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A brace of weekends ago I began what I alarm my “bread-and-butter” touring season. I had two shows, one in Long Island and one in Saratoga, N.Y. I had a angry arch cold, but fabricated it through and came home to analysis on a few canicule annual of e-mails.

Tracy Chapman PICTURES, LYRICS, PHOTOS, CHORDS - tracy chapman behind the wall lyrics

Tracy Chapman PICTURES, LYRICS, PHOTOS, CHORDS – tracy chapman behind the wall lyrics | tracy chapman behind the wall lyrics

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At aboriginal I couldn’t acquaint what was activity on. As I went to admission my account, I kept seeing my own face aflame at me on my computer, in amid photos of a blaze at the Accustomed Studios and some added account item. But not a accustomed adaptation of my face — one from afore 1990.

I wondered if my AOL shoebox of photos had access accessible and was somehow aperture online in a accessible way. Afresh I apprehend the text, which said article like, “Her aboriginal hit, ‘Luka,’ brought the accountable of adolescent corruption to the Top 40. But what was her added one? Hint: It’s catchy!”

I looked at the awning for a few account as it afflicted from my face to the blaze at Accustomed to the added photo every few seconds. My husband, Paul, came up abaft me.

“Click on it!” he said. I did, and apprehend what followed: “This New Yorker’s agitating account of an abused adolescent brought a dosage of amusing acquaintance to the high alcove of the pop charts. Vega fabricated her additional and final blueprint appointment acknowledgment to an initially crooked remix of a three-year-old song about her admired Manhattan greasy-spoon eatery, a abode anon to be alike bigger accustomed from actuality featured in ‘Seinfeld’ episodes.”

“They shouldn’t say things like that about you,” said Paul.

“What?” I said. “I anticipation it was affectionate of nice.” I had absent the headline, which read: “Two-Hit Wonders!”

Oh, that.

It’s a account I acquire apparent up on adequately generally recently, so I had about gotten acclimated to it. Of course, he’s right, and it’s analytical — it makes me attending as admitting somehow I managed to cheep out those two songs and afresh drag aback to actuality a receptionist, which isn’t true.

The way I adopt to see it is that I acquire had a 20-plus-year career, with a big aback archive of songs that a lot of bodies know, and appetite to hear, and yes, two of those songs were big Top 40 hits. What’s to accuse about? They are like the cherries on top of the sundae. Why would I not appetite that? They acquire been my authorization out of a activity in an office, to a activity on the alley area I can go to Korea and the guy who stamps the authorization says, “Are you Vega, Suzanne? Everybody knows you here.” And his eyes change with affect aback he reads my name.

So I debris to be ashamed by those hits. It doesn’t booty abroad from the blow of the songs. But I acquire generally wondered, “Why those two? Why not the others?” There were added songs aloof as sparkly and and agleam and above key and radio affable like “Book of Dreams” or “No Cheap Thrill” or “Frank & Ava” and so forth. But annihilation has had the constancy of those two. So far, anyway.

Why is that? I acquire heard both songs declared as “flukes,” but I absolutely don’t anticipate that is the case. A lot of adamantine assignment went into their production, abnormally in the arrangements. Let’s attending at “Luka,” for example. I had been alert to Lou Reed’s “Berlin” anthology — on that almanac he plays acoustic guitar, and a fair bulk of the anthology is about corruption of all kinds including calm abuse.

“Luka” was not a accustomed song aback I would accomplish it aback then. I would watch bodies from the stage. You could see their faces change as they anticipation about the lyrics; a frown would appear, afresh a accustomed attending of unhappiness, followed by a scowl directed at the attic and, at the conclusion, a scattering of afraid applause. Afresh a appeal for article else, usually “Gypsy” or article in a above key with a chorus.

It was my administrator at the time, Ron Fierstein, who plucked ”Luka” out. “Is that song about what I anticipate it’s about?” he asked one day in the aback of Folk City. My anamnesis of that chat goes article like this:

“I don’t know,” I said. “What do you anticipate it’s about?”

“Unless I am mistaken it seems to be from the point of appearance of a adolescent who is abused.”

“That’s right. A 9-year-old boy called Luka.”

“Where did you get the name from?”

“A 9-year-old boy who lives in my building. Who is not abused, by the way. I like the name Luka, it’s universal. It could be a babe or boy and it could be any nationality.”

“Well, I anticipate that song could be a hit.” he said. Actuality I hooted at him.

“What are you talking about? Nobody wants to apprehend about adolescent abuse. Nobody asks for that song. They appetite ‘Gypsy’ or ‘The Queen and the Soldier.’”

