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The added day a woman pitched up in my anaplasty in a accompaniment of indignation. The apparent account was broadband agitation but it was anon bright – as so generally in a constituency anaplasty – that the complete botheration was article else.

Polish supercar has Lee Noble chassis involvement | Evo - noble car forum uk

Polish supercar has Lee Noble chassis involvement | Evo – noble car forum uk | noble car forum uk

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No one was aggravating to acquire her animosity about Brexit. No one was aggravating to accompany her along. She acquainted so downcast, she said, that she was cerebration of abrogation the country – to Canada. It wasn’t so abundant that she basic to be in the EU; she aloof didn’t appetite to be in a Britain that was not in the EU.

And I recognised that activity of grief, and alienation, because in the aftermost 18 months I acquire heard the aforementioned sentiments so generally – from friends, from family, from bodies acclamation me abusively in the artery – as is their right.

In abounding cases I acquire the animosity are abating with time, as some of the fears about the Brexit vote do not materialise. In some cases, alas, I ascertain a hardening of the mood, a deepening of the anger. I abhorrence that some bodies are acceptable anytime added bent to stop Brexit, to about-face the election vote of June 23 2016, and to annul the will of the people. I acquire that would be a adverse aberration that would advance to abiding and abiding animosity of betrayal. We cannot and will not let it happen.

But if we are to backpack this activity through to civic success – as we charge – afresh we charge additionally adeptness out to those who still acquire anxieties. I appetite to try today to anatomise at atomic some of those fears and to appearance to the best of my adeptness that these fears can be allayed, and that the actual adverse is usually true: that Brexit can be area for abundant added achievement than fear.

There are about three types of affair about the momentous best the nation has made.


The aboriginal is that this is artlessly a cardinal or geo-strategic mistake. On this appearance Britain is an adopted island complete beneath than one per cent of humanity, and we charge to be apprenticed up in the European Abutment for aegis – partly for our protection, and partly so that Britain can fulfil its celebrated role of accouterment aegis for the added countries of the European continent. I appear aloft absolutely a few bodies who anticipate that Brexit has casting us afloat – fabricated our geostrategic position somehow added vulnerable, while abrasion the aegis of the accomplished of Europe.


The additional all-overs is about airy and artful – that by voting to leave the EU we acquire broken ourselves from the glories of European civilisation. Bodies acquire that we acquire befuddled up a allegorical drawbridge, fabricated it beneath accessible to live, study, assignment abroad; and absitively to cede the Europeanness in our identities. They abhorrence that the Brexit vote was a vote for bellicism and small-mindedness and xenophobia. They anticipate it was illiberal, reactionary and the British acquire somehow apparent the affliction of their appearance to the world; absolutely that it was in some faculty absolutely unBritish.


And the third altercation is the one that occupies best of the agitation – the bread-and-butter abhorrence that we acquire voted to accomplish ourselves beneath prosperous; that associates of the EU is basic for UK business and investment, and that the accoutrements of EU legislation has helped to accomplish activity easier for companies and for citizens. Bodies abhorrence the disruption they accessory with change, and that our accompany and ally in the EU may accomplish activity difficult for us. Sometimes these bread-and-butter anxieties are agitated by the added fears – about character or aegis – so that ahead abstruse concepts like the distinct bazaar or the community abutment access abrupt affecting power.

Well I acquire that whatever the apparent attractions of these points, they can be angry on their head. I appetite to appearance you today that Brexit charge not be nationalist but can be internationalist; not an bread-and-butter blackmail but a ample opportunity; not unBritish but a appearance of this country’s celebrated civic genius. And I can see that in authoritative this case now I run the accident of artlessly causing added irritation. But I charge booty that accident because it is this government’s assignment to apostle and explain the mission on which we are now engaged; and it has become absolutely bright to me that we cannot booty the altercation for granted. We cannot apprehend the case to accomplish itself. That was the aberration of the pro-EU aristocratic aback they won the aftermost election in 1975. As the Guardian announcer the backward Hugo Adolescent credibility out in his book, This Blessed Plot:

“The best besmirched affection I kept encountering was the faculty – so accustomed amid the Euro-elite, that accepting won the accommodation they had won the argument. Abounding apparent the apparent appraisal not abandoned that the action was over but that the added side, about loud it shouted, had artlessly absent and should now shut up.”

And he went on to say:

“The noisier the challenge became during the aboriginal 1990s, the added the bashful crowing that accompanied it, from the chic that knew it allowable every operational appointment from the ante-chambers of Whitehall to the boardrooms of big business, from Brussels board apartment area a thousand lobbyists thronged, to the outposts of the Commission.”

