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Captain Marvel will be the 21st cine in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and its aboriginal to centermost on a woman’s story.

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Carol Danvers will be the best able hero in the MCU aback she debuts onscreen abutting March.

The super-strong, super-fast, photon-blast-punching superhero owes it to one person, the comic-book and TV biographer Kelly Sue DeConnick.

There were alone eight months amid DeConnick’s aboriginal affair of Captain Marvel affairs out in September 2012 and Marvel Studios accepting its easily on a calligraphy about the hero aforetime accepted as Ms. Marvel. A year and a bisected later, it clearly appear a film. Carol’s quick ascendance is a attestation to audiences’ ache for a hero like her, and to DeConnick’s boldness to see her succeed.

“It was a C-list appearance and a C-list writer, and a cast new artist,” DeConnick said in an account with The Daily Beast. “I mean, we had so little adventitious of actuality acknowledged that I didn’t absolutely plan accomplished the sixth issue.” Marvel’s low expectations for the book (which DeConnick says she absolutely understands) meant little to no business was done for it, abrogation the biographer to accomplish dog tags, buttons, postcards, and added on her own. She does not acclaim it. 

“It was a brainless affair to do. It was a beeline impaired affair to do,” she says. “But I got absolute lucky. The appearance happened to allure a fan abject which fabricated that impaired move on my allotment end up attractive acute and worthwhile. But really, it was air-conditioned dumb.”

For the accomplished year, DeConnick has formed as a adviser on the film, which will ablaze Brie Larson, allegorical its apperception of Carol’s appearance and binding in abundant time for duck-face selfies with the Captain herself.

She additionally expects to see added of her comics—she becoming Eisner nominations for Appealing Deadly, co-created with Emma Rios, and Bitch Planet, with Val Delandro—make the jump to the awning with a anew active accord with Legendary Television.

For now, though, DeConnick’s apperception is on a altered project: her aboriginal advancing run of a DC Comics book, alpha with Aquaman #43. DeConnick’s Aquaman remixes the blue-blooded Arthur Curry longtime readers apperceive with the warmth, charm, and bluster admirers will admit from Jason Momoa’s admission as King of the Seven Seas on Friday. It will affection awe-inspiring art by Robson Rocha.

DeConnick likens her adventure to the ballsy feel of the bedrock bandage Led Zeppelin: “Mythic and huge and developed and age-old and visceral.” 

We batten to her about her story’s fabulous roots, her time alive on the Captain Marvel film, and more.

This is the aboriginal superhero adventure you’ve accounting for DC Comics in about ten years, right? 

Yeah, I did like three issues of Supergirl and I did a Superman abbreviate story. If there’s annihilation else, I’ve abandoned it. I’ve had actual little history with DC so jumping in with both anxiety is appealing cool. I grew up account DC. I didn’t apprehend a Marvel banana until I was an adult, so it’s a little bit of a nostalgic, bucket-list thing. 

Is Aquaman the book DC Comics approached you with or was it article you pitched to them? And why him? No breach to Aquaman.

So Brian [Michael] Bendis affectionate of befuddled up the industry by affective from Marvel to DC at the end of aftermost year. Brian is a air-conditioned chic guy and a acceptable ancestors acquaintance and he fabricated this alteration in a way that I anticipate was absolutely acceptable for everyone—good for the accomplished of our industry because it gave us a affectionate of attempt in the arm, you know? It was aloof a affair you never absurd happening. So he fabricated the about-face and it was air-conditioned exciting, and again he fell ill. Absolutely ill. He was in the hospital and, as I said, our families are absolutely close. The accomplished Portland banana arena is a absolute bound accumulation of bodies that affliction a lot about one another. And so while Brian was in the hospital, a lot of us would adhere out in the allowance with him. Brian has two things he is absorbed in and they are comics and his family. And so to accumulate his button up, we would allocution shop. 

There was a lot of fun affliction and badinage and we would allocution about what artistic teams we would “cast” for what books and whatnot. And I anticipate he was kidding, but he asked me if I would do Aquaman. I laughed it off at first. Again my husband, who is the comics biographer Matt Fraction, alleged me on that. He was like “Hey, hon! Two things. One, I don’t apperceive what you on Aquaman looks like. That’s not accessible casting and I’m affectionate of absorbed by that. What would be your booty on that character?” 

He knows me abundantly able-bodied so that was absorbing to me. It was like, what would I do? And again the added affair he mentioned was, “I would like to admonish you that Mr. Jason Momoa will be assuming Aquaman on the argent screen.” And I was like, “Oh yeah! I could alive with him in my arch for a year and a half.” Again I talked to some DC association and they were like “We would like it if you anticipation about that.” Eventually I had a take, and actuality we are. 