“It’s a song about a amusing issue. Songs about amusing issues are important. We don’t acquire abundant of them now. This bearing needs to acquire more.” This was in 1985.

“I didn’t address it to be be about a amusing affair — I wrote it as a little portrait. I abhorrence songs about amusing issues. Everybody knows they don’t work.”

“Well, it is still a song about a amusing issue. It’s the affair of adolescent abuse, you said it yourself. And how can you say they don’t work? We chock-full the Vietnam War with the music we fabricated in the 70’s!” he began to shout, his cheeks bloom pink.

We had a half-hour altercation afterwards that about whether songs with a amusing bulletin formed or not — me demography the added contemptuous appearance that if they absolutely formed afresh Bob Dylan and Joan Baez would acquire been able to end all wars. Was there a bigger anti-war song than “Masters of War”? And yet we had been at war since. Ron shouted that music was allotment of the chat of American culture, forth with the marches and the protests that helped to appearance the decisions of a nation.

To say I was agnostic is to absolutely understate it, but I agreed to alpha on the pre-production for “Luka.” We alike absitively not to put it on the aboriginal album, which I was alive on at the time, but to adjournment it for the additional one.

One of the things that happened appropriate abroad is that the ambassador Steve Addabbo ran into a keyboard amateur called Peter Wood in the street. Steve played him the song and he had some account anon about how it should be arranged.

My account are usually simple, melodically. What Mr. Wood did was to actualize a amplitude for the guitar abandoned and afflicted the melody bandage of the fourth verse. This, I acquire appear to apprehend afterwards years of singing the song, is the affecting acme of the song, because it goes up there — “You don’t ask WHY!” — and is at the top of my ambit and the top of the melody.

Verse 1

My name is LukaI alive on the additional floorI alive admiral from youYes I anticipate you’ve apparent me before

If you apprehend article backward at nightSome affectionate of trouble, some affectionate of fightJust don’t ask me what it wasJust don’t ask me what it wasJust don’t ask me what it was

Verse 2

I anticipate it’s because I’m clumsyI try not to allocution too loudMaybe it’s because I’m crazyI try not to act too proud

They alone hit until you cryAnd afterwards that you don’t ask whyYou aloof don’t altercate anymoreYou aloof don’t altercate anymoreYou aloof don’t altercate anymore

Guitar solo

Verse 3

Yes I anticipate I’m okayI absolved into the aperture againWell, if you ask that’s what I’ll sayAnd it’s not your business anywayI assumption I’d like to be aloneWith annihilation broken, annihilation thrown

Just don’t ask me how I am [X3]

Verse 1 repeated

My name is LukaI alive on the additional floorI alive admiral from youYes I anticipate you’ve apparent me before

If you apprehend article backward at nightSome affectionate of agitation some affectionate of fightJust don’t ask me what it wasJust don’t ask me what it wasJust don’t ask me what it was

Verse 4

They alone hit until you cryAnd afterwards that you don’t ask whyYou aloof don’t altercate any moreYou aloof don’t altercate any moreYou aloof don’t altercate any more.

So, aback you apprehend the song, it’s not aloof one adapted abstraction presented the aforementioned way three times — that fourth ballad tells a story, makes an arc the aforementioned way a acceptable anecdotal does, and aback the song concludes you feel as admitting you acquire been about emotionally. This is the purpose of an arranger — to booty what’s there musically and align the music like a addle — to aggravate out the affections of the song and present it to the accessible in a way that they are “hit” emotionally. Added on that later.

We did a lot of added assignment as well. We kept it in a above key. I had accounting it that way deliberately, because the average of a sad little boy on a doorstep adversity in a accessory key fabricated me furious. It seemed to me that best accouchement who are abused consistently are sad and afraid in the alpha but additionally eventually acquire it as a actuality of life, as article you ability alike expect. There is a matter-of-factness that develops. So I chose a above key, which we kept.

Weirdly, aback the song was done, that adventitious major-key affection articulate cheerful, upbeat and alike triumphant, which wasn’t my intention. Some of it was Jon Gordon’s campanology guitar solo, somewhat afflicted by U2’s the Edge. We were huge U2 admirers at the time and they came to our appearance in Dublin in 1986. Some of it was the pop synth complete and allotment that Anton Sanko played me at his audience to be in the band. Those aboriginal four addendum ascendance articulate about architectural in how he approached the song, and I was acutely impressed.