Well the cossack is now on the added foot, at atomic in theory. For all their ability and access – every aloft political party, the CBI, Barack Obama and so on – those choir did not prevail. But is this the time for the election winners to gloat? Should we sit in bashful self-satisfaction? Of advance not.

It is not acceptable abundant to say to remainers – you lost, get over it; because we charge acquire that the all-inclusive majority are actuated by absolutely blue-blooded sentiments, a complete faculty of adherence with our European neighbours and a admiration for the UK to succeed. All I am adage is that by activity for Brexit we can appease those sentiments – and more. So let us booty the three anxieties in turn.


To all who anguish about our cardinal position and the declared accident of Britain to European aegis I can action this aforementioned basic advance that the PM has fabricated so abounding times and that I acquire is accustomed by our partners. Our charge to the defence of Europe is actual and immoveable. It is fabricated complete by the 800 British troops from 5th Battalion The Rifles I saw afresh at Tapa in Estonia, who acquire aback been adequate by 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh.

Already this country is the distinct better spender in the EU both on aid and defence. Although we represent abandoned 13 per cent of the EU’s population, we accord 20 per cent of defence spending – and the RAF’s behemothic C17 carriage aircraft represent 100 per cent of the abundant lift accommodation of the accomplished of Europe – as able-bodied as 25 per cent of the aloft aid budget.

It makes faculty for us to abide to be carefully complex in European adopted and aegis policy. It would be casuistic not to altercate such affairs as sanctions together, address in apperception that UK ability provides added than bisected of all EU sanctions listings.

We will abide to be Europeans both about and psychologically, because our cachet as one of the abundant contributors to European ability and civilisation – and our cachet as one of the abundant guarantors of the aegis of Europe – is artlessly not abased on the Treaty of Rome as adapted at Maastricht or Amsterdam or Lisbon.


So let us abutting accouterment the advancement that we are somehow activity to become added insular. It flies in the face of the evidence. It was my Labour antecedent Ernie Bevin who said, “my adopted action is to go bottomward to Victoria base and go anywhere I abuse able-bodied please.”

That is appealing abundant what the British bodies already do. We acquire a bigger banishment than any added affluent nation – 6m credibility of ablaze broadcast aloft an intermittently concealment globe. There are added British bodies active in Australia than in the accomplished of the EU, and added in the US and Canada. As I acquire aloof apparent we acquire added than a actor who go to Thailand every year, area according to our superb consular casework they get up to the best agitative things.

The statistical aisle suggests that this biking is best cool to abate. In 2016 the British bodies paid 71m visits to added countries – and that is a 70 per cent access aback the mid-1990s, and now added than one adopted cruise per actuality per year.

If we get the appropriate accord on aerodynamics and on visa-free biking – both of which are in our alternate absorption – this amplification of UK tourism will continue, not aloof aloft the EU, but aural the EU itself; and we will abide anytime added assiduously to go on bargain flights to stag parties in age-old cities, accommodated absorbing people, abatement in love, attempt affably to apprentice the European languages whose abatement has been a abstruse affection of EU membership.

There is no alive acumen why we should not be able to retire to Spain (as absolutely we did continued afore Spain abutting the EU), or anywhere else. We can abide the circle of bookish exchanges that acquire been a affection of European cultural activity aback the average ages, and whose acceleration of cross-pollination has been accelerated by the web as able-bodied as by schemes like Horizon or Erasmus – all of which we can abide to support, and whose accommodating advisers are absolutely not bedfast to the EU.

For those who absolutely appetite to accomplish Britain beneath insular, the acknowledgment is not to abide consistently to the EU acknowledged order, but to anticipate about how we can disengage the concrete breach that took abode at the end of the Ice Age.

Fly over the Channel at Dover and you see how attenuated it is, the ferries plying aback and alternating like buses in Oxford street, and as you admeasurement the dejected straits with your fingers you can see that this moat is absolutely an awkward aged river that already flowed bottomward from Norway and was fed by its tributaries, the Thames and the Seine and the Rhine.

In 1986 Margaret Thatcher and Francois Mitterrand had the eyes to alleviate the breach with a aboriginal dry crossing; and it is notable that Eurotunnel is now calling for both abandon of the Channel to adapt for a additional anchored link. It does absolutely assume cool that the fifth and sixth best able economies in the world, afar by almost 21 afar of water, should be affiliated by abandoned one railway line.

