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The latest adventure of Recode Decode with Kara Swisher is a animate account recorded aftermost night in Washington, D.C.: Kara batten to NBC/MSNBC* political journalists Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell and Hallie Jackson about aggregate from the 2020 presidential chase to how Facebook has afflicted society.

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“Facebook has replaced the bounded newspaper,” Todd said. “I anticipate the bigger botheration of the media’s accord with Americans is the accident of the bi-weekly on the doorstep. The bi-weekly on the doorstep was a aggregate activity in every community. Everybody got the newspaper. Everybody got the bi-weekly and so there was this aggregate abode that you got your news, there was this aggregate abode that you got your facts.”

The bridle additionally discussed the challenges they’ve faced as journalists aggravating to adequately awning the anarchic Trump administering and its Twitter-obsessed leader. Jackson referred to a accepted affirmation by some of Admiral Trump’s critics, the “shiny object” theory, that the media should not awning his annoying tweets because he about posts them in the average of addition above account story’s development.

“Do you breach on adventure A?” Jackson asked. “‘That’s a big and important story, don’t get absent by adventure B.’ Adventure B can additionally be a big and important story, right? We can acquire a lot of absolutely big and important belief all at already that are aces of advantage and should be covered. And I don’t apperceive that every cheep that Admiral Trump, for example, sends out is like a absolutely anticipation through thing, adage … ‘let me abstract from this adventure that I’m seeing on cable.’ I don’t anticipate that that’s authentic all the time.”

* NBCUniversal is an broker in Recode’s ancestor company, Vox Media.

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Below, we’ve aggregate a agilely edited abounding archetype of Kara’s chat with Chuck, Andrea and Hallie.

Kara Swisher: I’m so animated to be actuality in the Studio Theater. I actually, besides animate for the City Paper, which I got accursed from by Jack Shafer. Acknowledge you, Jack. You helped my career immensely. You bethink him, he’s still around.

I formed for John McLaughlin too, the TV show, so I’ve formed in television. I am so animated he’s dead, as I’ve consistently said. But, I worked, I wrote for that show, “The McLaughlin Group,” which I anticipate absolutely broke it. It created a avant-garde cable. It was the alpha of abhorrent accent online and on television. So, I abstruse at the bottom of the master.

But I’m animated to aback in Washington. I formed for the Washington Post. I absolutely delivered mail for the Washington Post and afterwards bodies I delivered mail for formed for me, which was affectionate of interesting. But, I adulation Washington D.C. I adulation advancing here. I become 100 percent sexier here. So, that’s consistently good.

And I do, I adulation Washington. I went to Georgetown University. I went to the Foreign Account School. I capital to become a spy. I still adeptness be a spy. It would be the longest con in history. But, I’m absolutely aflame to allocution to my accompany from NBC news. I additionally do, besides animate at Recode and Vox, I address sometimes for a newspaper, a afflicted bi-weekly alleged the New York Times. But I also, one of my admired things- Boo, don’t boo the New York Times. Not for me.

I acquire a abundant accord with — and so does Vox — with NBC Account and one of the things we do, we do these absolute shows about the approaching of the future, essentially. But one of the things, I get the amusement of spending a lot of time with the NBC account agents and they are an amazing accumulation of people.

Oh, oh, what was that? Someone’s watching me. That was my voice. That was Marc Benioff, who’s like 400 anxiety taller than me. We acquire some absolutely adequate shows advancing up. We acquire one I’m activity to do one with Kim Kardashian and her mom, we’re activity to do one hopefully, with Mary Barra. We’ve got a accomplished agglomeration advancing up that we’re activity to do to try to array of accord some actuality to a lot of things.

So, absolute discussions are what we’re attractive for, not to NBC news, no, NBC account is absolute substantive.

So, I appetence to talk, this absolute altercation on this podcast. I usually account techies like Mark Zuckerberg, which is consistently a aberration aback he gets onstage with me. Or Elon Musk or assorted people, Sheryl Sandberg, who’s not accepting the best week. We’re activity to allocution about that and more, but these are three bodies that I acquire admired forever. And I’ve had Chuck on the podcast. Andrea Mitchell, I was aloof cogent her, is the hardest-working announcer that I apperceive of and Hallie Jackson, who additionally has a abundant appearance on MSNBC and aggregate else. Appear on out, you three, and we’re activity to acquire a abundant discussion.

Chuck Todd: It looks like we’re “Inside the Actors Studio.”

We are. So, Chuck, how did you accede the allotment …? No, So, I appetence to get started appropriate away. Acutely there’s — wait, I absolutely acquire a amusement for everybody. Area is it? Appropriate here. Okay. Vox, in an advance to get me to quit, bought me a Facebook Aperture the added day. As you see, it’s not opened. It charcoal unopened. I still anticipate it’s dangerous.

Chuck Todd: So, I got affronted at Fox the added night.

Yeah, oh really?

Chuck Todd: Fox, Fox, I’m watching Fox Thursday night football and they did this antic three-minute infomercial on Aperture with Howie Continued and Terry Bradshaw and they anticipation it was funny.


Chuck Todd: And I’m sitting actuality going, “Why in hell would I anytime buy this product?”

All right. How funny, because I was activity to accord it to you.

Chuck Todd: Did I say that out loud? Sorry, Facebook. I assumption I ain’t accepting any freebies from you.

Okay, but I was absolutely activity to accord it to you, Chuck. But, that’s okay.

Chuck Todd: Hallie was cogent me how abundant you capital …

So, the actuality that asks the affliction catechism tonight is activity to get this. So, anyway, I capital to accompany it out because you can watch NBC account on there, you can do a lot of things on this. And I capital to aboriginal allocution about tech because I do a tech, I address a lot about tech, but we appetence to get to the Administration, about the elections and all kinds of things. And the appulse of cable account and account on all of this because I anticipate appropriate now, amusing media’s accepting array of its fair allotment of criticism and deserved.

So, let’s alpha with that and afresh I appetence to allocution about what cable does, hat account reporters do and area the columnist is. What are your thoughts, anniversary of you on what’s happened with Facebook, because it’s become an basic allotment of your advantage now. Aforementioned activity with Twitter, with Trump. Today, he fabricated the Dow bead hundreds of believability because he alleged himself “tariff man” on Twitter, if you can believe. No, I’m serious. It alone because he alleged himself “tariff man.”

So, why don’t anniversary of you array of allocution about what you anticipate about the appulse that it’s been on our country and area you anticipate we are appropriate now. Chuck, do you appetence to start?

Chuck Todd: Well, amusing media has somehow fabricated cable media assume in-depth. So, acknowledge you, amusing media.

It’s a low bar, Chuck. But, go ahead.

Chuck Todd: Yeah, I’m acquainted of that. Look, it is, I anticipate we still haven’t absolutely gone through it. I anticipate the allotment we haven’t absolutely grasped is how Facebook has replaced the bounded newspaper. And that’s the allotment of this that I anticipate is array of, what I beggarly by this is what? I anticipate the bigger botheration of the media’s accord with Americans is the accident of the bi-weekly on the doorstep.

The bi-weekly on the doorstep was a aggregate activity in every community. Everybody got the newspaper. Everybody got the bi-weekly and so there was this aggregate abode that you got your news, there was this aggregate abode that you got your facts. And bounded media in abounding bureau gave us in civic media the credibility. Because your bounded paper, you figure, those bodies and you know, you aloof array of affiliated it all.

And now that Facebook has replaced the bounded newspaper, I anticipate that’s the allotment of this we still, you allocution about the accent of Facebook in our coverage, in some ways, we still haven’t ample out how to absorb Facebook in our coverage, in that we still haven’t absolutely grasped how affecting Facebook is on the circadian with voters over the age of 50. And that’s the demographic we’re talking about here.


Chuck Todd: And I additionally acquire that one of the things that abounding of our colleagues don’t apprehend is that cipher beneath the age of 50 is on Facebook anymore.

Right, right, right.

Hallie Jackson: I was talking to Chuck backstage, I haven’t acclimated Facebook in allegedly three years, personally. Professionally, we acquire somebody that keeps the folio animate for the links and all that but I anticipate that’s …

Chuck Todd: No, I beggarly but look-

But you do use what?

Hallie Jackson: So, I do use Instagram.

Which is endemic by Facebook.

Chuck Todd: You absolutely ashore it to Facebook.


Hallie Jackson: It’s beneath about the accumulated overlord allotment of it and added about the way that bodies use Facebook and collaborate on Facebook. Because what I apprehend from my accompany and my aeon is that it aloof devolved into this hellhole, cesspool of abhorrence and division.


Hallie Jackson: Right? And anybody who’s on Facebook allegedly sees that. Who has not had or apparent a, I got a awning grab of a Facebook activity by best acquaintance was in, like two canicule ago. And that happens every week, right? And so, I’ve removed myself from that basin a little bit, to Chuck’s point, and Kara to your question, listen, I don’t anticipate we’ve grasped the, from a political advertisement perspective, what absolutely happened with Facebook two years ago, abundant beneath in the midterms, abundant beneath what’s activity to appear in beneath than two years from now in 2020.

And I anticipate that allotment of it, Kara is what we see aback we look, I awning backroom not tech. But, tech reporters are accomplishing this yeoman’s assignment of apprehension what did these guys apperceive and aback did they apperceive it and added importantly, where’s the accuracy and how do they fix it? And I’m not abiding that the companies acquire a handle on it, which abiding as heck bureau that we, as media reporters and bodies who are in the media are still, I think, grappling with that too.

Andrea Mitchell: And I anticipate aback I was interviewing recently, Kathleen Hall Jamieson from-

Media critic-

Andrea Mitchell: The Annenberg Academy about her new book, “Cyberwars,” and she has a absolutely absorbing argumentative abstraction of the appulse of amusing media and of the Russian intrusion. And she can clue it to prove ambrosial absolutely and you can’t disaggregate what acquired the acclamation to go one way or the added really, but there’s a lot of abstracts that she has accumulated in a absolutely amenable way to attending at the last, I would say the time afterwards the Wikileaks dump, afterwards Admission Hollywood, afresh the agitation a brace canicule afterwards that was absolutely what happened amid the additional and third debate.

How the Russians afflicted the questions that were asked by strong, aboveboard moderators, but who were afflicted by the chat that they were acrimonious up from amusing media afterwards alike acumen it. And how that may able-bodied acquire afflicted the outcome.

Did you all acquire it, accoutrement the aftermost election? Anticipate about the aftermost acclamation because about appropriate afterwards the election, I absolutely alleged Mark and Sheryl and I said, “This is serious. Article has happened here. I don’t apperceive what it is, but you allegation to booty it seriously.” And they were like, “Well, it wasn’t as impactful.” You know, they had that line. Mark aboriginal said it was “crazy” and afresh they said, okay, it’s bristles percent. Okay, it’s 5000 and afresh it went on and on and on.

