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In this adventure of the MarketFoolery podcast, host Mac Greer is abutting by analysts Emily Flippen and Jason Moser, who allotment two stocks they’re bullish on, a brace they’re bearish on, and two added they’re on the fence about. Emily weighs in on Chinese used-car banker Uxin (NASDAQ: UXIN), J.C. Penney (NYSE: JCP), and Stitch Fix (NASDAQ: SFIX). Meanwhile, Jason talks PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL), Zillow (NASDAQ: Z) (NASDAQ: ZG), and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL).

Used Autoparc Cars | Teesside | RMB Autoparc - useds cars

Used Autoparc Cars | Teesside | RMB Autoparc – useds cars | useds cars

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This video was recorded on Dec. 17, 2018.

Mac Greer: It’s Monday, December 17th. Welcome to MarketFoolery! I’m Mac Greer. Abutting me in studio, we accept Motley Fool analysts Emily Flippen and Jason Moser. Welcome! How are we activity this Monday? 

Jason Moser: Activity absolutely rested, and thankfully a little bit drier now. It was a wet weekend.

Emily Flippen: I’ll do my best, although appear Thursday or Friday, I anticipate my admiral adeptness abrasion off. We’re accepted to get alike added rain. 

Flippen: Achievement nobody’s traveling.

Moser: We’ve already surpassed, this is the wettest year on almanac for this breadth aback article like 1890.

Greer: It’s epic! It was aloof epic! What I like about it is it gives me an alibi not to do any backyard work. Not that I bare an excuse.

Today, we’re activity to do article a bit different. We’re dispatch aback from the account and we’re activity to do article that we haven’t done in a while. We alarm it “yes, no, maybe so.” Here’s how it works. Each of you is activity to be administration three stocks. You’re activity to accept a yes stock, a banal that you anticipate will beat the bazaar over the abutting three to bristles years; you accept a no stock, a banal you anticipate will apparently lose to the bazaar over the abutting three to bristles years; and afresh the maybe stock, the banal your affectionate of conflicted over, a banal that could go either way. 

On that note, let’s get going. Emily, what banal are you adage yes to?

Flippen: I’m adage yes to Uxin today. That adeptness complete alien to a lot of listeners. It’s an underfollowed stock. The accentuation there adeptness be a little altered than bodies are expecting. It’s the bigger acclimated car banker in China. I anticipate they’re positioned absolutely well. They accept a about baby bazaar cap appropriate now, accustomed their business. This banal was formed beforehand this year. It IPO-ed at $9 a share, went all the way bottomward to article like $3 a share. It’s aback up abutting to $9 now. 

They accept a abundant affiliation now with Taobao. They’re affairs a lot of cars, accepted their losses are increasing. But I think, accustomed the bazaar size, accustomed the actuality that they’re the bigger amateur and this is absolutely activity to be an in-demand industry, aback you anticipate about the development of the Chinese economy, Uxin is positioned absolutely able-bodied to succeed. 

Greer: OK, Jason Moser, aback you apprehend “largest acclimated car banker in China,” is there a catechism there? Is there a affair as an investor? What do you think? 

Moser: I admiration at this point in time, historically speaking, acclimated cars accept been a huge bazaar forever. Obviously, we’re authoritative this alteration to electric vehicles, addition activity vehicles. My catechism is — and it’s not aloof to Chinese acclimated car companies, it’s any of them is — what is the adeptness to absorb those types of cartage into their model? What affectionate of a blackmail is that trend? I’m bold that best of their cartage are traditional, ammunition engine.

Flippen: They are.

Moser: That’d be my one question. I aloof don’t apperceive abundant about it. 

Flippen: I adulation that catechism because the Chinese car bazaar is so altered than the car bazaar that we accept actuality in the U.S. I anticipate it adeptness be a misconception, aback you anticipate about the development of cars. In the U.S., we are affective adjoin apple-pie activity electric vehicles. And that absolutely is a common trend. But aback you attending at the Chinese market, it’s so heavily regulated. You couldn’t advertise acclimated cars until this century. 15 years ago, you could not advertise acclimated cars above the bound of China into altered provinces. So, there was a huge demand, abnormally in lower-tier cities, to get admission to acclimated vehicles, but there were absolutely absolutely none available.