When you say Bendis’ move to DC was like a attempt in the arm, do you beggarly you accomplished you ability like to do article abrupt as well?

Yeah, I mean, Brian has been alike with Marvel Comics for added than 10 years. Able-bodied added than 10 years. He’s gonna adulation me for putting the accent on “well” there, it’ll accomplish him feel so old, it’s gonna be awesome. It’s no boldness to Marvel. He still loves those characters and those people, and I anticipate the adverse is accurate too. It’s aloof time to do article new, get out of our safe places and agitate things up. And I adulation that. I adulation activity area it’s not obvious, area we’re demography risks and bringing alpha account and perspectives to our work. ’Cause you know, I get ailing of my voice. I get ailing of area I’m comfortable. 

It consistently feels affected to allocution about yourself as an “artist” but I do assignment in the arts. I am still attractive to not aloof analysis boxes and accompany in a paycheck but to put questions into the world, to accomplish assignment that inspires addition to feel article that maybe they bare to feel or hadn’t considered. Especially aback we’re talking about accepted art. I’ve said this before, but I anticipate aback we abolish the abeyant of accepted art we abolish the abeyant of the populace. Anybody has to ascertain this for themselves but, for me, I anticipate the purpose of art is to affix us to ourselves and to one another. So whether I’m accomplishing that with Aquaman or Bitch Planet or Appealing Deadly or whatever it is, that’s what I’m aggravating to do. It’s not aloof to put appealing colors on a page.

Your adaptation of Arthur Curry is asperous and masculine, but additionally caring and warm. He’s got bluster yet additionally feels lost—he’s clashing any abundance of the appearance we’ve seen. The abutting thing, perhaps, is Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. Did his assuming counterbalance on you as you wrote?

It’s walkin’ a bound braiding here, right? On the one hand, the longtime fan and clairvoyant of Aquaman needs to admit an Arthur that they know. At the aforementioned time, Hollywood has been affectionate abundant to accomplish this bazillion-dollar bartering for our book and I don’t appetite them to feel like their money was wasted. So I charge to accomplish a book that a clairvoyant who has never best up an Aquaman banana afore or who is advancing in off the cine would recognize. And this is a claiming because they’re actual different! I accept to ally the regal, upstanding, king-of-the-seven-seas, acceptable Aquaman with the hardly roguish, blink in his eyes, swaggery, ornery, Jason Momoa Aquaman.

And do it in a way area you don’t feel like you’re reverse-engineering and autograph to a formula, area it aloof feels like a 18-carat animal being. You accept to feel like this is somebody who lives in your arch and you apperceive how they anticipate or feel about a accurate situation. So it’s a little bit of a trick. But I’m accepting a absolute acceptable time with it, and I like him. That’s the important part. This Aquaman that I’ve been accepting to apperceive for the aftermost several months is a man I adore spending time with. He’s not Jason Momoa and he’s not absolutely the Arthur Curry he’s been in antecedent runs, but it’s not a record-scratch either, I hope. I like blind out with him. I like advertent who he is with him, and I like watching him try to bob on the ocean, aggravating to apprentice to ride out these challenges as they appear at him. 

The aboriginal affair establishes its fabulous accent from the actual aboriginal line—“In the beginning…” Its villain Namma, a insubordinate punished for defying the sea, and her babe Caille feel like elements from Greek mythology, almost, or a Wonder Woman story. 

I accept a addiction to anticipate about my books in agreement of music. It’s a absolutely acceptable adjustment in accent for me. Captain Marvel was Tom Petty, and Avengers Assemble was AC/DC—short, pop, fun. Appealing Deadly is Ennio Morricone. That affectionate of thing. So for Aquaman I was like, all right, this is Zeppelin. This is allegorical and huge and developed and age-old and visceral. Because we’re talking about the ocean, right? There’s so abounding conception belief that activate in the ocean and so abounding abolition belief area we acknowledgment there. We appear from the water, we acknowledgment to the water, our bodies are water. And there’s article about the abundant affluence of Zeppelin and those high, arrest vocals that was like, “Oh, right, actuality we are. This is it.” 

And I accept been alive on Historia, which is this DC Black Label book on the history of the Amazons, so I’ve been account bags of mythology. And as I was activity through this, I capital to allocution about the attitude every ability has of ocean belief and gods. Namma affectionate of came out of that. The third affair of the run, affair #45, is absolutely appropriate to me. We get the absolute adventure of the ocean gods, of Namma, and the alpha of the world, and it mirrors some Greek traditions and Middle Eastern traditions. It’s affectionate of an uber myth. And Robson is like, crazy brilliant. These pages are advancing in with aloof huge, amazing splashes area you can feel the baptize on your face aloof attractive at it.

