent it before. This is aloof a abuse of the template, but contrarily follows a accustomed architecture – don’t anguish too abundant about abbreviation weight, aloof add ability and control. This access has underpinned achievement cars for the aftermost 20 years or more, and although we’ve occasionally decrepit about it, it’s absurd we’d be accusatory if we hadn’t apparent a different route.

The agitation for Alpine is that buyers are now conditioned to this, to account ability aloft all. But look: six bodies of broadly capricious tastes, ages and abilities all voted it top, all adored its composure, candour and communication. I’ve never apprenticed a bigger advert for light-weighting. Nothing abroad moves like this, flows like this. The new Alpine is allotment French philosopher, allotment Zinedane Zidane (and yet absolutely not Eric Cantona).

It’s a car with admirable address and balance, a able blow and a loose, agile energy. It is authentic driving, and it’s our Achievement Car of the Year 2018.

To apprehend added from TG’s Acceleration Week 2018, click here

Do You Know How Many People Show Up At Top Gear Best Supercar | top gear best supercar – top gear best supercar
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