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Two of The Drive’s editors—Will Sabel Courtney and Josh Condon—recently spent time with the 2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo Action Turismo. They discussed the bigger claim and detractors of this super-speedy abject wagon via Slack, an burning bulletin affairs with a fun adeptness to arouse accidental gifs based on what users type. The afterward is a fractional archetype of that conversation.

Supercar pace for less than £20k: used buying guide | Autocar - supercars for less than 10k

Supercar pace for less than £20k: used buying guide | Autocar – supercars for less than 10k | supercars for less than 10k

Image Source: autocar.co.uk

Oh, and one addendum: In acknowledgment to clairvoyant requests from accomplished Group Reviews, we’ve added a affection we’re calling “After-the-Fact Check,” area we’ve gone aback and added tech specs and the like area adapted to the conversation. They’re not adamantine to spot.

willscourtneySo, how about that Porsche Panamera Turbo Action Turismo?It of the abominably continued name.

joshWhen I got out of it, my aboriginal anticipation was to acquaint anybody abroad they could stop authoritative cars, now. Porsche got this.

willscourtneyReally? You were that absolute away.

joshI admired it. I aloof admired it. It’s two fistfuls of abominably big-ticket overkill, and I beggarly that as a compliment. First, it’s appealing altered on the market.

willscourtney”pretty unique”

joshI mean, depends on how you attending at it. It’s a $175,000 abject wagon.ORIt’s a monster sports car with crazy amounts of utility. Like the Ferrari FF, but way added usable.

willscourtneyThat was my ultimate takeaway. It’s basically an entry-level supercar, a baby crossover, and a affluence sedan, all in one. Three cars for the bulk of three.


joshYeah, exactly. Able-bodied put. Admitting I feel like you’re calumniating it by calling it a baby crossover. Because it’s bigger than that: It’s a wagon. Which agency it’s prettier than a baby crossover, and added anatomic to boot.

willscourtneyI anticipate of it as akin to a baby crossover because a) that’s kinda become the accepted for two-box commuter cartage nowadays, and b) it has AWD, admitting best baby hatchbacks and wagons don’t. But yeah, you’re technically correct.

joshThere’s no such affair as a baby wagon anymore. Not in this country.

willscourtney/giphy cascade one out


josh/giphy no country for old men


joshOkay, let’s aloof allocution about the price. Because we’re activity to.

willscourtneyYeah. $175,170 out the door. Abject bulk of $155K. So, by Porsche standards…ours was agilely optioned?

[After-the-Fact Check: The abject bulk of the 2018 Panamera Turbo Action Turismo is $155,050 with destination. The approved Panamera Turbo starts at $4,000 less.]

joshAt this point I feel like you accept to add $20K to the bulk of any Porsche automatically, or you’re activity to drive off the banker lot and apprehend the car doesn’t accept attic mats or aperture handles or something.

willscourtney”Why isn’t it moving?” “Oh, you didn’t analysis the box for the driveshaft. That’s an added $15,000.”

josh/giphy accurate


willscourtneyStill, there weren’t abounding options I’d leave off our tester. Assuming I was already bottomward mad of bread on a Porsche abject wagon.

joshRight. That’s affectionate of altered to Porsche, too; I rarely sit in a Porsche and think, “That’s stupid, don’t charge that. That’s stupid, don’t charge that.” Admitting with added German affluence brands, I do. A lot.

willscourtneyI could accept done without…(checks window sticker)…the sunblinds for the rear windows. Let those backseat fools be blinded.

joshI mean, I never like carbon cilia interiors for accustomed cars. But I absolutely admired the backseat blinds. Do you bethink what a fucking affliction in the ass it was aback you were a kid and the sun was baking you like a popover? That sucked. Modern technology can break that actual solvable problem—I say account it. Now let me analysis the price…$490. Huh. Not bad.

joshOnly, like, 100 percent added than I’d appetite to pay.

willscourtneyOr you could buy a baseball cap for $10.


willscourtneySpeaking of the interior. I’d like to get one beef out of the way, so I can go on to extolling this car as it deserves to be announced of.

joshNo carbon fiber, right. Impaired choice—agreed.

willscourtneyActually, I didn’t abhorrence that. Wouldn’t be my choice, but it formed here.


willscourtneyNo, it’s this new infotainment bureaucracy with all the adamantine buttons in a behemothic area of agleam atramentous plastic.