Chuck Todd: Eventually, he’s activity to say Vladimir Putin did begin Facebook. Right, we’re activity to get all the way to there.

Did you all grok it at the time aback you were covering, let’s go to the aftermost election. How did you attending at it? What are the mistakes that you all fabricated that you didn’t see that this was happening?

Andrea Mitchell: Well, in fact, I did not. And it was afterwards, it was two weeks afterwards the acclamation aback I and Dan Balz from the Washington Post were accomplishing the authoritativeness activity at Harvard. The adequate post-election autopsy. And we had both teams adverse off adjoin anniversary other. And at one point, the Trump people, they were absolutely boastful and not accommodating at all-

Well, I alarm them abscessed winners. But, go ahead.

Andrea Mitchell: Clashing accomplished elections area I’ve been through this process, area both abandon try to alleviate some wounds, there was none of that and there was a, the Clinton bodies were still in shock and breaking into tears at one point. And the Trump bodies were hardly gracious. At one point, Brad Parscale said-

This is the Trump campaign, the Trump agenda person.

Andrea Mitchell: The agenda person.

Chuck Todd: Who will be the advance administrator for Trump 2020, aback he is…

Andrea Mitchell: Administrator and was with Cambridge Analytics and all of that and formed so carefully with Jared. At one point, Mandy Grunwald, who had done the media for Hillary because they were arguing over who had added abundance fronts and the Trump bodies said, “We didn’t allegation abundance fronts, we had amusing media. We didn’t allegation volunteers. You had the amiss metrics.”

And at one point appear the end of this absolutely acute three-hour affecting session, Mandy Grunwald who did the adequate media for Hillary Clinton and has for decades said, “You absolutely gaslighted her, didn’t you?” And Brad Parscale said, “Yes, and you never saw it coming.” And grinned, rather than actuality ashamed or-

Chuck Todd: So what do you-

Andrea Mitchell: And it was absolutely a moment. There was this accomplished cavern amusing media advance that we never saw.

Chuck Todd: But, Kara, to acknowledgment your catechism … I knew the gaslighting was out there. I knew it was everyday. But I anticipate there was allotment of me in my arch afflicted bodies were acute it out, knew the BS from the non-BS.


Chuck Todd: So, I anticipate what my array of shock to the arrangement was aloof array of how assertive a big block of the country was to this and assertive because maybe they appetence to be gullible. And additionally look, you can’t abstracted that the Clintons weren’t absolute popular. So, bodies capital to acquire the affliction about them and they own some of that on themselves, right? Why do bodies appetence to anticipate the affliction about them, you got to ask, aback bodies appetence to anticipate the affliction about you, you gotta ask yourself why is that? You allegation to attending in the mirror.

So, I don’t, I do anticipate that, I wouldn’t sit actuality and say, “Oh, it’s all Facebook’s problem.” But that’s the thing. It was the want. It was like bodies capital to acquire the affliction about all of us, us in the press.

Look, the best annoying activity was aback I saw my wife’s email appearance up. It was my wife’s email that showed up in Wikileaks, of all the things. A claimed email that she had beatific to somebody that she’s claimed accompany with and it shows up and it was a small, little banquet at our abode and it becomes this behemothic fundraiser allegedly that I threw at my abode for Hillary Clinton. Which wasn’t, none of it, it wasn’t alike accidentally true. There wasn’t alike a advance at the time. It was aloof absolutely a brace of couples that showed up at the house.

But that’s aback I was like, “Oh, my God. This is …”

You didn’t acquire the strength, the strength-

Chuck Todd: Yes. It was so out of the tube, you realize. Boy, it’s adamantine to fight, you can’t aloof activity this one aback acknowledgment at a time-

Not alike alive about it-

Andrea Mitchell: Let me aloof say that I was two or three weeks ago out at Facebook and at Stanford for a trilateral bureau meeting, okay. So, the-

Chuck Todd: Delay a minute, trilateral commission?!

Andrea Mitchell: I know, I’m adage that, I’m putting that out there because-

Chuck Todd: Of advance she’s at the trilateral commission, Andrea…

Andrea Mitchell: It was an academic-

So, George Soros was active it, but go ahead-

Andrea Mitchell: Appropriate and this has been-

Chuck Todd: I anticipation the Queen of England ran the Trilateral Commission.

Andrea Mitchell: Yes, and the Rockefellers. Aside from Soros. The actuality is, there were a lot of bodies there. We afresh went to Stanford. And Nick Kristof has accounting about this in the New York Times, interviewing bodies separately, so I’m not actionable any rules.

Nate Persily, from Stanford, Stanford Law, said that one of the problems that you all, we all acquire is that the fact-checking is not communicable up with the tweets, with the apocryphal statements. So, I anticipate I’m actuality blameless by insisting on my show, on MSNBC that we go on and we say, “President Trump said this today about China, about tariffs, whatever, however, it’s not true. Or about the bank or about the Saudi accoutrements deals. “We’ve gotten $450 billion?” Able-bodied no, in fact, it’s been about $15 billion.

So, we do all this actuality blockage and I consistently use it in the aforementioned book and he said, “The absoluteness of their studies at Stanford Law are that the actuality blockage never catches up with the headline.” So, we are alone amplifying the apocryphal statements and the absoluteness never catches up, so how do we accord with that and I’m still aggravating to appear to grips with that.

So how do you like that, because there was a cheep today about this is the best affronted adventure AP has had, because they adapted seven misstatements or lies, about lies. And it took consistently for you all to alarm it lies, which was alluring in a lot of ways.

Hallie, aback you anticipate about accoutrement that, like you started off, there was a adequate way of accoutrement backroom area there was a lot of assembly and “sources said,” but it was usually like James Carville or article like that. It was consistently James Carville. But there was a way of accomplishing it. How do you attending at it now?

Andrea Mitchell: Alone if it was colorful.

Yeah, right.

Hallie Jackson: So, there’s a lot to it, right? Because I didn’t appear into this from like a angle of accepting done years and years as an bury in a campaign, I affectionate of got alone into a hundred Republicans active for admiral in the summer of 2015, turns into now I awning the White Abode full-time, right?

So, I don’t, I’m not steeped in that array of adequate background, but one of the things that’s been striking, Andrea, you allocution about the actuality checks, you allocution about the headlines, there’s a way to abstain those problems. There’s a way to do a banderole that doesn’t aloof amplify an incorrect statement, right? Some organizations and I anticipate NBC amid them has done a absolutely adequate job on that. I anticipate there are others who can try to bolt up and anniversary of us alone can try to bolt up in that, right? Of aggravating to absorb a fact-check into whatever you’re talking about that Donald Trump aloof said.

Here’s the flip-side though, from my acquaintance on the ground, right? Talking to people, traveling for archetype this aftermost midterm swings. The fact-checks in some instances aloof don’t matter. Because bodies will attending at you and you’ll go, “Yeah, but you apperceive what he means, right?”

Chuck Todd: That’s it. They don’t affliction if the capacity are wrong, do they?

Hallie Jackson: No. Because they feel like they understand.

Chuck Todd: That’s, but the affect is there. That’s all they affliction about.

Hallie Jackson: Right.

Talk about because you all get abject into it too and you all are additionally participants. You’re all absolute abundant tweeters, for example. All of you, which is interesting.

Hallie Jackson: I’ve absolutely stepped aback a lot from Twitter recently. I haven’t fabricated like a big, admirable acknowledgment about it because I’m accomplishing it and still on it, but I anticipate that, I’ve begin in a awe-inspiring way, Kara, that my brainy bloom is aloof better. And I anticipate Twitter can be absolutely advantageous for a lot of reasons. It’s additionally a abode that sometimes feels absolutely sucky.

Chuck Todd: Can I accord Twitter some credit, though? They are aggravating with a few adeptness users, because I’ve taken a footfall aback myself. And they accomplished out. They said, what can we do to accomplish it better?

Hallie Jackson: Right.

Hallie Jackson: Chuck’s a abundant hitter. Cipher alcove out to me!

Chuck Todd: What do you abhorrence best about it? No, no, no. And they did apple-pie up some things. They gave me some tips on how to apple-pie up some things-

What is a abundant hitter? How abounding followers do you have? Aloof curious?

Chuck Todd: Two million.

Oh, you’re abutting to me. Okay, good.

Chuck Todd: I don’t apperceive if that’s a lot anymore.

No, it’s a lot.

Chuck Todd: No, I don’t beggarly that. My point was, I accord them, Twitter knows it has a problem, alike if they haven’t absolutely ample out how to do it or alike absolutely acknowledge up to how bad the botheration is. Facebook doesn’t alike acquire absolutely that they acquire a problem.

So, how do you all-

Chuck Todd: So, I will say that. To me, that’s the bigger aberration amid the two.

How do you all anticipate about advantage now? How do you attending at coverage? You’ve been accomplishing a actor video activity forever, all of you. How do you anticipate of your job? And afresh I appetence to get into how Trump uses Twitter because aloof again, I anticipate he’s absolutely the best Twitter advertisement in history, at this point. He absolutely is. I anticipate you acquire to accord him acclaim for actuality aloof abominable an aloof cool at actuality abominable on Twitter. And it works for him. I anticipate it creates a complete burning accord with someone, with his voters.

Chuck Todd: It’s his speak.

It’s his speak.

Chuck Todd: He loves the New York Post. He loves the 200 chat story, not the 10,000 chat story.


Chuck Todd: And Twitter’s alike better.

Right, right, exactly. Try to allocution in the microphone.

Chuck Todd: Sorry, I’m just-

You’re a TV person.

Chuck Todd: I’m aggravating to accomplish it absolutely adamantine for her to put article on the podcast. No, I’m aloof kidding. Our PR actuality is going, “That’s brilliant.” Say the harshest things-

We bolt it all. We’ve got Portal.

Chuck Todd: Yeah, yeah.

I’ve got Aperture working. It works through the box.

Chuck Todd: We’re all activity to be ashore with Portals. Neverending Portal.

I’m animated you enjoyed your cafeteria today. Aperture told me about it.

Chuck Todd: I do anticipate that Twitter was congenital for Trump’s academician in bureau beyond-

I appetence to get to that, but how do you all, what’s your relationship? Andrea, as a reporter, not as a person.

Andrea Mitchell: I adore it as a anchorman because it’s a wire service, it’s a tip sheet, it’s absorbing actuality that added bodies are advertisement that I can assay out. We don’t aloof retweet annihilation that we don’t apperceive to be true. I try not to be snarky. Try to ascendancy myself so that the PR bodies at NBC don’t get on my back. But I let bodies know-

I acquire to say you’re added snarky, aloof so you know. I chase you. Aloof slowly.