Uxin is absolutely online, and afterwards these regulations anesthetized that accustomed sellers to move a car from one burghal to the abutting and advertise it amid people, it accomplish this huge bazaar opportunity. And there’s still such a ample appeal for lower assets bodies in China, bodies who are affective up to that average chic level, to get a good, bargain acclimated car. 

I anticipate bodies who are advantageous top-tier for new cars, that bazaar absolutely is activity to go electric. And slowly, those electric cars, I imagine, will crawl bottomward through the stream. But the affair with the basement in China is that it doesn’t accept the abutment that is bare for electric cartage yet. Electricity is added big-ticket on an assets abject than in the United States, and bodies don’t accept accessible charging ports. In fact, the absolute accepted Chinese electric abettor carmaker, NIO (NYSE: NIO), is absolutely absolutely replacing batteries instead of charging them, artlessly because it’s added bulk able for them. 

There’s a huge aberration in these types of car markets. While there is a trend adjoin electric vehicles, I anticipate Uxin, at atomic for the accountable future, is about insulated.

Greer: Accept y’all noticed how, in the U.S., at least, you don’t apprehend the appellation “used car” anymore. It’s all about “pre-owned vehicles.” I like acclimated car better. I don’t appetite addition to accept endemic it afore me, but I’m accomplished if they acclimated it.

Moser: White-glove certified, pre-owned… you’re right. That’s marketing, it’s business 101, accomplish bodies feel a little bit bigger about what they’re getting, no bulk what it is. 

To your point, aback we attending at a lot of the businesses we cover, we attending for aggressive advantages. One of those aggressive advantages could be in the anatomy of barriers to entry. Clearly, it sounds like there was a amazing barrier to access for the acclimated car bazaar for years and years in China. So, the aggregation that has the arch alpha in accepting started in that market, that aboriginal mover advantage, in abounding cases, can be all you need. And it sounds like they’re appealing tech adeptness already as it is.

Flippen: Oh, fingers crossed! [laughs] 

Greer: OK, that’s Uxin. Jason, which stocks are you adage yes to?

Moser: Well, Mac, you apperceive that I adulation the payments amplitude a lot. I would be behindhand if I did not accept one of those payments companies actuality in the yes cavalcade this week. I’m activity to go with PayPal. 

Greer: I’ve heard of them. 

Moser: Yeah, you’ve heard of them. I anticipate we’ve all heard of them. It’s a aggregation that has been a acceptable advocacy actuality in the Foolish universe. It’s one that I own abandoned and apparently will abide to add to for abounding years. 

There are a lot of reasons. I anticipate ultimately, aback I’m attractive for acceptable long-term-style holdings, I’m attractive for big bazaar opportunities with the opportunity, also, to grow. And payments is absolutely one of those spaces. Aback you attending at it from aloof a calm perspective, you accede here, 40% of payments in the U.S. abandoned are still cash. Globally, that’s much, abundant more. We allocution all the time about this move abroad from banknote and adjoin adaptable payments, or aloof cyberbanking payments, one anatomy or another. PayPal is allowance facilitate that in a lot of ways. 

It’s amazing to anticipate about, PayPal is now a bigger aggregation by bazaar assets than American Express. They accept now surpassed MasterCard in anniversary revenue. PayPal’s abaft 12-month acquirement is added than MasterCard’s, which is amazing for me to anticipate about, because MasterCard is about alert as big of a aggregation as PayPal is, and Visa is basically three times the size. 

I anticipate that what you’ve got actuality is a aggregation with a lot of altered agency to grow. Not abandoned PayPal. We, of course, apperceive Venmo. While Venmo is not profitable, they are animate on agency to monetize that business. I achievement they abide to do that methodically, and not try to do it all at once. We apperceive that PayPal additionally acquired Xoom a little while back, which is my admired approachable remittance company. It was aloof gone too soon.

Greer: [laughs] I aloof like that you accept a admired approachable remittance company. 

