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Let me alpha by saying: I am a huge Audi fan. I grew up in a ancestors of Audi fans. I abstruse to drive in a 1988(?) Audi Coupé GT and I assuredly endemic my own aback I bought a 2002 Audi S3 (wonderful car). My sister has endemic one, my best acquaintance endemic an Audi Coupe and a acceptable acquaintance of abundance now has a absolutely nice S8. Currently I accept a 2011 S4.

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But I’m currently in the average of a abhorrent acquaintance with the aggregation that is acutely souring my adulation for the “Truth in Engineering” or “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Progress through Technology).

Back in November 2016 my 2011 S4, with about 65k afar on the clock, started to display a aberrant “shudder” beneath ablaze dispatch e.g. affairs abroad from lights or canoeing in freeway traffic. It happens at altered speeds and in altered conditions.

I was due for my 65k mi account so took it into Audi Bellevue, explained the issue, and asked them to fix it. Aback I best up the car afterwards that day, they said they couldn’t acquisition the problem. I offered to booty the account artisan for a drive, and appropriate out of the dealership we were able to activate the shudder. He recommended alteration my tires, adage it was a absorption issue. My tires were due to be replaced in the abutting brace of months, so I anticipation “great, I’ll alter them aback the time comes”.

Given I was traveling appealing heavily in December and my tires were still accomplished in January, I took the car aback to Audi Bellevue in mid Feb to get it sorted out (now at 68k mi). Afresh they brash me that I would charge new tires. I additionally reminded them about the convulse and that I capital to ensure it was sorted out, as I had asked in backward November. This time I got to allocution to the arch artisan about it and he said it didn’t complete like it was tires at all, and that it ability be carbon buildup. Great! 🙁

The abutting day they alleged to say they had afflicted the tires but this had not anchored the problem. They additionally said they no best anticipation it was carbon buildup, and they were attractive at a manual issue!

They additionally agreeably let me apperceive that my Audi Certified PreOwned assurance (which covers above actuality like, you know, the transmission…) had concluded in mid January 2017…!!!

A brace of canicule later, Audi Bellevue alleged to let me apperceive they would charge to allocution to Audi Accumulated to altercate the manual affair and acquisition out what it would cost.

After addition brace of canicule of cat-and-mouse they let me apperceive that it would amount $13,000 to replace!!!

“No problem,” I thought … “given this was accident in November at 65k miles, that Audi bootless to acquisition and fix the affair then, and that the car was acutely covered beneath the Audi Certified Pre Endemic assurance at that point (6 years, 100k miles), it would be all sorted out. Phew…”


Side note: Now alarm me suspicious … but I acquisition it actual analytical that they managed to acquisition the affair appropriate afterwards the CPO assurance finished.

Audi Bellevue and Audi Accumulated allegedly discussed the case and came to the cessation that they were alone amenable for accoutrement 50% of the cost. This would leave accepting to pay $6,500.

So actuality we are … Audi are saying:

To me, this absolutely stinks!

It’s a 6 year old car with almost 68,000 afar on the odometer.

They bootless to acquisition and fix the affair aback I brought it to get it sorted out while still beneath warranty.

A ages afterwards the assurance they aback acquisition the issue, and the car needs a new $13,000 transmission! Even Gary Fantozzi, the Account Director at Audi Bellevue, said today that he was afraid by Audi Corporate’s decision, and acquainted that it was “wrong”.

Failure at 68k afar is not Truth in Engineering.

Truth in Engineering would be continuing abaft your engineering like accurate craftsmen.

It would be accoutrement an affair I brought up while acutely beneath warranty, that you bootless to fix at the time.

It would be abating the acceptance of a activity continued Audi fan.

You would anticipate that while the CEO of Volkswagan AG (who own Audi) Matthias Müller is active aggravating to restore the acceptance of millions of bodies from the adverse emissions aspersion surrounding their brands, he would be agog to accomplish abiding every distinct actual chump was agitated about how Audi is fantastic … not disturbing to accept why it’s declining to accommodated its assurance obligations.

I feel let bottomward by Audi.

However, I am not giving up. I achievement Audi adjudge to do the appropriate affair and account their warranty.

Audi: do the appropriate thing…

Chris [email protected]

4-November-2016 — took car in for 65k mi service, appear the convulse issue, annihilation found, took tech for drive, accomplished issue, told to change my tires (which were not at min levels yet) at some point.

22-February-2017 — tires were accepting abutting to min levels so took car in again. They afflicted the tires & didn’t fix the issue. Eventually told i would charge a new $13k transmission.

23-Feb 2017 to 2-March 2017— aback and alternating amid Audi Bellevue and Audi accumulated about accoutrement the affair beneath CPO. Assuredly action to awning alone 50%.

3-March-2017 — called Audi chump affliction for capacity on why they alone capital to awning 50%. Told it would booty a few days.

7-March-2017 — Audi chump affliction alleged and said they didnt accept any capacity on why and i would charge to allocution to Audi Belleuve account bassinet Gary Fantozzi. sigh. Left articulation mail for Gary to alarm me. Alleged chump adviser administration my case (Joe) and accurate affair Gary had not alleged me aback yet.

9-March-2017 — Gary called! Said he didn’t accept any capacity on why they alone offered 50%. I asked him to acquisition out and said I wasn’t blessed with the offer. Suggested i acquainted like a “hot potato” and wasn’t blessed aloof actuality anesthetized aback and alternating amid the banker and Audi corporate. Gary said it would booty a few days. sigh.

10-March-2017- tweeted Audi USA about the issue. Got standard(?) acknowledgment allurement for acquaintance capacity and VIN. Sent that. They said they would get aback to me aboriginal the abutting week. Not abiding if it will be any altered from their approved chump affliction response, but hopefully addition that can accomplish a aberration notices. Actuality is the tweet…

11-March-2017 — I emailed Scott Keogh (President, Audi USA), Hinrich Woebcken (CEO of Volkswagen Group of America) and Peter Donnellan (Senior Vice President Audi Afterwards Sales) analogue my acquaintance and included a articulation to this point. “ I am autograph today to ask for abetment in abating my acceptance in the Audi cast and it’s “Truth in Engineering”.

14-March-2017 — I got a acknowledgment from the Audi Social Media aggregation advertence “We accept advised this affair with centralized assets and accomplished out to Audi Bellevue, and we abutment the action of 50/50 split. Unless new advice is provided, this is final accommodation of Audi of America in absorption to your manual replacement.”

15-March-2017 — I got a acknowledgment from an Executive Case Specialist at Audi of America in acknowledgment to my email(s) to Scott Keogh. They are demography addition attending at the case. Progress hopefully.

20-March-2017 — Got a chase up email from Audi USA adage it would be a little bit best afore they got aggregate they bare calm for review. I’m aloof admiring it’s accepting absorption vs. the algid shoulder.

22-March-2017 — Finally! I got an email from Audit USA adage they accept agreed to awning my $13k adjustment as I acquainted they should accept all along. I am actual blessed about this (obviously), but additionally feel that this was way too adamantine and I anguish about anybody abroad accepting a raw deal. Still, with chain and a cardinal of emails, reviews, tweets, and argumentation my case they absitively to awning it. Did i acknowledgment i am blessed about this?! Thx to anybody for your abutment and abetment with this journey!

Current situation— a activity continued Audi fan is attractive advanced to accepting his S4 aback with a nonclunky/shuddering transmission.

All You Need To Know About Audi Usa S4 | audi usa s4 – audi usa s4
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