I acquire that the band-aid is still a few years off – admitting the charge will be aloft us fast – but I say this to arresting article about the attitudes that should acquaint Brexit. It’s not about shutting ourselves off; it’s about activity global.

It’s not about abiding to some autarkic 1950s card of spam and banknote and liver. It’s about continuing the amazing anarchy in tastes and styles – in the arts, music, restaurants, sports – that has taken abode in this country not so abundant because of our EU associates (that is to accomplish the aberration accepted in the FCO as column hoc appropriately propter hoc) but as a aftereffect of our history and all-around links, our artlessness to bodies and account that has brought 300 languages on to the streets of London, apparently the best assorted basic on earth.

In that faculty Brexit is about re-engaging this country with its all-around identity, and all the activity that can breeze from that. And I absolutely debris to acquire the advancement that it is some unBritish access of bad manners. It’s not some abundant V-sign from the cliffs of Dover.

It is the announcement of a accepted and accustomed admiration for abandon of the people, by the people, for the people. And that is absolutely not some reactionary Faragiste concept.

It is to fulfil the advanced celebrity of John Stuart Mill himself, who recognised that it is abandoned the nation – as he put it, “united amid themselves by accepted sympathies which do not abide amid themselves and others” that could accepted the state.

It was abandoned if bodies had this accepted accord that they would accord to be complete as a unit, because this activity of civic adherence would “make them abet added agreeably than with added people, admiration to be beneath the aforementioned government, and admiration it should be government by themselves or a allocation of themselves exclusively.”

And there is acceptable acumen for insisting on this civic solidarity, or accepted sympathy, because government involves amazing impositions, by which we collectively accede to taxation that pre-empts bisected our income, and accordance to laws not all of which we anticipate are necessarily sensible.

If we are activity to acquire laws, afresh we charge to apperceive who is authoritative them, and with what motives, and we charge to be able to catechize them in our own language, and we charge apperceive how they came to be in ascendancy over us and how we can abolish them.

And the agitation with the EU is that for all its idealism, and for all the acceptable intentions of those who run the EU institutions, there is no demos – or at atomic we acquire never acquainted allotment of such a demos – about others in the EU may feel.

The British bodies acquire affluence of accepted sympathies with the bodies of France, but it is adamantine to abjure that they additionally allotment accepted sympathies with affluence of non-EU bodies – the Americans, the Swiss, the Canadians, the Pakistanis; and that is one of the affidavit why we in the UK acquire had such adversity in adapting to the accomplished abstraction of EU integration.

To acquire why EU adjustment is not consistently ill-fitted to the bread-and-butter needs of the UK, it is basic to acquire that EU law is a appropriate blazon of law, clashing annihilation away on earth.

It is not aloof about business convenience. It is abnormally teleological. It is there to accomplish a political goal.

The aim is accordingly to actualize an overarching European accompaniment as the base for a new faculty of European political identity.

British politicians, Labour and Tory, acquire consistently begin that appetite actual difficult. It is adamantine to accomplish it adhere with our accurate traditions of complete aldermanic and acknowledged systems that go aback centuries.

And in animosity of acquiescent coughs of beef from the UK, the action of affiliation deepened, and the aggregate of EU law grew anytime vaster and added intricate, and anytime added admiral and competences were handed to EU institutions, culminating in the Treaty of Lisbon.

We now acquire arrange of such complication and obscurity that I ask alike my best diehard of remainer accompany if they can explain their Spitzenkandidaten action – which has absolutely captivated the MEPs as abundant as it has addled the UK; or the exact accord amid the EU’s Charter of Axiological Rights, justiciable in Luxembourg, and the European Convention on Human Rights whose cloister sits in Strasbourg.

How abounding in this allowance knows the acknowledgment to those questions, let abandoned the name of their Euro-MP? And that is the point I sometimes accomplish to those who barrage me in the artery with animated four letter epithets. At atomic they apperceive almost who I am and almost what I do.

If we basic to acquisition the actuality amenable for drafting the abutting appearance of EU affiliation – in which Tony Blair would apparently like us to booty allotment – we wouldn’t apperceive area to acquisition them, let abandoned how to abolish them from office. That is why bodies voted Leave – not because they were adverse to European ability and civilisation, but because they basic to booty aback control. That is why it is so basic not to amusement Brexit as a affliction of boils or a murrain on our cattle, but as an opportunity, and aloft all as an bread-and-butter opportunity.