Moser: [laughs] Not anybody does.

Greer: [laughs] That’s a cry for help.

Moser: [laughs] When you attending at the bulk of money that’s activity through PayPal’s networks on an anniversary basis, it’s impressive. It continues to grow. 

The nicest thing, I think, about this market, is you’re not aggravating to aces one winner. The payments amplitude absolutely is a multi-winner space. I anticipate PayPal is assertive to be one for some time to come. 

Greer: Emily, what’s your bigger catechism about PayPal? 

Flippen: I’ve never absolutely taken the attempt on PayPal for two reasons. The aboriginal actuality that it’s a awful aggressive space. That’s not to say that as a consumer, you can’t accept abundant forms of payments. But I think, as the anatomy of acquittal continues to grow, I accept lots of options in what I accept to pay with. I’ve never bare to accomplish a PayPal. I’ve never been accountable to. So, as an investment, I’ve never taken the plunge. That’s not to say that I don’t accede it’ll be a abundant advance over the abutting year or two or three. But I do anticipate that it’s a absolute aggressive space, and that consistently has accustomed me pause.

The added affair is big aegis apropos in the industry. PayPal has collapsed victim to that in the past. From a chump perspective, there’s a lot of calefaction appropriate now in that space. If they’re not able to at atomic accumulate up the acumen of abundant security, afresh that’s activity to maybe account some aplomb accident in their bulk consumer.

Moser: Yeah, there’s no question. Aegis is consistently activity to be top of apperception for best people, particularly, I think, beforehand association these canicule —

Greer: Why are you attractive at me?

Moser: Well, I mean, I absolutely shouldn’t necessarily because we’re afterpiece to the aforementioned age than Emily and I are. But, I do understand. Demography that bound to advantageous with your phone… for a lot of people, there’s a abundance akin in animate what they’re doing, and advantageous with banknote sometimes is the ultimate anatomy of compassionate there. So, security, I think, is consistently activity to be top of mind.

It’s interesting, your point there in application PayPal, and not accepting acclimated it before. That was one of my bigger hang-ups with it for a continued time. I haven’t endemic PayPal for bristles years. This is a position I’ve captivated for aloof a brace of years, maybe. I maybe would use it already a year to achieve up in a fantasy football league, because it was aloof easy. But what we’ve apparent bound actuality with the admeasurement of adaptable technology is added and added companies, merchants, baby businesses, particularly, are application PayPal and Square and others as a way to achieve payments. 

The one affair that absolutely opened my eyes to this was we took a cruise to the Bahamas this accomplished bounce break. We took the girls, went for a week, afraid out, and absolutely lived on the bounded economy. We weren’t at a resort. Consequently, we were activity to restaurants and bounded businesses area your advantage was about to pay with banknote or, in abounding cases, now, what these merchants were doing, they would set up email addresses and use PayPal as a anatomy of payment. So, I activate myself application PayPal a lot aloof on that cruise alone. It opened my eyes to, maybe it’s added than aloof what I was seeing initially. Aback you attending at it from a all-around perspective, and the bulk of money that is consistently affective about the apple on a circadian basis, it started to accomplish a bit added of an consequence on me. I anticipate that’s activity to abide to grow, and that’s why we’re seeing companies like Square and Stripe and others abide to advance so abundant in the space. 

Greer: The addressable market, bigger than Jason’s fantasy football. OK, that’s my takeaway. Emily, let’s go to our no stocks here. What are you adage no to?

Flippen: I’m activity to say no to JCPenney over the abutting three to bristles years.

Greer: You and everyone. [laughs] 

Flippen: It allegation be absolutely shocking. I won’t harp on it. With $4 billion in net debt, it’s not an accretion candidate. It’s acutely been disturbing in the retail space. A lot of bodies anticipate that it won’t abide in three to bristles years, but I abatement on the ancillary of the fence that it will exist. I anticipate JCPenney, as a company, will abide in three to bristles years. I don’t anticipate it’s axis into Sears necessarily.

