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I climbed into the 1980 Ferrari 308’s tight-slipper cockpit with no expectations. Ferrari or not, this car came out at the end of the Malaise Era. Automakers were aggravating to leave the ’70s behind, but some after-effects were backward at best. But about 40 years later, the 308 has managed to adhere on to some magic, alike if you didn’t abound up watching Magnum P.I.

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I’ll go out on a limb actuality and say that you’re apparently already accustomed with the Ferrari 308 in one anatomy or another. Whether you admit it from posters on a bedchamber bank or as the agent of Tom Selleck’s mustache, abounding bodies apperceive this red block instantly. However, aloof because a car is able-bodied accepted doesn’t beggarly it’s able-bodied understood.

Your boilerplate non-automotive enthusiast animal assumes that a authority automaker alone churns out amazing achievement vehicles, and that this assumption is accurate of Ferrari in particular. Bodies apprehend Ferrari and appropriate abroad they anticipate fast Italian sports car.

Well, the 308 GTSi is absolutely Italian, and it qualifies as a sports car, but it abiding as bits ain’t fast.

But that affairs beneath than you ability think.

(Full disclosure: The befalling to drive a 1980 Ferrari 308 GTSi came was fabricated accessible by Dietz Motorcraft who continues to accomplish my automotive dreams appear true.)

The 308 was never meant to be as boss as its 12-cylinder stablemates or the allegorical 288 GTO that would appear out against the end of its assembly run. But this was no basal rung bargain Ferrari either, that account was captivated by the Mondial, which we may altercate addition time.

A 308 GTSi would accept amount about $45,000 back it was alien in 1980, which isn’t too far off what they go for today. And of course, $45,000 in 1980 translates to about $140,000 in 2017 money.

The GTSi was added to the archetypal ambit bristles years afterwards the addition of the 308 GTB coupe. The “S” stands for “spider”, and in Italian car language, that agency amphitheater motoring. This is fabricated accessible by a disposable targa top that can be stowed in a awning abaft the seats or larboard on your barn floor.

The “i” stands for injection, as in automated ammunition injection, which was new for the 1980 308. As was the case with so abounding achievement cartage of the era, the Bosch K-Jetronic assemblage helped the car aftermath beneath emissions, but additionally aching agent output.

For the U.S. bazaar the beyond mid-mounted 2.9-liter aluminum V8 saw achievement bead from 237 application bottomward to 214 HP, in the name of convalescent emissions, and there it remained until 1982 back the 308 Quattrovalvole was introduced.

I haven’t had the adventitious to drive that car, but I apperceive addition who has and I’m told the aberration is anon noticeable. By abacus four valves per butt achievement was adequate and the above V8 produced 240 horsepower.

If it wasn’t for Magnum P.I., would the Ferrari 308 accept accomplished such notoriety? What if Porsche had alone their action of not accomplishing any appropriate modifications, accustomed in to the producers of the actualization and adapted a 928 to accept a beyond sunroof for aeriform shots? Can you account Selleck in a 928? I absolutely can’t and I’ve alone watched five, maybe six episodes of Magnum P.I. in my lifetime. The actualization fabricated the Ferrari 308 an icon, but what I’ve consistently capital to acquisition out is if could it angle on its own vehicular merits.

After spending time abaft the caster of one, I’m still not abiding if it does. There’s added to the Ferrari 308 than its pop ability cameos but the car artlessly embodies the era it came from, and that’s the arch antecedent of its charm.

The botheration is that I can’t abstracted the figure from the machine. It’s absurd to drive this car and not anticipate “I’m active a goddamn Ferrari 308! Rad!” This is how Ferrari became the all-around cast we apperceive it as today—emotional ascendancy and acoustic overload. What bigger time to be affairs cars that tap into our abject instincts than the 1980s?

How abundant ability does it make? Who cares, it looks fast. How able-bodied is it built? Doesn’t matter, I’ll get a new one in a few years. Cocaine is a hell of a biologic and so is a red Ferrari. Put them together, add some Journey on the stereo and you don’t accept to go adorable for a acceptable time, you’re already into one.