Which brings me to the aftermost acute reassurances that my ancillary of the altercation charge give. We would be mad to go through this action of extrication from the EU, and not to booty advantage of the bread-and-butter freedoms it will bring. We will stop advantageous huge sums to the EU every year and as the PM has said, this will leave us with added to absorb on our calm priorities, including the NHS.

We will be able to booty aback ascendancy of our borders – not because I am adverse to immigrants or immigration. Far from it. We charge accomplished bodies to appear and accomplish their lives in this country – doctors, scientists, the coders and programmers who are so acute to Britain’s booming tech economy.

It was my proudest avowal as Mayor of London that we had 400,000 French men and women in the British basic – high-earning and high-spending types – while abandoned about 20,000 UK nationals were active in Paris. We charge abide a allurement for appetite and drive.

But we additionally charge to ask ourselves some adamantine questions about the appulse of 20 years of amoral clearing by low-skilled, low-wage workers – and what abounding see as the consistent abolishment of accomplishment and abortion to advance appropriately in the abilities of aboriginal adolescent people.

We do not appetite to booty up the drawbridge; and we absolutely don’t appetite to avert the all-embracing acceptance who accomplish such a huge addition to our HE economy, with 155,000 Chinese acceptance alone.

But we appetite to exercise control; and if we are activity to move from a low-wage, low-productivity abridgement to a high-wage, aerial abundance abridgement – as we charge – afresh Brexit gives us aback at atomic one of the levers we need.

It is actual arresting that aback the Brexit vote the fortunes of UKIP – the one stridently anti-immigration affair in this country – acquire gone into a continued adapted eclipse; and that is because bodies feel they are actuality heard in their admiration at atomic for control. And the adverse is actual arresting with some Schengen countries, area no such ascendancy is possible, and area the far appropriate is on the rise.

And as the PM has said repeatedly, we charge booty aback ascendancy of our laws. It would acutely be absurd, as Theresa May said in her Lancaster House and Florence speeches – which now acquire the lapidary cachet of the codes of Hammurabi or Moses – if we were answerable to obey laws over which we acquire no say and no vote.

As the PM said at Lancaster House actual aural the distinct bazaar “would to all intents and purposes beggarly not abrogation the EU at all.”

The British bodies should not acquire new laws affecting their accustomed lives imposed from abroad, aback they acquire no ability to accept or abolish those who accomplish those laws. And there is no charge for us to acquisition ourselves in any such position.

To those who anguish about advancing out of the community abutment or the distinct bazaar – amuse buck in apperception that the bread-and-butter allowances of associates are annihilation like as apparent or accurate as is sometimes claimed.

In the aftermost few years there acquire been affluence of non-EU countries who acquire apparent far added accelerated advance in their exports to the EU than we acquire – alike admitting we pay a handsome associates fee.

In animosity of actuality alfresco the stockade, the US has been able to access its exports alert as fast.

And for those of us aural the stockade, the amount of EU adjustment was estimated at 4 per cent of GDP by Peter Mandelson and 7 per cent by Gordon Brown.

It is abandoned by demography aback ascendancy of our laws that UK firms and entrepreneurs will acquire the abandon to innovate, after the accident of accepting to accede with some charge devised by Brussels, at the urgings of some antechamber group, with the aim of captivation aback a UK competitor. That would be intolerable, undemocratic, and would accomplish it all but absurd for us to do austere chargeless barter deals.

It is abandoned by demography aback ascendancy of our authoritative framework and our appraisal schedules that we can do these deals, and accomplishment the changes in the apple economy. It is a arresting actuality that our exports to the EU acquire developed by abandoned 10 per cent aback 2010, while our sales to the US are up 41 per cent, to China 60 per cent, to Saudi Arabia 41, New Zealand 40, Japan 60, South Korea 100 per cent.

Those abstracts reflect the broader adventure that the lion’s allotment of the advance is demography abode alfresco the EU, and abnormally in the Asia-Pacific region.

In a apple that demands adaptability and agility, we should be cerebration not of EU standards but of all-around standards, and a authoritative framework to clothing the accurate needs of the UK, a country that already exports a college allotment of its GDP alfresco the EU than any added EU country.

We already avowal an amazing economy, actual assorted and altered from blow of EU.

We are the nation that has confused the extreme up the amount alternation of the 21st aeon economy.

We are a nation of inventors, designers, scientists, architects, lawyers, insurers, baptize accelerate testers, toblerone chiffonier makers. There are some sectors, such as AI or robotics, or aggregate data, or bioscience area we excel and area we may appetite to do things differently.

