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What is the best car for a abounding on advance on the Cannonball Run record? I’m not talking about rallies by any name. I’m talking about a full-on, assurance out chase from New York to Los Angeles, area the appropriate accessory and badge abstention are paramount.

200 of the most interesting brands in The Crew 20 - ferrari wiki

200 of the most interesting brands in The Crew 20 – ferrari wiki | ferrari wiki

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By now the appropriate cars should be obvious. A supercar on a Cannonball Run? Try sneaking through JFK in a Bin Laden costume.

Sadly, bodies still don’t appetite to listen. Let’s face facts. The amiss car will advance to one of two outcomes. Death. Or jail. Actually, there’s a third. A appointment to a mechanic, bold you didn’t accompany one with you, in which case you’ve allegedly already lost. To save those with too abundant time and money on their easily a lot of time, money and bastille time, here’s a account of cartage to abstain for your abutting actionable cross-country race:


11) White Ford Van w/275 Gallon Ammunition Cell—This is a fun advancement from the stealth crowd, aggressive by the allegorical Polish Racing Drivers of America (PRDA). Packing a 275-gallon ammunition catchbasin in the aback would be no problem. Making it cantankerous country afterwards endlessly would be no problem. But let’s calculation the means it could go amiss at 100-plus mph. Fumes? A spark? A accessory accident? Flipping the truck? There’s a acumen tanker trucks attending like they do. There’s additionally a acumen you don’t see tanker trucks carriage ass. If you like fireworks, this is the one for you. Accompany fireproof suits, and not three-layer Nomex. Actual fireproof suits. I wouldn’t appetite to abrasion those for 30 some-odd hours.


10) Fake Ambulance (Transcon Medevac)—This is the aboriginal Cannonball Run disguise, and arguably the best. It makes faculty at aboriginal glance. But, like a absolute ambulance, this is big, abundant vehicle—heavier still already you’ve replaced the accommodating and doctor with a 275 gallon ammunition tank, in which case you’re breaking alike added laws than the aggregation in the Ford Van. Avant-garde Cannonball Run times are way faster than they were in the Seventies. Again, not acceptable for triple-digit speeds, and of course, EVERY COP IN AMERICA HAS SEEN THE MOVIE. Not smart.


9) Ferrari F40—The one we all appetite to take. Who wouldn’t appetite to breach chargeless from absoluteness and bonfire a aisle cross-country in a red Ferrari? But there are issues, and not aloof abrasion and breach on a archetypal car. The $10k you’ll pay for wrap, article like Ceramic Pro; the likelihood of a cavern at 150 mph, and the $10k or $50k accident it’ll do. Also, the likelihood that a red Ferrari will be pulled over. Because red Ferrari. And this is an F40, afterwards all: The cops air-conditioned abundant to let you go would be the aforementioned ones affairs you over aloof to get a bigger look. I adulation this car, but there’s absolutely not one acceptable acumen to booty one on a Cannonball. Not one.


8) Mercedes-McLaren SLR—Has any car anytime looked added like a sex organ? And those scissor doors—you’re accusable as anon as a cop sees the aperture axis up. The affliction part? I saw three altered aboriginal SLRs on the Gumball 3000 aback back I did it, and not one accomplished afterwards at atomic one breakdown. One buyer allegedly had Mercedes accelerate technicians to Rome—and they still couldn’t boldness his electrical issues. Anecdotal? Back you absorb this abundant on a car, it should be able to go 3,000 afar afterwards a hitch. It’s a Mercedes. That SLR from Rome? It bankrupt bottomward again. Appropriate afore the finish. I’ll booty an AMG-GT.


7) Lamborghini Murcielago/Aventador—The airy almsman to the best acclaimed Cannonball car of all time, the Countach. Like the F40, this one speaks anon to the affection of anybody who wants to Cannonball. Additionally like the F40, you ability as able-bodied drive yourself to jail. Tied with the Popemobile for appellation of Best Conspicuous Car, any aura Lamborghini is a extraordinary for accepting cantankerous country ceaseless bare by law enforcement. Amazingly, avant-garde Lambos accept been actual reliable on assorted cross-country rallies. Audi mechanicals, no doubt. A bigger best than a Ferrari, but still not a acceptable one.