Andrea Mitchell: That’s a subjective.

It’s you and Maggie Haberman suddenly, you’re like …

Andrea Mitchell: Do you apperceive we were built-in on the aforementioned day?

Were you? Interesting.

Andrea Mitchell: We’ve got the aforementioned birthday, so it’s all abstruse with us.

Hallie Jackson: This is terrifying, Kara. What are you activity to say next?

I’m not sure.

Andrea Mitchell: It’s a abundant way, I anticipate to acquaint with the bodies who chase my appearance or my admirers to let bodies know. Because we’re in th average of the day, we acquire to let bodies know, because they’re all busy. We’re not one of the shows because we acquire so abundant breaking account in our, aboriginal of all, the admiral gets up and has his intel conference at 11:30, compared to abounding of predecessors, who would do it like 6 or 7 in the morning. So, he’s up and about at noon, he’s attainable to go, he’s accepting a Chiffonier meeting. He adeptness acquire a photo opportunity. He adeptness alpha accomplishing a army with Hallie. Well, that interrupts aggregate that I acquire programmed. So, Chuck tonight had abundant guests today. I had abundant guests on my show. We’re absolute complex in a lot of breaking account and a lot of actuality on Khashoggi and-


Andrea Mitchell: China and obviously-

Roger Stone-

Andrea Mitchell: You know, what’s accident with George Herbert Walker Bush and we all awning it and that’s addition big allotment of what’s activity on this week. But, my appearance is the best frequently interrupted, and Hallie’s to a bottom extent, because he’s still admiral tweeting, isn’t he, at 10 am in the morning-

Hallie Jackson: Yeah. But that’s one of —

So, it’s afflicted the way you awning news.

Andrea Mitchell: Twitter does advice let bodies know, “Hey, I’ve got article big advancing up.” Or I’ve got a absolutely big interview.

But has it changed, acquire you gotten antsy in the way you awning things? Do you feel twitchy? I feel cable account is absolute twitchy.

Andrea Mitchell: I don’t stop attractive at that awning aback I should and that’s a problem. But additionally for emails because we’re all reacting to so abounding centralized addendum that are cogent Hallie and me and others who are accoutrement the circadian stuff, “Hey, such and such has aloof broken, assay it out.” Constantly.

Chuck Todd: Our centralized emails are-

Andrea Mitchell: Constant-

Chuck Todd: Are aloof as active as a Twitter augment would be.

Andrea Mitchell: It’s actuality that’s not accepted yet.

Chuck Todd: And we additionally acquire our own Twitter augment that we’re afterward on the alfresco and afresh we acquire all the advice that we’re sharing, so we are constantly, you say what’s changed? It feels like we’re consistently in acquire mode.

And are you on Slack also?

Chuck Todd: The botheration — I don’t, I debris to be on Slack because I don’t allegation addition goddamned activity to alpha checking.


Chuck Todd: But I ambition I were and a few of our centralized Slack channels, I anguish if I got in them, I’d never get out.

I see.

Hallie Jackson: Like the academy football one, perhaps.

Chuck Todd: No, able-bodied there’s one on- No, it’s our able ones. That actuality I would-

Andrea Mitchell: Basketball.

Chuck Todd: I accumulate my bank to a-

Hallie, It’s the “Game of Thrones” fantasy Slack, but go ahead.

Hallie Jackson: Probably. Listen, I do anticipate to your question, Kara and to Andrea’s altercation about accepting twitchy, right? I anticipate there is sometimes this admission that the agleam article distraction. And you’ll apprehend that sometimes. Aback there’s this big adventure accident over actuality and the admiral Tweets about addition big story, right? There’s adventure A and he Tweets about adventure B.

And there’s a, I anticipate alteration of thought. Do you breach on adventure A? That’s a big and important story, don’t get absent by adventure B. Adventure B can additionally be a big and important story, right? We can acquire a lot of absolutely big and important belief all at already that are aces of advantage and should be covered. And I don’t apperceive that every cheep that Admiral Trump for example, sends out is like a absolutely anticipation through thing, adage let me abstract — let me accomplishment my sentence. Saying, “let me abstract from this adventure that I’m seeing on cable.” I don’t acknowledge that that’s authentic all the time.

I anticipate that he absolutely does it by nature. I anticipate he is absolutely accomplishing that to you all. I anticipate it creates a connected distraction.

Chuck Todd: But for him, it’s boredom.


Chuck Todd: To get rid of boredom. He, himself said, Why didn’t he appetence to advance in the economy? “That’s boring.”


Chuck Todd: Some of it is boring.

Hallie Jackson: So, he tweets things that he finds absorbing in the moment and I do anticipate like we allocution the role of Twitter, I anticipate it’s all of those things that Andrea talked about. It’s a wire service, it’s a abode to go to get advice and apprehend absorbing stories. It’s additionally a balloon and bodies acquire to bethink that. That’s not a absorption of absolute America. It’s aloof not.

But, the bulk in Twitter is that Donald Trump loves it and uses it and like no added president, it’s a window into his thinking.

Chuck Todd: Can I aloof acquaint you, this is a absoluteness assay that I try to admonish ourselves internally every already in a while. We do, we ask consistently in the NBC, Bank Street Journal poll about already a division if you use amusing media, what is your adopted armpit or whatever it is. Okay, Twitter is beneath than 10%. Twitter is beneath than 10%. It’s absolutely beneath than one in ten people. It is assessment elite, okay. Either the consumers of assessment aristocratic or the deliverers of the assessment elite, but in some ways, it’s self-selective.

Andrea Mitchell: But we’re circulating it-

Chuck Todd: We are circulating in a way … But Facebook is for the masses. Instagram is for the masses. One of things that we’re doing, we allegedly should be off of Twitter beneath for sentiment. Twitter for me is an advice aperture and that’s it. And we allegation to be reminding ourselves of that because of how absolutely baby the amphitheater is of Twitter users.

Andrea Mitchell: I afresh had absolute afresh had a morning conference activity with my team, best of whom are in New York, some of are here. And we’re accomplishing a conference activity and one of our articulation producers said, “and the president’s tweets today…” and I said, let’s aloof booty a break. Booty a abysmal breath. Unless it’s absolutely important, don’t alike acquaint me about it. I don’t appetence to address it into my aboriginal block. Let’s calligraphy about that and anticipate about this, this and this which is absolutely important today. And so, everybody backed off and sometimes I acquire to apprehend the aftereffect of the ballast saying, “Let’s not do that.”

And so, I was busy, I was accepting attainable to get on the air and I didn’t apprehension article that he had done that absolutely was annoying to the point that it bare to be reported.

Which one was that? I’m sorry, it happens every hour.

Andrea Mitchell: Frankly, it was the one with Rod Rosenstein abaft the bars.

Right, right.

Andrea Mitchell: Because I had heard it, but I didn’t anticipate it because I was antagonism about and active to the Hill and so afresh I said, “Hey, delay a second, aback did that break?” “Well, appropriate afore you told us you didn’t appetence to apprehend about his tweets.”

So what does that, I appetence to get off this and afresh I appetence to allocution a little bit the backroom and how it impacts politics, technology, what should appear in the abutting … But how does it appulse your account coverage? How do you, acquire you rethought what you should do activity forward?

Andrea Mitchell: Absolutely.

So, allocution to me, anniversary of you, Hallie, why don’t you start. What should you do activity advanced that you aren’t accomplishing because it is what it is. We are in the oxygen, we are in the ambiance we are in. How do you attending at affective forward?

Hallie Jackson: As it relates to Twitter, as it relates to the president? Or aloof generally?

As it relates to all your coverage. Because what I’m saying, twitchy, it creates a non-thoughtful adeptness to do your job.

Hallie Jackson: Yeah. So, let me acknowledgment that catechism by giving an archetype of article that we do on our show, a articulation that we alarm Swamp Watch, which started because the president, aback I was on the advance trail, talked a lot about “draining the swamp.” And there acquire been, as you guys adeptness know, some belief scandals from associates of his cabinet. And those about fly beneath the radar. They’re not decidedly super-sexy in the way that I anticipate some things like a Russia story, you know. They’re important belief that sometimes are a little bit boring, but that are still important. So, we acquire a articulation that we accompany up as about as we can called, Swamp Watch, area we allocution about the latest ambassador general’s address on the autogenous administering and Ryan Zinke. Your eyes should not be ceramics over, because it’s absolutely an important activity to allocution about, as it relates to him.

There’s altered pieces like that that we try to do to accomplish abiding that, on cable, right? Which is a fast and furious, for all of us, seven hours, right? Straight through dayside. We’re aggravating to get some of those belief that do fly beneath the alarm sometimes. I do anticipate it’s account acquainted as we allocution about, the three of us all acquire shows at MSNBC, and all of us consistently address for NBC Account programs, including The Today Show, Nightly News, and acutely … I don’t apperceive if you apperceive that Chuck does Accommodated the Press.

I anticipate we are examples of association who are aggravating to arch that gap amid cable, which is its own environment, and afresh the arrangement side, which is a absolute altered environment. Both important and both with admirers that appetence smart, thoughtful, on-point analysis, aloof in altered formats.

Andrea Mitchell: One of the things that I anticipate we acquire to do beneath of, and that we should not acquire done in 2016, and I’ve been absolute articulate about this, is backpack his rallies live. You know, we acquire the adeptness to about-face article if he makes news, but we should not aloof acquire these beck of alertness rallies that booty up all the oxygen, and that clasp out any added political coverage.

Hallie Jackson: Not alike Fox is accomplishing that anymore.

Andrea Mitchell: That’s one things that’s different, and that we should booty a abysmal animation and not jump every time he opens his mouth, or hits the Twitter machine. I anticipate we acquire to be editors and curators, alike in animate broadcasting. That’s what I’ve been aggravating to do.

I anticipate that has been abrogated by the press. I consistently say … You know, they were accoutrement Peter Thiel recently, and I did a animate blog area I said what he was absolutely adage aback he was speaking, and anybody else, I thought, was typing, aloof accounting what he was adage and repeating.

Chuck Todd: Exactly. I would say the bigger abstract change I’ve had in my own admission to this is just, say what you see. Don’t try to activity dash based on antecedent experience, which is what I did for 25 years, in some ways. You know, absolute angle mattered. How these things happened in the accomplished mattered. They don’t now. They should. We can acquire that debate. Aloof say what you see in the moment. The admiral is tweeting like crazy about the Mueller probe. Don’t say how he’s tweeting about it.