Apart from infusing your Aquaman with some of that Momoa swagger, did annihilation abroad angle out to you about the appearance that you capital to change or avoid?

I wouldn’t alike alarm this changing, but the archetypal with him in contempo years has been—and absolution me for the pun because I ambition to God there was a bigger saying, but it’s like a fish-out-of-water thing.

Oh, no.

I know, I’m so sorry. (Laughs) Like, it’s absolutely the byword we use, I’m not actuality cute! But aback we acquaint belief about him on Earth it tends to be, “Well, he absolutely belongs on Atlantis.” But at atomic in the best accepted continuity, he doesn’t absolutely accord in Atlantis. He grew up in Amnesty Bay. He lives there, he has a home there, he has a dog there. Area you accept a dog, that is area you live. So I aloof anticipate that accomplishing a adventure area we’re aggravating to use the abstraction of him actuality a man with no home—because he’s half-human, he doesn’t accord on Atlantis, and because he’s half-Atlantean, he doesn’t accord on Earth—I don’t anticipate that works.

I was accustomed the charge to acquaint added belief of him in our apple and I don’t anticipate it works because I can’t accept he suffers from actuality Atlantean. He’s air-conditioned handsome, he’s absolutely bulletproof, he’s on the Justice League—it’s not like he’s accountable to bias. That’s artful and I anticipate at this point in our political apple it’s atrocious to comedy as admitting the absolutely bulletproof white boy is adversity for actuality half-Atlantean, you apperceive what I mean? “Tone-deaf” is the nicest affair you could say about that.

The aboriginal affair additionally tells us that the ocean is in pain—at atomic in our accepted world, it’s not adamantine to brainstorm why. I’m analytical how much, if at all, you capital to adjure ecology capacity in your run.

Yeah, that’s hard, right? There’s a acclaimed band area Alan Moore talks about chief to leave Swamp Affair aback he accomplished he capital to acquaint belief about the ambiance and a behemothic muck-monster kept accepting in the way. Nobody wants to apprehend belief that are wagging their fingers at you all the time. At the aforementioned time, how do you not allocution about how capital the ocean is to the bloom of our planet aback you’re autograph a book about a man whose name is “Water Guy”? That’s a claiming I’ve been cerebration about. How do I do that in a way area I’m application metaphor, that isn’t abandoned and depressing? I don’t charge to do belief admonition to the converted. Also, I don’t charge to pretend like I’m some array of expert. ’Cause I accept no idea. If I knew how to save the oceans of the world, I would not be autograph banana books.

(Laughs) So I’m not abiding how continued I’ll breach on the book, but in the aboriginal few arcs I do not accept any plan for a carefully ecology story, at atomic not in the best accurate sense, because I don’t apperceive a way to do it that would add annihilation to the conversation. 

“At this point in our political apple it’s atrocious to comedy as admitting the absolutely bulletproof white boy is adversity for actuality half-Atlantean. ‘Tone-deaf’ is the nicest affair you could say about that.”

I additionally capital to allocution about your aboriginal canicule on Captain Marvel, aback your run on the Marvel alternation seems to accept heavily afflicted the film. I’ve apprehend afore that you paid business costs for the book out of pocket.

Well, Marvel was not like, “Here’s the business material, Kelly Sue, and here’s your invoice!” It was not like that. I aloof acquainted like the alone attempt I had at authoritative that book a career move for me was to accept it be successful. Which is the best accessible affair in the world. But I didn’t feel like it was air-conditioned aerial on their antecedence list, for abundantly acceptable reasons. I don’t appetite this to appear out like this is me shitting on Marvel or whatever, but it was a C-list appearance and a C-list writer, and a aboriginal artist. I mean, we had so little adventitious of actuality acknowledged that I didn’t absolutely plan accomplished the sixth issue. So, issues #7 and #8 are a two-issue arc that I had to bandy calm as accompaniment because I had no plan accomplished affair #6. 

So I did go out of abridged on business materials. I fabricated associates cards for the Carol Corps, I fabricated dog-tags, postcards and buttons, I think. And I didn’t do that because I asked, “Hey Marvel, will you do this?” and they said no and again I was like, “I’ll pay for it.” Rather it was aloof like, I charge this to be successful, I apperceive that the alone adventitious I accept is to apprehension my abject to accomplish a association to abutment this, so that’s why I did that. And it was a brainless affair to do. It was a beeline impaired affair to do. But I got absolute lucky. The appearance happened to allure a fan abject which fabricated that impaired move on my allotment end up attractive acute and worthwhile. But really, it was air-conditioned dumb. 

So it was appealing abundant accepted operating action for books after boundless expectations.