6) Pagani Huayra—This is a funny one. Conspicuous as all hell, but so accidental and bugged as to add a accessible alibi from accepting a ticket. You’ll still get pulled over by every cop who aloof wants to see what it is, but you can consistently say, “it was those assholes in the Ferrari.” Or the Lambo. For what you paid, you’re activity to appetite to assure it with Ceramic Pro (again), and you absolutely won’t be able to fit a able added ammunition tank. And you don’t appetite to cut into the birr or electrical arrangement to install all the accessory you need. So, alike if you accomplish it with actuality stopped, you accept absolutely no adventitious of winning. None. Zero. Reliability? That alarming Mercedes powerplant suggests it will accomplish it…straight to the impound lot.


5) Any Koenigsegg—If money and acknowledged issues were no object, I’d booty a Koenigsegg. Any Koenigsegg. My admired supercar. A accomplishment of engineering. All the upsides of the Pagani. All the downsides of a Pagani. additional one. Let’s booty the Agera R’s abstract top acceleration of 273 mph. This is a fast car. So abundant faster than about annihilation else, I agnosticism a Cannonballer could stop himself from testing its top end. And that’s the problem. You hit a cavern or alike a balmy alley cadence in this affair and you’re dead. That’s the affair about 150 and up. Some cars are too fast for the task. This one is too good. Too fast. Too dangerous. Spare parts? Don’t ask.

Gooding and Co.

4) Porsche Carrera GT—You can’t accountability Porsche for architecture this car. But you can accountability those crazy Germans for not alms Traction Control on the Carrera GT. Come on, guys. Tons of cars had it years afore the GT came out. I acknowledge the purist’s access as abundant as anyone, but you can’t Cannonball in a avant-garde sports car afterwards it. It’s not like Porsche couldn’t accept included it with a switch. You’d be batty to about-face it off, of course, as was approved by two out of three GTs on the 2004 Gumball 3000 spinning out. Badly. Not to acknowledgment what happened to an old friend.


3) Bugatti Veyron—The fastest, best avant-garde supercar of all time? Whatever. All the problems of a Ferrari or Lambo, and more. I could address a book about all the affidavit not to accompany a Veyron, but let’s stick to aloof one. Ammunition Economy. At Cannonball speeds, you’re attractive at 5 mpg. Yes, bristles afar per gallon. No bulk of ammunition you could fit would accomplish up for the time absent refueling. An 8-liter 16-cylinder powerplant? Amazing. But amazingly bad for a Cannonball Run.


2) Vector W8—There is alone one supercar I could absolve for actuality on this list. There is alone one supercar I’d be accommodating to go to bastille in. It’s the Vector W8. The vaunted American supercar that kinda, about was. A Vector on the Cannonball? That will never happen, because the likelihood that I’ll anytime get my easily on one is zero. As is yours. Addition affair that will never happen? A W8 active beneath its own ability for 500 miles. We’ll accept aerial cars first. This is the Godfather and Grandaddy of all crazy Cannonball cars, and the alone car I would accident it all in. Read the abounding Wiki about Vector Aeromotive, because the adventure of the aggregation is crazier than any Cannonball. Trust me.


1) Any TVR—If you accept to ask.

That’s it.

Why No Other Porsches?

If you’ll notice, the Carrera GT is the alone Porsche on the list. The affidavit are simple. Porsches accept been abundantly reliable beyond abundant Cannonballs, U.S. Express races, and endless rallies. Conspicuous? Yes. But added accepted than Ferraris or Lamborghinis, and beneath acceptable to get pulled over aloof for active by. Lastly, they’re the best amount in austere two-door sports cars able of triple-digit speeds.

I apperceive what you’re thinking. Why aren’t there any Morgans on this list? Because I absolutely acclimated one to set a record, but that’s addition story.

7 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Ferrari Wiki | ferrari wiki – ferrari wiki
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