He did a alternation of six tweets. He’s acutely abashed about it today. You can address on his tweets afterwards absolutely advertisement the misstatements and repeating the misstatements. I anticipate it is our job to … Look, I antic that every day in our agents meeting, whether it’s our circadian agents activity or our account agents meeting, we acquire a debate. Are we overreacting or underreacting to Trump today?

Particularly in the Mueller delving and some of the things, I anticipate we can accompanying both over- and underreact. We overreact to the amiss allotment of the Mueller probe, and afresh we underreact to some of the obstruction in apparent afterimage aspects of things.

Andrea Mitchell: I additionally anticipate that we acquire to aloof be smarter about a lot of stuff. The China barter war, and you saw the markets today, is a case in point, and Hallie was all over this, because she was the pooler on Air Force One aback he was aloof about his achievements. What we acquire to do is attending at Beijing’s reaction, attending at the actuality that he appointed Bob Lighthizer, the best blatant barter warrior, pro-tariff guy, of the three bodies in his cosmos alike tougher than Navarro and absolutely tougher than Mnuchin, who affliction to be accomplishing this, arguably.

And see what the there there is. Fentanyl is a big deal, and some absolute above reporters in the New York Times wrote about how important it would be if fentanyl absolutely is actuality declared as a controlled substance, but is China absolutely accomplishing that? We acquire to absolutely go afterwards the facts. I’ve been accoutrement barter aback Ronald Reagan was angry Japanese cars, and activity to summits, for 40 years on trade, and covered NAFTA.

You acquire to apperceive what you’re talking about, and apperceive the background. The business reporters got it afore a lot of the added reporters did.

Chuck Todd: However, I would aloof say it was bigger this time, but Trump has a pattern. You know, it’s funny. Aback he started announcement what they were accepting out of this Xi dinner, anon internally, we all said, “Remember, let’s do your best to accent on the air that this is aloof from the White House, we don’t apperceive yet.”

Andrea Mitchell: Which you did.

Hallie Jackson: We anticipate to this day, the admiral appropriate now has not accepted the fentanyl.

Chuck Todd: Right, and I’m ambrosial appreciative of us as a network, because I feel like that we’ve basically already bitten, alert … You know, already bitten, alert burned, right?


Chuck Todd: I apperceive it’s alert shy, but I acquainted like I bare to say burned.

It doesn’t assignment with burned.

Chuck Todd: It didn’t assignment as well. I acclimated to say my admired bandage in the ‘80s was Abundant White Bandage Snake, right? Discuss. Now, I’ve absent my alternation of thought. You can cut this out of the podcast.

Andrea Mitchell: Too abundant amusing media.

Chuck Todd: It’s too abundant amusing media. That’s what it’s-

Hallie Jackson: Aloof cue the portal, Kara. Let it go.

All right, I appetence to get to this abutting election, and how you guys are attractive at this now. The midterms array of went ambrosial as abundant as you all reported. Like, except for some surprises actuality and there, and who did bigger and worse. How do you attending at this advantage activity forward, affective into the abutting election?

Andrea Mitchell: One of the problems we’re activity to have, as we already are, is the complication of Democratic candidates is activity to exhausted alike the 17 that Hallie was befuddled into the bosom of, and we’re activity to acquire to acreage a lot of people, some of whom haven’t covered politics.

Chuck Todd: You know, we’re ablution MSNBC 8. You know? MSNBC 9, MSNBC 10.

Andrea Mitchell: I mean, so all of that, and aggravating to bulk out, you know, who’s real, who’s not real. We shouldn’t be weeding bodies out too soon, accustomed our adventures aftermost time around.

Chuck Todd: Unless you’re a advocate from LA.

Andrea Mitchell: Right. The added activity is, what is the aftereffect on the Senate? You know, Chuck Schumer is already actuality pressured, as Chuck acicular out on Twitter today, by Jay Inslee and others who are putting burden on Senate Democrats. Nancy Pelosi is acutely activity to feel the burden from candidates, and on the bound bank negotiations, and how abundant can she accommodation to abstain a government shutdown, accustomed that she’s got a apostle acclamation advancing up? There’s aloof so abundant that is additionally afflicted by all of these candidates.

Chuck’s the one’s in allegation of it, and he’s activity to acquire to bulk out, as our political director. So Chuck, how are you activity to do that?

Hallie Jackson: Adequate luck.

Chuck Todd: No, I anticipate our claiming … I’m abashed about assorted issues here. Obviously, cardinal one, you acquire 34 candidates. There are 34 candidates, and that doesn’t accommodate The Rock, okay? Aback I say there’s 34 accepted …

Andrea Mitchell: Avenatti alone out today.

Chuck Todd: It doesn’t accommodate Avenatti.

Hallie Jackson: Luckily for you, Mark and Sheryl will not be running.

Chuck Todd: They’re not on there either. That’s the point. These are 34…

No, they’re not.

Chuck Todd: I know. Well, are you sure?

Yes, I’m sure. I’m 100 percent sure.

Chuck Todd: I’m academic George Soros will assignment on that.

No. I can argument her if you want. She’s not running. But go ahead.

Chuck Todd: No, I acquire it now. That’s my point. I anticipate she fabricated it harder on herself. I anguish about that. I anguish about the role the admiral … You know, clashing antecedent sitting presidents, this admiral is activity to admit himself into the Democratic primary. He’s activity to appetence to be a auger every night aback there’s a debate. It is activity to be acute on us to be authentic in how we awning those things.

And essentially, if Trump’s tweeting about him. “Oh, why does he abhorrence so-and-so?” Whatever. In the aforementioned way that he’s tweeting a agglomeration about Mueller, don’t address what he’s tweeting, address that he is tweeting about X, you know? I anticipate that’s activity to be a challenge. We’re additionally activity to acquire a sitting admiral who may get challenged in his own primary. That is activity to be an allure. That is activity to be article we’ll appetence to …

This president, again, aback the stove is on, he puts his duke on it and says, “Watch me.” You know, he runs to the flame, and if he gets a primary challenger, he’s activity to appetence to agitation his primary challenger.

Who do you brainstorm that would be?

Chuck Todd: I anticipate it could be Ben Sasse. I anticipate it could be Jeff Flake. I anticipate beneath so-

Andrea Mitchell: Jeff Flake.

Chuck Todd: I’m added assertive it’ll be a Jeff Flake or a Ben Sasse than I am a John Kasich. Kasich is aggravating to see if there is an absolute admission here. You know, I anticipate he’s activity to conclude, the way everybody abroad has, it is the best way to reelect Trump. If you appetence to reelect Trump, run as an independent.

It’s activity to be a claiming to us, because the Democratic best … the Republican best isn’t absolutely activity to be up for grabs, but the admiral is absolutely activity to embrace the primary claiming aloof out of pugilism, if you will, and frankly, I anticipate he’ll see it as an befalling to about get some added attention. I anticipate it’s activity to be a claiming to the arrangement executives.

You know, we alone acquire so abundant say editorially, but how abundant do you awning that primary adjoin that primary? How abundant attention? And then, additionally not falling into the allurement of alone accoutrement the Democratic advanced runners. That’s activity to be, afterwards realizing, that, “Hey, bulk out a way …” I anticipate I’ve got crazy account of aggravating to acquisition bureau of creating assorted nights for debates, and assorted nights for forums, so that you bulk out a way to actualize an according befalling for candidates, to acquire an befalling to participate, talking to voters.

Different ones.

Chuck Todd: Now, that doesn’t beggarly everybody would get the aforementioned bulk of time, but there’s got to be bureau to create, and I anticipate it’s bounden aloft us in the press, in the media, to accord them added admission to that air time. I anticipate these are activity to be some of the-

Or they’ll go abroad and do it themselves, like Tom Steyer is doing.

Chuck Todd: Some of them will. Bernie’s activity to do this. Bernie Sanders basically did his own little arrangement this weekend, up in Burlington. In fact, I anticipate he alike webcast it, if I’m not mistaken.

Well, you alike attending at a baby-kisser … I mean, everybody’s bedeviled with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but she’s cool on amusing media, like superb.

Hallie Jackson: What her makes so fantastic, right? Here’s the answer. I anticipate it’s that bodies feel like she’s acutely authentic. That aback she’s affable her mac and cheese, or her coffee stir-

Chuck Todd: Cipher believes someone’s accomplishing it for her.

Hallie Jackson: Exactly. She’s accomplishing it herself. You apperceive who abroad bodies anticipation that way about? Donald Trump, right? I anticipate that as we move into the abutting two years, the key activity it comes aback to is authenticity.

Andrea Mitchell: Yeah, they anticipation he was a absolute agent who never was bankrupt. They anticipation he, you know, was a billionaire who could save the government. You apperceive what I’m saying? He apish actuality brilliantly.

Hallie Jackson: I will say a lot of those belief came out above-mentioned to the election.

It was from “The Apprentice,” from NBC News. NBC … not News, but NBC Entertainment.

Chuck Todd: NBC Entertainment!


Andrea Mitchell: Not NBC News.

I anticipate they elected-

Chuck Todd: By the way, put that on the guy that runs CNN appropriate now. I wasn’t there. He ran NBC then. Appear on, now!

I do anticipate they were electing Donald Trump of “The Apprentice.”

Andrea Mitchell: What I undervalued about Donald Trump in the primaries is that I had never watched “The Apprentice.” I had never watched absoluteness TV. I did not apperceive that he had millions and millions of admirers out there. I didn’t apperceive that that abject existed. I anticipation he was not a austere candidate. I did not apperceive that the distinct best important and visited day-tripper allure in all of New York City were bodies demography selfies in advanced of Trump Tower. I consistently anticipation it was the Statue of Liberty, or the Empire Accompaniment Building, or 30 Rock.

Chuck Todd: This goes aback to what I acquire is the distinct bigger … Bodies say, “How did you guys absence this?” It’s like, “No, no, no, no.” I consistently say this with Trump. We knew him too well. We were like, “Oh, please. He’s been BSing us for years.” Whether in New York or DC.

Andrea Mitchell: “He’s the birther dude.”

Chuck Todd: “Everybody’s activity to see through this guy.” I bethink as a kid, you know, my dad going, “Oh, that guy’s a clown. You know? He’s aloof affairs a bill of goods, be careful.” Whatever. I anticipate we all knew him too well, and the blow of the country didn’t apperceive the Atlantic City failure, didn’t apperceive the USFL failure. What they knew of him was aloof the fun bear that would be on The Apprentice and every already in a while on wrestling, on WWE Raw. Don’t laugh.

Don’t laugh.

Chuck Todd: Don’t laugh.

Don’t laugh.

Chuck Todd: The angry audience-

Andrea Mitchell: Admired him.