Yeah, I mean, business was appealing abstracted from creators at the time. Like, all the interviews that I did at the time I set up myself. I’m abiding things accept changed, but that’s how it was aback in the day. 

Marvel Studios brought you on as a adviser for the blur adaptation of Captain Marvel, and I saw your duck-face selfie with Brie Larson. Acquaint me that story!

I do duck-face selfies with people. And so aback I was blind out with Brie on set—which is a amusing affair to say, by the way—we honestly, abnormally enough, did not allocution about Carol that much. But we talked about what the blur meant to us, why it and why she were important to both of us. And we talked about how this role was alteration and affecting her life, and how actuality a allotment of article as big as this was alteration things alike for addition who’s already a cine star. And was abundant and she was funny. We got forth abundant and again it was like, oh, we gotta do article that’ll breach the internet, so I asked her. It’s funny, I additionally accept one area it’s aloof us with big smiles but I chose not to column that one. 

What was it like for you to watch the best contempo trailer? It draws on a lot of imagery—especially Carol punching things in space—that acquainted accustomed from the aboriginal arc you wrote.

I got a little tripped out, I accept to say. I’ve been alive on this cine for about a year, and I’ve had a absolutely absurd acquaintance with everyone. I accept not formed on a affection afore but I was never fabricated to feel beneath than, or like the new kid. Everybody fabricated me actual included and actual admired and heard. And I’m acutely beholden for that, because I actual abundant was the new kid, you know? They’ve all been really, absolutely tremendous, but it’s been a job. The two moments that I’ve had, I think, accept been accompanying to my kids. One was at the end of Infinity War, aback the pager goes up on the screen. My son stood up in the amphitheater and went, “That’s my mom!” 

“It was a C-list appearance and a C-list writer, and a aboriginal artist. I mean, we had so little adventitious of actuality acknowledged that I didn’t absolutely plan accomplished the sixth issue.”


Which was aloof like, well, now I accept to accord you to the bazaar because I’m never topping this moment. I’ve ailing as a mother and we’re done, I accept to airing away. And again aback the additional bivouac went up, my babe and I watched it together, and she got actual aflame and aback they did they do the “her” afore the “hero,” I absolutely had a concrete acknowledgment to it. It was amazing, it was like “aw.” This matters, this is important.

What do you anticipate Brie has brought to the role that resonated to you as abnormally Carol?

She’s got a cardinal mind. In the aforementioned way that Carol wrestles with her impulsivity and her atmosphere and befitting her eye on the bigger picture, I anticipate Brie does, too. Now, I accept accepted her for all of ten minutes, so we’re not tight. I accept no continued relationship, I’m adage this based on actual abbreviate interactions. And it may aloof be that she’s a hell of an actress. But that is the affair that I see that I admit as Carol primarily. That angry with, “My actuation says this and I appetite to draft this up, but my arch says anticipate this through.” That is such a Carol moment, that is such a Carol struggle. And you can see it in her—in her career management, in the choices that she makes and her amusing media profile. It’s very, actual Carol. And I adulation that woman, so I adulation Brie. 

Was there anytime annihilation you objected to? Like, “No, actually, Carol wouldn’t do that?”

No, I had continued talks with them in the beginning. I sat bottomward for a few hours in L.A. on a brace of occasions, talking about her as a actuality and her books thematically and what I anticipation did and didn’t assignment and why, and what mistakes I acquainted had been fabricated with her in the accomplished and what I acquainted were the arch choices, that affectionate of thing. I anticipate it would be bad anatomy for me to get into specifics but yeah, there were a brace of things area I was like, “I don’t anticipate that’s a abundant choice!” And we’d allocution about it. But there were never like, impaired things. It was more, here’s why I anticipate that’s adhesive and here’s why I anticipate that’ll end up abrasive what we’re aggravating to do here. And they’d be like, “Oh, OK.” That’s the affectionate of air-conditioned thing: I absolutely acquainted like I was included in a aggregation of bodies who acquainted like they were aggravating to accomplish the best affair that they could.

Have you apparent a abounding cut of the blur yet?

No, but in like a anniversary and a bisected I’m activity to see it. I get to see Aquaman abutting anniversary and again I get to see a cut of—I don’t apperceive if I’m accustomed to say that, actually, but oh well, don’t blaze me—Captain Marvel in a brace weeks.

How are you activity activity into that?

I am a afraid bones about both, and I accept annihilation to do with the Aquaman movie! And god, the apple is such a scary, cool abode appropriate now. We charge belief that acquaint us if we all assignment calm we can overcome. We charge media that gives us hope, and the fantasy of putting abreast our differences and bringing our greatest strengths and advantageous those of us who would accord into our affliction impulses. So I am air-conditioned aflame for it, whatever shared-universe authorization it comes from.

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