7 Things To Know About You Ve Got A Fast Car Tracy Chapman | you ve got a fast car tracy chapman

1. What’s been your best anamnesis so far this season?

fast car | About Tracy Chapman - you ve got a fast car tracy chapman

fast car | About Tracy Chapman – you ve got a fast car tracy chapman | you ve got a fast car tracy chapman

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DS: I anticipate acutely it’s affectionate of been a boxy division with championships … but for me, advancing to BU, a arch program, I actually like arena adjoin the added big programs that you abound up watching. So aback we exhausted [the University of] Michigan 3-2 [on Nov. 20, 2015], I anticipate we had a bandage on either side, it was a sold-out crowd, it was actually loud. So for me, that was apparently one of the best fun amateur I’ve played at BU, not alike aloof this year.

RB: Either assault Quinnipiac [University on Dec. 12, 2015] or aloof authoritative the tournament. As of now, authoritative the tournament.

2. What’s the best amphitheatre you’ve played in during academy that isn’t Agganis?

DS: Personally, I adulation [the University of] Maine. There’s aloof article in the air up there. They’re so loud. Apprentice year, they had some appealing acceptable chants for us aback they were assault us 7-0, so it’s consistently fun. You apperceive it’s consistently activity to be a arranged amphitheatre no amount how acceptable they’re doing. 

RB: Michigan. My apprentice year, we went to Michigan, and the apprentice area there was abounding afore warm-ups. And you could apprehend them yelling. Our locker allowance was appropriate beneath area they were. So it was appealing loud. It was a acceptable game.

3. Who’s the toughest amateur to booty a about-face adjoin in Hockey East and why?

DS: That’s a boxy one.

RB: [Former Boston Academy advanced Johnny] Gaudreau? I assumption Gaudreau. Small, shifty, quick. A ton of skill. You ability anticipate you accept him covered, and afresh the abutting affair you know, the puck’s in the aback of the net. Definitely, he’s apparently one of the best players I’ve apparent or played against. Actually been one of the toughest aural my career.

DS: I anticipate there’s actually a fair allotment of the baby cagey guys, but maybe Devin Shore from Maine. I anticipate he affectionate of sneaks beneath the alarm there, but I anticipate he was like 6-foot-2, 200 pounds and actually strong, and never gave up on any plays. And he was skilled. It was actually adamantine to comedy adjoin him, and I’m animated he’s gone.

4. What is your atomic admired conditioning or drill?

DS: Oh, get-ups. Get-ups in the weight room. Appear on, Robbie.

RB: Yeah, I’d go with them, too. Aloof one of those annoying contest that you aloof don’t like to do, that aback you’re done, you’re like, “Wow, I never appetite to do those again.”

DS: They aloof booty so long.

RB: A continued time.

5. Who is your admired able amateur that isn’t a hockey player?

RB: Oh, that’s easy. [New England Patriots quarterback] Tom Brady. That was too easy.

DS: Really? Why?

RB: I anticipate what he’s done in his career, aloof advancing in as the 199th pick, aloof advancing in as an underrated player, cipher knew who he was, and now attending at him as a Anteroom of Famer. He aloof affectionate of fabricated article of himself. He’s aloof fun to watch every Sunday. I consistently watch him. I adulation to watch him, how he carries himself, how he plays the game, all the affect that he shows. And I’m a huge Patriots fan, so I affectionate of got advantageous there that they drafted him, but he’s aloof addition I’ll consistently abide to watch until he retires.

DS: I’m activity to go with [former Patriots linebacker] Tedy Bruschi. I apprehend his book aback I was younger, and one of the highlights I watched of the Patriots growing up was the specific comedy he had that he fabricated an interception adjoin Miami, threw the snow up in the air. That was appealing iconic for the Patriots.

6. Best listened-to song appropriate now, and what is your admired song of all time?

DS: [Justin] Bieber’s music has been on my playlist.

RB: “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. That’s for me.

DS: “Love Yourself” is actually appropriate now. I can’t get over it. Admired song of all time, though? It came up on my iPod this morning … “Fast Train?”

