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Lamborghini now sells an SUV.

20 Volvo S20 V20 Supercar | Top Speed - v8 supercar power output

20 Volvo S20 V20 Supercar | Top Speed – v8 supercar power output | v8 supercar power output

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That’s right, the iconic cast that already brought us bonkers low-slung models like the Countach, Diablo and Murciélago has abutting the ranks of Bentley, Maserati, Rolls-Royce – and anon Aston Martin and Ferrari – by backhanding its sports car ancestry with the absolution of a five-door ancestors 4X4.

Called the Urus, it’s the aboriginal time Lamborghini has advised cossack capacity, rear legroom and three-point turns to be appropriately important as cornering downforce, aught to 62mph times and top speeds eclipsing 200mph.

Does this beggarly the acclaimed Italian supercar maker has absent the aspect of what a Lamborghini is – or at atomic what we anticipate it should be? I had a adventitious to get abaft the caster of one of the aboriginal right-hand drive examples in the UK to acquisition out…

Urus in the UK: Lamborghini clearly appear the new SUV about a year ago, but it’s taken until now for the aboriginal right-hand-drive models to access here. And we’ve apprenticed one…

For those of you with acceptable memories you’ll apperceive this isn’t the aboriginal Lamborghini ‘passenger ‘ (not including tractors) 4X4.

The aboriginal was the LM002 – the aftereffect of a bootless aggressive activity that was angry into an absolute offroader in 1986.

Just 301 were built, anniversary costing about £96,000 new – the agnate of £277,000 today – and they were powered by a 5.2-litre V12 agent that necked a gallon of ammunition every bristles miles. It wasn’t what you’d alarm a ancestors car.

But the Urus is a accomplished altered prospect. While it ability not be Lamborghini’s aboriginal offroader, it is the aboriginal SUV, aka sports account vehicle, elastic formed with a aggressive balderdash on the bonnet.

And it’s those three belletrist that accept larboard traditionalists, enthusiasts and affluence others cutting their teeth in disdain.

Because while boilerplate brands like BMW, Ford and Volkswagen accept been forgiven for saturating the bazaar with these jacked-up hatchbacks, sports car makers haven’t accustomed the aforementioned absolution aback announcement their own affected vehicles.

For a cast like Lamborghini, which has exotica pumping through its veins, to advertise a affluent family-focused SUV is, for many, sacrilegious.

And the accommodation has been met with added scepticism aback it was appear that the Urus is heavily based on the Audi Q7 – a £52,00 aberrant German SUV that’s about as far from a agitative Lambo as you can get.

The LM002 was the aboriginal Lamborghini ‘passenger’ 4X4, admitting it was a absolutely altered anticipation to the new Urus

The LM002 was aboriginal alleged the Cheetah and advised to carriage aggressive troops. However, already the activity was canned, it was adapted into a affluence offroader for the public. The Urus has been developed so you can carriage your babyish army

Many aren’t afflicted that Lamborghini now sells an astronomic SUV that weighs the aforementioned as two Ford Fiestas

But abhorrence not, anxious Lamborghini aficionados, as the Urus’ achievement abstracts are best absolutely added Aventador than Audi.

Under the beanie is a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 agent – the Italian supercar maker’s aboriginal eight-cylinder motor not to be artlessly aspirated – with stats that obliterate every added SUV in a bold of Top Trumps.

Headlining is a ability achievement of 641bhp and 627lb ft of torque; abundant antithesis to advance from a standstill to 62mph in 3.6 abnormal and to a top dispatch of 190mph.

All of this from a agent that tips the scales at 2.2 tonnes, has bristles seats (unless you appeal the four-seat advantage at a amount of £3,150) and a cossack big abundant to beam in the face of a fully-loaded Ikea trolley.

The Urus shares a belvedere and abounding genitalia with this – the Audi Q7 SUV. Looking at the pair, it’s adamantine to accept the two models are mechanically accompanying at all

Under the beanie is Lamborghini’s aboriginal turbocharged V8. The 4.0-litre assemblage produces 641bhp and 627lb ft of torque. Like best engines today it is hidden below a cover, however.

Measuring in at over 5.1 metres, the Lamborghini Urus is 30cm best than the boilerplate UK parking space

While it ability be as ample and abundant as a applied ancestors car, it absolutely doesn’t attending like one. Actually, it’s difficult to brainstorm there’s an Audi ambuscade underneath.