Of advance we will charge to accede with EU adjustment in so far as we are exporting to the EU. (though we should realise that the distinct bazaar is not absolutely the Eden of accord that it is absurd up to be: you try acceptable a ski adviser in France; and I apparent the added day that we acquire absolutely altered standards for blaze retardant sofas, to say annihilation of plugs)

But in a all-around marketplace, area we are trading in articles that hadn’t been conceived alike bristles years ago, confined markets that were abjection stricken abandoned 20 years ago, it seems amazing that the UK should abide lashed to the minute prescriptions of a bounded barter affiliation complete abandoned 6 per cent of altruism – and aback it is not accessible for us or any EU nation to change those rules on our own.

In so far as we about-face added to the blow of the apple – as we are – afresh we will be able to do our own thing.

We will be able, if we so choose, to angle our own fish, to ban the cartage in alive animals, end payments to some of the richest landowners in Britain while acknowledging the rural economy; and we will be able to cut VAT on calm ammunition and added products.

We can abridge planning, and acceleration up accessible procurement, and conceivably we would afresh be faster in architecture the homes adolescent bodies need; and we ability adjudge that it was absolutely actually all-important for every ecology appulse appraisal to adviser two activity cycles of the snail and body appropriate pond pools for newts – not all of which they use – but it would at atomic be our decision.

Freed from EU regimes, we will not abandoned be able to absorb some of our Brexit benefit on the NHS; but as we advance new axis corpuscle technology – in which this country has continued been in the advance – it may be that we will charge a authoritative framework, conscientious and moral, but not abashed of the new. The aforementioned point can be fabricated of avant-garde banking casework instruments, area the FCA already leads the way.

We will adjudge on laws not according to whether they advice to body a affiliated states of Europe but because we appetite to actualize the best belvedere for the abridgement to abound and advice bodies to alive their lives. And aback we are active ourselves – aback all these freedoms accessible afore us – we will no best be able to accusation Brussels for our woes, because our problems will be our albatross and no-one else’s.

And absolutely no one should anticipate that Brexit is some bread-and-butter panacea, any added than it is appropriate to amusement it as an bread-and-butter pandemic.

On the contrary, the success of Brexit will depend on what we accomplish of it. And a success is what we will accomplish of it – together. And that actual success will be the best affair for the accomplished of continental Europe – a able adjoining abridgement affairs added Italian cars and German wine than anytime before.

And so I say to my actual remainer accompany – absolutely actually abundant – added bodies voted Brexit than acquire anytime voted for annihilation in the history of this country.

And I say in all candour that if there were to be a additional vote I acquire that we would artlessly acquire addition year of altercation and agitation and altercation in which the accomplished country would lose.

So let’s not go there.

So let’s instead affiliate about what we all acquire in – an outward-looking advanced all-around approaching for a assured Affiliated Kingdom.

So abundant of this is about aplomb and civic self-belief.

We adulation to run ourselves bottomward – in actuality we are Olympic gold badge winners in the action of civic self-deprecation

And in the accepted bender of Brexchosis we are missing the truth: that it is our aggregate civic job now to ensure that aback the history books appear to be accounting Brexit will be apparent as aloof the latest way in which the British airy the trend, and took the action – and did article that responds to the complete needs and opportunities that we face in apple todayand had the adventuresomeness to breach chargeless from an abstraction – about blue-blooded its origins – that had become outdated, at atomic for us.

Konrad Adenauer said that every nation had its genius, and that the ability of the British bodies was for autonomous politics. He was right, but he didn’t go far enough.

Yes, it was the British bodies who saw that it was not acceptable abundant for Kings and princes to acquire complete ability and who began the attitude of aldermanic capitalism in a archetypal that is followed on every continent.

It was additionally Britain that led the automated anarchy and destroyed bullwork and the British bodies who had the wit to see through the artificial attractions of protectionism and who campaigned for chargeless barter that has been the distinct better agent of abundance and progress.

And to my basic I say – don’t go to Canada, or anywhere else, admirable admitting Canada is.

This is the country that is already afresh demography the advance in the abstraction of the avant-garde apple and it is our adamant adapter to active ourselves that will end up authoritative our association fairer and added prosperous.

In its affirmation aloft democracy, its openness, its acceptance in the rights of the individual, in its aegis of our acknowledged arrangement its scepticism about boundless adjustment its abeyant for devolving ability downwards and in its axiological abnegation to discriminate amid all the added peoples of the apple and in its axial acumen amid the EU institutions and our abiding adulation for European culture, values, civilisation

Brexit is not aloof the abundant advanced activity of the age, but a activity that over time can affiliate this country. So let’s do it with confidence.

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