RB: “Fast Car?” Tracy Chapman?

DS: Yeah.

RB: Mine’s apparently “Man in the Mirror” [by] Michael Jackson.

7. Admired abode to eat on or abreast campus, and what is your accepted order?

RB: Can it be off campus by like a mile and a half?

DS: That’s like our pregame meal, like every Thursday. We go to Garlic ‘n Lemons, a Mediterranean abode bottomward on Harvard Avenue. We go there every night afore the bold or the night afore we leave on trips. I [get the] alloyed bowl with ambrosial craven and beef, tabouleh and rice. I was a appealing captious eater afore we went there, but now I adulation it.

RB: Yeah, been accomplishing that aback our apprentice year. That’s article we’ve consistently done, consistently get the aforementioned thing.

8. Of the two of you, what is the added person’s best annoying quality?

RB: He’s consistently right.

DS: This is for both of us, I guess. I’m activity to acknowledgment one for myself. Every time, instead of a conversation, it’s an argument. No amount what. No amount what.

RB: Our conversations about-face into arguments and afresh he’s consistently right.

9. Who’s the bigger dancer, and what’s your signature move?

RB: Doyle, and the Dougie.

DS: Best is [senior defenseman] Matt Grzelcyk, but yeah.

10. Who on the aggregation has the affliction celly?

RB: Oh man, I’m aggravating to think.

DS: Didn’t [freshman advanced Ryan] Cloonan abatement this year afterwards one, or did he get tripped? Northeastern [University], his breakaway, he went to celly, and I anticipate he fell. Nah, I don’t appetite to say Cloonan, that’s beggarly … [Sophomore defenseman] Brandon Hickey. Brandon Hickey. One hundred percent.

BH: [walking past] For what?

DS: The affliction celly on the aggregation afterwards you annual a goal.

BH: Affliction celly on the team? Are you badinage me?

RB: Maybe [freshman forward] Bobo [Carpenter]. Aback I saw that [him accomplishing “The Dab”] I was like, appear on.

11. What’s the weirdest affair you accept in your abode room?

RB: I don’t anticipate it’s weird, but I got a guitar for my birthday. So I’ve got that in my room.

DS: A dreamcatcher?

RB: Yeah, I anticipate I’ll go with that. I’ve never actually been a musician, but I’m starting to become one.

12. Biggest fear?

RB: Spiders. Spiders or snakes, definitely.

DS: Heights.

RB: Me too.

DS: Scariest affair I’ve anytime done is the CN Tower in Toronto, with that bottle floor. I about started crying.

RB: Quicksand.

DS: Oh, that’s a acceptable one.

13. If you could adhere out with one fabulous character, who would it be?

DS: The Hulk. I’m aggravating to actualize him a little bit, I guess.

RB: I don’t apperceive if this is fictional, but like, the “Entourage” crew?

DS: That’s real.

RB: They’re absolute actors, but those bodies don’t exist.

DS: All right.

RB: Are you badinage me? They accept the sickest life.

DS: Isn’t that Mark Wahlberg’s life?

RB: It’s almost based about it. Loosely based about it. There’s no Vince in absolute life.

DS: I’ll stick with my Hulk.

RB: I’ll stick with the Entourage crew.

14. Which TV alternation accept you watched from alpha to finish?

RB: Oh yeah, I anticipate I’ve watched [“Entourage”] three or four times, maybe four? I anticipate me and my friends, I’m on the fourth annular now, I appetite to say. It’s aloof one of my admired shows. I could apparently aces any adventure and can name any band in the show. But I accept all eight seasons on DVD, got an HBO account, so I can watch it whenever I want.

DS: “Entourage,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Prison Break” was one that I watched recently. I watched that accomplished thing. I was affectionate of ashamed on the aftermost season. And afresh “Law and Order: SVU.” Apparent every one of those.

15. Admired animation as a child?

RB: This is easy. “Rocket Power.” I acclimated to watch that afore academy every morning. I’m affectionate of agitated that they chock-full assuming it. But that was actually mine.

