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The accepted auto TV alternation Top Gear premieres with a cast new American adaptation on The History Approach on Sunday, November 21 at 10:00 PM ET. Co-hosts Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood afresh captivated a appointment alarm to altercate the new alternation and here’s what the had to say:


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The Camaro is actuality reintroduced into the American beef car bazaar again, I capital to apperceive your booty on it and if it’s a acceptable affair or bad affair in your opinion?

Adam Ferrara: Any time you can get a beef car aback it’s a acceptable thing. It’s a nice – it’s a abundant car. Backing up is a little bit of a botheration because it’s boxy to see out of it, the visibility. It’s a little chopped for me. But added than that anytime I can get my easily on the beef car I will.

Tanner Foust: That would actually be Adam’s booty on it. I adulation the actuality that we get these awakening rods affectionate of aback on the market. They’re actual cool. You can’t actually akin out of the technology that’s in them though. It’s adamantine to get aflame about some of the electronics and some of the go-fast $.25 on them. But any time you get article as American as a cavernous V8 and bandy it out on the alleyway so with the warrantee it can’t be a bad thing. That’s the agreeableness of the beef car. You know, there’s no accretion and whistles – – big engine, ablaze car, go fast, beeline line.

Rutledge Wood: It’s air-conditioned that they approved to go aback to array of the roots in some of their heyday aback they were a lot stronger as a company. So it’s accurate to see the Camaro on the alleyway affectionate of – to reborn and to revisit those times. And it is a fun car to drive for sure.

Of all the alien cars that you’ve been presented with and the actually far out European brands, I beggarly absolute affluence cars, what are some of your favorites and what would you acclaim to addition who has that affectionate of bread if they were activity to buy a actually aerial achievement alien car?

Adam Ferrara: I would acclaim to addition that has the money to acquaintance the acquaintance of giving to addition and purchasing me a Veyron. A Bugatti Veyron. That will actually achieve you appetite to accord to your adolescent man.

Rutledge Wood: Acceptable ploy.

Tanner Foust: Wow. I’ve consistently been a fan of Porsche’s to be honest with you, and there article about them. I grew up aback my dad had an old one in the garage. And there’s article about them that’s affectionate of multitalented. It’s one of those cars that you can drive on a circadian abject but it’s also, you know, clumsily fast. It’s like multi talented. And it’s affectionate of acceptable in any environment. And that’s consistently been the car – I’ve never been a fan of, you know, bodies accepting barn queen exotics that didn’t get driven. And while Ferraris are abundant and Lamborghinis are alarming and amazing there also, you know, they can get old to drive on a circadian basis. So I think, you know, there article about a Porsche that lets you affectionate of alive in it.

Adam Ferrara: Yes, they alarm that homelessness. If you’re active in a Porsche you don’t accept a house.

Rutledge Wood: My admired affectionate of alien that I got to absorb a little time in was a Murcielago Air-conditioned Veloche Lamborghini. And I anticipate the acumen I admired it so much, as a artefact of the 80s I grew up with this affiche of the old Lamborghini Countach on my wall. It was like ’85…

Tanner Foust: The white one?

Rutledge Wood: Yes Tanner had aforementioned yes the white one.

Tanner Foust: The white one actually sitting on the grass, yes I had the aforementioned one.

Rutledge Wood: Yes it aloof was this attractive car and it aloof acumen up represented this absurd dream. And the actuality that Lamborghini let me ride about in one of those for four canicule with these knuckleheads as it rode through the desert. It was the best fun I’ve apparently anytime had in the car.

Did you guys watch the added versions of the show? And like how did you get complex in Top Gear?

Adam Ferrara: Able-bodied I was a fan of the appearance and I saw a agglomeration of the episodes afore because I was aloof – I was a fan afore any of this alike came up so I was actually accustomed with the appearance and the guys. And it came to me from History channel. I had done addition appearance alleged United States of Cars which was a pilot that didn’t get best up. And they said, you know, were accomplishing Top Gear and would you like to accommodated the guys? It was the agrarian best agrarian admirers I anytime had because I never went to a flat or a producers office. The alarm came in and we met in a parking lot. It was like a earnest drop, like a bribe drop. We had to accommodated abaft the capital in a parking lot. And these two guys were in and Evo. And we aloof jumped in the Evo and aloof started disturbing about accomplishing donuts in the Evo. And Tanner was spinning us about and they had cameras set up. And we we’re aloof accepting a acceptable time with this car. And we begin this couch in I anticipate we approved to put Rutledge in the couch and see how abutting we could appear with the car. And that’s what anybody said cut, accept fine, acknowledge you. So that’s how I came to it.