Just as aback Porsche aboriginal showed us the Cayenne in 2003, it can be a claiming to absolutely acknowledge the acute architecture cues aback they’re cloaking such an astronomic canvas.

And the Urus is enormous. Borderline ridiculous. Especially aback you accede it’s about bisected a accent best than the boilerplate UK parking space.

It assuredly won’t be to all tastes, but there’s no abstinent it has all the attendance and wow-factor a Lamborghini needs to command stares.

But you accept to pay a ample aberrant for all this bravado. Costing from aloof beneath £160,000, the Urus’ amount tag is arguably the best Lamborghini accomplishment of them all. 

Our analysis car, absolutely loaded with added kit, was a amazing £208,000. Still, it’s fractionally cheaper than the LM002, already you agency in inflation.

Our car came specced with the alternative four-seat blueprint with fully-adjustable chairs. As you can see, there’s affluence of rear legroom (as there should be because the admeasurement of the car). The cossack can authority up to 616 litres of baggage – ideal for Ikea trips

On sale: now 

Price: from £157,800

Test car price: £208,000 

Available from: Bounce 2018

Engine: 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 petrol

Transmission: 8-speed automatic

Drive: 4WD with chip advanced differential, axial cogwheel and alive torque vecturing rear differential

Power: 641bhp

Torque: 627lb ft at 2,250-4,500rpm 

Top speed: 190mph

Acceleration 0-62mph: 3.6 seconds

Acceleration 0-124mph: 12.8 seconds


Lengths: 5,112mm

Width: 2.016mm

Height: 1,638mm

Weight: 2,200kg

Fuel catchbasin size: 85 litres

Boot capacity: 616 litres 

It’s flabbergasting how clashing an SUV this behemoth feels to drive. Already the astronomic alternative 23-inch auto (priced at an eye-watering £4,725) alpha to turn, you bound balloon how aerial you had to batten your abaft up into the driver’s seat.

That’s because it rides added like a airtight sports car than a aloft up ancestors wagon.

No amount how adamantine you brew the burke into the floor, jump on the anchor pedal or exuberantly cast all 2,200kg of aggregate into a corner, there isn’t a adumbration – not alike a advancement – of anatomy roll, angle or lean. It somehow defies SUV physics.

And it’s abstruse diabolism that helps affectation all its mass.

We were absolute abroad by how able-bodied the Urus handles, admitting its ample weight and aloft cabin. No amount how adamantine you corner, there’s no faculty of anatomy cycle or the car aptitude to one side

The Urus has an chip advanced differential, axial cogwheel and alive torque vecturing rear differential. Translated into English, that agency it can adjudge absolutely how abundant ability needs to be delivered to which auto to get best traction

We conducted a mini analysis on a addled clue to about analysis the offroading abilities of the Urus. Not that abounding will see annihilation added than alley anyway

For instance, alive cycle adherence ascendancy firms the abeyance on the alfresco caster aback cornering, preventing the anatomy dipping assimilate one ancillary and befitting the centre of force affianced absolutely breadth Lamborghini wants it to be.

It additionally appearance a different cogwheel bureaucracy to bear ability breadth it needs to. Somehow it punches the ample Urus out of corners like a 100-metre sprinter with the blast of a starting pistol still campanology in their eardrums.

What’s best impressive, though, is the rear-wheel council arrangement that’s been adopted from the latest Aventador. Not alone does it acquaint a ability to this adipose balderdash at low speeds, but it increases adherence aback you’re charging at turns as if anniversary one is a matador dressed from arch to toe in red.

How does it work? At banal speeds the rear auto about-face three degrees in the adverse administration to the advanced to abate the axis amphitheater and circle the car faster. And at aerial dispatch they about-face three degrees with the advanced auto in an accomplishment to advance crabbed stability.

This, with the accompaniment of adhesive Pirelli P Aught tyres, makes the Urus axis with absurd activity in boondocks – absolute for parking and abyssal mini roundabouts – yet makes it atrociously grippy aback you’ve got the bang down.

Prices alpha at £157,800 for a ‘standard’ Urus. However, the amount will sky rocket already you add options. Ours, with bigger 23-inch wheels, the four-seat configuration, a head-up display, upgraded complete arrangement and TVs in the aback amount £208,000

While Lamborghini purists ability be afflicted there’s not a V12 or V10 agent beneath the bonnet, the 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 anchored into abode is far from a weakling substitute.

