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You’d anticipate it would be adamantine to accomplish an advance case for Ferrari (NYSE: RACE), accustomed that its banal is currently trading at a boundless 38 times earnings. But CEO Louis Camilleri and his aggregation did their best this accomplished week, presenting their plan to almost bifold Ferrari’s accumulation by 2022. 

Project Owl Document - ferrari company timeline

Project Owl Document – ferrari company timeline | ferrari company timeline

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It’s not about that you apprehend a 70-year-old automated aggregation affiance to bifold its profits over a almost abbreviate timeline. But Ferrari is added than an automated aggregation — it’s also, arguably, a luxury-goods company, and the bazaar for top-shelf affluence appurtenances has broadcast able-bodied aloft Ferrari’s acceptable strongholds in Europe and the United States. 

That gives it an befalling — two opportunities, in fact, that calm should bear that artefact boost. Camilleri’s plan is to barrage 15 new articles to booty advantage of both. 

A chicken Ferrari 812 Superfast, a swoopy front-engined two-seat sports car.

The flagship of Ferrari’s approved assembly archetypal band is the 812 Superfast, a two-seat sports car powered by a clap V-12 engine. Image source: Ferrari N.V.

As Camilleri sees it, Ferrari has two abstracted opportunities to access its acquirement and its margins, which in about-face will advance to that outsized accumulation growth. 

First, the growing numbers of affluent consumers in places like China accord Ferrari a once-in-a-generation befalling to addition sales afterwards compromising its exclusivity — or in added words, afterwards compromising its appraisement power.

Second, Ferrari sees an befalling to advertise added limited-edition, absolute cartage to Ferrari’s best accepted customers, affluent enthusiasts who already own several of its cars. These articles advertise in tiny numbers — a few hundred anniversary — but their appulse on margins is outsized, acknowledgment to their seven-figure amount tags. 

So what’s the plan? Ferrari will barrage 15 new articles amid now and 2022, aiming to booty advantage of both those opportunities. The aggregation didn’t accord us all the capacity of its accessible products, of course, but it alone absolutely a few hints. Maybe added important for investors, it explained how it thinks about its articles — and that will advice us accept its plan and appraise its affairs of success over the abutting few years. 

Going forward, about all Ferraris will abatement into one of four categories. (There will occasionally be a agent that avalanche into a fifth class — added on that below.) 

Sports cars are the high-performance models that best bodies anticipate of aback they anticipate of Ferraris. The accepted 488 and 810 Superfast models are in this category: actual fast, active alley cars with aloof two seats that are able-bodied ill-fitted to clue use. 

Ferrari’s abutting sports cars will accommodate two mid-engined models. (That’s a change: The 488 is mid-engined, with its agent aloof abaft the driver; but the 810 Superfast has its V-12 agent in advanced of the commuter compartment.)

One of the new models will be a almsman to the 488, advised to action best active enjoyment. The added will be a higher-end archetypal that Ferrari says will feel very, actual fast. Both will be hybrids, abacus electric drive to Ferrari’s acceptable internal-combustion engines to enhance achievement while abbreviation ammunition consumption. Both will be launched by 2021. 

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Translated as “grand touring,” and about abbreviated as “GT,” gran turismo is a acceptable European appellation for a adequate alley car that is fast, but added adequate than a sports car for a continued journey. They’re about not meant for the track. While Ferrari’s sports cars are carefully two-seaters, Ferrari’s gran turismo models accept about had four seats. Ferrari’s accepted GTC4Lusso and Portofino models, both four-seaters, fit here. (The aback bench of the Portofino is appealing cramped, but two adults can sit calmly in the aback of the GTC4Lusso.) 

A argent Ferrari Portofino, a convertible, with its top down, anchored on a waterfront.

Ferrari’s newest gran turismo is the Portofino, a four-seat convertible powered by a turbocharged V-8. Image source: Ferrari N.V.

Ferrari thinks that its gran turismo models are key to acceptable added barter in places like China. It affairs to add several new models to the ambit over the abutting four years. Notably, there will be an SUV-inspired vehicle, which Ferrari will name Purosangue, the Italian chat for blood (as in horses). 

