15 Shocking Facts About Smart Fortwo Crash Test Ratings | smart fortwo crash test ratings

Although we’ve already apparent the NHTSA blast tests and the leaked IIHS assay video, the official Insurance Institute for Highway Assurance (IIHS) blast assay after-effects are assuredly in for the 2008 Smart ForTwo. It turns out the little accoutrement did appealing well. IIHS awarded the micro-machine its accomplished appraisement of “Good” for advanced and ancillary blast protection, and an “Acceptable” appraisement for bench and arch abstemiousness achievement in rear-end crashes. Mounting affirmation like yesterday’s Smart pinball claiming and this IIHS aftereffect is proving that yes, Joe American, the ForTwo is a absolute car that won’t crumple like a tin can in a low-speed or mid-speed crash. Full after-effects and blast images on folio two.

20 smart fortwo Pricing, Features, Ratings and Reviews | Edmunds - smart fortwo crash test ratings

20 smart fortwo Pricing, Features, Ratings and Reviews | Edmunds – smart fortwo crash test ratings | smart fortwo crash test ratings

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Reuters is advertisement the Smart ForTwo has anesthetized the US Government blast tests with aerial colors — …


ARLINGTON, VA — The Smart car is accepting a lot of absorption for its baby admeasurement and style, and now it’s earning arresting blast assay ratings. In contempo Insurance Institute for Highway Assurance tests, the 2008 Smart Fortwo, the aboriginal car for auction in the US market, becoming the top appraisement of adequate for advanced and ancillary blast protection. Its seat/head restraints becoming the additional accomplished appraisement of adequate for aegis adjoin whiplash in rear impacts.Smart Fortwo is classified a microcar, acceptation it’s abate alike than minicars.Weighing about 1,800 pounds, the Smart is added than 3 anxiety beneath and about 700 pounds lighter than a Mini Cooper.

It weighs about a third as abundant as one of the heaviest cartage the Institute has tested, the BMW X5, a midsize SUV. As the amount of ammunition climbs and tougher federal ammunition abridgement requirements bang in, auto companies are accepted to acquaint added baby cartage to the market. The Smart is the aboriginal car the Institute anytime has tested.

“The big catechism from consumers is, ‘How safe is it?'”, says Institute admiral Adrian Lund. “All things actuality according in safety, bigger and added is consistently better. But amid the aboriginal cars, the engineers of the Smart did their appointment and advised a aerial akin of assurance into a actual baby package.”The Institute’s assay after-effects about authenticate how able-bodied cartage assemblage up adjoin others of agnate admeasurement and weight. Aboveboard ratings can’t be comparedacross weight classes, acceptation a baby car that earns a adequate appraisement isn’t safer than a ample car that’s rated beneath than good.

“People abject their affairs decisions on a lot of factors,” Lund says. “If you drive alone in chock-full burghal areas area speeds are low, a baby car may be added applied than a big one. We conduct blast tests so bodies who appetite baby cars can accept the ones that acquiesce the best protection.”The Smart has a crashworthy architecture for its admeasurement and is able with the latest assurance gear, which is abnormally important in a baby car. This vehicle’s standardequipment includes seat-mounted aggregate ancillary airbags advised to assure both the active and chests of the disciplinarian and passenger. Also accepted is cyberbanking adherence ascendancy (ESC), alleged cyberbanking adherence affairs in the Smart. ESC helps drivers advance ascendancy during emergency assignment or on glace roads. It engages automatically aback it senses agent instability, and Institute assay has begin that ESC lowers the accident of baleful single-vehicle crashes by about half.

Restraints do added of the assignment in aboveboard crashes: The Smart mostly lacks a front-end drove zone, which is a key basic in abbreviation abrasion accident in austere aboveboard crashes.Typically, front-end structures are advised to drove and blot blast energy, acceptance addressee compartments to apathetic added gradually, alluringly with little or no advance into drivers’ adaptation space. Then a vehicle’s assurance belts and airbags apathetic occupants added and are advised to advance blast armament added analogously beyond people’s bodies. The best the front-end drove anatomy of a vehicle, the added acclaim occupants are slowed and appropriately adequate from injury.

To atone for the abridgement of front-end drove space, the Smart’s abstemiousness arrangement does added of the assignment of arresting activity as occupants “ride down” a crash.

“We recorded a aerial arch dispatch aback the disciplinarian dummy’s arch hit the council caster through the aboveboard airbag,” Lund explains. This indicates the assay copy acclimated up all of the accessible ride bottomward allowance in the Smart’s interior.

A annealed ancillary anatomy and accepted ancillary airbags contributed to the Smart’s adequate appraisement in the ancillary test, which replicates a blast with a auto barter or SUV. Abrasion armament recorded on the disciplinarian dummy’s head, neck, torso, pelvis, and larboard leg all were low. However, the disciplinarian aperture open during the crash. This confirms a award of the National Highway Traffic Assurance Administration’s ancillary assay of a Smart arise aftermost month. The Institute downgraded the Smart’s structural appraisement from adequate to acceptable, but the aperture didn’t arise to affect copy movement during the test, and abrasion measures on the disciplinarian copy were low. Still, doors shouldn’t alleviate because in some crashes it could acquiesce fractional or complete addressee ejection, abnormally if an addressee is unbelted.

Small car safety: While baby cars are safer now than before, so are ample cars. In every class of commuter agent (car, SUV, or auto truck), the accident of afterlife is college in crashes of smaller, lighter models. For cartage 1-3 years old during 2006, minicars accomplished 106 disciplinarian deaths per actor registered cartage compared with 69 disciplinarian deaths in ample cars.

People generally accept actual ablaze cars for ammunition economy, but “you don’t accept to buy the smallest, lightest car to get one that’s accessible on ammunition consumption,” Lund credibility out. “The Toyota Prius, for example, earns adequate advanced and ancillary blast assay ratings. It gets bigger ammunition abridgement than a microcar, but it’s bigger and weighs added so we would apprehend it would be added careful in austere crashes.”

How the Smart was evaluated: The Institute’s aboveboard crashworthiness appraisal is based on after-effects of a 40 mph aboveboard account blast test. A vehicle’s all-embracing appraisal is based on abstracts of advance into the addressee compartment, abrasion measures recorded on a Hybrid III copy in the disciplinarian seat, and assay of slow-motion filmto appraise how able-bodied the abstemiousness arrangement controlled copy movement during the test.

The ancillary appraisal is based on achievement in a blast assay in which the ancillary of a agent is addled by a barrier affective at 31 mph. The barrier represents the advanced end of a auto or SUV. Ratings reflect abrasion measures recorded on an instrumented SID-IIs copy in the disciplinarian seat, appraisal of arch aegis countermeasures, and the vehicle’s structural achievement during the impact.

Rear blast aegis is rated according to a two-step procedure. Starting credibility are abstracts of arch abstemiousness geometry — the acme of a abstemiousness and its accumbent ambit abaft the aback of the arch of an average-size man. Seats with adequate or adequate abstemiousness geometry are activated dynamically application a copy that measures armament on the neck. This assay simulates a blow in which a anchored agent is addled in the rear at 20 mph. Seats after adequate or adequate geometry are rated poor all-embracing because they can’t be positioned to assure abounding people.

[Source: IIHC]

15 Shocking Facts About Smart Fortwo Crash Test Ratings | smart fortwo crash test ratings – smart fortwo crash test ratings
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