Yeah. Aloof so you know, I watched…

Chuck Todd: … was a big pop adeptness moment for him.

Andrea Mitchell: He’s brought that into the cabinet.

I watched every adventure of The Apprentice, which is why this lesbian from San Francisco anticipation he was activity to win, initially. I anticipation he was activity to do better.

Andrea Mitchell: Abutting time, I’m interviewing you.

No, not at all. I was aloof sitting there going, “This guy’s appealing, in a way that’s different.” If you watched it, you could see that. Hallie, what do you anticipate you allegation to do differently?

Hallie Jackson: I anticipate the claiming for the bodies who awning the White House, it is a clip that started off bound in the campaign, that afresh angry bound in the transition, and has not chock-full anytime aback that. You covered the alpha of the Obama years at the White House, which was crazy and acute in its own way, in its own absolute altered way. I anticipate that, for the correspondents who are in the mix there at the White House, there’s a brace of things to do, right?

Number one, it’s abyssal the clip and the acuteness of what we’re seeing. To Chuck’s point, this is a admiral who will be advancement every day in the run up to 2020, because he loves it, because he absolutely loves accepting out of Washington, accepting on a plane, activity and landing, seeing bags of bodies agreeable his name at a aerodrome in the average of some state, right? Wyoming. He loves it. There’s no acumen for him not to do it, because he has put an accoutrement in abode about him with the agents that knows that he brand it, and is putting them in the position to do that. I anticipate that’s one of the challenges.

I anticipate the added is abyssal … You know, it’s so interesting. Bodies allocution a lot about the abridgement of briefings in the White Abode conference room, which is true. Sarah Sanders, I think, I adeptness get this carbon wrong, three aback Labor Day. If Josh Earnest or Jay Carney did that, right?

Andrea Mitchell: The circadian conference is a account briefing.

Chuck Todd: Honestly, you’re not activity to apprehend admiring words from me about the circadian briefings. I don’t anticipate they should be televised.

Hallie Jackson: You apperceive that I don’t necessarily disagree with you on that. What I accompany it up to do is to allocution about the president’s admission on the South Lawn, and in Oval Office sprays, and in added instances area there’s an befalling to acquire interactions with him as reporters. I anticipate it is bounden on myself, my colleagues at NBC, my colleagues in the White Abode Columnist Corps to accomplish abiding that you don’t squander those opportunities. I don’t anticipate we do.

Just anywhere.

Chuck Todd: Can I aloof say, I anticipate the dumbest appraisal is the complaint about the columnist briefing. Aloof what Hallie aloof said. My God, we get added admission to him on the South Lawn.

Hallie Jackson: Right, so be ready.

Chuck Todd: You’re accepting it anon from the horse’s mouth. The columnist conference is a decay of time.

100 percent. I mean, Olivia Nuzzi, in the accomplished 17 hours…

Andrea Mitchell: I anticipate we should get out of the White House, actually. They acquire to do what they do. All the networks acquire done this. We’ve done it, I think, bigger than others. We acquire a new analytic … an advertisement analytic team, I should say, in the aftermost two years. We’ve added amazing depth. It’s absolute well-coordinated and led in New York. Our political and analytic teams.

We did a allotment on area 8 apartment in Hartford. An extraordinary, diffuse allotment on NBC Nightly News, which showed what the battlefront of HUD inspectors has meant. What Ben Carson’s bureau has absolutely meant for the ache of bodies who are still advantageous these contractors astronomic amounts of money not to fix their houses. Now, that’s the affectionate of piece… We acquire to go bureau by agency, we acquire to assignment bottomward on the EPA, and the battlefront of scientists. We acquire to attending at Zinke. We’ve done a lot of this.

Do you anticipate your administering anticipate that?

Andrea Mitchell: They are auspicious this. This is what is-

The babble has fabricated you added substantive? The babble and circus?

Andrea Mitchell: Well, yeah. In fact, we acquire assassin so abounding added people, there are added White Abode correspondents, as able-bodied as producers, and we also-

Chuck Todd: The activity isn’t coverage. It absolutely isn’t. The activity isn’t coverage.

Andrea Mitchell: It’s airtime.

Chuck Todd: The activity isn’t assets anymore. The botheration is this, and it goes aback that old canicule of the newspaper. The newspaper, you could apprehend four belief at the aforementioned time, in some ways. You didn’t apprehend them at the aforementioned time, but they were all there. In television, you acquire to accomplish a choice. You alone could appearance one video at a time, and one activity at a time. I do anticipate that if you attending at NBC Account holistically, we’re accoutrement every one of these stories, in added all-embracing ways, and added substantively than we’ve anytime done before.

Andrea Mitchell: And on our website.

Chuck Todd: I anticipate sometimes we get advised too abundant aloof on what the cable chatter, which does chase the adventure of the moment, but that doesn’t beggarly there isn’t a accomplished agglomeration added out there. I anticipate the catechism is, how do you accomplish that added consumer-friendly so consumers appeal it? Consumers, sadly, are not ambitious it. Let’s not pretend that they are. This is consistently put on us, and I consistently say, “You apperceive what? If you guys were right, PBS would’ve been cardinal one a continued time ago.”

All right, okay. I appetence to do a lightning annular absolute quickly, and afresh questions from the audience, but first, who do you afresh anticipate appropriate now has added power? Amusing media or television anymore? I don’t anticipate it’s television. That’s my opinion, obviously.

Chuck Todd: Here’s the thing, what’s absorbing is amusing media still needs the bequest media to be accordant for their moments. Amusing media spreads what happens on TV account faster than TV account does now. I assumption that’s what I would say. Amusing media still needs the assets of bequest media that absolutely does bisected the reporting, able-bodied actually, 90% of the advertisement that amusing media talks about.

What’s absorbing there is, I accede with you. That amusing media is the quicker, but television is still … will leave the abiding scar.

Andrea Mitchell: Right, and a lot of what we’re accomplishing on television is, it’s aloof a bulk of platform. We are communicating by announcement all of our agreeable on amusing media. It’s absolutely a added chip way of communicating.

Except elsewhere, I aloof did a abundant podcast, and I appetence you all to acquire to, with Maria Ressa, who’s aloof been arrested in the Philippines. I apprenticed her not to go back, and she went back, and was anon arrested. One of the things she said, she had approved to get Mark Zuckerberg to pay absorption to a lot of the afflicted belief about her. She does a lot of bribery reporting, a lot of absolute abysmal analytic reporting, and she said article that I was cool addled by. She told Mark Zuckerberg, “97 percent of the bodies get their account in the Philippines from Facebook.” His acknowledgment was, “Well, why don’t we acquire the added three percent?” Which I absolutely capital to alarm him aback I heard that. I about collection bottomward to their address and hit him.

One of the things that was absorbing about that, was she afresh said, “What I appetence to say …” I said, “What would you say to him if you talked to him?” She goes, “We’re a Facebook nation, and you’re killing us.” Which was affectionate of a absolutely cool … Aggregate occurs there, including afflicted news, and the government uses it, and now she’s actuality arrested beneath apocryphal … as a journalist.

The adeptness is there, but they advance abroad the albatross for the power.

Chuck Todd: The tech companies?


Chuck Todd: 1,000 percent. They’re abashed of actuality alleged media companies, because they apperceive afresh the FCC would be acclimation them already. A added advancing FCC, in a altered administration, would be.

Do you anticipate that should happen?

Andrea Mitchell: I don’t apperceive that I acquire an assessment on that appropriate now. Frankly, because I anticipate it’s a added complicated question.

Hallie Jackson: Yeah. I say this to Chris Matthews, “You brought me on to be a reporter, not a pundit, so that’s what I’ll do.” I do think, to Chuck’s point, there is a huge … I’m absolute addled by that account you aloof said. 97 percent, why don’t you acquire the added three? One of the adequate things about what we do, there is a assortment of material, and outlets, and coverage, and there are options. Bodies acquire options. Any one of us may sit actuality and anticipate that you’re acrimonious the amiss option, right? At any accustomed time. It’s your appropriate to be able to do that. It’s our claiming to be able to put agreeable out there that is so effective, and that grabs you, that the customer will about-face to the advantage we want. I’ll acquaint you what. I put that allotment Andrea talked about on HUD on my show, and gangbusters ratings, right? I do anticipate there is an befalling for some of that. It was a Swamp Watch segment. We alleged it like the Ultimate Swamp Watch, because it was. There is a abode to do that.

Andrea Mitchell: I anticipate we belittle the appetence for real, all-embracing reporting, and that the analytic advertisement should not alone be on Mueller and all the blow of that. I anticipate that there are a lot of added things happening. You know, climate. Aloof the way bodies live. The way tariffs are affecting soy bean farmers. I aloof appetence to dig, and dig, and dig added into the kinds of things we acclimated to do in campaigns. We would alpha a advance division with Chuck Todd’s antecedent saying, “Okay, let’s do these activity pieces. Housing, education. Who’s activity to do this? Who’s activity to do that?” They absolutely got on the air.

Then, as account aloof became, as the acceleration of what we do, became so extreme, these affectionate of shelf pieces could never get on the air. They acquire to be in the moment. They acquire to-

I do anticipate we belittle how people-

Andrea Mitchell: … be alleged added to breaking news.

… are dying for smart.

Chuck Todd: All you acquire to do is attending at the appetence for documentaries that’s out there now. I adulation it. It’s array of why … Look, I understand, the television viewer, we’re angry for a specific viewer. It’s a business model, and that’s what you do. We acutely acquire added we appetence to get to, so that’s why-

What’s anniversary of castigation latest documentary?

Chuck Todd: What’s that?

Which one did you afresh watch? I’m activity to guess, “Clinton Affair.”

Chuck Todd: No, I haven’t-

Andrea Mitchell: He did a accomplished blur festival.

Chuck Todd: We aloof did a blur anniversary featuring a agglomeration of shorts that we’ve been doing. The one that I anticipation was … The one I was proudest of that alternate was one that was on the absolute program, the abstraction of training agents to acquire firearms. What was abundant about it, is the documentary did it afterwards demography a position, but already you went through the documentary, it array of … You followed this through, and you couldn’t appear to any added cessation added than, “This doesn’t assume like a adequate idea.”

I anticipation it was done in such a way that it wasn’t admonition at you and assault you over the arch how what an idiot you are to anticipate this. It took everybody, it took it as a 18-carat way to do it. In that sense, that was aback I animate bodies … and I’m sorry, if I can bethink the name … Go to the Accommodated the Columnist website. We’ve got all of that in our showcase.

Andrea Mitchell: I had one, two that really-

Chuck Todd: What was it, Sarah?

Sarah Blackwill: “G is for Gun.”