I will say that if they’re able to assignment out their account issues, it’s a able chargeless banknote breeze business, so they could apparently abbreviate abundant to accumulate operating at a akin that would acquiesce them to do so sustainably if they formed out some of these authoritative issues. And with the new CEO, that could be a absolute possibility. 

Do I anticipate it’s activity to be a market-beater? Of advance not. That’s why I’m allotment it for my no category. But I do anticipate it will be here. 

Greer: Jason?

Moser: If we’ve apparent anything, Sears has defied all logic. I mean, if Sears is still around, I anticipate JCPenney absolutely could still be around. And honestly, while I don’t apperceive that the cast carries as abundant with association today as it did conceivably aback we were growing up, I can’t advice but admiration if maybe there’s not some affectionate of affiliation befalling out there. Whether it’s with Amazon trying to get added into the accouterment space, or whatever abstraction is out there, conceivably there is some bulk in that bounded footprint, that absolute acreage area they accept those concrete locations. If anything, one of the acceptance of 2018 has absolutely been that concrete retail isn’t absolutely asleep right. It’s still animate and accomplishing absolute well, in some cases. I aloof admiration if there’s some affiliation opportunities out there.

Greer: How about Target accepting JCPenney? 

Moser: Who knows?

Greer: Added and more, you’re seeing Targets in malls, as well.

Flippen: I would adulation that, if Target acquired JCPenney and aloof replaced JCPenneys with added Targets. 

Greer: Yes, I anticipate that’s right. I like that. OK, Jason, what are you adage no to?

Moser: I’m activity to say no to Zillow. I absolutely acclimated to anticipate a lot of this business. I acquainted like there was added abeyant than what they’ve exploited to date. Aback we allocution about ample and growing bazaar opportunities, obviously, the absolute acreage bazaar actuality domestically abandoned is tremendous. 

Greer: Do you accept a Zestimate for that?

Moser: [laughs] Well, let me see here! Let me get aback to you on that. I do anticipate they’ve not done a absolute acceptable job of demography this business above what it ultimately still is today, which is basically aloof absolute acreage advertising. To me, easily bottomward — this is advancing from addition who’s done some abode analytic actuality afresh — I anticipate they do accept the best acquaintance out there, as far as activity on to an app on your buzz and attractive at altered properties. The botheration is demography the accord from that point forward. What we ultimately did aback we were affairs a home and affairs a home was abutting with a absolute acreage abettor that we already knew. Then, we would get our advice from their centralized platform, which was based on the MLS and didn’t absolutely blend with Zillow at all.

I was account Zillow’s best contempo annual report, and this account absolutely took me back. They acclaimed that they are accepting accessible to access a aeon of transformational disruption. It’s article to the admeasurement area they feel like they’re in the average of this transformation for the business. To me, the business was founded on this disruption to activate with. So, now that they’re accepting to agitate again, I can’t advice but admiration if they feel like maybe they were not advance their dollars in the wisest appearance up to this point.

Greer: Is that a euphemism? Aback you say, “transformational disruption,” that can be exciting. Like, wow! Or, that can be a, [whispering] “Wink, our business model’s not absolute good.”

Moser: To your point there on the latter, it’s reasonable to at atomic wonder. It’s still not profitable. It’s not like they’re out there lighting the apple on blaze with profits. The banal bulk today is demography a absolute big bound of acceptance that they’re activity to accomplish these astute bets in the future. If you attending at their antithesis area today, bisected of their absolute assets abide of goodwill, which about agency that they’ve been relying on this accretion action to date in adjustment to grow. They’re activity to accept to accomplish acquisitions in the approaching to grow. And this latest attack into the burning offers thing, area they’re ultimately basically aloof aggravating to cast homes, I don’t anticipate they accept any aggressive advantage in accomplishing that. As a bulk of fact, they may not alike be that acceptable at it. That’s not like a new market. There are bodies out there accomplishing that all the time.

I feel like they don’t accept their eye on the ball. And to me, the banal bulk today still doesn’t accomplish any faculty for a business that has not yet approved any allusive aisle to profitability.

Greer: Emily?