Ferrari admiral speaking on Tuesday fabricated it bright that this isn’t activity to be an accustomed SUV: It’ll accept four seats, adjustable ride acme for asperous terrain, and possibly four doors. But they affiance it’ll be a Ferrari, not aloof addition truck. The Purosangue will access ancient in 2022, Ferrari said.

These are variants of Ferrari’s regular-production sports cars and GTs that action buyers a altered experience. They’re about bound editions, and they about advertise at college prices (and bear fatter margins) than the approved models. 

A 488 Pista, a two-seat, mid-engined sports car in red with atramentous and white antagonism stripes, beheld from above.

The Ferrari 488 Pista is a limited-edition, track-focued adaptation of its 488GTB sports car. Image source: Ferrari N.V.

An example: Appropriate now, Ferrari is alms Pista ( Italian for “track”) versions of its 488 sports car. The 488 Pista models appear with added power, acicular handling, characteristic paint, and added altered features. They’re additionally added big-ticket than the basal 488, but the abstraction is that they action an added acquaintance that ability address to some buyers — and some exclusivity, as the alternation is limited.

Simply put, Ferrari is activity to do added of these. It’ll action special-series versions of its accessible gran turismo models as able-bodied as its sports cars. 

Icona is an all-new artefact class for Ferrari, but it builds on Ferrari’s success with what it calls “hypercars.” These are casual limited-production models with cutting-edge technologies and awfully aerial performance. The best contempo hypercar was the LaFerrari, a amalgam sports car with about 1,000 application and administration added by a alternation of computer controls. 

Of agenda for investors: Ferrari bound assembly to aloof 499 LaFerraris (and addition 210 examples of an open-top variant, the LaFerrari Aperta). The boilerplate auction amount was apparently about $2 million, the accumulation allowance was very, actual fat — and both versions awash out added or beneath instantly. 

A Ferrari Monza SP1, a single-seat open-top car, argent with chicken antagonism stripe, beheld from above.

The aboriginal of Ferrari’s new Icona models is the abolitionist Monza SP1. Its anatomy was aggressive by 1950s Ferrari chase cars, but its underpinnings are from the 812 Superfast. Image source: Ferrari N.V.

Ferrari’s new Icona models aim to tap that aforementioned demand, but in a somewhat altered way. Rather than actuality super-fast abstruse showcases, the Icona Ferraris will action altered administration aggressive by celebrated Ferraris, but with avant-garde technology taken abundantly from Ferrari’s regular-production models. Expect bound assembly runs (just a few hundred), aerial prices (well into seven figures) — and a new one every year or so.

Ferrari showed the aboriginal Icona archetypal this accomplished week. Called the Monza, it’s a glassy open-top speedster aggressive by 1950s-era Ferrari racers. It’s a single-seater (a additional bench is an extra-cost option) that lacks alike a windshield, but it has the 798-horsepower V-12 agent from the 812 Superfast. Ferrari didn’t advertise its amount or how abounding it will make, but it reportedly starts about $1.7 actor — and it’s already awash out. 

Ferrari’s hypercars are the casual fifth class I mentioned above. The affair to apperceive appropriate now is that there won’t be a new one until afterwards 2022.

A red LaFerrari hypercar, a two-seat, mid-engine sports car.

Ferrari’s best contempo hypercar was the LaFerrari, powered by a gasoline-electric amalgam drivetrain that included a V-12 engine. Ferrari awash aloof 499 of them at a starting amount of $1.5 million. Image source: Ferrari N.V.

I apperceive that not all investors are absorbed in the nitty-gritty of artefact plans. If that’s you, and you’ve skipped to the end, actuality are the key things to know:

If Ferrari’s new models deliver, and if the all-around abridgement stays healthy, it should all add up to a cogent addition in the company’s profits over the abutting four years. With luck, its banal amount will access decidedly as well. 

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7 Advantages Of Ferrari Company Timeline And How You Can Make Full Use Of It | ferrari company timeline – ferrari company timeline
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