Chuck Todd: “G is for Gun!” There it is. Acknowledge you. One of my producers, Sarah Blackwill.

Andrea Mitchell: I did one on abduction victims-

Chuck Todd: Acknowledge you, Sarah.

Andrea Mitchell: … area abduction victims aloof batten anon to camera. One of them was a child, and it was abundantly powerful. I still backpack that with me. I afresh brought the admiral and one of the victims assimilate my MSNBC show, because it was so important to me to, you know, accord them added opportunity. They hadn’t awash … They don’t acquire administration yet. These are beginning abbreviate documentaries that Chuck and his MTP aggregation has absolutely brought to the forefront, and we’re aggravating to accord them exposure.

Another was on the Amazon warehouses, area these chief citizens, about bodies active in bivouac parks, aggravating to put themselves together, because they never came aback from the blast in ‘08. They’re aggravating to earn, you know, a brace of dollars an hour, absolutely abhorrent wages, activity to these administration centers, and the repetitive accent injuries for these people, they’re in their 70s, and sometimes 80s, and they biking from one administration centermost to another, because they’ve absent their homes, and acquire never recovered from the crash. It’s unbelievable.

I abhorrence to accomplish it worse, but it’s all activity to be replaced by robots. Sorry. I’ve been to a contempo warehouse, and they’re activity to go all … There won’t be any problems with that. There won’t be any jobs, but that’s addition issue. Hallie, accomplishment up and afresh I appetence to go to the quick lightning round, because I appetence to get questions from the audience.

Hallie Jackson: All I was activity to say is robots are activity to booty over the world, and this is why I don’t acquire an Alexa. I debris to acquire one in my house. That’s all.

Well, you’re activity to acquire a portal. It’s activity to be great.

Andrea Mitchell: They spy on you, don’t they?

They all spy on you. Andrea, these bodies in Silicon Valley are the Borg. Try to accumulate that in mind, and you’ll acquire everything. They’re the Borg afterwards any amusing niceties. They never took a abstract course.

Chuck Todd: They didn’t date.

They dated. They date now.

Chuck Todd: They date now.

It’s easier to date aback you acquire plans.

Chuck Todd: If your amusing media site’s based on the adeptness that you couldn’t bulk out how to accommodated people, maybe it shouldn’t become a multi-trillion dollar company.

That was absolutely not accurate. That was absolutely not accurate. That cine was not accurate.

Chuck Todd: I’m alone actuality array of facetious.

It’s almost accurate, but not completely. All right, quick lightning round. Republican appointee for admiral 2020? Quick.

Chuck Todd: Trump or Pence.

Oh. Meaning?

Chuck Todd: I’m aloof saying. Look, I don’t anticipate … I anticipate that a bandage you’re activity to apprehend a lot in the abutting nine months is, “Let’s let the voters adjudge this.” I do anticipate that that is a byword you’re activity to apprehend a lot of. Do I anticipate there is a one percent adventitious he says, “I’m out,” and you aloof go with the Pence/Haley admission that Nick Ayers has been absent of? Yeah, I anticipate there’s a one percent adventitious of that.

Andrea Mitchell: Yeah, I would accede with that. It wouldn’t be Haley at the top of the ticket, or would it?

Chuck Todd: Well, if they appetence to win…

Andrea Mitchell: If they appetence to win, it would be. I’ve covered her at the UN, and she is a absolutely cogent fast abecedarian on that, and has been absolutely accomplished at navigating. I don’t apperceive what the allotment is of Trump not active for reelection, but I could see him accepting fed up if things abutting in, and if there’s a lot of banking baggage, as able-bodied as ancestors exposure.

Hallie Jackson: Yeah, based on my reporting, and area we are in December of 2018, everybody is advancing for Donald Trump to run again.

All right, Democratic nominee. You can aces three.

Chuck Todd: Aces three?


Chuck Todd: I assumption the three I would pick, if I could acquire three appropriate now, would be Warren, Beto, and Harris. Those are the three I would appetence to have. Those are the three tickets I’d appetence to authority if I were in Vegas.

Which one do you anticipate is the-

Chuck Todd: I anticipate that Warren has the best adventitious of wrapping it up early, because if she somehow could win Iowa, she wins New Hampshire, and assurance me, this activity would get over faster than maybe abounding Democrats would want. I apperceive they’ve afflicted the rules to try to apathetic it down, and yes, it would get slowed bottomward a bit, but there’s a acumen why a accomplished agglomeration of Massachusetts bodies acquire become nominees of above parties. The adequate the New Hampshire primary matters, abnormally if you do it and you’ve won Iowa, too. Ask John Kerry. It ended, concluded a chase that absolutely looked like he was asleep in the baptize two weeks earlier.

That’s why I anticipate Warren is somebody that could … I don’t anticipate Warren could win a long, boring primary, so that’s why she’s one of my three.

Look, somebody, Beto to me is placeholder for now of the absolute alien that could appear in and abduction the imagination. I anticipate if it’s a continued boring fight, and let’s say there’s no outside, I anticipate Kamala Harris has abundant added juice. If Beto array of doesn’t run, she’s the actuality that could put calm a affiliation that was a little bit of the Beto apple and a little bit of the adolescent establishment.

Andrea Mitchell: Absorbing that none of the earlier candidates are on your-

Chuck Todd: Elizabeth Warren is in her 60s.

Andrea Mitchell: Yeah, but we’re not talking about the 70s. We’re not talking about Joe Biden.

Chuck Todd: My activity with Bernie and Biden is that-

Bernie, Biden, Bloomberg.

Chuck Todd: … the botheration they got-

Andrea Mitchell: Bernie-Biden, and Bloomberg with John Kerry.

Chuck Todd: Don’t balloon John Kerry. That’s right.

Andrea Mitchell: Well, John Kerry was array of affliction the added day, and was asked about it, and said, “Well, I’m not gonna allocution about that.” I assumption he deflected at Harvard, but afresh he said, “Joe Biden is, of course, my adequate friend,” et cetera, but he said the actuality I anticipate you should attending at is a Democrat angry Republican, now a Democrat, Mike Bloomberg, who does acquire a lot of chits with these adolescent Democrats he helped elect. That said, I don’t anticipate he’s a adequate retail candidate.

Chuck Todd: Let me aloof go simple here. Biden and Bernie alpha out one-two in all the polls. Aboriginal name recognition. Their botheration for them is they alone will go bottomward the aboriginal six months of the campaign. They don’t get to go up. That creates a abrogating perception, abrogating momentum.

If Joe Biden can bulk out how to get into the chase in December of abutting year, if he can authority off the absolute year afore he has to get in, afresh that’s the aisle for Biden. The botheration … and I anticipate they apperceive this. The botheration for him is, how does he admission as the beloved and basically watch 40 years of his political activity get litigated in bureau that will not accomplish him attending good…

Andrea Mitchell: But I would aloof say Beto, I think, is appropriate now the place-holder for addition who could become the abutting Obama and Obama aloof met with him, we learned, aback actuality in D.C., and Kamala Harris is absolutely interesting. I would aloof … about on a ticket, I would bandy in Amy Klobuchar.


Andrea Mitchell: Who’s a austere person. Has a abundant faculty of humor.

Chuck Todd: I anticipate she’s the best electable woman running.

Andrea Mitchell: Yeah.

I agree.

Andrea Mitchell: And abutting aperture to Iowa, Minnesota, etc.

Hallie Jackson: Right. I anticipate that best of the names that acquire been mentioned, the Trump advance would be beating their chops, praying that one of these bodies you aloof alleged would run, because they feel like they would acquire a chance. I’m not adage that’s appropriate or wrong, but I do anticipate that there are assertive bodies who alarm them, and it’s the Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Sherrod Brown-esque field, because they apperceive that they can booty it to Trump in some of those states that Donald Trump did absolute able-bodied in.

And so, I anticipate that that is, from aloof talking to association in that world, what gives them the shakes.

Chuck Todd: I’ll acquaint ya, I anticipate Amy Klobuchar’s allegedly the best, best electable of that bunch. The botheration that I’m analytical with Klobuchar and with Sherrod Brown and with Biden, I said with Biden, how do you get through the primary by admonition moderation?

And it’s not to say Amy Klobuchar’s not progressive, and it’s not to say Sherrod Brown’s not progressive, but they both appear from the academy of backroom that says, “You know, you’re activity to assignment with the added ancillary every now and then, you’re activity to acquire these …” And they additionally acquire this abhorrent aboriginal name. Their aboriginal name is Senator, right? That’s additionally activity to be a botheration for anyone, but what I’m aggravating to bulk out is if you don’t affect affection in the base, how do you get this best this year?


Chuck Todd: I don’t anticipate Democrats this time are activity to say, “Just acquisition us the best electable person.” I don’t anticipate they’re activity to do that.

All right, lastly, aback I aloof interviewed her: Hillary. She affectionate of larboard it out there in our interview.

Chuck Todd: Do you bethink aback Gary Hart got aback in?


Chuck Todd: Okay. You bethink aback Gary Hart got aback in?

Andrea Mitchell: Watch the movie.

I’m activity to adore the Hugh Jackman movie, but-

Chuck Todd: I consistently abhorrence activity to things that I bethink active through and I haven’t done the A&E doc yet, because I don’t appetence to bethink it yet. But, aback Gary Hart got aback in, he did it the way Bill Clinton declared what Hillary’s advance would attending like. “Oh, there’d be no consultancy!” It was absolutely Gary Hart and a driver.

And it was humiliating. Watching him drive about Iowa, do you bethink that, accepting that one percent, atrocious to get in and you’re like … And it was the way he went about it, and I anticipate he had … It was claimed pride for him, and I get it.

I anticipation it beneath him, in a way that was unfair. Like balloon the affair, that accomplished thing, we can … that’s a abstracted conversation, abstracted debate.

Seems bizarre now.

Chuck Todd: I anticipate if she does this, I anticipate they absolutely belittle the acidity that’s out there amid abounding Democrats about her and about them appropriate now.

Andrea Mitchell: I agree, fair or not fair. She had her best adventitious in 2016. She made-

Chuck Todd: I disagree that her best chance-

Andrea Mitchell: Was ‘08?

Chuck Todd: No. I anticipate her best adventitious to be admiral was ‘04.

All right.

Chuck Todd: I will consistently go to my grave assertive that.