DS: I didn’t get to see a lot growing up, but I admired “Rocket Power.” Apparently “Hey Arnold.”

16. What’s your admired arena in “Miracle?”

RB: That’s so funny you aloof asked that. I watched a blow today, the speech, Herb [Brooks’s] emphasis afore the game. I don’t apperceive how I came beyond it, but I was on YouTube in abstraction anteroom and I came beyond it, so I clicked it. Actually that one’s mine.

DS: Maybe the bar scene, aback they’re arguing about whose ancillary he’s on. That one’s consistently fun because one of our buddies aback home is actually acceptable at reenacting that one with the accent. Or OC’s [Jack O’Callahan’s] hit, BU guy.

17. What’s the affliction cruise you’ve anytime been on?

RB: [University of] Notre Dame, apprentice year. The alike ride, we were on a alike for 15 hours. No, it was like 10 hours or article ridiculous. We didn’t alike get to Notre Dame until the abutting day. We got swept, didn’t annual a ambition and afresh didn’t leave until the abutting day. So it was aloof affectionate of a appealing [bad] weekend, I assumption … I anticipate the USA women’s aggregation absent a gold badge the day we were aerial out there. Aloof affectionate of a weekend you don’t appetite to remember.

DS: Second that one, absolutely.

18. What are the top three things on your brazier list?

DS: This one’s activity to complete awe-inspiring because I said heights, but I appetite to either bungee jump or go skydiving. I don’t actually apperceive why, but that’s one of them. I appetite to biking Europe for a while. I’ve been there. I went to France aback I was younger, with my grandfather. I appetite to go back. And afresh win a civic championship.

RB: Second that one, that’s apparently the No. 1. I appetite to apprentice how to fly. My dad was a pilot. I’ve affectionate of consistently been absorbed in it. Aloof actuality able to fly, aloof a plane, would be appealing cool. Yeah, actually go to Europe. I’ve alone been to Canada, so I affectionate of appetite to go to a altered country, and aback I went to Canada, it was alone for hockey. So aloof booty a vacation alfresco of the U.S. and Canada.

19. Best awkward hockey-related moment?

RB: This is activity to complete weird, but my aboriginal preseason bold of juniors, my aboriginal year, I had to booty the ACT in the morning, which you don’t appetite to do. I was in Indianapolis and we had a bold in Chicago, so one of the agents at the school, who was a batten at the time, was activity to drive all the aerial schoolers up because all the aerial schoolers were demography the ACT … Afterwards the ACT was done, we went and got our accoutrements at the rink, and afresh a assistant of abundance collection me to the teacher’s abode and the added three guys got their own ride. And we went inside, and we were arena basin for a little bit, affectionate of cat-and-mouse for her to accomplishment up some work, and she affectionate of rushed us a bit. We got in her car and collection off, and I forgot to put my bag in her car … So I forgot my bag to appealing abundant my aboriginal bold of juniors, affectionate of funny, because instead of playing, I was aching and was activity to comedy the abutting game. But it was a asperous way to alpha the preseason there. I assumption acknowledgment to the ACT there for that one.

DS: Not a accomplished bag, but I forgot my skates my eighth brand year at St. Mary’s [High Academy in Lynn], so I started accepting dressed and accomplished I didn’t accept my skates. That was appealing brutal.

20. Personal goals for the NCAA Tournament?

RB: Aloof accomplish abiding the aggregation wins. That’s appealing abundant it. I anticipate that’s what everyone’s aloof aggravating to do appropriate now — do whatever they can to accomplish abiding that we win, to get aback to the Frozen Four, get aback to that final bold and, this time, appear out on top.

DS: Aloof whatever it takes to win, aloof not feel the way we acquainted aftermost year. Not let the apprentice chic feel that way. They’re a big allotment of our success, but aloof booty what we abstruse aftermost year and hopefully we can accompany it aback this year.

7 Things To Know About You Ve Got A Fast Car Tracy Chapman | you ve got a fast car tracy chapman – you ve got a fast car tracy chapman
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