Flippen: And this is a banal that’s abased on the accommodation market. We’ve had a abundant countdown the accomplished four or bristles years in our accommodation market. And the company’s still not profitable. If you can’t accomplish in altitude area the accommodation bazaar is accretion like it has been, it begs the catechism of, what makes this stock, what makes this company, a acceptable aggregation in the future? And to me, the affair is that any abatement would accomplish an already barren aggregation that abundant added apropos from an advance perspective.

Moser: Yeah. I feel like we were allurement that catechism bristles years ago aback this aggregation was on the radar. The account that they opened that letter with says, “Zillow Group has entered a aeon of transformational innovation.” That’s what I anticipation they were accomplishing bristles years ago! 

Greer: I like that. I’m activity to alpha application that phrase.

Moser: And they’re aloof accomplishing it now? It brings up added questions than I feel like there are answers for. 

I don’t anticipate this is a bad company. I aloof don’t apperceive that they’re necessarily absorption on what absolutely matters. And I’m absolute doubtable as to the absolute befalling that they’re aggravating to capitalize on.

Greer: OK, so, you’re blurred your Zestimate for Zillow.

Moser: That is a fair assumption. 

Greer: Let’s move on to our maybe stocks. I anticipate this may be my admired allotment of this show. These are stocks that we’re conflicted over. We don’t absolutely know. We may be clashing about them. Emily, how about a banal that you can’t absolutely decide?

Flippen: This adeptness booty some admirers as a surprise, because I accept been absolutely the buck on this banal for a while, but Stitch Fix. For a continued time, Stitch Fix, in my opinion, was priced for the abstraction that the absolute bazaar was activity adjoin boxed clothes delivery. And I was aloof convinced, there’s no way that this abounding bodies accept this abundant disposable assets and alertness to absorb this abundant on their clothes and get this bulk every distinct month. It aloof didn’t accomplish faculty to me. 

But we’ve apparent recently, acknowledgment to slower than accepted chump accretion growth, that the stock’s been absolutely destroyed. I don’t accept an acknowledgment for this, but it larboard me wondering, at what bulk is Stitch Fix a acceptable buy to me? In my opinion, they don’t accept to booty over the bazaar like some bodies apprehend they do. They don’t accept to be Blue Apron, like some bodies apprehend they do. They can accept a baby but loyal abject of barter that absorb a lot on their clothes and abide to be assisting in that administration over the long-term. 

I’m still not blame myself to buy any of this banal because I acquisition myself so conflicted. It feels like it’s either activity to accomplish or fail. But at some point, I assumption the bulk could be right.

Greer: You mentioned their loyal abject of customers. I apperceive this will shock you. I’m not one of them. 

Flippen: Me neither. 

Greer: I anticipate it’s fair to say I’m apparently not accepted for my fashion. Is that fair, Jason? You’ve accepted me for a while. 

Moser: I would say that you and I calm apparently accept about the appearance faculty of my dog.

Greer: OK, good. That’s apparently not fair to your dog. But, you mentioned loyal base. And we were talking with our absolute own Dan Boyd afore the show. Dan is a Stitch Fix customer. Dan, advertise me on Stitch Fix. 

Dan Boyd: Oh, man! It’s absolutely easy! It’s absolutely easy! Aback you assurance up for Stitch Fix, you don’t accept to go arcade anymore. I don’t apperceive about you, Mac, but I abhorrence activity clothes shopping. I would rather absorb my time accomplishing aloof about annihilation else. So, for me, Stitch Fix is a abundant befalling to abstain accepting to go into a store, accord with a parking lot, accord with added drivers on the road, accord with aggravating on clothes in one of those little booths, the alteration rooms, all that stuff, I abhorrence all of it. Stitch Fix comes to your house, you try on the clothes in your house.

Greer: Authority on, they appear to your house? How does this work? Do I accept to booty measurements? That seems like a lot of work.

Boyd: Well, you apparently apperceive what admeasurement clothes you abrasion normally, right? 

Greer: Eh…

Boyd: You accept a accepted idea?

Greer: I apperceive the Costco sizes.

Moser: [laughs] Depending on that.

Boyd: Well, if you accept the accepted idea, aback you assurance up, you ample out a check on their website of what sizes you are. 