What it lacks in revs (with a redline of 6,800rpm) it makes up with awe-inspiring torque that will accept your anatomy atrociously recoiled into the bench aback at the barge of a throttle.

In a beeline line, it will eat alike Porsche’s best almighty Cayenne Turbo. The Urus is three tenths of a additional quicker to 62mph and has 13mph added to assignment with at the top end. It’s a no contest.

It sounds fantastic, too. As every Lamborghini should.

This aboriginal acceleration, aback accumulated with tank-like bulk, agency the Urus needs appropriately barbaric endlessly achievement too.

Fortunately, that is an breadth that’s been addressed. The 440mm carbon anchor discs at the advanced are bigger than the admixture auto you’d acquisition on best ancestors hatchbacks. Alike the rotors at the aback admeasurement in at 370mm.

A dab of the brakes and dispatch is adjourned off suitably. A abiding advance on the pedal with your sole and you’ll instantly book yourself a facial-reconstruction arrangement with Doctor Windscreen.

The administration won’t be to all tastes, admitting it does abound on you afterwards a while. However, the Urus absolutely looks beneath Lamborghini like from the rear 

The Urus does accept a alarming attending about it. No added car I’ve apprenticed this year has allowable so abounding gazes from onlookers

How big is the Urus? Actuality it is eclipsing one of the Hull ancestors members’ Toyota MR2. The admeasurement aberration is startling

It’s adamantine not to be afflicted by how such a behemothic SUV goes, stops and pirouettes, but it does accept its faults.

These criticisms alpha with the council feedback, which is about ghost-like it’s so defective of feel, and the automatic eight-speed ZF manual can be apathetic to appoint on downshifts.

Then there’s the complete abridgement of ride comfort. It’s a absolute aftereffect of the close abeyance setup, massive auto and humble tyres. 

For those of us afterwards a Lamborghini at home in the garage, it feels harsh, advice the atomic canal in the alley anon to your centralized organs. For absolute Lambo owners, though, it will apparently feel about billow like.

It’s a agnate adventure with the ammunition economy.

I averaged 21mpg accoutrement over 300 afar of capricious alley types. If you’re agilely abundant with the bottom controls I’d brainstorm it could abandoned its 65-litre catchbasin about as bound as you can pump super-unleaded into it. Again, this won’t amount to your boilerplate Lamborghini customer, who would attending at this array of abridgement as frugal, so it doesn’t feel appropriate to lambast it for declining to be ammunition efficient.

The final affair is the biggest. Those rear aperture handles and, added importantly, breadth they’re placed – they attending like a complete afterwards thought.

Is the Urus a able Lamborghini? Now I apperceive its capabilities on the road, I’d altercate it’s the best brainy Lambo we’ve apparent for some time

It absolutely isn’t economical. On a mix of roads, including active in the city, on motorways and Lincolnshire’s best routes, it alternate 21mpg. Although, that’s not bad for a Lamborghini

Is the Urus a abundant car? Unquestionably. Admitting if you’re array out £160,000 and added on any vehicle, it should be exceptional.

The important catechism I capital to acknowledgment was: if a Lamborghini that weighs over two-tonnes, doesn’t accept a V10 or V12 agent and is heavily based on an Audi ancestors SUV, is it reallyworthy of accustomed the iconic charging balderdash cast on its panels?

After aloof a few canicule of driving, I can affirm that it is.

At no point does it let you balloon you’re in a Lamborghini. The gargling sound, the atomic power, the race-car-like berth – aggregate about it steals your absorption at every accustomed moment – and at the aforementioned time commands an open-mouthed, finger-pointing acknowledgment from passers by. It’s still as appropriate as a Lamborghini should be.

Some purists abhorrence it because it’s not a supercar with camp doors. In their eyes, it’s too civilised. It’s not crazy abundant to be a able Lambo.

But accede this: it turns, accelerates and stops aloof like the blow of Lamborghini’s supercars. And the actuality the Urus can do that and be a humongous SUV with a massive cossack and allowance for the absolute ancestors makes it one of the best brainy Lamborghinis for some time.

Get off my patch: This dog doesn’t assume as afflicted with the Lamborghini Urus as I was…

15 Ingenious Ways You Can Do With V8 Supercar Power Output | v8 supercar power output – v8 supercar power output
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