Tanner Foust: Yes of advance I was a big fan of the British appearance and additionally Fifth Gear. I enjoyed those. And growing up actually like elementary academy years I lived in Scotland. And so I actually affectionate of enjoyed the British faculty of humor. I grew up on shows like Blackadder and the Young Ones. And the – so any adventitious I could get I would clue bottomward watching Top Gear. And afresh aback I met the BBC apple advanced association aback they were advancing calm with the NBC appearance and got complex with that and attack the pilot and, you know, went through a accomplished casting action with that and, you know, did the aforementioned with the History appearance and was advantageous abundant to get, you know, complex in both and accept some analgesic times. So I appear affectionate of been from the active standpoint as a racer and in some cases as a achievement coordinator, in some cases a assurance adviser authoritative abiding that Adam has askance his seatbelt up actually afore jumping has Cadillac. So a couple, you know, a brace altered hats there. But, you know, that’s – it’s an amazing authorization to be complex in that’s for sure.

Rutledge Wood: I’ve been watching the appearance for years and I actually bethink admirers about that they had fabricated a pilot for NBC and I knew Tanner was allotment of that. And, you know, acutely achievement for article like that one day. And one day I got a alarm because I spent all my weekends on the alleyway with NASCAR. And this actuality that was allowance out said hey we appetite to apperceive if you’d be absorbed in talking with producers for the show. It’s alleged Top Gear. Accept you anytime heard of it? And I was of advance like yes, I’d say that’s the arch car appearance in the world. She said able-bodied the – they’re alive with the History approach and BBC Worldwide assembly is activity to aftermath it. You apperceive if you appetite to – would you like to maybe go allocution to addition about it? And so the accomplished time I aloof kept cerebration like this is activity to be so air-conditioned to acquaint my accompany that I got to go to the admirers and actuality aback I’m home watching the show. And afresh somehow I got best to be on there. Afresh aloof like Adam said we were in a parking lot about with the Mitsubishi Evo and went and had a lot of fun and it aloof affectionate of all came calm from there. And we spent apparently I assumption a solid six months altogether I beggarly we wouldn’t go added than a few canicule afterwards seeing anniversary other. So we actually – we had a lot of fun and it’s been a abundant time so far.

In the promos and actuality I noticed you guys were all appealing aflame about the Lamborghini. What abroad was the highlight for you?

Tanner Foust: I’m affectionate of into the alien cars. And so Lamborghini was affectionate of up my alley. But I took a cruise to England and I collection a barometer (Morgan). And I beggarly it was artlessly astonishing cruise out there activity through the English countryside and active this car that, you know, ancillary bankrupt pipes in a acreage area a 1.3 L agent is affectionate of the achievement package. And afresh you get into a 4.8 L V-8 out there. And that was actually affectionate of an amazing car. It looks like a 1930s mix amid like Dick Tracy and Margaret Thatcher affectionate of affairs calm this actually camp affair that I didn’t apprehend to like but came abroad having, you know, one of the greatest trips ever.

Adam Ferrara: Oh for me it was the – it was actually accepting air and that ’76 Coupe Deville. We did a booze run and we had to analysis the ability of these cars and they – I best the ’76 Caddy because accept to me, what abroad would I be driving? So we did the – it was basically like an offload off-road motorcycle course. And my – my arch I knew this affair advised 5800 pounds and I didn’t – if I chock-full I wasn’t activity to alpha again. So I didn’t appetite to get it ashore so I aloof kept it moving. And I went up this acclivity so I aloof alone it in low and I stepped on it aloof to accumulate the drive going. And there’s all kinds of abandon and abolition because aggregate what’s been smashing around. And afresh all of a abrupt it got absolute quiet for a continued time. And afresh it wasn’t quiet anymore aback I landed. And that was aloof – that activity was great. It was like agitative and terrifying. It was all aflame and alarming and afresh got all I was all aflame aback I got out of the car. And afresh I saw Tanner’s face and I was afraid because all the claret was out of his face. And aback Tanner Foust, the gold badge acceptable assemblage disciplinarian and achievement guy looks at you and goes dude, are you okay.

Tanner Foust: I beggarly that actually was bad.

Adam Ferrara: I was affectionate of scared.

Tanner Foust: That was shocking. You angled the car. I beggarly it was a huge, huge dare.

Adam Ferrara: Yes it was fun too. And there’s no – there was no assurance belt in it. It was in 1976 bench belt. And the accept belt doesn’t work. So Tanner pulls it tight, pulls the bench up so I’m bound in there, takes the belt, puts it beneath the arch rest, pushes the arch blow down, smacks me on the helmet goes you’ll be fine.

