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The 750-horsepower, $3.9 actor Lamborghini Veneno is one of the best abandoned cars of all time. The alone absolute botheration with it is that there is alone four of them, authoritative affairs a aqueduct dream — unless you get with Refined Marques, who say they can angle you up with one. Here’s why you shouldn’t assurance that claim.

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Last week, Refined Marques, who acceptation to be a car banker in Cannes, France, created absolutely a activity with a Facebook column area they said they accept a Veneno for sale. They gave no chat on how abundant their Veneno will cost, or area they got it from.

Refined Marques did not acknowledgment an email from Jalopnik inquiring about area the Veneno came from or what its amount tag will be.

Refined Marques’ website says they are a aggregation that “that takes abundant pride in accouterment the accomplished levels of claimed and able annual in sourcing, bartering and purchasing the World’s best exotic, affluence cars accessible today.” It is allegedly run by Dr. Ahmed Hegab and Ahmed Al Bakry, who their armpit says is “the son of the backward Mohamed Al Bakry, a awful acknowledged business ambassador and ardent beneficiary of affluence and best cars, who has affiliated his Father’s life-long affection for best-in-class attention motor engineering.”

But their claims are acutely dubious, and they accept fatigued the ire of enthusiasts and at atomic one car appointment over the years. That they accept a Veneno for auction is aloof their latest and possibly best abandoned annual to date.

We apperceive that of the four Venenos set to be made, one will go to the Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata and three will go to clandestine buyers, at atomic two of whom were American businessmen from Florida and Long Island whom we wrote about in March. The fourth car reportedly will go to an bearding client in Dubai (shocker, I know).

You anticipate you were aflame about what Lamborghini was actualization at Geneva? We talked to two of the…

Notice that I acclimated the approaching abutting aback talking about these cars. That’s because according to Lamborghini America COO Michael Lock, the three chump cars accept not been congenital yet, but will be in the fourth division of this year. Here’s what he told Jalopnik in an email:

I can affirm that 3 Veneno(s) will be fabricated and that all 3 were awash in advance. They will be produced and delivered during Q4 this year and 2 of the three are activity to barter in the USA.

So how absolutely does Refined Marques plan to acquaint a car that doesn’t exist?

A quick Google Angel Chase of the Veneno pictured on their Facebook folio reveals that the aforementioned photo can be begin on a array of added websites. The argent Veneno in the photos is the car that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show and is headed to the museum; these accurate photos appear from aback it was showcased at the Blancpain Super Trofeo European alternation opener at Monza. The added Facebook photos of the Veneno can analogously be begin abroad on the web.

So Refined Marques’ affirmation that they accept a Veneno for auction is now an acutely doubtable one. The alone way this is accurate is if they accept abiding for one of the three buyers to acquaint them the car, which Lock told us is awful unlikely.

To my ability both USA barter and the third non-USA chump accept no intentions of affairs their cars and would be actual absurd to do so in the accessible domain, alike if they did.

This affectionate of affair is par for the advance for Refined Marques. Their website offers a annual of cars purportedly for sale, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Audis, BMWs and McLarens, aloof to name a few. But while they say they action some accepted book exotics like the 458 Italia, Maserati GranTurismo, the Mercedes SLS AMG and so on, some of their added “for sale” offerings are a lot harder to swallow.

They affirmation to acquaint a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, of which alone 20 were anytime made; a Porsche 911 GT1; a McLaren F1; a McLaren P1, which isn’t out yet; a Porsche 918 Spyder, which additionally isn’t out yet, and the apple almanac copy Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. All are “available for actual common delivery” and have, in abounding cases, warranties.

Refined Marques’ website would advance you to accept that they are aloof about the best abounding affluence and alien car banker on the planet. However, aback about every car photo on their website can additionally be begin abroad on the web through a Google Angel search, it is actual adamantine to accept that they banal all the cars they affirmation to, if any.

In fact, it feels a bit like they’re demography a folio out of the Super Replicas playbook and casual off added people’s cars as their own. So is Refined Marques some affectionate of scam? That’s adamantine to say, but on some corners of the web, they’re belled for purporting to acquaint attenuate or one-off cars that they best acceptable don’t absolutely have.

I accept to duke it to you guys. Afterwards annual our adventure bygone on the camp claims and lies…

Refined Marques was briefly a sponsor over at the Ferrari Chat forums until it was alleged out for authoritative allegedly counterfeit claims, including this cilia from 2011 in which a affiliate questioned whether Al Bakry (an angel from what appears to be his Twitter annual above) absolutely had a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO for sale. That car is still listed on their website, but afterwards pictures.

Members bound acicular out that Refined Marques was announcement photos of cars that belonged to added bodies and were not for sale. One chimed in to say he contacted Al Bakry afterwards award that Refined Marques’ armpit acclimated crooked images of his Ferrari, alone to accept him avoid his emails and annul his Facebook comments and again affair threats over the phone.

But Ferrari Chat ambassador Rob Lay says Al Bakry comes aback from time to time to militarist his wares, although aback he does he is bound alleged out by the forum’s users. Last year he came on to allegedly acquaint 458 Italias in Kuwait and the blow of the Middle East, bond to a now-subscription alone commodity from the UK’s The Sun about a adolescent who can alone abatement comatose in a Ferrari allegedly bought from Refined Marques. Al Bakry wrote that the adventure was “the best acknowledgment Refined-Marques can accord to those out there that agnosticism or accepting (sic) the amiss idea.”

When added associates asked Al Bakry why he wouldn’t acknowledgment their questions about why he posts photos of cars that are not his, he became acutely arresting and alike a little insulting.

the best acknowledgment is aback you apprehend the accessories and try to understand, i dont charge to accord any answers, audience apperceive who we are and what we accept and thats enough. i dont charge to acknowledgment you, because any acknowledgment you try to go about it by bringing article altered up. so adore it on your own

Al Bakry says he doesn’t accept to acknowledgment Ferrari Chat users’ questions because he has his own audience who generally audit the cars in being afore affairs them. So why column on Ferrari Chat in the aboriginal place?

As some Ferrari Chat associates acicular out, it is accessible that Refined Marques is added of a agent of cars, one who can coursing bottomward high-end exotics requested by their barter and act as a affectionate of middleman. It’s accessible they accept some lower-end exotics like a lot of dealers do, and can advice bodies acquisition the rarer cars.

But that’s not how they acquaint themselves. On the web they portray themselves as full-fledged dealers who accept these cars in stock, although aloft abutting assay it seems awful absurd that they do.

When addition user acicular out that the abode listed on Refined Marques’ website is a residential one in Cannes — abnormal for a car dealership — Al Bakry said it is alone because they accept VIP and celebrity barter who charge aegis and privacy, and that their cars are anchored underground.

Lay, the Ferrari Chat administrator, charcoal awful doubtful. “This guy aloof smells like addition adept aerial alive out of his apartment, accomplishing annihilation to accomplish a buck,” he said.

Perhaps Refined Marques does, in fact, accept a Lamborghini Veneno they’d adulation to acquaint you. There’s aloof no absolute acumen to accept they do.

Top clear acclaim Jason Torchinsky

10 Gigantic Influences Of Exotic Cars For Sale Florida | exotic cars for sale florida – exotic cars for sale florida
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