Andrea Mitchell: But I anticipate she had her opportunities and, for whatever happened evidently from Comey and the Russians and a lot of added things, and the bent of the media, the accepted media putting so abundant absorption on Trump and binding out the accurately austere actuality she did…

I anticipate that there were abundant mistakes that were self-inflicted, not aloof the server, but her acknowledgment to the server. The defensiveness, the disability to appear up with a aboveboard account quickly, which goes back, I think, decades to aback I aboriginal started accoutrement her and she was traumatized by that ‘92 campaign, what happened in New Hampshire, and accurately abashed by the affair of the “draft dodger,” Jennifer Flowers…

That accomplished abominable New Hampshire addition to the civic date and I anticipate that that created, in the White House, a addiction to not be transparent, to awning up with her healthcare plan and all the blow of it, and the bent of a lot of the editorials; “Who asleep Vince Foster?” Cardinal one. Who asleep Vince Foster? They were accused of murder.

Yeah. No, I get it.

Andrea Mitchell: It was horrible.

I anticipate if the Clintons asleep people, Anthony Weiner would be asleep and he’s not.

Andrea Mitchell: Right, so I’m aloof saying.

Chuck Todd: It is their best appearance witness, right?

Andrea Mitchell: It’s their best aegis adjoin the annihilation charge. I’m aloof adage that for all of the reasons-

I’m right.

Andrea Mitchell: That we all know, there’s aloof too abundant acrimony out there in the Democratic affair adjoin her. What is your-

Okay. Here’s the aftermost one and afresh I appetence to get questions from the audience.

Hallie Jackson: Whether she runs afresh in 2020, or not, and I think-

Andrea Mitchell: I don’t anticipate she is.

Hallie Jackson: … all signs are that she won’t, right?

Andrea Mitchell: Yeah.

Hallie Jackson: Donald Trump will put her on the admission in some way, right?

Andrea Mitchell: Right.

Hallie Jackson: She hasn’t gone away. I’ve been audition about Hillary Clinton from Donald Trump for four years now.

Andrea Mitchell: Yeah.

Hallie Jackson: And it’s activity to be addition four advancing up.

Agreed. It’s an old hit for him. It’s an age-old but goodie, able-bodied baddie, abominably for her. Questions from the audience? We acquire about 10 minutes, quickly. Appropriate here.

Audience 1: There’s been a lot of abrogating affect appear technology companies tonight beyond the board. Are there some positives of either what technology companies are doing, or some companies that get it? I agree, I abhorrence the Portal. I anticipate it stands aggregate wrong-

You don’t appetence it, do you?

Audience 1: I absolutely do not appetence it.

It’s like the Zune, except evil. Bethink the Zune?

Chuck Todd: Hey, the Zune accustomed you to annul alone songs.


Chuck Todd: That is article that collection me nuts, the aboriginal iPod didn’t.

So is there any positive?

Audience 1: Are there some adequate technology companies or initiatives that are activity on today?

Hallie Jackson: 100 percent.

Super, really. Look, bodies at Apple and Microsoft, and added places are abashed with what’s activity on with Facebook, because basically, they’re accepting abject in to this. Apple’s got their issues about manufacturing, they’ve got some issues about addiction and things like that. It’s not absolutely their problem, but it’s an issue. But they’re array of complete bodies active that aggregation who are aloof … I interviewed Tim Cook, and aback I said, “What would you do if you were Mark Zuckerberg?” And he said, “I wouldn’t be in this situation.” Which acquired Mark to acquire everyone-

Chuck Todd: He’s absolutely …

He’s good.

Chuck Todd: Does Tim not like Mark at all?

No, he does not like him at all, seconded alone to Travis Kalanick. But Tim never break a face except with those two, afresh he’s like abominable emotional. But I anticipate there’s some … Airbnb, they guy who runs Airbnb, Brian Chesky, what an amazing adolescent man he is. He did a lot … He went absolute out absolute far on the limb about imagination, he aloof did it about homelessness, he’s cerebration carefully and they’ve got … of advance every aggregation has issues, but there’s addition like that. That’s a absolutely absorbing and avant-garde company, I anticipate it is.

I do anticipate Uber’s bigger with Dara, although they acquire a huge bulk … Dara Khosrowshahi. I anticipate Aaron Levie at Box is interesting. I’m aggravating to anticipate of altered … there’s not that many, are there? But there are. There’s companies like that, through no accountability of their own.

I aloof did a appropriate with Marc Benioff, who was accomplishing a lot with homelessness and array of awkward all these billionaires into handing over some of their begrimed dough, and I like him for that. I like him for that. So yeah, and there’s a lot of absolutely absorbing technologies, but the issues they’re ambidextrous with activity advanced … There’s bristles of them, there’s AI, cocky driving, changes in transportation, robotics and there’s one more.

There’s a agglomeration of them that are absolutely austere and I anticipate they’re activity to change association absolutely dramatically. It’s not about dating apps anymore, these are massive abstruse changes that are coming, that are advancing to our association in a way that I anticipate we haven’t absolutely grokked.

I anticipate the bodies … If you apperceive the bodies in allegation … Like appropriate now AI, 97 percent of the developers are white men. I don’t beggarly to be rude, but applesauce in, applesauce out. Sorry, that’s activity to be a problem, right? So they’ve got to anticipate about these issues. I anticipate they aloof don’t anticipate about them, and they additionally anticipate they’re absolutely adequate people. You apperceive what I mean? They do that to you all the time, and afresh we acquire the Russia bearings and actuality like that.

Anyone, thoughts on tech? Any tech bodies you like?

Andrea Mitchell: You said it.

What do you like? “Fitbit! Fitbit’s absolute nice!”

Andrea Mitchell: I use it to acquaint me how little beddy-bye I’m getting. I beggarly the accomplished point was to conduct myself.

Yeah. Do you adulation the screens? Do you like … Do you feel yourselves addicted? You absolutely are. I do.

Chuck Todd: I do two things admitting now.

Hallie Jackson: Chuck, the mic.

Chuck Todd: I don’t accumulate my buzz at my bedside any more.

Hallie Jackson: I don’t either.

Chuck Todd: I’ve confused it a attic down. I’ve confused it down-


Andrea Mitchell: What if NBC is calling you in the average of the night?

Chuck Todd: I still acquire a landline, and acutely the board ample that out on Saturday morning aback Admiral Bush anesthetized away. I got the 1:00 am buzz call. And you apperceive what? Landlines still assignment too if they absolutely acquire to get a authority of you.

That’s true.

Chuck Todd: But I’ve done that artlessly because I acquire not admired the bulk of beddy-bye I was getting, and there’s too much. The minute you attending at the ablaze at 1:30 in the morning, you’re out.

Andrea Mitchell: You can’t stop.

Chuck Todd: It’s activity to booty an hour to disengage it.

Andrea Mitchell: There’s additionally studies that the screens themselves are-

I’m activity to advise you all about grayscale afterwards but … Abutting question, appropriate here.

Audience 2: Your thoughts on how the White Abode intern approved to grab the microphone from Acosta and the after legal-

Your thoughts on that? Hallie, you booty that.

Audience 2: Were you there, Ms. Jackson?

Hallie Jackson: Yeah, that was a moment, right? So I’ll say what I’ve said, I anticipate about about this before, and that I anticipate I’ve said abreast to the bodies sitting on the date as well, is that there are assorted things that can be true. Because this was addition adventure area there was a altercation about, is it account covering? Should we allocution about it? Is this too navel-gazey? And I do anticipate that’s a accurate affair for associates of the press, right? Cipher wants to be talking about themselves all the time aback you’re the story.

But a brace of things can be true. It can be authentic that not all reporters behave the aforementioned way in the aforementioned setting. It can be authentic that the White Abode awfully overreached aback they approved to band Jim of his credentials. And it can be authentic that we would acquire bare to put up a affiliated advanced to say that that is not okay. And all of those things can be authentic at once, and I anticipate in this instance they were all authentic at the aforementioned time.

I anticipate ultimately, the bearings got resolved, in that Jim concluded up in the briefing, I saw him across in Argentina area he was allurement questions of the Admiral about activity and politics, and the questions that any one of us would acquire asked as well. And so, I anticipate that was a moment that put the columnist and the White Abode at a array of beam point, this like affray point. We’ve had a lot. There’s been a lot of beam believability in this Administration. That was allegedly the bigger and best impactful one.

I anticipate our advantage … I was absolutely admiring with NBC and MSNBC’s coverage. I anticipation it was array of the appropriate tone. Not hysterical, didn’t avoid it. It was array of the appropriate akin for that. I anticipate the White Abode has accustomed a bulletin loud and bright from the courts that this is not acceptable. There’s a lot of allocution about these new rules that are in place. I haven’t apparent them put into action, and I don’t apperceive that we anytime will.

Andrea Mitchell: The one actuality I don’t anticipate you can accusation is an intern, aback told by the Admiral of the Affiliated States to do article in a attainable setting. I beggarly you can’t accusation her for annihilation that happened in that instance.

Yeah, it still was ugly. That’s the way they like it. that’s the activity they wanted, with the press.

Hallie Jackson: Bodies don’t get alleged on by cipher for no reason. Somebody believability at you and says, “Ask your question.”

Right here. We can’t get to all of you tonight, unless these guys appetence to stay. But they’ve got advertisement to do.

Audience 3: I anticipate you would all accede added than ever, there’s so abundant abundant journalism activity on appropriate now, but there’s a ample accumulation of the citizenry that’s affectionate of shut themselves off from that. The Admiral loves that. How do the columnist and media re-engage those bodies to acquire accepted aggregate facts again?

Chuck Todd: Look, this is the … I apperceive 40 percent of the country’s acquainted us out. I say this all the time. I’m like, my accomplished ambition on Sunday mornings, and frankly, still at 5:00 pm on MSNBC, is to try to accomplish the appearance attainable to everybody. I think, for instance, I get a little calefaction on MS because I’m the appearance … Andrea and I, all three of our shows in particular, but I’m at a time area there’s not a lot of Republicans on the air.

Not me, the actuality who’s a Republican, but I book Republicans as my guests aback I’m on. The acumen is, I anticipate it’s important for instance, and I apprehend a abstraction of this that on Trump actuality checks, Republicans acclimation the Admiral was added aboveboard to his supporters than a affiliate of the columnist accomplishing it.

Andrea Mitchell: Of course.

Chuck Todd: So which … right? It somebody, he’s in my tribe. He’s a affiliate of my association and he’s cogent me that the Admiral has his facts amiss on trade. So one of the … It is important, I think, for that 40 percent to apprehend from bodies that they may assurance saying, “Hey, this actuality is important. This actuality is true.”

That’s one baby thing. In some ways, I anticipate that that’s been … One activity we can’t do, is acquaint them how brainless they’re being.

Andrea Mitchell: “Deplorable?”

Chuck Todd: And I anticipate that that is … talking bottomward is not the way to do it. So I anticipate that’s one way. The added is one of the things … I anticipate we affliction to point out aback bodies are disseminating apocryphal advice on purpose, and why they’re accomplishing it. Whether it’s accident on prime time on addition cable channel-

Which one’s that?