Rutledge Wood: It’s a little bit adamantine to choose. I do appetite to say for the almanac that if you’re not aflame active a Lamborghini in which we actually were, you should actually not be allotment of Top Gear because those cars were aloof aggregate that is admirable about the absurdity of cars in one big-ticket package. They were aloof insane. But I anticipate for me one of the craziest moments was we did a chase from Miami to Key West to see what was faster, whether it would be faster to booty a car, a boat, or plane. And I got put in this (John Z) acceleration baiter that had 1400 hp. And I did 100 afar an hour on the water. And 100 afar an hour on – in a baiter on the baptize is the affectionate of fast that it learned. I said hey, do you guys accept a activity anorak for me? They said yes except you won’t charge it. And I said able-bodied what do you beggarly we’re not activity to wreck? And they said no, no. If we bones we’re all activity to die. So for me that was as a guy with two kids and a cardinal afraid mom, that was apparently the best abashed I was on the show. And these two apperceive I am not a able swimmer so I anticipate the producers anticipate it’s actually funny to blend with anniversary of us in those altered ways. So it was a lot of fun.

Real quick for anniversary of you, dream car, what is it?

Adam Ferrara: I appetite a ’57 Starfire Olds.

Tanner Foust: I would booty a Zonda. I aloof adulation the actuality that Pagani is, you know, it’s what happens aback you’re OCD brilliant, affluent and a fan of cars all alloyed calm and it’s a Zonda I anticipate it’s an amazing…

Adam Ferrara: I like the bankrupt on the Zonda consistently reminded me of the Batmobile, those four little exhausts out the aback and that big circle.

Tanner Foust: Right.

Rutledge Wood: In all I’ll say this, I’m from the South so I don’t appetite to get attack for my acknowledgment because it’s…

Adam Ferrara: He doesn’t appetite a dream car, Rutledge has dream genitalia he wants.

Rutledge Wood: Yes exactly. I’d like to set of the – like an old set of BBS auto I can put a wire lip on possibly yes, let’s achieve fun of me for that you jerks. Let’s see I would say I’m about to access somehow one of my dream cars because I’m trading my acquaintance Kyle Petty the car that his dad gave me for his ’69 Charger. Has a 383 in a four speed. So I never anticipation I could get that and he said he’d barter for it. But I anticipate the Ferrari Enzo would be on that account for me. It’s so over the top and such a allotment of art aback it’s anchored that affective is aloof – it’s a bewitched thing.

Really quick, has there been any talks about a crossover adventure with the British version? I apperceive that the Australian adaptation did it?

Tanner Foust: I saw the German adaptation did it too at one point which was hilarious. They like put endless of cars on top of anniversary other.

Adam Ferrara: I don’t know. I anticipate if there is activity to be a British-American affair I anticipate they adhere a lantern in the North Church. I anticipate that’s how they’ll arresting us. You apperceive we’ll apperceive they’re here.

Tanner Foust: I say we accommodated them at the Alamo. We aloof go old academy with it.

Adam Ferrara: Old school, right.

So aback you are reviewing your car how honest are you accustomed to be?

Adam Ferrara: They haven’t told us to authority aback anything. So whatever – if we’re declared to not say article we don’t apperceive about it. They said to be actually honest, aloof watch your language.

Tanner Foust: Which Adam has a botheration with frankly.

Adam Ferrara: Able-bodied attending some actuality is (shit) all right? Sometimes (shit) is the appropriate word.

Tanner Foust: I beggarly you guys accept over in the UK that we don’t accept is that your profanity is so affecting and it goes beneath the alarm admitting actuality we aloof have, you know, six or seven absolute solid once. And you can alone say the F chat so abounding times afore it aloof doesn’t accept any meaning. So, you know, that’s the one affair that we accept is we aloof accept able means to say…

Adam Ferrara: But it alike sounds good. To our aerial it sounds good. Aback James May pulled up to analysis a car and the Pagani and the Zonda pulled up and he aloof went oh (cock). That’s abundant to an American.

So because Top Gear UK is consistently authoritative abiding fun of US cars are you guys activity to achieve fun of UK cars?

Adam Ferrara: Did we do any…

Tanner Foust: Some of us did.

Tanner Foust: I collection the Morgan and I didn’t appetite to achieve fun of it. I didn’t go out there with that ambition but I anticipation that it was inevitable. But I concluded up actually affection it. And so it was a little bit of a abruptness and I anticipate it was because I collection it in England. If I would’ve apprenticed the car in the States it would’ve been a mess. It would attending – it would accept been like a – it would accept looked like a animation car active bottomward the road. But over there it was actually King of the Hill, you know?

Rutledge Wood: Able-bodied I was activity to say I don’t anticipate we accept any array of basal affair of our animosity appear the Brits or anyone else. We are a loving, affectionate people. But I’ve may accept gone over the band hardly in proclaiming that all Brits were liars afterwards (unintelligible). The speedometer grossly overstates a cardinal and makes bodies anticipate the car ability achieve such a thing. And I basically accepted that all British bodies were liars because the car was a liar.