[After-the-Fact Check: The new bearing of Porsche Communication Management, or PCM, was apparent on the second-generation Panamera in 2016. It uses touch-sensitive panels with haptic feedback.]


willscourtneyIt, for abridgement of a bigger term, sucks.


willscourtneyYou accept to attending bottomward EVERY DAMN TIME aback you appetite to columnist a button.

joshYeah, I adulation the way they look—it’s the hot new architecture now, so I’ve apparent a few cars with agnate set-ups—but they’re not there yet.

willscourtneyAnd the actualization agency it reflects all the sunlight, authoritative it booty alert as continued to bulk out what button you need.

joshThe Porsche archetype and every added archetype I approved is about 60 percent functional. Lots of architecture flaws, like the blaze you mentioned. Lots of UX issues. Lots of blame “buttons” that don’t respond.

willscourtneyYup. And I get the address of it. It’s fashionable, tech-forward, and lets you charge added actualization into a abate space.

joshAnd it’s so sleek. It looks like the future.

willscourtneyBut it’s arguably capricious to accomplish drivers attending abroad from the alley for as continued as they accept to in adjustment to use ’em.

joshArguably how? It’s apparent dumb.

willscourtneyFair point./giphy bang that from the record


joshBut we’ve been bitching about that for a continued time now, and bluntly the aforementioned issues can appear with too abounding approved buttons or dials. I get all formed up about the aberration question, but I anticipate what mostly happens is that bodies bulk out the four functions they use and can assignment them all afterwards two weeks.

willscourtneyIt is one of those things that’s a actual specific auto announcer gripe. If you’re not in and out of 100 cars a year, you apparently wouldn’t anticipate about it.

joshAlso, I’d abundant rather allocution about a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8.

willscourtneyYes. Fuck yes. Because that should be the name of that engine. The 4.0-liter twin-turbo “Fuck Yes” V-8.

[After-the-Fact Check: The Panamera Turbo’s 4.0-liter V-8 makes 550 application from 5,750–6,000 rpm, and 567 pound-feet of torque from 1,960–4,500 rpm. It redlines at 6,800 rpm. All Panamera Turbos are additionally able with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, and a full-time all-wheel-drive system.]

joshThe all-embracing awareness of dispatch acquainted physically violent. It was like actuality central of a punch.

willscourtneyDid you use barrage control?

joshNope. That was aloof on the highway.

willscourtneyToo bad. LC absolutely bounced my arch off the backstop every abuse time. Like you said, physically violent.

joshI can see that. Porsche does a decidedly accomplished barrage control. And with that bulk of weight…

willscourtneyIt revs to about 5,000 rpm. Sounds delightful. Then…BOOM.0 to 60 in about three flat. In a friggin’ abject wagon.

[After-the-Fact Check: While Porsche claims a 0-60 mph time of 3.6 abnormal for the Turbo and Turbo Action Turismo alike, in Car and Driver testing, the Turbo auto affronted in a 3.0-second 0-60 run.]

joshA ample one, at that.What did you anticipate about the design? Exterior?

willscourtneyIt was bigger than the sum of its parts. Some of the alone angles and pieces looked awkward – the auto were too big from some views, the achievement seemed kinda abhorrent aback you looked aback forth the flanks. But somehow, put it all together, and it looked spectacular. Especially the rear 3/4.

joshSame. Rear 3/4 and the contour are beeline sexy, but walking about the car some of the angles would hit me like a fart.

willscourtney/giphy abrupt fart


joshHOWEVERIt’s a Porsche abject wagon. I absolutely don’t care, because it’s unique. I mean, you could anticipate of unicorn as aloof a askew horse…

willscourtneyVery true. Bodies should buy this aloof to animate Porsche to accumulate authoritative it. And appropriately animate added carmakers to accomplish stupid-fast wagons and advertise them here. I appetite my Aston Martin Rapide S wagon, damnit.

joshWhat’s the competition, even? I’m cartoon a blank. E63 AMG, I guess?

willscourtneyYeah. That was the car that ashore in my craw the accomplished time I collection the Panny.

joshJag makes a wagon, but annihilation with abreast as abundant power?

willscourtneyNope. It’s basically aloof the E63 on these shores. There’s the B5 Alpina wagon overseas, I believe.

josh/giphy Who gives a shit


willscourtneyOh—and the Audi RS 7 Performance, as Lawrence acicular out. But that thing’s old as hell at this point.

joshAh. That one I haven’t driven. But he acclaim about it, says it ability be alike bigger inside, and is, what…$50K less, or something?

willscourtneyAbout that, yeah. As is the E63 S wagon. You could buy either of those AND a CPO Boxster with beneath than 10K afar for the amount of this Turbo Porker.

[After-the-Fact Check: The Mercedes-AMG E63 S wagon starts at $107,945; the Audi RS 7 Achievement starts at $131,675.]

joshWell, afresh they’re absolutely different. That’s a accomplished altered bulk range.

willscourtney/giphy absorbing argument


joshIt is. I don’t anticipate you can bandy the whole, “Well, if you’re spending that affectionate of money…” It’s about bisected afresh the bulk of the Merc or Audi.

willscourtneyTrue, but I additionally feel like already you access that dainty bulk branch of $100K-plus cars, bodies are added acceptable to cross-shop over a added ambit of possibilities. It’s as abundant about the cast as it is the price. And abounding association apparently see all three as appealing equal.

josh Maybe. I’m not convinced.

willscourtneyI’d be analytical to absolutely allocution to Panamera Turbo Action Turismo buyers and see what abroad they considered. Admitting it’d apparently be some awe-inspiring shit.

joshIf you don’t see the aberration amid $115K and, say, $170K, afresh this is your fifth car.

willscourtney”I about bought a Durango SRT, but instead I got a Panamera Turbo”

joshActually, I bet it is awe-inspiring shit.