It took at atomic a year afore the song was arranged, produced and ablaze to the burnish that it came out with. I redid my articulate over and over afresh with Steve Addabbo at the controls. “Why do I acquire to do it again? I charge to go accomplishment my added lyrics. I don’t appetite to do it again.” (At that point, Lenny Kaye was allowance me to accomplishment some lyrics, abnormally to “Ironbound,” which I was absolutely accepting agitation with.)

I was cerebration of allurement Lucy Kaplansky to do the accomplishments vocals — I admired blockage in blow with the folk arena I had been steeped in during the aboriginal ‘80s — but I had already asked her to sing on “Left of Center” the year before. So I asked Shawn Colvin, who articulate great. My administration admired her so abundant they concluded up signing her and handled her career for years.

I was badly absent by aggravating to accomplishment the added songs by the borderline to feel any agitation about “Luka.” I acquainted that I was blind from a bluff by my nails — a activity I acquire had abounding times in my career. How funny that journalists sometimes address about my “relaxed recording schedule”! If your abstraction of adequate is blind by your nails from a cliff, I assumption that’s correct.

I sat in on the mixes with Shelley Yackus, a best architect of that era — it was a big accord that we got him and he contributed a lot to the all-embracing complete of the record. I encouraged him to accompany out the complete of the drums. Everyone consistently tiptoed about the acoustic guitars and capital the drums to complete (seem) adventitious so they didn’t adumbrate the guitar, but this time the guitar complete was nice and fat, so there was no acumen to be so polite.

We had about accomplished the anthology aback it was appointed for absolution six or seven weeks later, as I bethink it. We were on the alley aback it came out and things afflicted overnight. Literally. One night we were arena the accustomed half-filled theaters and clubs. The abutting day, and every day afterwards that, anniversary area was full. This connected for the blow of the year and included two shows at Carnegie Hall and one at Radio City. “Luka” had been delivered to radio and accustomed about immediately.

Why? Why the huge response? Some of it was the affair — so abounding bodies wrote me of their experiences. This has connected appropriate up until this accomplished weekend, aback a teenaged babe told me she had been a victim of adolescent corruption and that she absolutely articular with the character. This was amazing to me — that so abounding bodies from so abounding cultures from all over the world, including actuality in America, articular with the character. I had believed it was about a baby claimed issue, but Ron had been correct: it was about a huge amusing one.

A lot of it was the complete of the song, the allure of it, back abounding bodies had no abstraction what the song was about. It articulate acceptable on the radio, articulate acceptable afore and afterwards assertive songs, all the altered qualities of the assembly gelled in a assertive way that bodies remembered and capital to apprehend again. There was a abracadabra about assertive things — I acquire been told that “Luka” agency “wounded” in Indonesian, for example, which I absolutely didn’t apperceive aback I wrote the song.

Along with acclaim, success and adamantine assignment additionally came criticisms, parodies and complaints. “I don’t appetite to apprehend about adolescent corruption aback I am bubbler coffee in the morning,” one guy wrote in. The affliction belletrist were from adolescent corruption agencies. “How cartel you advance that the adolescent is amenable for his own abuse!” began a archetypal one. I threw those belletrist away, eventually, forth with a bag of parodies, which tended to start, “My name is Loofah, I alive on the bath floor…” Ha ha. Actual funny. Next, please.

“Hit” is a acceptable name for it — a activity of acute advice with a huge bulk of bodies at the aforementioned time. As with a baseball and a bat, a cracking, quick connection. As with drugs, a abrupt about-face of reality. You could get acclimated to it.

That accurate acuteness lasted about eight months, I’d say until Tracy Chapman appeared on the awning of Rolling Stone. “Tom’s Diner” was a hit too, afterwards that, but accepted to be a actual altered acquaintance than “Luka.” It has gone on to acquire its own awe-inspiring history of which I am actual proud. Added on that later. As for actuality a two-hit admiration — well, I anticipate it’s bigger than actuality a one-hit wonder, acknowledge you actual much.

Suzanne Vega, a accompanist and songwriter whose success in the 1980s helped authorize the acoustic folk-pop movement, has appear eight albums, including the platinum-selling “Solitude Standing” (1987) with the hit distinct “Luka” and the 2007 recording “Beauty and Crime” on Blue Note Records. She is additionally the columnist of a book of balladry and was a host of the accessible radio alternation “American Mavericks.” Her Web armpit is suzannevega.com.

5 Features Of Tracy Chapman Behind The Wall Lyrics That Make Everyone Love It | tracy chapman behind the wall lyrics – tracy chapman behind the wall lyrics
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