Tanner Foust: Yes exactly. And I don’t think, you know, there’s some acceptable stereotypes that we could achieve aback but were big people. We can handle it.

So of advance Top Gear UK has a big affectionate of a non-motoring fan base. How do you guys address to an admirers alfresco of a array of gearheads?

Adam Ferrara: Able-bodied I achievement they can see the fun we’re having. One of the things I adulation about the UK appearance is those guys are accepting fun, you know? It’s that allotment of affair – you know, it’s aloof the amusement of those guys actuality together. And the cars that they’re active aloof makes the appearance for me. So I’m acquisitive that that action and the 18-carat fun we’re accepting transfers to the admirers here. And I apperceive a lot of bodies who watch the UK appearance aren’t actually gearheads. They aloof like the appearance and like the guys.

How would you sum up the aboriginal season? How do you sum up how it’s gone?

Tanner Foust: Able-bodied I achievement we get to do it afresh because I actually had a acceptable time. I actually had a acceptable time aloof sleeping on the arena in Alaska with these idiots and benumbed about in $1 actor account of Lamborghinis and interviewing the stars. I enjoyed all of that and I actually achievement that that transfers to the admirers and we get to do it again.

Rutledge Wood: I anticipate we accept put calm a actually fun appearance about three guys in cars and it’s activity to be appropriate at home on the History channel. And, you know, I consistently said that the akin of success would be if we could booty bodies like (Colleen) who maybe weren’t into cars, didn’t actually affliction about it whatever, and advice them accept fun and watch what cars represent to added bodies it would be a success. So I achievement that’s what we can do.

Tanner Foust: I had the amusement of sitting bottomward with Andy Willman, you know, one of the creators of the UK show. And like he said, the appearance is aloof actually a glimpse into the macho mind. So it actually is aloof a brace guys aloof accepting a acceptable time, you know? We’re aloof adequate ourselves. And there will booty some time to get the characters and to – you know, with the UK appearance I apperceive it took a few years afore bodies accepted exactly, you know, the altered characters involved. And so hopefully we get to do this afresh and affectionate of accumulate the brawl rolling because I anticipate it alone gets better.

Do you guys accept a admired like bedfellow brilliant who’s appear and done the big brilliant in a baby car?

Rutledge Wood: You apperceive I’ll say this. We had some abundant ones. And candidly they were all Air-conditioned fun people. I admired every minute of it. Bret Michaels is like one of the kindest bodies you’ll anytime meet, aloof air-conditioned nice. I anticipate for me to get to accommodated Tim Allen and get to allocution to him was so aloof monumental. Because in the bureaucracy of car guys he is so aerial up there for a man that has – I beggarly he’s had added shoes – I beggarly he’s had added cars than bodies accept shoes in a lifetime, you know, aloof he changes them. He’ll get article antic and afresh like no I – that was cool. I appetite to get article abroad now and was aloof such a affectionate guy. I knew Adam knew him from accomplishing ball for years but, you know, they were some actually great, abundant people.

Adam Ferrara: Yes it was. Michelle Rodriguez was actually fun. She’s a – she’s from Jersey so that was fun. She was a lot of fun. Anybody actually was aflame to be there. Buzz Aldrin was excited. Bret Michaels as you said brought pictures from all the cars he had. Ty Burrell was a actually – was actually fun. And anybody was about aflame to go about the clue and to be allotment of it with us.

What’s activity to achieve this appearance bigger than the antecedent versions?

Rutledge Wood: I anticipate the three of us will abundantly adjure to it and article that hopefully will bodies will see is that what makes the appearance altered is that it’s about cars that we accept actuality and anchorage that we accept here. We knew we couldn’t try to ample those roles and be those people. So we didn’t attack that because you’d abort at that. But we all attacked the appearance the aforementioned way anybody would. It’s this adolescence dream accomplished that the actuality that they let us go do things that don’t achieve any faculty was amazing.

In agreement of like your called cars it’s activity to be added American blazon cars. Is it activity to be like best cars, new cars? Because I see guys with their Lamborghini and (unintelligible) and acutely European my favorite. But, you know, what in the abutting seven episodes advancing up what affectionate of cars can I apprehend to see? Is it activity to be mostly American or a variety?

Adam Ferrara: I apperceive and we’re activity to accept three auto trucks for our finale. We took those to Alaska.

Tanner Foust: Yes that’s our continued alleyway trips. We’ll actually adore that.

Adam Ferrara: Yes that one was good. And I don’t apperceive if you saw the GM challenge. We all best three out of assembly American cars and put them to that test.

Top Gear premieres on Sunday, November 21 at 10 PM ET on The History Channel.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Top Gear Car Boat Challenge 2 | top gear car boat challenge 2 – top gear car boat challenge 2
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