willscourtneyJust bodies who don’t accord a fuck about money. Which we all ambition we could be.

joshRich bodies tend actual abundant to accord a fuck about money. Brainless bodies don’t. And some brainless bodies are additionally rich. For now.


willscourtneyBack to the car for a moment: I did appetite to allocution about its administration characteristics.

joshPlease, acquaint me about them. I had it for an artery blast.

willscourtneySpecifically, the Hogwarts alum application affairs that Porsche gets their anatomy guys and gals from. Because there has to be abracadabra complex in this thing. It advance so flat, stays so even-keeled, sticks through turns like……well, like a Porsche. It drives like a 911 with a bit added weight.

joshIf you put addition in the commuter seat, blindfolded, and put the car through some paces, do you anticipate the commuter would acquaint it was a abject wagon?

willscourtneyI don’t anticipate they’d apprehend it’s a car. “Where did you apprentice to fly an F-111?”

[After-the-Fact Check: The General Dynamics F111 Aardvark was a two-seat fighter jet with an abnormal side-by-side basement adjustment and a top acceleration of Mach 2.5.]

josh/giphy I aloof bits my pants


willscourtneyThat’s not shitting.Nobody would apprehend a abject wagon—or a sedan—to accomplish like that. Which is the abracadabra of this day and age. We accept five, six, seven, or added four-doors out there on auction that drive like (slightly heavy) sports cars but fit four bodies in comfort. That’s appealing abuse incredible.

joshOkay, so here’s the absorbing question: If you can get the E63 AMG for $50K less, and you’re not a Porsche fanboy, why get the Porsche?

willscourtneyI’d altercate “the Porsche magic,” but that kinda sounds like the above category’s argument. The Porsche does handle better, though. It has a assertive je-ne-sais-quoi about it, as well. It looks added alien than the E63, which, while added badass in appearance, is a abundant added acceptable wagon shape. We car nerds dig the sleeper aspect. Abounding association don’t.

joshSure, but in agreement of how you can drive it every day it’s probably, what, 95 percent of the Porsche in agreement of raw feel?

willscourtneyMaybe. But the Porsche additionally has a airiness to its dynamics that you can acknowledge at accustomed speeds. It feels nimbler in the absolute world. Aloof a touch, but it’s there.If it were me, I’d go for the E63 wagon and the CPO Boxster. But every time a Panamera Action Turismo collection past, I’d beam a little too continued at it and wonder.

joshOkay, but what’s that worth, is the question? I mean, there’s no agnosticism the Porsche brand is added exclusive. I mean, it ability be priced the way it is artlessly BECAUSE the Audi is priced the way IT is. And a Porsche abject wagon is absolutely added altered than a Mercedes abject wagon. There’s alone one of them.So you’re activity to pay for that exclusivity. It’s a austere appearance statement, alike if the car itself sometimes looks awkward. But I’m not abiding that exclusivity is account that abundant added money.


willscourtneySo, let’s blanket things up. Final thoughts?

joshOkay, addition way to attending at it is missing articulation amid the E63 AMG and the Ferrari FF—it’s added than an batty wagon, hardly beneath than a wagon supercar.Sorry, this is not a final thought. It’s aloof the bulk is bugging me.

willscourtneyHah. Fair.Okay, NOW, final thoughts.

joshOkay: this is an abnormally well-executed and stupidly, about awfully able unicorn machine, a Porsche abject wagon, that is absolutely WORTH the bulk in agreement of the apparatus you’re getting—all things considered, amid exclusivity, luxury, performance, style, alarmist cred, etc.—but still feels punitively expensive. But as I’m actual abundant a being who would rather accept one uber-capable apparatus than several specialists, it ability be my favorite, best absolute car on the road. I will say I haven’t been so overwhelmingly absolute away—like, kid-in-Willy-Wonka’s-factory happy—in a goddamn continued time.

willscourtneyThat’s actual true, folks. Josh is rarely happy.If I can annulment myself from my hangup about the cost—which for some acumen is bugging me added actuality than with added Porsches—it’s basically absurd not to adulation this car. It’s a Porsche that’s got a burden bay big abundant I can absolutely lay collapsed in it, but can additionally rip about corners and booty ass like a 911 Turbo. And that’s not alike factoring in the unicorn factor. I’d get acclimated to the bright buttons. It’d be an affronted month, but I’d get acclimated to it.

joshYeah, and aback we didn’t acknowledgment the aback seat: the aback bench is huge and accessible and adequate and I could alive there.

[After-the-Fact Check: The Panamera Action Turismo is the aboriginal Panamera with absolutely fold-flat rear seats. With them lowered, the 18.3-cubic-foot burden bay expands to 49.0 cubic feet.]


joshAlso—Actually, I bet you’d abhorrence the bright buttons added afterwards a month.

willscourtneyDON’T CRUSH MY DREAMSOnce I set my radio stations and my altitude settings, I never charge to blow them again. I aloof won’t let anyone abroad anytime change anything.

joshYou acutely don’t abhorrence on assumption as abundant as I do./giphy that’s all, folks


willscourtney/giphy porsche panamera turbo action turismo


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