Greer: Handsome? Absolute handsome?

Boyd: Very handsome is area you appetite to go, certainly. But, they accelerate you stuff, and you can fine-tune it as you get added stuff. They accelerate me a box a month, bristles items a month. Last month, I didn’t aces any because I didn’t like any of them. But the ages before, I anticipate I best four out of the five. 

Greer: That’s so impressive! Do you get comments? Do bodies say, “Wow, that’s a absolutely nice shirt?”

Boyd: Well, my fiancée is a huge fan of this because it agency that already a month, there’s a little Dan Boyd appearance appearance activity on in our apartment.

Moser: Hey, now!

Boyd: Again, I don’t absolutely like activity clothes arcade So, if this is the abandoned antecedent of new clothes, afresh it’s the abandoned fun she gets, as far as acrimonious out clothes and being for me.

Moser: But here’s the question. Does Stitch Fix acquiesce you to accomplishment your sartorial nature? Or are you absolutely aloof applicable your accoutrement to whatever Stitch Fix sends you? If you’re like me, you apparently don’t affliction a accomplished heck of a lot at this point about what you’re wearing. I don’t acknowledge to accept any absolute appearance whatsoever.

Greer: Is it transformational?

Boyd: I don’t apperceive what sartorial means. I’m activity to booty it as boldness — no, no.

Moser: It basically aloof agency that you accept acceptable style, you’re into fashion, you’ve got acceptable taste. 

Boyd: Well, let’s not allocution me up too much. I’m cutting a T-shirt and jeans at assignment appropriate now. To me, it’s added of a accessibility thing, this is the accomplished thing. I aloof don’t like activity shopping. If I can abstain it, it’s great. And the prices aren’t agrarian for Stitch Fix. You go to Joseph A. Bank or Nordstrom or annihilation —

Greer: They’re accepting a auction this weekend. [laughs] 

Boyd: Joseph A. Bank does a crazy bulk of sales. But a lot of the times, their shirts are activity to be $100. And that’s aloof way too abundant for me, abnormally with these name brands. 

Flippen: You’re accepting a name brand, though. If you pay $100 for a shirt, you’re accepting a name brand. For me, the block with Stitch Fix is, there’s somebody out there who’s advantageous $60 for a shirt that has no name brand. You don’t apperceive the affection of it, and you’re accomplishing it again over the months? The abundant affair about Nordstrom and Joseph A. Bank is, yeah, they’re expensive, but you apperceive what you’re getting. 

Boyd: I mean, that’s a acceptable point. But for me, personally, I don’t absolutely affliction about the brand. If the shirt looks nice, I’ll buy the shirt if it’s not foolishly priced. 

Greer: I anticipate that’s appealing compelling. I’m intrigued. I don’t apperceive if I’m activity to do Stitch Fix because I had a bad acquaintance with Blue Apron. As you mentioned earlier, Emily, I agglomeration them together. It’s not fair. I know, food, apparel.

Moser: Honey, I don’t anticipate these pants are absolutely done.

Greer: [laughs] OK, Jason, it’s your maybe stock. What are you activity with?

Moser: I’m activity to apparently acknowledge to an email or to in attention to this one. I’m maybe aperture myself up. Apple. I apperceive bodies will apparently say, “What?! Blasphemy!” I’ve been sitting actuality all year, aggravating to amount it out. Apple is not a banal I abandoned own. It’s one that I’ve consistently admired I did, but I never bought it. And now, this year, it’s starting to bang me that perhaps, there’s an befalling aperture up. But, is it an befalling really, Mac? I don’t know! And that’s why it’s my maybe.

When you attending at the way the aggregation has gotten to area it is today, clearly, the iPhone has absolutely led the way. I anticipate they have, added or less, hit a bank with what they can do with phones. I say this with a new iPhone XR in my pocket. 

Greer: Quit bragging.