Chuck Todd: … or not. Which one could I be talking to? Which one? I can’t remember.

It rhymes with Vox.

Chuck Todd: It rhymes with Vox.

Okay. Mom’s here, so hush.

Andrea Mitchell: Aloof to chase up on that. Pat Toomey, the Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, came on to allocution about the animate and aluminum tariffs that the Admiral initiated, to try to win that Connor Lamb appropriate acclamation in Western PA. 120,000 animate workers, and he came on my appearance to allocution about how there were added jobs that they were accident in Pennsylvania amid manufacturers who use the raw abstracts than the 120,000, and he was adjoin those tariffs.

That interview, and others, are the way that … as Chuck says, the best way to fact-check some of the apocryphal pronouncements about tariffs.

Okay. Alright. Let me do … Sorry, two added questions. There and over there. Sorry. Go ahead. I’m sorry, these guys acquire to go, they acquire assignment to do.

Audience 4: Abundant discussion, acknowledge you. As you said in your planning meetings, you acutely apperceive that or feel that Trump is arena you. And in my view, from what I assignment at, absolutely he is. He wants the engagement. He doesn’t alike affliction about the quality, he aloof wants it.

It may be a cool activity to ask. I beggarly you can’t canyon per se, you can’t avoid him, that’s not possible. But do you anticipate at all about the achievability of addition out how to advance him-

Hallie Jackson: How to do what?

Audience 4: Advance him. Rather than try to stop him or block him, or use the accepted articulate methods, can you use counter-intuitive approaches to accomplish him be alike added than he is? Is that article you anticipate about?

Andrea Mitchell: I’m not abiding I understand.

I don’t acquire that. To accomplish him added than …?

Audience 4: He is apparently his own affliction enemy. His account are untenable. You apperceive this, as reporters, you apperceive it all stinks. So rather than try to say, “It’s not like this. It’s not like that.” Can you bulk out, production-wise, how to accomplish him alike added … To say, “Well, acquaint me-

Chuck Todd: So you’re adage to booty his array of … Okay, so let’s say he gets $25 billion, and “you body this wall, what is this bank absolutely attending like?”

Audience 4: Yes.

Chuck Todd: So array of booty him at his … Go bottomward the road, booty the cool apriorism and array of booty it all the way?

Audience 4: Let him run, accord him the bridle etc.

Wow, added Donald Trump. What do you think?

Chuck Todd: I beggarly the botheration with there is afresh we’re in the-

Hallie Jackson: Active in a academic world, right?

Chuck Todd: Are we absolutely airing potentially afflicted approaching news? Right? You apperceive what I mean? I don’t apperceive what that would … I get what you’re saying, like you appetence to … “You apprehend if that were authentic afresh this, this, and this would be true.” I assumption if he’s accomplishing one exaggeration …

Audience 4: Aback you can’t-

Chuck Todd: Look, I’ll acquaint you this. Aback Scott Walker was active for President, he talked about-

Andrea Mitchell: That absolutely happened, didn’t it?

Chuck Todd: Yeah. I said, “Everybody talks about the southern border, but during 9/11, acquire you anytime anticipation about …” I said, “During 9/11, there was the chock-full bombing in Seattle. The terrorists came through the arctic border.” And I anticipate he said, “Well, maybe we affliction to attending at a bank there too.” And it ended, it array of … That goes to your point area you’re array of … You’re like, “Alright. You appetence to acquire a barrier bottomward here, able-bodied why aloof bottomward there? Absolutely the best acclaimed chock-full agitator advance was a agitator advancing over the arctic border. If it is over civic security.”

I assumption that’s demography your abstraction and saying, “Okay, that’s your abstraction afresh why not for …” That was your proposal?

Audience 4: I’m allurement if you anticipate about that.

Okay. I’m activity to get to addition … yeah.

Andrea Mitchell: I mean, I’ll acquaint you what we anticipate about more, is how not to acquire “the migrants are coming, the band are coming” and how not to get swept abroad in this abstract acknowledgment mechanism. That, we acquire to moderate. I do admitting acquire to booty it actively aback the President, on Twitter at 8:40 on a Monday morning, fires the Secretary of Accompaniment on Twitter. I can’t not address that. I awning the Accompaniment Department.

Hallie Jackson: Or calls himself a “tariff man” and the Dow drops 800 points, right? To appear abounding amphitheater on the chat of should you booty his tweets actively or not.

Okay. Aftermost question, which is appropriate here. Okay, sorry.

Audience 5: Hi. So a catechism that comes up a lot is whether or not amusing media is adequate for democracy.


Audience 5: There are acutely … Yeah.

I knew these bodies afore they were billionaires, and I can acquaint you, no.

Audience 5: Okay. I was activity to say there are acutely two abandon to, what I anticipate one ancillary acutely affectionate of outweighs the added one, but I’d like to apperceive what your angle on it are, and the acumen abaft the views.

Chuck Todd: We bashed amusing media. Amusing media is an befalling in repressed societies. You know, the adorableness of technology has been we’ve been able to conceivably acquisition out what’s accident in some repressed societies, right? And it’s accustomed afresh a abeyant outlet, conceivably in Cuba, it’s accustomed them a abeyant aperture and assertive places.

Andrea Mitchell: The Iranian acclamation in ‘09.

Chuck Todd: Right, it was the alone way we could awning it was via array of these aback doors of amusing media, but that feels … That’s the acknowledgment I would acquire accustomed bristles years ago. And I’m guessing, Kara, you would acquire said, “Oh yeah, bristles years ago there was a lot more-”

I’m activity to adduce Jaron Lanier which you-

Chuck Todd: The adequate seemed bigger than the bad. Now, aback these regimes are so adequate at manipulating amusing media and application … Attending at what they’re accomplishing with WhatsApp these days. Two, in some of these places area WhatsApp becomes a antecedent of every abhorrent rumor in these third-world assistant republics these days. I’m disturbing now…

It was the admission to the adeptness to advertisement which was the abundant abandon apparatus of amusing media. Okay? The adeptness to broadcast, the adeptness to get your bulletin out there. That is the positive. The abrogating has been the actuality that we haven’t been able to bulk out how to stop the propagandist. I beggarly lets … I’m in to … I alarm it the White Castle, and I consistently acquire to say High Castle.

I’ve been to the “High Castle” show, okay. I aloof sit there and anticipate about this all the time, of the array of what would Hitler acquire done with this technology? And you can’t advice … what would Himmler, would the absolute propagandists acquire done with this?

So there’s three things. These bodies who are active these things are not … It’s bigger than they acquire become. Three things I would put in mind: The Russians did not drudge Facebook, they acclimated it as barter of the way it was built. It is actuality acclimated the way it was built.

Chuck Todd: What a abundant reminder.

100 percent. They did not drudge it. Afterwards they had hacking, but it was not hacked. Two, this is … Jaron Lanier, I acclaim you acquire to a podcast I did with him or apprehend his book. He loves technology, so do I, but this is the greatest agreement in animal advice in history, and it turns out animal beings are awful.

We are not able of it appropriate now. We really, absolutely are not able of the adeptness that this has unleashed, and the bodies that are active these companies were not elected, and they are nation states, and they’re butterfingers of accomplishing it … best of them not basely by the way, FYI, they’re not-

Chuck Todd: It’s out of their-

It’s out of their control.

Chuck Todd: Like you said, it’s out of their control.

And afresh lastly, go attending at some interviews with the bodies who did the Egyptian … the Arab Spring.

Audience 5: I’m autograph a agitation on it absolutely appropriate now, so this is absolutely accessible for me. Acknowledge you.

The guy who organized it is not blessed with what happened. And so I anticipate it’s absolutely important to anticipate about that there’s one actuality who controls the best important communications arrangement on the planet, and he didn’t accomplishment college, nor did he acquire any abstract courses, nor does he appetence albatross for what’s happened.

I abhorrence to exhausted up on a nice boy like Mark Zuckerberg, but he should not be in allegation of this. For the adulation of God, assurance me, I’m cogent you. And again, you can mix the alone admirable person, which he by the way is, from the albatross that it brings. And our government, which these guys cover, is absolutely butterfingers of compassionate or legislating it, or acclimation it. And that’s the problem.

Andrea Mitchell: Aloof attending aback at those hearings.

Yeah, the hearings, yeah. All right, final thoughts? Hallie, you activity adequate about …?

Hallie Jackson: Buh! Jesus, can’t you go to Chuck for this one, Kara? … No, let me aloof end of maybe like a hardly lighter note, you apperceive what I mean? Because I do anticipate that there is … I am a bit of a Pollyanna, I get that, right? But I do anticipate there is some adequate that technology brings to our lives, and I anticipate that the bigger activity is that it’s the bifold belted brand of connectivity, right, baseline animal communication.

But it is a way that I’m able to allocution to all of you and acquaint with the bodies in a way that we never acquire been able to do. I wasn’t able to do aback I was in bounded account 12 years ago, that Chuck wasn’t able to of and Andrea wasn’t able to do aback their careers aboriginal started, and that’s a adequate thing. And so, I am, in a baby way, while we’ve crapped all over amusing media tonight, beholden for that one allotment of it.

Andrea Mitchell: I would aloof ambition that bodies would celebrity in the assortment of what’s out there and not aloof acquisition their niches and acquisition … and that’s the aforementioned in cable as well, and in all kinds of platforms. We don’t acquire a civic conversation, and we don’t appear calm the way we have, in moments of crisis and moments of joy, about enough. I absence that, and I aloof ambition bodies would accumulate their minds accessible longer.

Chuck Todd: I’m aloof … If we’re activity to say nice things about amusing media, my admired activity to do is to … It’s the abundant acknowledgment key. “Hey, I’m accepting this awe-inspiring bulletin on my car, does anybody abroad own a this?” And I’m cogent you, you get the answer! I mean, in some bureau that’s crowdsourcing. My admired allotment of amusing media is aback you crowdsource an answer, and that’s aback it’s like, that’s cool! I now acquire been able to affix with a accomplished agglomeration of bodies who acquire like a agnate activity that I acquire in aggravating to bright this drainpipe or all this stuff.

I actually, that’s the allotment of this I ambition we’d go aback to with amusing media. Aback we were all aloof array of learning, you know, crowdsourcing anniversary other.

Hallie Jackson: Don’t be an asshole, that’s it. That’s the key to all of it.

Alright. And on that note, Hallie Jackson. Acknowledge you Hallie, acknowledge you Andrea, acknowledge you Chuck.

Andrea Mitchell: Acknowledge you, Kara.

Chuck Todd: Acknowledge you, Kara.

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