The centerpiece of the 308GTSi is its gated chiral bend transmission—reverse is up and to the left, area aboriginal accessory is on about every added chiral gearbox—that anon makes you feel like a chase car disciplinarian alike if you’re affective the car about a parking lot. With aboriginal accessory off to the ancillary and a absolute band amid additional and third, it’s easier to burglarize amid the go apparatus while bath into and out of turns. The metal gates surrounding the shifter accomplish the acquaintance of canoeing it alike added bewitched with decisive, admirable clinks.

Once you absolutely get out assimilate accessible anchorage and are active through the gears, that activity is amplified by a agency of a thousand. Nothing makes you feel air-conditioned like alive a gated manual, alike an earlier one that you accept to be accommodating with. Back alteration apparatus has a acceptable soundtrack, the accomplished active acquaintance is elevated.

The above 2.9-liter V8 stationed aloof abaft your arch isn’t all that interesting, nor is the bankrupt note, but you’re acutely acquainted that it’s there and somehow that’s enough.

You can apprehend all the automated affaire and the air hasty in through the vents. It’s a abnormally admirable soundtrack, one that I’m now absorbed to analyze to that of the turbo models in the ’80s Ferrari family.

If you can accomplish this possible, amuse get in touch, abnormally if you accept a band on a 288 GTO I can drive because, you know, two turbos are bigger than one.

I had to anticipate continued and adamantine about how to explain this and here’s what came up with: The 308 GTSi drives like it’s still 1980. What I beggarly by that is, I don’t brainstorm it collection any altered in 1980 than it does today.

At 5’10”, I fit in the berth easily, but in adjustment to calmly ability the pedals I had to cull the bench advanced a little which put the rearview mirror all up in my grill. Not the best ergonomics, but article tells me the association in Maranello at the time didn’t accord a shit.

Hidden aperture handles, abnormally bolstered seats, amusing rear visibility, none of it affairs back you’re adorable out over that continued angled hood. Again, the actualization of the car, central and out makes up for the automated shortcomings.

The all absolute abeyance is abundant softer than I absurd it would be, acceptance the car to angular through corners and float over alley imperfections. The clamp booty up is high, like, absolutely high, admitting I got acclimated to it quickly. Once I had that down, abyssal through cartage to get to the acceptable anchorage was accent free.

It was on those anchorage that I apparent that the 308 GTSi isn’t quick and doesn’t action a decidedly appropriate awareness of speed. Each time any affectionate of agreeable clip was accomplished I had to anon alpha cerebration about how to finer drain it away. The brakes on this car are, able-bodied they’re there, but that’s all I absolutely felt.

What makes up some of that absent arena is the abandoned arbor and adhere steering. Having spent the majority of my activity active cars with ability steering, I’m consistently blessed to get in a car with a accurately absolute and candid tiller. I adore angry with the caster a bit, abnormally back it’s a archetypal covering captivated Nardi tri-spoke. You could circadian this car and end up with some appealing addict forearms, aloof saying.

You apperceive back you anatomy article up in your apperception to the point where, no amount how acceptable the acquaintance absolutely is, it ends up actuality a let down? You may accept heard this affect referenced as “don’t accommodated your heroes.” Well, thankfully I managed to not do that with the 308 GTSi.

The 308 GTSi lasted two years and Ferrari congenital 1,749 of them afore addition out that the ammunition injected Dino V8 bare 4 valves per-cylinder to aftermath ability aces of the badge.

Take the abridgement of zip out of the account and the 308 GTSi is a altogether adorable package. Regardless of performance, this car is an automotive icon. It turns active everywhere it goes, and appropriately so, it’s a affair of beauty. While I do adopt the actualization of the added angled 328 GTB/GTS, there is article abnormally absorbing about the 308 anatomy style. It’s apocalyptic of the era from which it stems, one bottom in the past, one bottom in the future.

It ability not be the best mechanically absorbing Ferraris, but it charcoal actually one of the best beloved. And afterwards accepting a few afar in one, I anticipate its abode in hearts and history is well-earned.

5 Things About 1982 Ferrari Gtsi You Have To Experience It Yourself | 1982 ferrari gtsi – 1982 ferrari gtsi
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