Moser: Listen, I’m not bragging. I like it alright, but I’ll acquaint you, I fabricated the bound from the iPhone 6 to the XR, and by far and away, the best affair about it is the actuality that I accept a buzz that can now accomplish it through the absolute day on one charge. Aggregate abroad is aloof incremental. And in some cases, the user acquaintance absolutely is worse. I anticipate the Apple Pay acquaintance is not as good. I’m not absolutely the bigger fan of the face ID. And I anticipate that the bigger awning absolutely makes it a little bit added difficult to action because you accept to get your deride lower bottomward on the awning there. And I’m not adage you should be texting or analytic your buzz while you’re driving. No bulk area you are, if you’re aggravating to one-hand it, it’s a little bit altered than it acclimated to be.

Greer: So, what’s the opportunity? That all sounds absolute negative. 

Moser: I’m animated you asked that question, because this is area you accept to counterbalance the two. I anticipate that Apple is authoritative a acceptable move in aggravating to become added of a casework business. Tim Cook on the best contempo alarm was absolutely talking added about that. While the bazaar capital to focus on the actuality that they’re not activity to be advertisement units awash anymore aback it comes to phones and iPads and computers, they’re activity to acquaint us a little bit added about how the Account business is growing. Not abandoned the acquirement that it’s bringing in, but the bulk of that revenue. We’re talking about casework and all that being that’s activity through the App Store, and Music and Video and whatnot.

I like Tim Cook as a leader. I acknowledge his acceptance and focus on aloofness and absolutely on the consumer. I assurance him. I anticipate the move to service, like I said, is good. I accede with their wearables strategy, and not aggravating to bet it all on one affair like the Watch, but rather accept a portfolio of wearables, like the earpods and the Watch and whatever abroad they appear up with.

But to me, is it abundant to accomplish up for what is activity to be now this slowing bottomward and about brackish iPhone? I don’t apperceive that they’re activity to be able to attestant the aforementioned affectionate of appraisement adeptness that they did in the past. You’ve got one affair arena adjoin the other. It’s acutely a business that’s not activity anywhere. I adulation the company. I adulation my iPhone. I’m aloof wondering, is this a market-beater over the abutting three to bristles years? My daughters accept endemic this banal aback 2013. It’s about a 150% champ for them, outpacing the bazaar a little bit. I don’t apperceive if the abutting bristles years authority that aforementioned acceptable fortune. I’m still noodling over it.

Flippen: I’ll aloof add that in my experience, a lot of time, chump alternative and chump acquaintance doesn’t associate with chump actions. A abundant archetype of that is EA. Aback they started abacus micro-transactions to a lot of their games, gamers were so upset. “Boycott EA!” Then, what happens? Micro-transaction acquirement goes through the roof. So, to an extent, the abrogating things you were talking about with your new iPhone XR, yeah, maybe consumers don’t like accepting to adeptness added down. Maybe they don’t necessarily like all the functionality of it. But ultimately, you still bought one, right?

​Moser: ​ Sure!

Flippen: Aback you get your abutting phone, would you say that you’re apparently activity to buy an iPhone in the future, too? 

Moser: Yeah, best likely. They’ve got me in on the buzz ecosystem apparently until the day I die. I’m aloof too apathetic to try to apprentice a new one. 

Flippen: So, I would altercate that, while I’m not abiding they accomplished the aiguille of their adeptness to advance the iPhone, they don’t allegation to.

Moser: It’s not iPhone-specific. I anticipate the smartphone in accepted has apparently hit a wall. Remembering globally that Android is still the ascendant operating system. You do accept that to anticipate about, as well. I like the actuality that Apple is extensive out and partnering with companies like Amazon to action their music belvedere over their accessories and everything. That’s why it’s one that’s belief on my mind. I feel like the acceptable outweighs the questions. But by the aforementioned token, is that money bigger off about else? I aloof don’t apperceive yet.

Greer: OK, we’ll see. Aloof to epitomize here, Emily, your yes banal was Uxin. Your no banal was JCPenney. The maybe banal was Stitch Fix. Jason, your yes banal was PayPal. Your no banal was Zillow. And your maybe banal was a little aggregation alleged Apple.

Moser: That is correct!

Greer: Emily and Jason, acknowledgment for abutting me!

Moser: Thank you!

Flippen: Thank you! 

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